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Country Boy 2 is the sequel of the Thai BL series, continuing the love story of Keptawan and Nabdao.

Country Boy 2 is the sequel of the Thai BL drama, continuing the teenage love story from the original series. The cheerful protagonist leaves the countryside to work in the city for several weeks, but he faces a challenging experience. Meanwhile, his love interest struggles with exams and academic pressure. The two characters try to make time for each other amid their busy schedules, rekindling the spark from their first encounter.

I enjoy the Country Boy sequel more than the predecessor. The story is more down-to-earth, the romance makes progress, and the characters undergo development. Despite the improvements, the narrative is still clumsy and lightweight. The meandering series doesn't convey its plot points purposefully.

Country Boy 2 Summary


บ้านพักหลังป่วนกับก๊วนเด็กเมือง 2

Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


1 hour

Total Episodes:

2 episodes




Country Boy is a nice & heartwarming BL drama.


Keptawan and Nabdao go shopping in a gift store.

Keptawan is a teenager who lives in the countryside, where his mother runs a bedsit. The business used to struggle financially. It has become more successful thanks to a recent marketing campaign by Nabdao, Keptawan's new friend from the city. When Nabdao last visited the bedsit, he exchanged contact information with Keptawan. The two teens stay in touch via phone calls and text messages.

Keptawan leaves his rural hometown to work in the city for several weeks. He begins a new job at his uncle's coffee shop as a barista. Unfortunately, Keptawan struggles and makes careless mistakes all the time. Sometimes, he serves the wrong orders or spills the drinks. His uncle constantly chastises him, using derogatory language because Keptawan comes from the countryside.

After his arrival, Keptawan has called Nabdao to inform his about his new job in the city. The two teens agree to meet up. However, Nabdao is busy with school exams during this time. His sole focus is on studying and he doesn't have time for socializing. As a result, Nabdao and Keptawan still haven't seen each other after weeks have passed.

Country Boy 2 Trailer

Country Boy 2 Cast



Oak Puwanart Runapnain (ภูวนารถ รู้แนบเนียน)

Keptawan is portrayed by the Thai actor Oak Puwanart Runapnain (ภูวนารถ รู้แนบเนียน).

Keptawan is a teenager from the countryside. His mother runs a successful bedsit. Keptawan arrives at the city and begins working as a barista for his uncle's coffee shop. Despite making many mistakes in his new job, Keptawan maintains his cheerful and upbeat attitude.


Mon Hatsawatchon Wongsrisai (หัสวรรษชนม์ วงศ์ศรีใส)

Nabdao is portrayed by the Thai actor Mon Hatsawatchon Wongsrisai (หัสวรรษชนม์ วงศ์ศรีใส).

Nabdao is Keptawan's friend from the city. They met when Nabdao visited the bedsit on a trip. The two teenagers exchanged contact info and stayed in touch afterwards. Nabdao is currently busy with exams and feels stressed by the academic pressure.

Supporting Cast

Deun is Keptawan's mom.


Keptawan's mom

Bum is Keptawan's uncle.

Uncle Bum

Keptawan's uncle

Ju is Nabdao's friend.


Nabdao's friend

Country Boy 2 Review


Drama Review Score: 6.0

Keptawan and Nabdao take photos together.

Country Boy 2 begins with a promising premise. The lead steps out of his comfort zone, leaving his rural hometown for the first time. His coming-of-age journey could've highlighted the cultural differences between living in the countryside and the city. Unfortunately, the main character has few meaningful encounters or memorable experiences. This meandering sequel barely scratches the surface of its limited, lacklustre, and lightweight narrative.

The first episode is slow and mundane. Country Boy 2 dedicates thirty minutes to inconsequential scenes that don't advance the plot, develop the protagonists, or showcase the romance. Barely anything significant happens in Keptawan's barista job other than him making small careless mistakes. The tension with the uncle exposes his character's prejudices, but Country Boy 2 doesn't dig deeply into this conflict. Worst of all, the two leads have banal interactions, only communicating via phone calls & text messages.

Thankfully, the second episode picks up momentum. Keptawan and Nabdao finally meet face-to-face, giving us long-awaited BL content. I like their heartfelt chat as they watch the sunset, a well-written moment with gorgeous cinematography. Their other exchanges are juvenile, but the sweet and gentle tone is a right fit for this wholesome teen drama. The drawback is everything feels rushed, an avoidable problem if the series didn't waste so much time previously. Country Boy 2 could trim the filler in the first half and expand the relationship properly.

Keptawan and Nabdao need substantial development as a couple. They only share a handful of scenes, not enough to establish a persuasive bond. Even if we include the first season, all their interactions are casual and trivial. How well do these two characters actually know each other? They lead separate lives, chat several times, and communicate superficially. Their connection feels more like a platonic friendship than a schoolboy crush. Instead of falling in love, I only see a pleasant camaraderie confused with a blossoming attraction.

Country Boy 2 comes from an indie filmmaker, but it has solid production values. Like last season, this small-budget series looks respectable with its simple yet elegant visual presentation. The young leads also appear comfortable on-screen. The actor playing Nabdao (Mon) is adorable, a perfect match as a love interest in a cute teen BL drama. I have a slight criticism for his costar (Oak), who needs more restraint over his expressions and mannerisms. His overeager reactions seem theatrical sometimes, and he should dial down the performance by a notch.

Country Boy 2 ends on a happy, heartwarming note. While the charming finale doesn't excuse all the aforementioned flaws, it leaves a positive impression and softens my complaints. Overall, this sequel improves upon its predecessor. I thought the first season was an amateurish effort, whereas this follow-up just needs skillful tweaks here and there. However, the storytelling is still clumsy and the romance lacks substance. Compared to other decent BL dramas, I'm sorry to say that Country Boy 2 does not meet satisfaction.


Mundane story

Country Boy 2 has an intriguing concept, bringing the teen protagonist from the countryside to the city. However, the mundane story doesn't unfold meaningfully and suffers from too much filler.

Superficial romance

The romance lacks substance. Based on the handful of superficial interactions, I don't sense Keptawan and Nabdao falling in love. Their bond resembles a friendship than an attraction.

Okay acting

The young leads appear comfortable on camera. Oak's actor could tone down his facial expressions and body language for a more natural performance.

Happy ending

Country Boy 2 has a cute and sweet ending that wraps up this love story pleasantly. It's an appropriate conclusion for this ordinary teenage relationship.

Decent artistry

Like last season, this series has decent production values. The simple and elegant cinematography is almost as polished as BL dramas with bigger budgets.


Country Boy 2 improves upon its first season, a step in the correct direction. However, the sequel is still held back by amateurish storytelling and an unconvincing romance.

Country Boy 2 Episodes

Episode Guide

Country Boy 2 has a total of 2 episodes. Each episode is around 30 to 40 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 1 hour. Country Boy 2 started on March 29, 2022 and ended on April 5, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

32 minutes

The first episode of Country Boy 2 shows Keptawan leaving his rural hometown for a few weeks. He plans to work at his uncle's coffee shop in the city. However, his hostile uncle doesn't treat Keptawan kindly, especially since the teenager makes careless mistakes at work. The uncle also shows prejudice against the countryside lifestyle. Meanwhile, Nabdao is preoccupied with exams. He doesn't have the time to meet up with Keptawan during this busy period. Nonetheless, he tries his best to communicate with his new friend.

Episode 2

38 minutes

In Episode 2, Keptawan and Nabdao finally have an opportunity to meet up. Although Nabdao is worried about his poor grades at school, Keptawan comforts him and shares optimistic advice. The two teenagers hang out, take photos, and go shopping. Unfortunately, Keptawan has to leave for his hometown again. As they bid farewell, Nabdao makes a decision regarding his relationship with Keptawan.

Country Boy Season 1


Country Boy 2021 series Drama review

Nabdao and Keptawan share a hug on the swing.

Country Boy 2 is a sequel to the 2021 Thai BL series. The first season introduces the two lead characters and describes the circumstances of how they meet. Nabdao and a small group of friends are from the city, embarking on a trip. They arrive at a countryside bedsit, run by Keptawan and his mom. Nabdao and his friends run a marketing campaign to turn the struggling business into a tourist attraction. Along the way, the two leads begin forming a connection.

I wasn't a fan of the original Country Boy. In my opinion, the first season was a lacklustre BL series. Although the location was beautifully filmed, the storytelling and romance underwhelmed me. Country Boy 2 is an improvement by comparison. The sequel still has some shortcomings, but I enjoyed it more than the predecessor.

Country Boy 2 Information

Wayufilm Production

Wayufilm is the Thai BL studio that made Country Boy (2021).

Wayufilm Production is the Thai BL studio that made My Bromance (2014). It has also produced other BL projects, including The Rain Stories (2016), NightTime (2019), My Friendship (2020), Country Boy (2021), and Country Boy 2 (2022).

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