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Boy Scouts is a short Thai BL series about two teenage boys during a scout camp.

Boy Scouts is a short Thai BL series about the various misadventures in a scout camp. The main character is shy and physically fragile, so he gets teased by the other teenagers. He develops a crush on one of the heroic boy scouts, who stands up for him against the bullies.

Overall, Boy Scouts is a negligible experience. It feels like I watched an hour of scattered plots that don't add up to anything substantial. The story is disjointed, the romance is minimal, and the characters are peculiar. I don't want to be too harsh on this indie BL drama, but there's not much to recommend.

Boy Scouts BL Summary


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Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


1 hour

Total Episodes:

2 episodes


Teen romance


Boy Scouts is a sad and emotional BL drama.


Ram takes care of Wut during his asthma episode.

Wut is a timid high school student who signed up for a three-day scout camp. He has a severe asthma condition, prone to flare up at unpredictable times. The other teenagers harass Wut due to his shyness and fragile physique. He doesn't retaliate and tries his best to ignore the bullies.

Wut experiences an asthma attack in the middle of the trip. Ram, another boy scout, heroically comes to his rescue. Ram is kind, caring, and patient in nursing the fragile teen back to health. The other campers feel agitated by Wut's health issues, delaying their progress. However, Ram stands up for Wut and defends him against the bullies.

Afterwards, Wut develops a schoolboy crush on Ram. He is too bashful to give a confession. Instead, he keeps his pent-up feelings to himself and longs for Ram from a distance. Meanwhile, the bullies continue to treat Wut awfully. Ram intervenes to stop their torment, becoming Wut's heroic saviour again.

Boy Scouts BL Trailer

Boy Scouts BL Cast


Wut is one of the main characters in Boy Scouts.


Kluk Atichart Sukwattana (อธิชาติ สุขวัฒนา)

Ram is one of the main characters in Boy Scouts.


Fluke Danuphon Chaliao (ดนุพล เฉี่ยว)

Wut is bullied by the other boy scouts.

Scout #1

Ryuton Yananthon Kongkham (ยรรธนธร คงคำ)

Wut is bullied by two of the boy scouts.

Scout #2

Joe Ronapon Vipataputi (รณพร วิปาตาปูติ)

The scout leader gives a speech at the beginning of the series.

Scout Leader

Mon Hatsawatchon Wongsrisai (หัสวรรษชนม์ วงศ์ศรีใส)

Boy Scouts BL Review


Drama Review Score: 4.8

Ram and Wut hold hands during the scout camp.

Some BL dramas inspire me to write thousands of words analyzing every scene. Others drain my enthusiasm so much that I can't find a point of interest worth discussing. Sadly, Boy Scouts falls into the latter category. To clarify, I don't hate it. The low review score reflects my apathy more than it signifies an unfavourable opinion. There's a difference between disliking a series and feeling nonchalant towards it. In this case, I don't care about the story, romance, or characters.

Boy Scouts is decent enough to hold my interest for an hour. The lovely visuals, cozy soundtrack, and polished production make this series comfortable to watch. The young actors also aren't bad, doing an OK job for rookie performances. However, I finish the drama wondering whether there's a point to this story. The various scenes feel scattered, not building up thematically or substantially. Any overarching message is lost on me.

If Boy Scouts is supposed to portray a gay teenager's crush, it goes about the narrative the wrong way. The first episode has dubious scenes that depict Wut as a panty thief with a lecherous gaze. When his character put his grubby hands on Ram's underwear, I almost thought he might sniff it. 😬 Wut's actions appear seedy and lustful, clashing with the sweet and chaste bond he has with Ram. Is Boy Scouts a cute, wholesome adolescent love story or a dark, sensual exploration of sexuality? Either way, the BL drama suffers from this strange dissonance.

If Boy Scouts wants to showcase a coming-of-age journey, its efforts are underwhelming. Wut learns no valuable life lessons, experiences nothing positive, and constantly faces torment for being himself. It doesn't feel empowering to watch the other teens bully him for having an asthma attack. Frustratingly, there aren't any consequences. After Wut gets physically assaulted, the characters sing jolly campfire songs in the next scene as if nothing happened. Boy Scouts switches from intense drama to casual cheeriness without a sensible transition.

Wut and Ram's connection isn't established well. The leads don't have a proper conversation until the series is almost over. By then, it's too late to develop their backstories, like last-ditch attempts to fill a blank canvas. Although the series has a sad ending, I'm not familiar enough with the characters to feel moved by their final exchange. As mentioned earlier, I don't have much to say about this indie BL series, which leaves little impression. The disjointed story and minimal romance feel negligible, like something I will completely forget after this review.


Disjointed story

Boy Scouts doesn't have a cohesive narrative. The various scenes feel disjointed, not building up to anything thematically significant. I'm left wondering what's the point of the story.

Minimal romance

The romance between Ram and Wut is underdeveloped. They don't have a proper conversation until the series is almost over. There's also some dodgy behaviour from Wut.

Okay acting

These young actors give steady performances that anchor the series. They pull off the dramatic moments convincingly.

Sad ending

Boy Scouts has a sad ending where the main characters end the camping trip without a decisive future. However, I'm indifferent to the protagonists and don't feel moved by their final exchange.

Decent artistry

The series is decently produced. The outdoor setting looks bright, gorgeous, and cozy on the eyes. A few nighttime scenes may be too shrouded in darkness, not particularly stimulating to the senses.


Boy Scouts is an insubstantial series that leave little impression. My enthusiasm is so low that I can't muster the energy to give passionately negative feedback.

Boy Scouts BL Episodes

Episode Guide

Boy Scouts has a total of 2 episodes. Each episode is around 25 to 30 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 1 hour. Boy Scouts started airing on February 23, 2022 and ended on March 2, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

24 minutes

The first episode of Boy Scouts introduces Wut and Ram, two high school students on a scouting camp. Wut suffers from a severe asthma attack in the middle of the trip, but Ram comes to his rescue. Afterwards, Wut becomes smitten with Ram. However, he struggles to convey his repressed feelings.

Episode 2

27 minutes

In Episode 2, the other campers harass Wut in a vicious physical assault. Ram comes to his rescue again and protects him from the bullies. The two characters grow closer as a result. As their camping trip reaches its conclusion, Wut discovers a shocking revelation from his new friend.

Behind the Scenes

10 minutes

This video contains ten minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of Boy Scouts. It offers an extensive look of how each scene is produced, documenting the series from start to finish.

Boy Scouts BL Information

Wayufilm Production

Wayufilm is the Thai BL studio that made Country Boy (2021).

Wayufilm Production is the Thai BL studio that made My Bromance (2014). It has also produced other BL projects, including The Rain Stories (2016), NightTime (2019), My Friendship (2020), Country Boy (2021), and Country Boy 2 (2022).

  1. I found this site (bl watcher) only recently, and i was pretty impressed by how much details have been put into every single drama.
    I did not know there were reviews too until only recently. After seeing the drama boy scouts without checking reviews (i dont do it usually because it just kind of spoils it for me) i was curious to find out whether you found it the way i did- lacking proper connection and progression of scenes
    And whatever you had written was exactly what was swimming in mind.

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