Maybe It's Love is a Taiwanese BL short movie about two lovers in a secret affair.

Maybe It's Love is a Taiwanese BL short movie about two lovers and their secret affair. After hooking up with an older man, the main character reveals he already has a boyfriend. Surprisingly, his love interest is understanding and doesn't mind being the side piece. The couple continues meeting privately. When their relationship deteriorates, they face tensions, confrontations, and accusations.

Instead of a typical romance, Maybe It's Love explores a scandalous affair. The story is grittier and sleazier than your average BL, which may or may not appeal to some viewers. Both leads are scantily clad and sensual performers, adding to the film's sauciness. Unfortunately, the twelve-minute movie lacks time to develop a complex narrative. The story is too short and needs more content.

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Taiwan (2022)


15 minutes




Maybe It's Love is a sad & emotional short film.

Is Maybe It's Love BL?

Yes, there is a gay romance.


Dog and Cat share a passionate kiss.

Two men hook up after meeting anonymously. They refer to each other under their cutesy pseudonyms, "Cat" and "Dog". Cat is older than Dog. However, their age difference doesn't get in the way of their steamy romance. Dog even admits that he is attracted to older guys.

After their first sexual encounter, Dog confesses he already has a boyfriend. He apologizes for not revealing his relationship status beforehand. Surprisingly, Cat is understanding and doesn't take any offence. He suggests they can become friends with benefits and still maintain a secret affair. Yet, tension arises in their next meeting. Cat and Dog start arguing. Their disagreement quickly escalates into a heated confrontation.

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Maybe It's Love Cast


Cat is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Duncan Ku (軍龍).


Duncan Ku (軍龍)

Dog is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Charveil Chen (陳瑞祥).


Charveil Chen (陳瑞祥)

Cast Highlights

  • Cat's actor (Duncan Ku) has an on-screen career as an adult entertainer and appeared in 18+ films.

Maybe It's Love Review


Movie Review Score: 6.3

Dog and Cat are in a bathroom.

Maybe It's Love begins scandalously. The protagonist tells his lover he already has a boyfriend, turning their casual fling into a secret affair. His love interest doesn't condemn the cheating and wants to continue hooking up. The deceitful characters and their morally dubious relationship may not sit well with some BL watchers. Many dramas in this genre focus on an idealized version of love. In contrast, Maybe It's Love removes the rose-tinted glasses and portrays a gritty, provocative romance.

Although I'm fond of sweet love stories, watching something spicier provides a refreshing change of pace. Deep down, trashy gay romances are my guilty pleasure. Not every fictional couple needs to be wholesome. Sometimes, I want to see two self-sabotaging scumbags slutting it up! Maybe It's Love meets this brief. From angst to arguments, the story serves plenty of intense relationship drama. In some instances, a squabbling couple can be obnoxious. In this case, the film is short enough that the conflicts don't get on my nerves. There's just the right amount of sleazy entertainment.

Maybe It's Love includes a quick romantic encounter. The couple kisses and becomes intimate, but the shaky camera movements make it hard to view anything worthwhile. The filmmaker's artistic choice backfires, diminishing the sexy rendezvous. Nonetheless, the movie is deliberately arousing. The muscled bodies, skimpy wardrobes, and affectionate caresses in the bathtub convey a lustful atmosphere. Racy visuals, like the actors in tight and tiny briefs, feel suggestive without showing anything explicit. Maybe It's Love knows how to stimulate your visual interest.

Both leads do a decent job with their roles. The film's second half requires them to bicker and show strong emotions. The cast handles the dramatic material respectably. I also like that they're confident enough to be scantily clad, strutting around without a shred. Let's hope more BL stars follow their examples. By the way, I didn't realize until writing this review that Cat's performer (Duncan Ku) appeared in NSFW films. His adult entertainment background is a strength. Unlike some actors, he doesn't seem self-conscious about affectionate encounters on screen.

The movie's biggest drawback is its length. At twelve minutes long, Maybe It's Love doesn't have enough time to develop the plot. I struggle to care about the characters or their relationship over such a short period. The entire film only consists of two scenes, hardly enough to make viewers invested in the narrative. Despite providing essential details through dialogue, there's so much missing context. How did the leads meet? What are their lives like besides hooking up? We don't even know their real names. Maybe It's Love offers barely anything to flesh out the backstory.

Maybe It's Love has a sad ending that leaves both leads tormented about their affair. Unfortunately, the narrative stops at this point just as it is getting warmed up. I wish the movie was lengthier and explored the juicy relationship drama further. Even a few extra minutes would make a difference, giving the plot more depth and development. This movie feels annoyingly incomplete, like someone plucked two scenes out of a larger story. I'm left longing for content from an insufficient narrative. Despite the glimpses of potential, Maybe It's Love is definitely disappointing.


Short story

Maybe It's Love explores a scandalous love affair and offers several juicy encounters. Unfortunately, the movie is too short and lacks backstory. It desperately needs more content.

Scandalous romance

This hookup between a cheater and a boyfriend stealer feels sleazy. It doesn't scream romance to me. There's a brief intimate moment at the midway point, but the passion is quick and limited.

Respectable acting

The leads do a respectable job handling the dramatic parts of the movie. I also like their confidence in being scantily clad and committing to intimate exchanges without self-consciousness.

Sad ending

Maybe It's Love has a sad ending that leaves both protagonists feeling tormented about their love affair. The film finishes just as it gets intriguing. I wish the story could be longer.

Racy artistry

The movie conveys a lustful atmosphere, from muscled bodies to skimpy clothing. It also uses creative camera angles, colourful lighting, and stylish scene composition to amplify the visuals.


Maybe It's Love explores a scandalous love affair with suggestive visuals and spicy relationship drama. Unfortunately, the short movie doesn't have enough time to develop a satisfying narrative.

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Maybe It's Love Information

Dog and Cat kiss in the bathroom.

Maybe It's Love is a Taiwanese movie that released on August 29, 2022. It is a short film, which you can finish in around 12 minutes. Borry Su is the movie director.

This movie is adapted from a Taiwanese theatre play called Life of Love (愛情生活 攻受版). It is an abbreviated version of the play. Life of Love features a different cast and director from the film.


KuKuiku (酷酷去吧) is a Taiwanese studio. Its first BL project is the 2022 short movie, Maybe It's Love.

KuKuiku (酷酷去吧) is a Taiwanese studio. Its first BL project is the 2022 short movie, Maybe It's Love. The studio also works on photography projects.


Borry Su (蘇尚珄) is a Taiwanese director. His portfolio of work includes the 2022 BL short film, Maybe It's Love.

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