BL Series and Dramas List

Some interesting BL series include I Feel You Linger in the Air, Only Friends, and Sing My Crush.

BL series have become really popular in recent years. It used to be that you could barely find a non-stereotypical gay character on a TV show, let alone a male couple. Sometimes, they’d jump through hoops to imply the characters had feelings for each other, without actually showing them get together.

Nowadays, BL dramas are loud, proud, and out front and centre in the mainstream market. I’m still taken aback at how much BL dramas are thriving in countries like Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, and even South Korea. Is this a dream? When did I fall asleep and wake up to a world where other people enjoy the obscure BL series that I watch?

Despite my confusion, I’m glad that the genre has taken off, because it means there’s a growing list of good shows to watch. I’m loving all the new BL series that are seemingly coming out every other week. Personally, I can barely catch up with the flurry of upcoming BL series, but that’s a good problem to have.

As I catch up on each show in my BL series list, I will share my detailed thoughts and personal recommendations on BL Watcher. Check out some of these best BL dramas that have launched recently:

Cute BL

BL Types

Cute & sweet BL Lighthearted romantic fluff

Dark & toxic BL Psychologically disturbing plots

Happy & funny BL Silly & cheerful comedies

Mature & interesting BL Thought-provoking themes

Nice & heartwarming BL Sentimental journeys

Sad & emotional BL Angsty melodrama

Spicy & romantic BL Scandalous love stories

Wild & intense BL Action-packed adventures

BL Countries

Japanese BL BL dramas from Japan

Korean BL BL dramas from South Korea

Taiwanese BL BL dramas from Taiwan

Thai BL BL dramas from Thailand

BL Years

2024 BL List of BL dramas in 2024

2023 BL List of BL dramas in 2023

2022 BL List of BL dramas in 2022

Best BL 2023 Top BL dramas in 2023

Best BL 2022 Top BL dramas in 2022

Best BL 2021 Top BL dramas in 2021

Cute & Sweet BL Series

Cute BL dramas are the hallmark of this genre. Many of us appreciate a sweet, lighthearted story where a couple falls in love and lives happily ever after. We feel enchanted by their charming rapport, delightful interactions, and adorable relationship moments.

2024 Cute BL

Beside You

2023 Cute BL

Our Dating Sim

Sing My Crush

Stay by My Side

Love Tractor

Love Class 2

Minato's Laundromat 2

Bake Me Please

Cutie Pie 2 You

Our Skyy 2

La Pluie

Destiny Seeker

Hidden Agenda

Love on Lo

Love Mate

Senior Love Me?

Be Mine Superstar

Bump Up Business


Senior Love Me? 2

Our Winter

Dinosaur Love

2022 Cute BL

My School President

Semantic Error

Old Fashion Cupcake

Plus & Minus

Vice Versa

Choco Milk Shake

My Tooth, Your Love

Sky in Your Heart

21 Days Theory

My Ride

What Zabb Man!

Ghost Host, Ghost House

My Secret Love

About Youth

The New Employee


Why You… Y Me?

Magic of Zero

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Star in My Mind

In a Relationship

La Cuisine

My Keychain

Meow Ears Up

That's My Candy

2021 Cute BL

Bad Buddy

Cherry Magic

Light On Me

Papa & Daddy

Lovely Writer

Be Loved in House

No. 1 for You

See You After Quarantine

The Best Story

Paint with Love

My Sweet Dear

Love Area Part 1

The Heartbeat

The Tasty Florida

Nobleman Ryu's Wedding


Love With Benefits

The Cupid Coach

Gen Y 2

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

2020 Cute BL


The Moment Since

Wish You

Because of You

En of Love: This Is Love Story

En of Love: Tossara

Pre-2020 Cute BL

HIStory 2: Crossing the Line

HIStory: Stay Away From Me

HIStory: My Hero

Dark & Toxic BL Series

Dark BL dramas are an acquired taste. Sometimes, we want a reprieve from the fluffy love stories and sink our teeth into a grittier series. We take wicked delight in watching toxic romances, twisted dynamics, and turbulent chaos.

2023 Dark BL

My Personal Weatherman

Tokyo in April is…

The Luminous Solution

Bed Friend

Mr. Cinderella 2

2022 Dark BL

Color Rush 2

Big Dragon


Hard Love Mission

2021 Dark BL

My Beautiful Man

Call It What You Want 2

Call It What You Want

HIStory 4: Close to You

2020 Dark BL

Color Rush

Pre-2020 Dark BL

Long Time No See

He She It

The Effect

HIStory: Obsessed

Happy & Funny BL Series

Happy BL dramas can make you grin and giggle. You'll feel entertained by the cheeky exchanges, clever jokes, and hysterical scenarios. These hilarious stories are the perfect way to relax and unwind from a stressful day.

2023 Happy BL

Wedding Plan

I Became the Main Role for a BL Drama

Past Senger

Make a Wish

Venus in the Sky

Stormy Honeymoon

Love In Translation

A Boss and a Babe

My Blessing

The Promise (2023)

My Goofy Deskmate

Middleman's Love

Cooking Crush

Stupid Genius


Crazy Handsome Rich

2022 Happy BL

The Warp Effect

Ai Long Nhai

Senpai, This Can't Be Love!

Roommates of Poongduck 304

Kabe Koji

Ocean Likes Me

49 Days With a Merman

Two Office Workers Who Are Too Poisonous

Oh! My Assistant

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2

Fudanshi Bartender

We're Both Grooms

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss

Oh! Boarding House

Secret Crush on You

I Will Knock You

Love Stage

Cupid's Last Wish

My Roommate

Work From Heart

Even Sun

2021 Happy BL

Ossan's Love Hong Kong

My Love Mix-Up

My Mate Match

Hidden Love

A Man Who Defies the World of BL

Fish Upon the Sky

Siew Sum Noi

Top Secret Together

Deal Lover

Baker Boys

My Boy

2020 Happy BL

Tonhon Chonlatee

Gen Y

You Never Eat Alone



Pre-2020 Happy BL

What Did You Eat Yesterday?

Ossan's Love

Ossan's Love: In the Sky

Mermaid Sauna

Mature & Interesting BL Series

Happy BL
Mature BL
Nice BL

Mature BL dramas explore complex narrative themes. They contain rich characterizations, sophisticated emotions, and powerful messages. These sentimental stories are thought-provoking, so they will remain on your mind mind long after you complete them.

2024 Mature BL

Love for Love's Sake

2023 Mature BL

Last Twilight

I Feel You Linger in the Air

The Eighth Sense

Moonlight Chicken

The End of the World With You

Jack o' Frost

One Room Angel

Be My Favorite

Step by Step

Individual Circumstances

2022 Mature BL

The Eclipse

More Than Words

DNA Says I Love You

You're My Sky


Our Days

On Cloud Nine

Remember Me

First Love Again

2021 Mature BL

A Tale of Thousand Stars

To My Star

Second Chance

Tinted With You


2020 Mature BL

Life~Love on the Line

Sweet Munchies


Pre-2020 Mature BL

He's Coming to Me

Nice & Heartwarming BL Series

Nice and heartwarming BL series range from casual slice-of-life dramas to precocious coming-of-age journeys. These gentle stories tend to move at a slower pace than your average narrative. They excel in cultivating a calm, tranquil atmosphere that will put the viewers at ease.

2024 Nice BL

Happy Ending

2023 Nice BL

If It's With You

Our Dining Table

Unintentional Love Story

Tin Tem Jai

VIP Only

Naked Dining

All the Liquors

Happy Merry Ending

Bon Appetit

Colorful Melody

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local

Mr. Sahara & Toki-kun

My Colleague at BL Shop

2022 Nice BL

My Only 12%

I Just Want to See You


Minato's Laundromat

Coffee Melody

Takara-kun & Amagi-kun

The Star Always Follows You

The Love of Winter

Country Boy 2

The 8.2 Second Rule

Shimbashi Koi Story

What If

Rainbow Lagoon

Shimbashi Koi Story 2

Physical Therapy

2021 Nice BL


Behind Cut

Bite Me

Country Boy

2020 Nice BL

The Moment

Our Memory

Mr. Heart

Pre-2020 Nice BL

His: I Didn't Think I Would Fall in Love

Sad & Emotional BL Series

Sad BL dramas tug at our heartstrings. We're left devastated by the sensitive emotions, poignant exchanges, and melancholy atmosphere. These angsty narratives remind us that love stories don't always have happy endings. The sorrowful moments can make us cherish our joyful experiences.

2024 Sad BL

Perfect Propose

2023 Sad BL

Star Struck

Stay Still

I Cannot Reach You

Night Dream

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Behind the Shadows

A Shoulder to Cry On

A Breeze of Love

7 Days Before Valentine

Shimbashi Koi Story 3

2022 Sad BL

Eternal Yesterday

To My Star 2

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

Something in My Room

Happy Ending Romance

The Promise Thailand (2022)

The Promise Vietnam (2022)

Once Again

I'm a Fool for You Season 3


Love Area Part 2

Kissable Lips

Blue of Winter

Boy Scouts

2021 Sad BL

The Yearbook


Peach of Time


I'm a Fool for You Season 2

I'm a Fool for You Season 1

2020 Sad BL

I Told Sunset About You

Where Your Eyes Linger

Follow My Sunshine

Pre-2020 Sad BL

Mood Indigo

Grey Rainbow

Red Balloon

Spicy & Romantic BL Series

Sad BL
Spicy BL
Wild BL

Spicy BL series are cute love stories with an edgy twist. For whatever reason, it doezsn't feel right to classify these romances as sweet. Maybe there's a scandalous affair, a problematic couple, or a raunchy sexual encounter. Some of us secretly enjoy it when BL dramas flirt with danger and get a little naughty!

2024 Spicy BL

Let's Talk About Chu

2023 Spicy BL

Only Friends

My Beautiful Man 2


Oh My God

Naughty Babe

Me, My Husband & My Husband's Boyfriend

You Are Mine

Jun and Jun

Beyond the Star

2022 Spicy BL

Love Bill

Candy Color Paradox

Cutie Pie

Love Mechanics

Love Class

Want to See You

The Tuxedo

Check Out

2021 Spicy BL

Fighting Mr. 2nd

I Promised You the Moon

You Make Me Dance

Loveless Society

Mr. Cinderella

2020 Spicy BL

Craving You

En of Love: Love Mechanics

Pre-2020 Spicy BL

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong

The Novelist

HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count



Wild & Intense BL Series

Spicy BL
Wild BL

Intense BL dramas encompass multiple genres, including detective mysteries, crime thrillers, and family melodramas. The narratives contain constant action, heightened emotions, and exhilarating tension. You'll feel an exciting rush of adrenaline watching these action-packed stories that maximize suspense and conflicts.

2023 Wild BL

Pit Babe

Kiseki: Dear to Me

Hit Bite Love


My Dear Gangster Oppa

Low Frequency

Chains of Heart

2022 Wild BL


Till the World Ends

Never Let Me Go

Unforgotten Night

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner

609 Bedtime Story

Kei x Yaku


HIStory 5: Love in the Future

2021 Wild BL

Not Me

Golden Blood

Hometown's Embrace

Pre-2020 Wild BL

HIStory 3: Trapped

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