A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is the second season of the Japanese BL comedy.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is the second season of the Japanese BL comedy. This sequel continues the story of the reluctant protagonist in a universe dominated by gay couples. Although he becomes more open-minded, a shocking setback makes the main character feel jaded about love.

The second installment of A Man Who Defies the World of BL exudes the same humourous vibe as the original. Maybe the sequel is slightly less funny, but it compensates with more sentimentality and romance. There aren't dramatic changes from the first season. Expect many similarities in the zany comedy, exaggerated reactions, and over-the-top scenarios.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 Summary

What is the drama called?


Where was the series made?


When was the drama released?


How long is the drama?

Around 1 hour and 15 minutes

What is the genre?


How would you describe the series?

Happy and funny

How many episodes are in the drama?

3 episodes

How long is each episode?

Around 22 to 28 minutes


Mob is seduced by one of his classmates.

The second season begins with Mob's love confession to Kikuchi on the rooftop. Despite his original aversion to BL romances, Mob has fallen in love and wants to start a relationship. However, a shocking event occurs in the middle of his confession. Kikuchi's ex-boyfriend suddenly arrives, declares his feelings, and upstages the moment. Kikuchi and his ex end up kissing in front of a mortified Mob.

Mob runs away in devastation. He feels traumatized after his failed love confession, his first time ever expressing romantic feelings for a guy. The incident causes him to revert to his original stance. Mob is back to adopting a jaded outlook towards romances. He vows to never yield to the world of BL again.

Under his mentality, Mob is determined to become a side character, letting the other couples and their love stories take the spotlight. Everyone around him continues falling in love, including his younger brother Ayato and his boyfriend Toujou. Mob pretends to be perfectly content with this arrangement. However, his character's nonchalance masks his insecurities since breaking up with Kikuchi.


A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 Cast



Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼貴丈)

Mob is portrayed by the Japanese actor Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼貴丈).

Mob is a university student with a skeptical outlook towards love. He is very aware of the BL relationships around him and vows to never join the phenomenon. Mob used to have feelings for his classmate Kikuchi. However, his recent heartbreak has caused Mob to rally against becoming part of a BL couple.

Atsuhiro Inukai

Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼貴丈) is a Japanese actor. He is born on June 13, 1994.

Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼貴丈) is a Japanese actor. He is born on June 13, 1994. His first BL project is the 2021 comedy, A Man Who Defies the World. He also appeared in the 2022 sequel, A Man Who Defies the World of 2 addition, Atsuhiro starred int he 2022 series Kei x Yaku.

Supporting Cast

Ayato is portrayed by the Japanese actor Yutaro Goto (後藤優太朗).


Yutaro Goto (後藤優太朗)

Toujou is portrayed by the Japanese actor Akihisa Shiono (塩野瑛久).


Akihisa Shiono (塩野瑛久)

Kikuchi is portrayed by the Japanese actor Asahi Ito (伊藤あさひ).


Asahi Ito (伊藤あさひ)

Igarashi is portrayed by the Japanese actor Kenta Izuka (猪塚健太).


Kenta Izuka (猪塚健太)

Mayama is portrayed by the Japanese actor Wade Hayate (和田颯).


Wade Hayate (和田颯)

Cast Highlights

  • Mob's actor (Atsuhiro Inukai) is starting the year 2022 by starring in many BL projects! He is also the lead of the 2022 Japanese BL crime drama Kei x Yaku: Dangerous Buddy.
  • Igarashi's actor (Kenta Izuka) is the lead of the 2017 Japanese BL series The Novelist and its 2021 sequel Pornographer: Playback.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 Review


Drama Review Score: 7.1

Ayato and Toujou share a tender moment after they broke up.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 continues the same trajectory as the first season. The sequel carries many similarities, including the zany humour, the wacky scenarios, and the quirky tempo. There aren't dramatic differences between the two series. Those who liked the predecessor will probably enjoy the new installment. As for me, I was so-so on the original A Man Who Defies the World of BL. The second season doesn't change my mind about the franchise.

If I must highlight any differences, A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 might be slightly less funny than the first series. The sequel has amusing moments, but perhaps the original benefited from the novelty of the concept. The comedic BL universe seemed new and innovative when it was initially introduced. In contrast, the goofy jokes have less impact when repeated in the second season. Nonetheless, I still enjoy the distinctive humour, which makes me laugh with its playfulness and unabashed silliness.

A positive change in A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is the added sentimentality. The plots appear to have more substance in the sequel. The first season was solely focused on telling hilarious gags, whereas the second series has several sweet and sensitive exchanges. Also, the main character shows more maturity than previously. His aversion to BL seems toned down, replaced by compassion and understanding. A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 sacrificed some of its humour for emotional depth, which is a good trade-off.

With that said, this series is still on the shallow side. Like last season, it introduces many side characters, throws them into random plots, and barely develops them. The one-dimensional stories and paper-thin personalities leave a lot to desire. The BL romances also feel lacklustre. Kikuchi is a bland love interest who doesn't match Mob's vibrant energy. Their interactions are not funny, not flirtatious, and not passionate. Ayato and Toujou are the better couple with a few okay relationship storylines. Yet, they have limited visibility and don't make enough impact.

I remain impressed with the principal actor (Atsuhiro Inukai), who carries this series with his buoyant enthusiasm. A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is the perfect showcase of his comedic abilities. He is effortless at pulling off the hysterical reactions, exaggerated expressions, and slapstick mannerisms. Yet, he shows restraint and knows how to elevate the humour in every scene without going overboard. Mob's over-the-top antics could be obnoxious if portrayed by less capable hands. However, he's a charming protagonist because of the charismatic performer.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 has an engaging last episode that explores Mob's feelings insightfully. This BL comedy hits the right sentimental notes, building up to a satisfying climax. However, the series teases the viewers by cutting away before the main character kisses the guy he likes. That's the second finale in a row they pulled this annoying stunt. 😞 Overall, A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is a decent follow-up to the first season. While it hasn't improved my opinion of the franchise, this sequel is endearing with a funny, upbeat, and delightful vibe.


Funny story

This BL comedy relies on zany humour & outrageous scenarios to compensate for shallow storylines. The sequel is slightly less funny than the first season, but it's packed with more sentimentality.

Shallow romance

Kikuchi is an unexciting love interest who doesn't match Mob's dynamic energy. Akato and Toujou are an okay secondary couple, but they don't get enough focus.

Hilarious acting

The lead actor (Atsuhiro Inukai) has lots of enthusiasm and impeccable comedic timing. His effortless performance propels the upbeat comedy in A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2.

Happy ending

The happy ending comes with no kissing and an annoying caveat. On the one hand, Mob overcomes his aversion to BL. On the other hand, his relationship status remains uncertain.

Good artistry

Like last season, this BL series is filmed well with solid production values. The opening theme song amazes me every time I listen to it.


A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 matches the zany vibe and outrageous humour as the predecessor. If you liked the first season, this delightful sequel contains many similarities.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 Episodes

Episode Guide

Kikuchi and his ex-boyfriend kiss in front of Mob.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 aired on March 20, 2022. It has three episodes in total. Each episode is around 22 to 28 minutes long. The last episode is around 28 minutes long. It is a short BL comedy, and you can finish the entire series in under 2 hours.

Every episode contains two isolated short stories. For the sake of clarity, I will refer to each story as an episode and assign a separate score.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6


A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2021 series Drama review

A Man Who Defies the World of BL is the first season of this BL comedy.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is the second season of the BL comedy. Its first season aired in 2021, consisting of four episodes. Before starting the sequel, you should probably watch the first season. The predecessor properly introduces the main character and the fictional universe, which will help you enjoy the jokes in the second season.

In my opinion, both seasons are pretty similar to each other. They share the same offbeat humour and lively energy. The original series is solely focused on telling jokes, whereas the second season has more sentimental drama. Nonetheless, the differences aren't significant and you should enjoy both interchangeably.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 Information

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