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Childhood is a Thai BL short movie about two teenage best friends.

Childhood is a Thai BL short movie about a teenage crush. The main character is a high school student who enjoys spending time with his best friend. They used to do everything together, from frolicking in the waterfall to relaxing on the balcony. Despite their blissful adolescence, this relationship changes once his buddy finds a girlfriend. The protagonist struggles with his feelings as he observes the couple from afar.

Filmed with almost no dialogue, Childhood uses visual cues to convey its narrative. The movie understands how to portray a teen romance through subtle body language and intimate facial expressions. The plot itself isn't innovative and relies on overused tropes. However, the storytelling technique is clever and keeps me engaged. The highlight is the talented lead actor, who delivers a phenomenal display of emotions.

Childhood Movie Summary



Movie Info:

Thailand (2023)


20 minutes


Teen romance


Childhood is a sad & emotional short film.

Is Childhood BL?

Yes, Childhood is a BL movie.


Chane and Koh go swimming in the waterfall.

Chane and Koh are high school students in their senior year. These best friends hang out and do various activities, from frolicking in the waterfall to relaxing on the balcony. They are almost always inseparable. Chane has a secret crush on his friend. However, he hasn't confessed his feelings. He enjoys their relationship's status quo, spending as much time with Koh as possible.

Recently, Koh has found a girlfriend. After they start dating, Koh splits his time between his best friend and romantic partner. Chane is secretly upset about losing his friend's attention. He watches the couple from afar, shooting forlorn glances. Yet, he won't admit his feelings. Koh remains oblivious to his friend's torment. He has no idea that Chane suffers from unrequited love.

Childhood Trailer

Childhood Cast



Bluebem Anapat Kamrangzee (บลูเบม อนพัทย์ คำรังสี)

Chane is portrayed by the Thai actor Bluebem Anapat Kamrangzee (บลูเบม อนพัทย์ คำรังสี).

Chane is a high school student. He spends all his time with his best friend, Koh. They do everything together. Although Chane has a secret crush, he won't confess his feelings. After Koh finds a girlfriend, Chane feels tormented about the couple's intimacy.

Bluebem Anapat Kamrangzee

Bem Anapat Kamrangzee (บลูเบม อนพัทย์ คำรังสี) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 6, 2003.

Bem Anapat Kamrangzee (บลูเบม อนพัทย์ คำรังสี) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 6, 2003. His BL projects include the short films Farewell (2021) and Childhood (2023).


Fill Kantaphat Vijanjit (ฟิวส์ กันตพัฒน์ วิจารณ์จิตร)

Koh is portrayed by the Thai actor Fill Kantaphat Vijanjit (ฟิวส์ กันตพัฒน์ วิจารณ์จิตร).

Koh is a high school student and Chane's best friend. The two teenagers spend all their time together, becoming almost inseparable. Recently, Koh has found a girlfriend. He splits his attention between his friend and his romantic partner. Koh doesn't know about Chane's crush on him.

Fill Kantaphat Vijanjit

Fill Kantaphat Vijanjit (ฟิวส์ กันตพัฒน์ วิจารณ์จิตร) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 19, 2003.

Fill Kantaphat Vijanjit (ฟิวส์ กันตพัฒน์ วิจารณ์จิตร) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 19, 2003. His BL projects include the short films, Farewell (2021) and Childhood (2023).

Supporting Cast

Koh's girlfriend is portrayed by the Thai actress Nadia Pattaracharin Khiaobutphiphat (นาเดีย ภัทรจาริน เขียวบุตรพิพัฒน์).

Koh's girlfriend

Nadia Pattaracharin Khiaobutphiphat (นาเดีย ภัทรจาริน เขียวบุตรพิพัฒน์)

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Bem and Fill) have co-starred in the 2021 Thai short movie, Farewell.

Childhood Review


Movie Review Score: 7.2

Chane and Koh have an intimate moment.

Childhood stands out because it has almost no dialogue. The characters speak only several lines here and there, but most of the movie contains very few words. Since language is a pivotal narrative tool, minimizing its use poses an incredible challenge. It's like telling a story on hard mode! Instead of verbal communication, the film relies on visual cues like mannerisms or facial expressions to convey the messages. Childhood deserves credit for its innovative storytelling technique.

Despite its lack of dialogue, I have no trouble understanding Childhood. Every scene flows coherently into the next, creating a straightforward narrative that is easy to follow. The clever cinematography also enriches its storytelling. For instance, the camera highlights the protagonist's hand as he stands beside his buddy. It symbolizes the secret longing to reach out and touch him. Likewise, the shot of his chest emphasizes his pounding heartbeat during an intimate moment. The filmmaker focuses on each body part with an artistic vision, skillfully alluding to the subtle emotions.

Although the storytelling technique is creative, the plot itself is predictable. Childhood portrays a familiar teenage love triangle and follows overused tropes. We've seen the conventional drama play out so many times before, from the jealousy to the angsty heartbreak. This movie doesn't rewrite the formula or introduce any surprising twists. It does everything as expected at each step along the way. The reason why you can understand the narrative easily is because of its simplicity. Childhood is noteworthy due to its unique execution, not its unoriginal ideas.

Bem is a talented lead who delivers a captivating performance. The movie's success rests on his phenomenal ability to convey sensitive emotions. He captures the subtle nuances of the protagonist's torment, impressing me with his authenticity. Even without dialogue, Bem can speak volumes through a forlorn gaze or a crestfallen expression. He should be proud to include this film in his acting portfolio. His costar seems a bit hammy, but we don't see enough of him to make a fair assessment. The story isn't told through his perspective, so he's more of a peripheral character. 

Early on, Childhood showcases the friendship between the leads. Their cozy interactions emphasize the carefree joys of adolescence. However, most of the love story focuses on yearning. The protagonist develops a one-sided crush, which his best friend doesn't appear to reciprocate. Their attraction fails to evolve past this point. They're stuck in the friend zone instead of progressing as a couple. Although there's a brief moment of intimacy, the rest of the movie has little romantic content. Don't watch Childhood with high expectations of an affectionate relationship.

Childhood has a sad ending where the protagonist comes to a heartbreaking realization. I would have preferred a sweet, uplifting love story, but I respect the wistfulness of the conclusion. However, I wish the plot was more adventurous instead of reiterating another love triangle. Show some originality and deviate from the stale tropes. Despite the predictable narrative, I still appreciate Childhood for its artistic merits and powerful performances. Considering this impressive short movie is made by an indie filmmaker, it deserves positive encouragement.


Predictable story

Childhood portrays a predictable story about a teenage love triangle. This movie is filmed with little dialogue. It uses creative visual cues and clever cinematography to convey its artistic vision.

One-sided romance

Most of the movie focuses on one-sided love. The emphasis is on friendship and yearning rather than mutual attraction. Despite a brief moment of intimacy, the film has little romantic content.

Sensitive acting

Bem's talented actor gives a majestic performance. He conveys sensitive emotions and captures the subtle nuances of the protagonist's torment, from forlorn gazes to crestfallen expressions.

Sad ending

The Childhood movie has a sad ending as the protagonist comes to a heartbreaking realization. I would've preferred an optimistic and uplifting love story, but I respect the wistful conclusion.

Clever artistry

This cozy movie makes a bold decision not to rely on verbal communication. Instead, the skilled filmmaker understands how to convey messages through body language and facial expressions.


Childhood has filmed its short movie with little dialogue, showcasing a skilled artistic vision. Despite the predictable plot, the lead actor's sensitive acting performance is an exquisite highlight.

Childhood BL Movie


Short Movie

18 minutes

Behind the Scenes

7 minutes

Childhood BL Information

Chane and Koh go on a motorcycle ride.

Childhood is a Thai movie that released on July 28, 2023. It is a short film, which you can finish in around 20 minutes. Thanisorn Kudkaew is the movie director.

Pomthani Channel

Pomthani Channel is a Thai studio.

Pomthani Channel is a Thai studio. It has made various dramas and short films, including BL projects like Childhood (2023). The studio used to be called Nightmare Film.

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