In Red Wine in the Night, Wine falls in love with a vampire and nurses him back to health.

Red Wine in the Night is a Thai supernatural thriller that focuses on a precarious gay romance. The protagonist is a young man who has been unlucky in love, until he meets a mysterious stranger inside an abandoned building. When the stranger's secret identity comes to light, the two main characters embark on a journey filled with passion, tension, and bloodshed.

Although the plot in Red Wine in the Night is borderline ridiculous, I still found this movie enjoyable, entertaining, and exhilarating to watch. Packed with steamy kisses and fit guys in their underwear, I had a lot of fun indulging myself in this delightfully decadent story.

Red Wine in the Night Summary

What is the movie called?

คืนนั้น red Wine in the dark Night

Where was the film made?


When was the movie released?


How long is Red Wine in the Night?

Around 1 hour and 40 minutes

What is the genre?

Supernatural thriller

How would you describe the film?

Dark and disturbing

Who is the director?

Golf Tanwarin Sukkhapisit

Is Red Wine in the Night BL?

Yes, Red Wine in the Night is a steamy BL film.


Wine and Night share a kiss when they go on a date night.

Wine is a young gay man who has a secret romantic relationship with his classmate Tee. Although the two of them are sexually active, Tee refuses to acknowledge his sexuality and insists that he's straight. Tee breaks up with Wine, leaving his ex-lover devastated.

Tee has told his friends about the relationship with Wine, but depicts it as a one-sided crush where Wine is in love with him. Tee's friends decide to play a malicious prank, luring Wine into an old abandoned building in the area. Wine spends the entire day inside the building, waiting for Tee who never shows up. Tee refuses to reply back to any of his ex-lover's phone calls.

By nighttime, Wine has accepted that Tee won't show up to their fake meeting. Just as he's about to leave, Wine suddenly hears a cry for help. He finds an injured homeless man lying on the ground by the building's rubbles. The stranger, whom we will later know as Night, is weak, starving, and suffering from amnesia. Night has no recollection of who he is or how he ended up in this building.

Although hesitant at first, Wine decides to help the defenceless stranger, nursing him back to health. However, Wine discovers something unusual about the mysterious stranger, hinting towards his secret identity. Feeling intrigued, Wine develops a quick and intimate bond with Night. The two of them embark on a dangerous yet delicate romance that comes with bloody consequences.

Red Wine in the Night Trailer

Red Wine in the Night Cast


Wine Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร) Fluke Instagram

Wine is portrayed by the Thai actor Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร).

Wine is a young gay student who recently had his heart broken by a crappy ex. Due to a malicious prank, he ends up inside an abandoned building, where he first encounters the mysterious Night. Wine is a hopeless romantic, falling in love quickly and deeply. His family runs a gambling house, but Wine has moved out to live with Night.

Night Steven Fuhrer Steven Instagram

Night is portrayed by the Thai actor Steven Fuhrer.

Night is introduced as a mysterious man with a secret identity. Wine finds him inside an old abandoned building, where he is physically weak and dying from hunger. Night is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember his identity or his past. Night feels grateful for Wine's generosity, and believes he owes his life to the man who helped him in a moment of need.

Supporting Cast

Tee is portrayed by the Thai actor Intarasuan Nontapat (นนทพัทธ์ อินทรศวร).


Intarasuan Nontapat (นนทพัทธ์ อินทรศวร)

Boy is portrayed by the Thai actor Tananara Kisthachapon (กฤษตญาพนธ์ ธนะนารา).


Tananara Kisthachapon (กฤษตญาพนธ์ ธนะนารา)

Cast highlights

  • Wine's actor (Fluke Natouch Siripongthon) is a familiar name attached to many Thai BL projects. He appeared in My Bromance (2014), My Bromance 2 (2020), as well as Until We Meet Again (2019) and Close Friend (2021).

Red Wine in the Night Review


Movie Review Score: 8.0


I liked Red Wine in the Night, while acknowledging the movie is not without its many flaws. Perhaps the most accurate term I could use to describe my enjoyment is "guilty pleasure". In the same way that some people gush over Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey, Red Wine in the Night is like the gay indie version of delightful decadence. If the idea of an evil twink running around in his underwear, seducing men, and causing senseless chaos sounds appealing, you're gonna love this movie.

The opening scene sets the sexy and steamy tone of Red Wine in the Night. In less than two minutes, the main character is already stripped down, making out, and sexing it up. Not even actual gay pornography jumps to the action this quickly! With such a startling first impression, the movie definitely caught my attention as I strapped in for a wild ride.

The rest of Red Wine in the Night is intriguing and exhilarating, even though the ridiculous plot will require suspension of disbelief. The story is easy to follow along, but you'll be baffled by the main character's actions and feel appalled towards his escalating antics. While Wine has an angelic face and an electrifying smile, he is not a sensible or likable protagonist. With that said, I was secretly rooting for Wine's character throughout the film. His behaviour was so shameless and depraved that it circled back to being hilarious. We love it when twinks go bad. 😈

Red Wine in the Night has a lot of raunchy exchanges between the characters. The movie is packed with gay men making out, having sex, and prancing in their white undies. A couple of scenes are quite daring, including a particularly sensual moment where Wine's toes get sucked. There's no denying the eroticism influenced my positive review. I like it when gay movies embrace sexuality, and Red Wine in the Night certainly includes enough seduction without going overboard.

I've written this review so far without spoiling the most important plot element that defines Red Wine in the Night. I'll let you discover the surprise on your own, but the story kicks into gear once Night's identity is revealed. Overall, this saucy erotic thriller can be lots of fun, as long as you don't mind the outrageous plot or the morally questionable characters. Red Wine in the Night might not have a particularly deep narrative, but I vibe with the dark chaotic energy of this movie.

How is the story?

Entertaining story
Wine is juggling multiple romantic relationships with men at the same time.

The story is a bit of a stretch, to put it mildly. You won't have to look closely to point out all the various plot holes in Red Wine in the Night. Wine's actions are also incomprehensible to the human mind. Realistically, anyone would've run for the hills instead of asking Night to move in and hook up with him. Definitely nobody would go to the lengths as he did, committing multiple assaults and abductions to feed his vampire boyfriend. WTF!?

Although the story is ridiculous, I found it relentlessly engrossing and entertaining. There's never a dull moment during Red Wine in the Night, thanks to Wine being the most dramatic person alive. One moment, he's hopping from dick to dick, juggling multiple gay relationships like the town harlot. Next moment, he goes full-on psycho, tying up his lovers and draining their blood. I'm watching his outrageous antics with mortified shock and uncontrollable laughter at the same time. This evil twink is TOO MUCH. 😂

Wine is an evil irredeemable character who does despicable deeds during the movie.

The villain in Red Wine in the Night is Wine, a morally corrupt psycho who commits deranged crimes against his lovers. What makes him a fun villain is that you wouldn't expect this behaviour from him. If you looked at the character list from the beginning, you wouldn't have pegged him as the most evil mofo in the entire movie. Who'd ever think to find THE DEVIL HIMSELF inside this skinny little twink with the angelic face and a twinkle in his eyes?

Wine is like a modern-day siren, luring various men to their deaths with temptations of sex (and depraved rape fantasies 😬). He had TWO different men tied up half-naked in the SAME building, while locking up another vampire sex slave in his home. You may not agree with his actions or like him as a person, but you gotta respect his efficiency. This evil twink knows how to HUSTLE.

Of course, I'm not endorsing any of Wine's sick, twisted actions, but his downward spiral is fascinating to watch from a trainwreck perspective. I keep wondering how far he will go and how low he can stoop. Let's see how long this lunatic twink can keep juggling all the knives in the air before everything comes crashing down in flames!

Night is a vampire who needs to drink human blood to survive.

Despite his blank canvas of a personality, Night was an intriguing character and I enjoyed learning more about him throughout the movie. Night's vampirism was the main driving force behind the narrative. The film explores what it's like to be a vampire, particularly an empathetic one who doesn't want to hurt any human beings for survival.

Red Wine in the Night was released in 2015, when vampires were still prevalent in the realm of mainstream fiction. The plot might feel cliche, similar to a lot of existing vampire movies and shows out there. To be honest, I was over the whole vampire fad as soon as it started, and even now I'm still recovering from burnout in this genre. I dunno if there are any original vampire stories left, but the one in Red Wine in the Night is serviceable. Not the best, but not the worst either.

How is the romance?

Wine and Night
Wine and Night have sex for the first time after he regains his energy.

Three words to explain why you should watch Red Wine in the Night: GAY 🌈 VAMPIRE 🧛🏻‍♂️ SEX 🍆.

Okay, it's not just about the sex, but that's definitely the main appeal. I suppose there're other events besides the sex scenes, masquerading as the plot. When Wine needs a break from ravishing his vampire lover, he switches it up by having sex with his straight jock friend or his older sugar daddy. This movie is basically a big sex marathon as Wine rotates between his harem of men.

The actual romance between Wine and Night is not that well-developed. He seems to fall in love with this random stranger almost too quickly. When they first met, I wondered why Wine showed so much generosity towards Night, even letting him eat his blood. That was UNTIL I saw the scene of them naked in the bathtub together, where Wine's motives suddenly made sense. Oh, I see. That's why. 🤭

With that said, I did enjoy the intimacy that Wine and Night shared in this romance. Their kisses were affectionate, their sex scenes were steamy, and even some nonsexual encounters were kinda sweet. I vibed with this couple, even though I knew their relationship dynamic wasn't the healthiest.

Wine and Tee
Wine abducts his ex-boyfriend Tee and drains his blood.

I started off not liking Tee, who treated Wine pretty terribly in the beginning. His machismo was so unappealing, and I didn't feel sympathetic towards Tee even as Wine tortured him. Every time this guy insisted that he was "straight", I cheered on Wine to drain more of his blood.

Later in the movie, I recognized that Tee hid all the insecurities behind his heterosexual persona. He was confused, frustrated, and afraid to face his sexuality. Look at who his jock friends are and look at how they treated Wine. Living in such close proximity to hypermasculinity, you can understand why someone like Tee would put up a front.

Much like Wine, I didn't believe anything Tee said after his abduction, convinced he'd lie just to escape his captivity. However, the moment that changed my mind about Tee was when he recalled a childhood memory of Wine. It was such a personal memory, one that wasn't worth remembering unless the person meant something special to you. The recollection showed Tee had cared about his relationship with Wine, and I finally saw a vulnerability beneath his bravado.

Or maybe Tee was being manipulative at the moment to change Wine's mind, and who would blame him since he needed to escape. Whether Tee was genuine or not with his words, I softened my stance on him by the end of the film. His character suffered a lot already, especially as a closeted gay guy who struggled with his sexuality. I'm glad Wine spared his life in the ending. Tee deserves to live, recover from his trauma, and hopefully have a fresh start at a more honest life.

Wine and Boy
Boy sucks Wine's feet and toes during sex.

Compared to Night and Tee, Boy didn't get nearly as much character development. His characterization was pretty static, never going beyond his archetype as the older sugar daddy. The few details that we know about Boy aren't particularly flattering. I'll always remember how he reacted TOO excitedly when Wine brought up rape fantasies. 😬

The other thing I'll never forget about Boy is his FOOT FETISH. Oh my god, I had to stop the movie and take a deep breath when he put Wine's toes inside his mouth. I wasn't fazed by any other moment in the film, not even when Wine was snapping people's necks and bashing their heads in. But when Boy chewed on that big toe like a piece of candy, I screamed and had to take some time to regain my composure. 😝

How is the acting?

Okay acting
Wine cries because Night leaves him after discovering Boy's murder.

Everyone in the cast portrayed their roles in an acceptable manner. Maybe Wine's actor (Flute) is a little hammy in a few scenes, but it also works for his character who's supposed to be kinda two-faced and fake. All the actors are strong in the intimacy scenes, not holding back with the kissing, touching, or even toe-sucking.

The two leads probably put in their best performances in the ending. They did a fine job in the flashbacks, and during the emotional scene where Night catches Wine in the act of killing someone.

How is the ending?

Sad ending
In the Wine in the Night ending, Night gives Wine a final kiss before breaking up with him.

Red Wine in the Night has a sad ending where the two main characters break up. Night's conscience cannot accept that Wine has been hurting and killing humans for blood. In a flashback, we learn that Night's father also killed others to keep his son alive. So, seeing Wine do the exact same thing as his father is like deja vu, triggering hurtful memories for Night.

However, Night doesn't feel grateful for what his dad or his boyfriend did. He would rather die than make other people suffer to sustain his survival. In the end, Night leaves Wine to ensure no one else will get hurt because of him. Devastated, Wine doesn't escape when Tee's friends call the cops to arrest him. The movie ends with Wine in jail, as he hallucinates a vision of Night accompanying him in his prison cell.

Ending explained
Night cries because he feels guilty others have to die because of him.

The ending in Red Wine in the Night touches upon a philosophical question. Would you take away someone's life to save your loved one? For Night's dad and Wine, they can kill other people to keep their son or boyfriend alive. For Night, he represents the opposite belief, willing to sacrifice his own life instead of anyone else's.

Night's stance is very selfless and should be commended. Not every person would have the same altruistic view, believing their own life or their loved one's life deserves more priority. It's also distressing to know that your survival comes at the expense of somebody else. You must wonder how long you can continue killing other people to extend your own mortality. For Night, the answer is simple. Only one person needs to die and that's himself.

Wine's ending
Wine ends up in prison for abducting Tee and killing Boy.

There's a sense of karmic justice because Wine gets his just desserts in the ending. After everything he has done for Night, the end result is that his boyfriend dumps Wine for being an awful, immoral killer. He was so desperate to maintain this romance that his reckless actions caused their relationship to end.

Wine played all his cards wrong in the ending, doing exactly the opposite of what he should've done. Um, hello, you can't let go of your captive alive and not expect him to call the cops on you? And if you're gonna kill your older sugar daddy, at least cover up your tracks better. Finally, maybe communicate with your vampire boyfriend first to make sure he's okay with you dicing other people up. Let's think through all the options before you go on your killing spree, Dexter Morgan!

The problem with Wine is that he treats his relationships like a bad game of 'marry, fuck, kill'.


And now, he ends up in jail with no freedom, no money, and no more gay vampire sex. Congratulations Wine, you just played yourself.

Red Wine in the Night Information

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