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Dangerous Drugs of Sex is a Japanese horror movie based on a BL manga. This explicit 18+ film features the main character being kidnapped, tortured, and sexually abused by his twisted captor.

Dangerous Drugs of Sex is a Japanese horror movie adapted from a BL manga. In this explicit 18+ film, the main character is abducted, tortured, and sexually assaulted by his demented captor. You wouldn't expect any romance to take place amid the disturbing events, but there's a bizarre relationship squeezed into the film somehow.

With some gruesome and graphic scenes, Dangerous Drugs of Sex is not meant for the faint of hearts. The storyline is definitely shocking, controversial, and provocative. I can't say that I actually enjoyed this film, but at least it made quite the impression on me.

Dangerous Drugs of Sex Summary



Movie Info:

Japan (2020)


1 hour and 30 minutes




Dangerous Drugs of Sex is a dark & toxic BL film.

BL Content:

Yes, it is an explicit 18+ BL film.


Yoda stops Katsuragi from committing suicide.

Katsuragi is an office worker who recently suffered a devastating family tragedy. The death of his parents, caused indirectly by his negligence, has plunged Katsuragi into an irreconcilable depression. Unable to cope with his grief, Katsuragi decides to take his own life by jumping off a building.

However, his suicide attempt is interrupted by a stranger, whom he would later know as Yoda. Instead of letting Katsuragi kill himself, Yoda abducts him and imprisons his captive in an underground lair. When Katsuragi regains consciousness, he finds himself chained to a bed and stripped completely naked.

Katsuragi is subjected to sadistic torture every single day. Yoda would perform these obscene sexual acts to his body, taking great pleasure in seeing his victim suffer from the pain. Katsuragi is left feeling horrified, humiliated, and frightened by his predicament. He doesn't even know his abductor's name and has no idea why this is happening to him. Yoda seems to get a sick thrill from torturing him, always finding new ways to experiment with his captive sexually.

Dangerous Drugs of Sex Cast


Katsuragi Sho Watanabe (渡邊将)

Katsuragi is played by the actor Sho Watanabe (渡邊将).

Katsuragi is an office worker who recently suffered a tremendous personal tragedy with the death of his parents. He decides to take his own life, but his suicide attempt is stopped by a stranger. Katsuragi is abducted by this stranger, who holds him captive in an underground lair. He is tortured every day and subjected to various sexual obscenities.

Yoda Takashi Kitadai (北代高士)

Yoda is played by Yoden Takashi Kitadai (北代高士).

Yoda is a doctor who kidnaps Katsuragi right before his suicide attempt. He acts under a deluded belief that Katsuragi owes him his life, since Yoda "saved" him from death. After stripping Katsuragi naked and chaining him to a bed, Yoda would sexually assault him in many deviant ways. He loves experimenting with bondage gear on his sex captive.

Supporting Cast

Endo is played by the actor Kohei Nagano (長野こうへい).


Kohei Nagano (長野こうへい)

Ayaka is played by the actress Ruri Shinato (階戸瑠李).


Ruri Shinato (階戸瑠李)

Dangerous Drugs of Sex Review


Movie Review Score: 6.0

Yoda has chained Katsuragi to a bed and tortures him sexually.

Dangerous Drugs of Sex is an extremely explicit movie that will disturb you with its gruesome displays of torture and sexual assault. It goes without saying this is an 18+ film with lots of sex, nudity, violence, bloodshed, and psychological torment. Katsuragi gets raped again and again in sadistic, obscene ways that are mortifying to watch. You need to be mentally prepared before strapping yourself onto the wild ride that is Dangerous Drugs of Sex.

Is this a good movie? Personally, I don't think so. There's just not much to the story once you get past the initial shock factor. We spend the entire first hour just watching someone get tortured cruelly and senselessly. These scenes aren't pleasant, add nothing new to the plot, and they even feel repetitive after a while. You can only torture someone in so many different ways before you start to get bored.

With that said, I have a lot of respect for how they filmed the sex scenes, which are as daring as they are skillful. Using clever camera angles and an assortment of props, the sex is portrayed in such a raw, graphic manner that it surprised me with how far they could go. The actors must be commended for the extent of their professionalism, never flinching at even the most explicit scenes. I can't imagine too many working actors would have the courage or willingness to take on Katsuragi's role.

As a horror movie, Dangerous Drugs of Sex sort of succeeds in this regard because Katsuragi does go through horrifying trauma. However, I don't actually feel scared during the movie, just uncomfortable with what's happening to his character. This is a stressful film, not one that feels particularly enjoyable to watch, even though I am transfixed by some of the dark and disturbing scenes. I managed to finish the movie, but I don't have any desire to rewatch it again, because experiencing this once is already traumatic enough.

Dangerous Drugs of Sex is a controversial film with a polarizing ending that tries to redeem the antagonist despite his despicable actions. This movie genuinely believes its ending has a profound and philosophical message, which I don't agree with at all. The final act doesn't work for me, feeling quite contrived as I'm forced to watch a romanticized version of Stockholm syndrome. The ending made a movie that already feels problematic, exploitative, and ridiculous even worse for me, confirming my worst suspicions that I'm watching trash.


Provocative story
Yoda feeds Katsuragi drugs during his imprisonment.

The story in Dangerous Drugs of Sex is titillating, meant to shock and provoke you with obscene atrocities. You don't understand who these two main characters are, why that man is being tortured by a psycho, and what exactly is going to happen to him. Slowly but surely, the story pieces itself together through a series of flashbacks, spliced in between many scenes of torture and rape.

While the story is far from pleasant, I must admit that it's pretty unique and daring. At least within the BL dramas and movies, there's absolutely nothing resembling Dangerous Drugs of Sex. I didn't think anyone would have the audacity to adapt such an outrageous story into a live-action movie. Also, I didn't imagine any professional actor would agree to perform in it, but here we are.


Twisted romance
Katsuragi and Yoda become a couple in the end.

Considering how the movie started, it's almost unthinkable that Katsuragi and Yoda would become a couple by the end. Their romance is like the worst case of Stockholm syndrome, as the helpless victim falls in love with his abusive captor due to the irreversible damage to his psychological state. Katsuragi was already in a terrible place emotionally before meeting Yoda, but now he just moved from one rock bottom to another rock bottom.

The movie tries to portray their relationship differently, as if these are two traumatized characters who helped each other heal from their emotional wounds. However, I didn't buy it at all. The severity of torture that Yoda inflicted on Katsuragi is too excessive, and there's no viable justification or redemption for what he did. Yoda could discover the cure to cancer for all I care, and I still wouldn't be able to forgive him. Their Stockholm syndrome romance is never ever going to work for me.


Brave actors
The actors in the Dangerous Drugs of Sex movie get an A for effort.

The two actors in Dangerous Drugs of Sex definitely get an A for effort, going way beyond the boundaries of what you'd expect from a movie performance. Katsuragi's actor (Sho Watanabe) is dauntless, spending almost the entire movie completely naked and placed in extremely compromising positions. Once you let another actor insert his fingers up your bum, I gotta put some respect to your name.

With that said, it's not just about their willingness to embrace nudity. I mean, I wouldn't call every performer in pornography good actors just because they get naked on-screen (no offense~). On top of being really brave, these two actors really do immerse themselves into the roles, pulling off powerful emotions in all the right moments. For a story that isn't super strong, these actors managed to elevate the material into something more substantial.


Contrived ending
Katsuragi saves Yoda from killing himself in the ending of Dangerous Drugs of Sex.

I have a really tough time accepting the ending in Dangerous Drugs of Sex, where the two main characters end up together romantically. Although the scene in the ocean is meant to be the emotional climax, I can't overlook the ridiculous turn of events. Um hello, this is the guy who tortured, raped, and abused you? Why are you even bothering to save his life? A more satisfying ending would've been for Katsuragi to DROWN Yoda for what he put him through. 👿

The movie acts like it's so ~poignant~ and ~romantic~ that the characters helped each other cope with their grief, but I don't see it that way. I'm just not convinced by their unhealthy relationship dynamic, where you're indebted to somebody just because they stopped you from taking your own life. I don't feel sympathetic towards Yoda, and I don't think Katsuragi should've gotten together with his abuser if he was of sound mind. I can't reconcile with how wrong I find this ending to be.


Skin & nudity

Lots of nudity
Yoda tortures Katsuragi in cruel ways in Dangerous Drugs of Sex.

There's no denying Dangerous Drugs of Sex relies heavily on eroticism to convey its story. However, I hesitate to compare this movie to pornography because at least porn is supposed to be pleasant and enjoyable. Even though there's plenty of nudity on display, whether you find these dark and disturbing scenes sexy will be a different matter.

For the record, both lead actors do get naked many times during the story. In fact, Katsuragi spends nearly the entire movie in the nude. You don't see frontal nudity, but you get to see pretty much everything else from him. His character is put in all sorts of compromising positions, including racy bondage gear. Yoda's character doesn't get the same treatment, but we do see glimpses of nudity from him here and there as well.


Katsuragi screams in agony as Yoda tortures him.

Oh my god, where do we even begin with the trigger warning? I don't think there will ever be another movie on BL Watcher as controversial as Dangerous Drugs of Sex. This 18+ movie features rape, torture, abuse, violence, suicide, drugs, and pretty much every taboo topic you can think of. It's the most explicit BL movie without being outright porn, pushing all the boundaries and challenging every notion of decency you have.

Unless you are mentally prepared for a dark and twisted story with lots of gory content, this film shouldn't be watched. Even when you are completely prepared, you might still feel quite shocked and startled by the scandalous events. 😨


Risqué movie

Even though this movie isn't for everyone, I appreciate how daring Dangerous Drugs of Sex is. I never thought a BL movie like this would be made, showing graphic sex and nudity without reservations. Normally, you have to watch actual gay porn to see this amount of explicitness. Somehow, they packaged it inside a horror movie, except in a rather clever and cinematic way.

As disturbing and problematic as the story might be, it did spark my morbid curiosity and capture my attention. I was peeking through my fingers even when the movie got increasingly disturbing. For a horror movie, it does succeed in some areas, at least in terms of provoking and titillating the senses.


Ditch the romance
Katsuragi and Yoda are an unhealthy couple in Dangerous Drugs of Sex.

I know it defeats the point of BL to ditch the romance, but the romantic components don't gel with this twisted relationship dynamic. With the way this story is told, you can't have a happy ending with the rapist and his victim all loved up together. This pairing is simply too ludicrous, not to mention how completely wrong and offensive it is.

If you insist on making Katsuragi and Yoda a couple, at least show us how toxic this relationship is. Go for a thoroughly twisted horror movie ending that clearly highlights how problematic this couple is. Instead, giving this couple a happy ending is jarring with the brutal events earlier in the narrative. I can't forgive and forget that Katsuragi was literally TORTURED by the same man he fell in love with. This romance simply doesn't work!

You can either make a horror movie about abuse and torture, or portray a happy love story with two people overcoming trauma together. Sorry, but you can't have your cake and eat it too. Either pick one or the other, or else you'll end up with a movie that feels completely mismatched in tone.

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