Mikado and Hiyakawa both have the ability to sense ghosts in The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window.

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is a supernatural horror movie adapted from a Japanese BL manga. The protagonist can see ghosts and spirits, even though he isn't comfortable interacting with the paranormal world. He partners up with a mysterious exorcist to solve a series of gruesome murders around the city.

Although this movie adaptation looks slick and stylish, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window doesn't feel coherent for those unfamiliar with the source material. As someone who has not read the original manga, the complex plot moved too rapidly and confused me. I couldn't connect with the complex story, the bland characters, or the nonexistent relationship.

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window Movie Summary

What is the film called?


Where was the movie made?


When was the film released?


How long is the movie?

100 minutes

What is the genre?


How would you describe the movie?

Dark and disturbing

Is the movie based on a manga?

Yes, written by Yamashita Tomoko

Is it a BL film?

No, the BL content is nonexistent.


Mikado's life changes once he is recruited by Hiyakawa to be his assistant.

Mikado can see ghosts and spirits around him ever since he was a child. Frightened by his vision, he tries to repress this supernatural ability, preferring to lead an ordinary life as a bookstore clerk. During a fateful encounter, he is approached by a mysterious stranger. Hiyakawa is an exorcist who knows about Mikado's unusual talent and wants to recruit him as an assistant.

Hiyakawa does freelance jobs for the police, helping them collect clues and solve cases by channelling the undead. With Mikado as his assistant, he believes his investigative work will improve. Unlike Mikado, Hiyakawa is very open and confident about his ability to exorcise ghosts. However, Hiyakawa does lead a rather unconventional lifestyle, admitting that he has no family, friends, or romantic partners. He doesn't have many memories of his childhood or his past either.

Although Mikado agrees to the strange job with the lucrative pay, he is uncomfortable with the gruesome nature of his work. As an exorcist's assistant, he tags along Hiyakawa in brutal murder cases that are assigned by Detective Hanzawa. Mikado is constantly exposed to dead corpses, angry ghosts, and dark voodoo everywhere. Fortunately, Hiyakawa is always nearby to protect him, using his psychic ability to ward off the evil spirits.

During one of their investigations, Mikado links a series of murders to a menacing high school girl named Erika Hiura. Erika has powerful psychic abilities, which she uses to conduct evil misdeeds. Although Mikado wants to stop her, Hiyakawa doesn't seem keen to go outside the boundaries of his assigned work. Their job is to collect clues from the supernatural world, not to catch a killer.

Nonetheless, Mikado goes behind Hiyakawa's back and launches a clandestine investigation with Detective Hanzawa anyway. Detective Hanzawa warns Mikado that he doesn't fully trust Hiyakawa, even though they have been working together on cases for a long time. Mikado begins to question Hiyakawa himself, as he picks up signs that his shady business partner might not be on the side of justice.

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window Movie Trailer

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window Movie Cast


Mikado Jun Shison (志尊淳) Jun Shison Instagram

Mikado is played by the actor Mikado Jun Shison (志尊淳).

Mikado has the hidden ability to see ghosts, although he usually keeps his head down and tries to ignore what is seen. He used to work as a bookstore clerk until Hiyakawa recruited him to become an exorcist's assistant. Mikado is shy, quiet, and easily frightened. He doesn't feel comfortable being around the supernatural world.

Hiyakawa Masaki Okada (岡田将生)

Hiyakawa is played by the actor Masaki Okada (岡田将生).

Hiyakawa is a mysterious exorcist who approaches Mikado to become his assistant. He has powerful psychic abilities, which are amplified around when he's around Mikado. Cool as a cucumber, Hiyakawa does not seem frightened even when faced with the angriest spirits. With no living family members, he has little recollection of his childhood or his past.

Supporting Cast

Erika is played by the actress Yurina Hirate (平手友梨奈).


Yurina Hirate (平手友梨奈)

Hanzawa is played by the actor Kenichi Takito (滝藤賢一).


Kenichi Takito (滝藤賢一)

Ishiguro is played by the actor Tsutsui Michitaka (筒井道隆).


Tsutsui Michitaka (筒井道隆)

Hanzawa's wife is played by Yuki Sakurai (桜井ユキ).


Yuki Sakurai (桜井ユキ)

Mikado's mom is played by Emi Wakui (和久井映見).

Mikado's mom

Emi Wakui (和久井映見)

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window Movie Review


Drama Review Score: 4.9

Mikado isn't completely comfortable with his ability to see ghosts.

It's hard to write a review about The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window when I have no idea what was happening in the movie. Sure, I can make some educated guesses about the storylines, but I was pretty lost as somebody who hasn't read the manga. The complex plot is never adequately explained, leaving me confused every time a character uses one of their supernatural abilities. They suddenly know telepathy, soul-binding, or whatever inexplicable powers with no explanation.

The movie progresses rapidly, and you can sense its eagerness to cram in as much plot as possible. This approach is unsuccessful, making an already complicated story even more difficult to follow. At some point, I just gave up trying to decipher the events. These incoherent scenes are never going to make sense to me, so why bother?

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is carried by its slick production values. This is a very stylish horror film that maintains a dark and gritty atmosphere. While I never reached the point of being really scared by the bloodshed, I appreciated how much thought and care was put into the visual presentation. For all its narrative shortcomings, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window makes up points in terms of ambience. Some cinematic scenes look absolutely gorgeous on screen.

From a BL perspective, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window failed completely. There's virtually no BL content in this film adaptation. The most you get is some platonic physical contact, since the two leads don't demonstrate any romantic feelings for each other. I was amazed to discover this was adapted from a yaoi manga, because the relationship between Mikado and Hiyakawa doesn't come across that way in the movie. You can expect to see lots of dismembered bodies and bloody massacres, but you won't get a single glimpse of romance.

Maybe I would've enjoyed The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window more if I actually read the original source material beforehand. I'm aware there's an anime series in the works, hopefully translating better in this format. As a movie, however, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window just feels too rushed, too incoherent, and too joyless. I finished the film feeling unfulfilled, not understanding precisely what I had just watched.


Confusing story

As someone who hasn't read the manga, I'm left totally confused by what is happening in the movie. The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window doesn't introduce its narrative clearly for newcomers to the franchise.

No romance

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window movie cannot be considered BL. There's virtually zero romantic content. The main characters hug intimately, but that's pretty much it.

Good acting

The acting in The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is pretty good. I have no complaints about the performances of these young actors.

Okay ending

The movie's ending is okay. It explores Hiyakawa's past with a memorable and emotionally haunting scene. However, the events leading up to this ending make the journey less enjoyable.

Strong artistry

Where this movie shines is its artistic presentation. It's a sleek and stylish horror film that impresses me with the brooding ambiance.


The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is a confusing non-BL movie that doesn't feel fun to watch. I want to actually understand what is happening instead of being thrust into the action with no explanation.

Story review

Confusing story
The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window movie failed to explain the original story from the manga.

The most frustrating part about watching The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is that there seems to be an interesting story, but I just don't understand it. Had the movie actually taken the time to explain the powers and explore the universe, I might've been able to make sense of what's happening. Instead, the plot moves at such a rapid pace that it's impossible to keep up unless you already know the story.

Reading the original manga shouldn't need to be a prerequisite in a successful film adaptation. However, I was at a considerable disadvantage for watching this film without knowing the source material. While I'm interested in learning more about the story in the manga, my curiosity comes from dissatisfaction after watching this movie. I want to actually understand the story behind The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window, because the film failed to explain anything to me.


No romance
Mikado and Hiyakawa are close, but they don't have any romance in this movie.

There is no romance in The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window. Honestly, this movie doesn't belong on the BL Watcher website, but I was tricked by the MyDramaList tagging system. Even on the Wikipedia page, it says the manga is serialized under a yaoi magazine. I thought surely there must be some undertones or hidden subtext at the bare minimum. I was sadly mistaken. 😞

But since I already spent two hours of my life watching this movie, I might as well write a quick review about it. I'm okay with watching BL-adjacent stories as long as the story is well-told. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case with The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window…

So yeah, Mikado and Hiyakawa do not develop any romance whatsoever. Given the movie's tone, you figure out pretty early on there won't be any romantic feelings between the couple. I guess it's hard to get into a lovey-dovey mood when you're surrounded by dead bodies all the time. The two leads initiate physical contact with each other, but it's nothing that would be misinterpreted as suggestive behaviour.


Good acting
Mikado gets emotional after seeing evil spirits in The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window.

I thought the acting in The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window was pretty good! I liked Mikado's actor (Jun Shison), who brought some gravitas to his performance. Unfortunately, the characterization in this movie is lacklustre, making it difficult for any of the excellent acting to really stand out.


Happy ending
The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window has a happy ending.

I think there's a happy ending in The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window movie, but I'm honestly not sure because the plot left me so lost and confused by this point. It seems like good triumphed over evil, Hiyakawa tears up the soul-binding contract, and Mikado is more comfortable with his supernatural ability. All these positive events indicate that the movie ends on a happy, optimistic note.

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window Anime

Anime Series

Anime Remake 2021 anime series Anime review

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window has an anime adaptation.

Months after the movie's release, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window received another adaption. This time, the story is remade into a twelve-episode anime series. It has a similar plot, except the story is expanded and has more time to explain certain concepts clearly. It also ends quite differently from the movie, so you'll experience two different versions of the story.

In my opinion, the anime is a better remake of The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window than the live-action movie. The anime isn't perfect and still struggles to convey a clear narrative. However, I find it marginally more coherent than the film. At least I understand the gist of what's happening in the series, whereas the movie left me pretty confused. With that said, the film remake does a few scenes better than the anime, so it isn't an utterly lopsided victory.

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