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Fools is a Vietnamese BL series about three friends on their graduation day.

Fools is a Vietnamese BL series about three teenagers and the emotional drama on their high school graduation day. These best friends realize it's their last time together before parting ways for university. Instead of attending the official ceremony, they board a random bus and travel to wherever it takes them. Their memorable journey consists of angst, arguments, and adolescent love.

The first half of Fools is a calm, gentle coming-of-age journey with a tinge of melancholy. It explores the delicate transition to adulthood as you say goodbye to your teenage friends. The intense emotions explode in the second half. Although the story becomes hilariously melodramatic, the scenes are carried by engaging performances and entertaining confrontations.

Fools BL Series Summary


Những Kẻ Khờ

Series Info:

Thailand (2021)


1 hour and 15 minutes

Total Episodes:

4 episodes


High school romance


Fools is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Trieu and Thien stare at each other.

Trieu, Thuy, and Thien are three best friends about to graduate from high school. They're supposed to attend the official closing ceremony. Since Thuy and Thien have won awards, the school arranges for them to give speeches in front of the other graduates. As for Trieu, he's the student photographer assigned to take pictures of the special day.

Thuy is afraid of public speaking, so he doesn't look forward to giving the speech. His anxiety becomes so bad that he falls ill and throws up before the ceremony. Meanwhile, Thien has adopted a rebellious streak by dying his hair, piercing his ears, and getting a tattoo. Thien's actions stem from clashing with his mother, so he wants to upset her.

Despite their responsibilities, the three friends agree they don't want to attend the ceremony. Instead, Thien suggests they go on an adventure. They'll board a random bus and travel wherever it takes them. During the ride, the three teens receive phone calls from their concerned families and peers. Nonetheless, they continue their whimsical journey and won't return to school.

The trio arrives by the seashore. The teens used to visit here every summer. They hang out and chat casually, reflecting it's the last time together before going their separate ways. After graduation, each of them will attend a different university. Thuy is even leaving the country to study abroad. As the magnitude of the occasion dawns on them, the three friends become contemplative. Trieu seems to have unresolved feelings weighing on his mind.

Fools Series Trailer

Fools Series Cast



Truong Dang (Trường Đặng)

Trieu is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Truong Dang (Trường Đặng).

Trieu is best friends with Thuy and Thien. Trieu used to be a transfer student, but Thuy and Trien befriended him on his first day. Among the trio, he is the kind and reliable one in the group. After graduation, Trieu aspires to be a journalist and report on injustices.

Truong Dang

Truong Dang (Trường Đặng) is a Vietnamese actor.

Truong Dang (Trường Đặng) is a Vietnamese actor. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Fools.


Do Anh Hao (Đỗ Anh Hào)

Thuy is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Do Anh Hao (Đỗ Anh Hào).

Thuy is best friends with Trieu and Thien. He is an intelligent student known for getting good grades, awards, and academic achievements. However, Thuy doesn't have much confidence in himself. He dislikes public speaking and feels anxious about giving a graduation ceremony speech.

Do Anh Hao

Do Anh Hao (Đỗ Anh Hào) is a Vietnamese actor.

Do Anh Hao (Đỗ Anh Hào) is a Vietnamese actor and model. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Fools.


Nguyen Viet Hung (Nguyễn Việt Hùng)

Thien is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Nguyen Viet Hung (Nguyễn Việt Hùng).

Thien is best friends with Trieu and Thuy. He is the bubbly and extroverted one in the trio. Thien has a bad relationship with his mom and often clashes with her. He dyes his hair, pierces his ears, and gets a tattoo before the graduation ceremony. After high school, Thien will be studying abroad.

Nguyen Viet Hung

Nguyen Viet Hung (Nguyễn Việt Hùng) is a Vietnamese actor.

Nguyen Viet Hung (Nguyễn Việt Hùng) is a Vietnamese actor. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Fools.

Fools Series Review


Drama Review Score: 7.1

Trieu, Thuy and Thien skip their graduation ceremony to hang out.

Fools is a poignant coming-of-age story about three teenage friends on their graduation day. A part of its appeal comes from not knowing who the main couple is. With most BL dramas, you quickly identify the two leads and expect them to form a romantic connection. This series doesn't reveal the central pairing right away. Instead, it invites you to observe the relationship dynamics and make assumptions. The attraction slowly emerges after a while, straining the close-knitted friendships.

The first half of Fools is a calm, introspective journey. It takes time to introduce the characters, develop everyone's personalities, and highlight their bonds. Each protagonist has a distinctive backstory and personal troubles weighing on their mind. Yet, the narrative is on the slow, uneventful side. Not much happens in the early episodes besides casual chats, pensive expressions, or lingering gazes. The dialogue doesn't engage me, as if I'm eavesdropping on conversations without context. Although I'm not bored, the story's unhurried pace fails to ignite my enthusiasm.

Surprisingly, the second half of Fools is packed with wild, intense emotions. After a gentle start, the tension bubbling beneath the surface has a fiery explosion. Episode 3 is memorable because it features shocking confessions and heated confrontations. These best friends are suddenly arguing, crying, and kissing. While their antics are captivating, the conflicts seem exaggerated and ridiculously melodramatic. I know it's an inappropriate response, but my first reaction to their anguish is incredulous laughter. I can't stop giggling at the scandalous turn of events.

Fools showcases many volatile feelings, including anger, sorrow, regret, and distress. However, it doesn't put emphasis on passion or seduction. This BL series lacks relationship content, never expressing much sweetness and tenderness between the characters. The intimate moments are limited to a few quick kisses. Yet, these exchanges are often followed by some unpleasant drama. The weak romance drags down the effectiveness of the story. Since the leads don't have a strong love connection, I can hardly sympathize with their emotional turmoil.

The capable leads handle the heavy, angsty material admirably. Trieu's actor (Truong Dang) is a solid talent who portrays a versatile range of emotions. Likewise, Thien's performer (Nguyen Viet Hung) reveals a fascinating darker side beneath his bubbly demeanour. If I must pick a favourite, I enjoy the delicate sensitivity from Thuy (Do Anh Hao). Thuy's character is bookish and mousy in the series. Yet, the actor's social media displays a fashion model with a ripped tattooed body. The drastic contrast makes me appreciate how much he has transformed himself for the role.

Fools has a sad ending where the leads can't repair the irreconcilable differences in their friendship. On the one hand, I appreciate the poignant depictions of grief, disappointments, and remorse. On the other hand, the series crosses the line into excessive melodrama. I don't take the overblown theatrics too seriously. Nonetheless, this melancholic drama still registers in my mind after the finale. I feel rueful for these heartbroken protagonists and their tragic experiences. Fools makes me contemplate the narrative themes afterwards, a definitive sign of its success.


Melodramatic story

Fools is a sad, angsty story that begins introspectively in the first half. The tension explodes in the second half, leading to intense emotions. Sometimes, the melodrama may be too excessive.

Angsty romance

The relationship content could have been more substantial. I don't feel too much romance or tenderness between the characters. Instead, they only experience anguish and heartbreak.

Capable acting

My favourite is Thuy (Do Anh Hao) and his sensitive portrayal. However, all three leads are impressive. They tackle the heavy material admirably, from heated arguments to tearful confessions.

Sad ending

Fools has a sad ending where the leads cannot repair their broken friendship. The theatrics seem somewhat overblown. Nonetheless, I appreciate the poignant depictions of grief and remorse.

Decent artistry

I enjoy the sombre ambiance with the grey skies, faded colours, and barren surroundings. Sometimes, the background music can be too overpowering and distracts me from paying attention to the story.


Fools is an intense and introspective BL series that depicts poignant coming-of-age journeys. It delivers powerful emotions with sensitive performances, although the story crosses into excessive melodrama.

Fools Series Episodes

Episode Guide

Trien and Thuy take a bus together.

This drama has a total of # episodes. Each episode is around # to # minutes long. The last episode is around # minutes long. This is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under # hours.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Episode 1

To the East

Episode 2

Facing the Waves

Episode 3

Glimmering Sunset

Episode 4

Somewhere Further Than the Sea

Fools BL Series Information

AB Studio

AB Studio is a Vietnamese BL studio that produced Stage of Love (2020) and Fools (2021).

AB Studio is a Vietnamese BL studio that produced Stage of Love (2020) and Fools (2021). It also started a 2022 series called The Letters, but that project hasn't proceeded beyond the first episode. Currently, the studio hasn't posted an update in a while.

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