In Papa Datte, Shitai, Naruse is a single father seduced by his housekeeper Asumi.

Papa Datte, Shitai is an 18+ BL anime about a single father and his young housekeeper. The main character is a divorced dad busy with a full-time job and raising his young son. He hires a new housekeeper to take care of the household errands. Their relationship quickly escalates past professional boundaries when an attraction forms between the two men.

Initially, I dismissed Papa Datte, Shitai as frivolous yaoi erotica with zero sense or substance. As the storyline progresses, I begrudgingly admit the anime tackles more mature themes than expected. Nonetheless, this steamy series is too shallow, too sleazy, and too silly to be taken seriously beyond smut.

Papa Datte Shitai Summary


パパだって, したい

Anime Info:

Japan (2019)


40 minutes




Papa Datte, Shitai is a sexy & steamy anime.

Is Papa Datte Shitai BL?

Yes, Papa Datte, Shitai is an 18+ yaoi anime.


Naruse tries to resist Asumi's advances in Papa Datte, Shitai.

Naruse is a single divorced father who lives with his young son. Busy with his full-time job, Naruse hires a housekeeper to help with the everyday errands. His past few hires haven't worked out, citing troubles working in close quarters with an attractive single dad. Naruse tries a different strategy and employs a male college student instead.

Asumi is the new housekeeper who arrives for his first day of work. He instantly feels attracted to his employer, finding him handsome and sexy. Asumi begins his duties. He does various household chores, such as cooking meals and cleaning up the apartment. Meanwhile, Naruse uses this extra time after work to accompany his son.

Afterwards, Asumi goes to clean Naruse's bedroom. However, he accidentally discovers his employer's private pornography collection. Just then, an embarrassed Naruse enters the room and frantically hides his secret stash. Naruse admits that even though he's a father, he still has to satisfy his needs. This awkward moment leads to a sexually charged encounter between the two men.

Papa Datte, Shitai Trailer

Papa Datte Shitai Cast


Naruse Junta Terashima (寺島惇太)

Naruse is voiced by the Japanese actor Junta Terashima (寺島惇太).

Naruse is a single divorced father who lives with his young son. He is busy with his full-time job and hires a housekeeper to help with the domestic chores. Naruse is a doting father who has a close relationship with his son.

Asumi Masahiro Yamanaka (山中真尋)

Asumi is voiced by the Japanese actor Masahiro Yamanaka (山中真尋).

Asumi is the young housekeeper hired by Naruse. He is a college student who takes on this part-time job between his studies. Asumi immediately develops an attraction to the handsome Naruse upon meeting him. Asumi has a good relationship with Naruse's son, who adores his new housekeeper.

Supporting Cast

Naruse has a young son who loves Asumi.


Naruse's son

Naruse's coworker is supportive of Naruse's relationship with Asumi.


Naruse's coworker

Papa Datte Shitai Review


Anime Review Score: 5.1

Asumi and Naruse kiss in bed.

The early episodes of Papa Datte, Shitai left an awful impression on me. Between the flimsy narrative and superficial characterizations, I dismissed the anime as sleazy trash. It took a couple of minutes for the first sexual encounter to occur, notably without consent. The next two episodes continued this theme of depravity, doubling down on the tasteless dialogue and tacky scenarios. Papa Datte, Shitai came across as poorly written smut, creating frivolous subplots to justify the erotic exchanges.

Initially, I hate-watched every Papa Datte, Shitai episode while making fun of the ridiculousness in my head. I thought the story was outrageously senseless and couldn't understand why Naruse would want to employ Asumi. After this guy forces himself on you, it seems valid to fire the rapist and not let him enter your home anymore. Instead, Naruse continues to pay Asumi, who sexually harasses him in front of his child. WTF!? Chuck out the predator and change the locks!

It goes without saying that Asumi is utterly despicable. Imagine starting your first day of work by raping your employer inside his house… 😰 What transpires between the main characters is not romance. It's Asumi disregarding boundaries and objectifying Naruse inappropriately. In other words, he's a giant creep. I would hate Asumi more, but his personality is practically nonexistent. His thoughts, his every move & his entire life revolve around Naruse. At any given moment, Asumi is either feeling lovestruck or getting horny. There's nothing else to his vacuous existence.

Papa Datte, Shitai features an uncensored version with steamy 18+ exchanges each episode. The imagery is raunchy, displaying the erotic encounters in explicit detail. To be honest, the sex scenes might be the best part of this series. The anime has no other selling point without the smut, and the meagre plot is certainly not strong enough to stand on its own. While the art isn't drawn superbly well, the visuals look presentable with attractive character designs. I also appreciate how Papa Datte, Shitai gives us risqué content, more daring than your standard BL anime.

After writing off Papa Datte, Shitai in the beginning, I must admit my opinion changed in the second half. As this series emphasizes less on smut, the storylines focus on a single divorced dad with feelings for a man. Surprisingly, the episodes address relevant themes like homophobia, societal norms & single parenting. Mind you, these topics are explored shallowly without much depth. Nonetheless, I acknowledge there's more nuance than expected. A divorced father navigating his sexuality is a unique perspective across the BL landscape, especially in anime.

Maybe it's because I had low expectations, but I kinda enjoyed the last half of Papa Datte, Shitai. Those final few episodes achieve the optimal balance between erotic smut and sentimental drama. The quality almost improves to the point that I see the potential. If the series rewrote the beginning and removed the non-consensual encounters, I don't think my review would be as harsh. Unfortunately, the terrible first impression defines Papa Datte, Shitai for me. I will remember this anime series as sleazy, sinister, and stupidly shallow.


Shallow story

The story begins atrociously and its quality is akin to badly written erotica. The second half becomes more compelling as it addresses some mature narrative themes.

Absurd romance

The romance feels tacky and tasteless. Asumi constantly objectifies Naruse, disregarding personal or professional boundaries. The nonconsensual encounters in the early episodes are awful.

Decent visuals

Although not drawn perfectly, the visuals look presentable in most scenes. I like the attractive character designs for the two leads.

Happy ending

There is a noticeable improvement in the second half of the anime. The final episode concludes the series on a satisfying note, even though I still don't champion this romance.

Raunchy style

Papa Datte, Shitai is a raunch 18+ yaoi anime with risqué content. I like that it's bold, naughty, and unabashed about showing explicit visuals.


This shallow 18+ anime can't overcome a problematic start, even though the last few episodes are better than expected. I just can't take this tacky and silly series too seriously.

Papa Datte Shitai Episodes

Episode Guide

Papa Datte, Shitai has a total of 8 episodes. There are two versions of the anime, including an uncensored episode with the 18+ scenes. Each uncensored episode is around 5 minutes long. It is a short BL anime, and you can finish the entire series in under 1 hour. The series started airing on Jan 7, 2019 and ended its last episode on Feb 25, 2019.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

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