BL Watcher's privacy policy page

I am BL Watcher. This is my website's privacy policy page that I must include for users. I will do my best to be clear and concise while explaining how your privacy is managed as you browse my website.

At BL Watcher, I am extremely diligent in maintaining privacy, anonymity, and ID protection. Not only do I want to protect my personal identity, but I also want to ensure users have a trusted online browsing experience.

BL Watcher is run by one person. I am not a part of any business or organization. I have zero intentions of selling this website or its data to anybody, regardless of the offer. This entity will always remain with me.


When you leave comments on BL Watcher, I collect the information entered in the forms, including your name, email address, and message. If you don't feel comfortable, please don't share your real name, email, or sensitive info. You can use an alias.

Comments left on reviews will be published upon moderation. Comments left through the contact form remain private. Please note that not all comments will be published. Only approved messages will display on the website. Either way, I will read your feedback.

Whether you comment or message me through the contact page, your email address will never be disclosed. This data is collected by default with the commenting technology. However, I will protect this information and ensure your privacy is protected. I will keep this data as long as BL Watcher is running. Even in the unfortunate case the website goes down, this data will not be shared with anyone. It is locked and sealed away forever.

If you would like to edit or delete a previous comment, please contact me. I will respond to your request. You can also communicate with me regarding other privacy concerns.

Advertising & Analytics

I collaborate with a third-party website, Google, as my advertising and analytics partner. Google may collect some online user data based on your browsing experience. The settings can be turned on or off depending on your preferences.

In addition, the online advertisers may or may not collect data based on your browser settings. These vendors must follow Google's privacy guidelines for advertising. The data involves cookies and other ways of identifying user information.

I only serve trusted ads through Google. I do not use any other advertising platforms. You can learn more about the cookie advertising policy on Google's official pages.

In addition, this website collects analytics information. It involves cookies and other ways to identify user activities. Once again, it follows all of Google's official cookies guidelines. Besides Google, no other third-party analytics platforms are used on the website.

You have the right to consent or not consent to the cookie policies from the advertisers and analytics platform. By consenting to the cookies, Google may collect some info based on your browsing activities. Alternatively, you can choose not to consent and protect your online data. Please opt out if you do not feel comfortable sharing your personal data. The choice is yours.

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