In NightTime, Time takes care of Night after injuring him in a gunfight accidentally.

NightTime is a Thai BL drama that takes place after a street gunfight. The main character is an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire and injured his arm. His assailant feels guilty for the accident and offers to take care of him in the recovery process. The two leads forge an intimate connection as they spend time together.

Unfortunately, NightTime is a tough sell and cannot convey a convincing love story. I simply don't buy into the inauthentic romance between a gun shooter and his victim. It's a hollow BL series with below-average writing and an oddly random ending.

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Series Info:

Thailand (2019)


1 hour

Total Episodes:

3 episodes




NightTime is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Time feeds Night after he injured his arm.

Night is an ordinary student accidentally caught in the crossfire of a random street gunfight. He injures his arm and must wear a cast, severely affecting his day-to-day life. His attacker is Time, whose friends make him feel guilty about the attack. They explain that Night is a poor orphaned child who can barely support himself. Time's friends encourage him to apologize for the accident.

Time introduces himself to Night and asks for forgiveness. Understandably, Night acts hostile towards the stranger who shot him. He tells his assailant to go away and leave him alone. However, Time is sincere about making up for the gunshot and insists on taking care of him. Time shows up regularly at Night's house, offering motorcycle transport and feeding him food.

Gradually, Night gets used to the presence of this new acquaintance in his life. He even offers Time a key to his house. Time hangs out at Night's house, forming a close friendship with him. Unspoken feelings begin to form between the pair.

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NightTime BL Cast


Night is portrayed by the Thai actor Oak Puwanart Runapnain (ภูวนารถ รู้แนบเนียน).


Oak Puwanart Runapnain (ภูวนารถ รู้แนบเนียน)

Time is portrayed by the Thai actor Film Worawit (ฟิล์ม วรวิทย์).


Film Worawit (ฟิล์ม วรวิทย์)

Cast Highlights

  • The actor portraying Night (Oak) appeared in the 2021 BL drama Country Boy, where he played the lead in a wholesome romance.

NightTime BL Review


Drama Review Score: 5.0

Night and Time develop romantic feelings for each other.

I hate writing negative reviews for small indie BL dramas, which use limited resources to tell gay love stories. With that disclaimer in mind, I think NightTime is a weak product and not good enough for this genre. Falling in love with the stranger who shot you is an absurd concept. It's too out there to seem plausible, even for a fictional work. Plus, the lousy writing does nothing to convince me of the impossible romance between a gunman and his victim.

Putting aside the ridiculous premise, Night and Time's relationship develops without sensible logic. First, this random guy shoots you. Then, you give him the keys to your house. And only days afterwards, you finally learn what his name is. I'm sorry, but WTF is this bizarre sequence of events!? How wild is it to invite the guy who almost killed you to your home, and you don't even know who the hell he is! The ridiculous circumstances instantly take me out of the narrative, and I can't take the rest of the story seriously.

The feelings between Night and Time seem too intense based on the little time they spent together. These characters barely know each other. Yet, Night gives away his house keys, strips naked in front of him, and falls in love with a random guy so quickly. Their intimacy doesn't feel organic. It's more like a heavy hand manufactures these contrived moments to pander to a BL audience. NightTime would've benefited from showing more restraint and keeping the relationship down-to-earth. Before you throw in a sexy bathing scene, let's make the leads get acquainted first.

My most outstanding issue with NightTime is its shoddy storytelling. I guess the other aspects are okay. The acting isn't bad, and both leads give acceptable performances. Their chemistry could be persuasive if it was supported by better writing. NightTime's production values are also alright for a noticeably low-budget series. The scenes are filmed simply with a bit of rawness, which feels different and refreshing from the glossy polish in other BL dramas.

NightTime has an odd ending that doesn't match the vibe in the story. I don't mind a sad conclusion, but this one came out of nowhere with nonexistent buildup. The series also wastes time with cliché girlfriend drama in the final episode, which adds nothing to the plot. Overall, NightTime makes many narrative missteps from start to finish. The result is an inauthentic and inadequate romance that doesn't connect with me at all. I want to support these indie BL studios, but you have to deliver a higher quality than mere mediocrity.


Ridiculous story

How do you fall in love with the stranger who shot you!? NightTime's premise is flawed from the start, made even worse by the subpar writing.

Unbelievable romance

I'm not convinced by the whirlwind romance between Night and Time. Their relationship escalates too quickly when these characters barely know each other.

Okay acting

Both leads put forth okay performances, sharing a bit of raw chemistry in their interactions. Night's actor (Oak) does a decent job, slightly better than expected.

Sad ending

NightTime has an oddly sad ending that doesn't fit with the pleasant vibe of the series. I started this BL drama going like WTF and ended the last episode with the same feeling again.

Okay artistry

NightTime's production values are acceptable for a low-budget BL drama. There's a refreshing simplicity to the scenes without bells or whistles, which works in its favour.


NightTime struggled from the beginning with a ridiculous concept for a romance. The relationship feels unbelievable, develops inorganically, and fails to connect with me.

NightTime BL Episodes

Episode Guide

NightTime has a total of 3 episodes. Each episode is around 20 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 1 hour. NightTime started airing on August 23, 2019 and finished on September 9, 2019.

Episode 1

20 minutes

Episode 2

20 minutes

Episode 3

12 minutes

NightTime BL Information

Wayufilm Production

Wayufilm is the Thai BL studio that made Country Boy (2021).

Wayufilm Production is the Thai BL studio that made My Bromance (2014). It has also produced other BL projects, including The Rain Stories (2016), NightTime (2019), My Friendship (2020), Country Boy (2021), and Country Boy 2 (2022).

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