Original Sin is a Korean BL movie about two church members and their love affair.

Original Sin is a Korean BL short movie about a love affair between two church members. The protagonist is a devout believer who attends religious gatherings with other parishioners. One day, a mysterious newcomer joins his congregation. Against the church's teachings, the main characters develop a secret attraction during bible readings and private home visits.

In Original Sin, the protagonist grapples with an intriguing conflict between his faith and his desires. The provocative relationship scenes carry an undercurrent of ambiguity and sexual tension. With a longer length, the film could've expanded its themes, explored the romance, and examined the characters in detail. Ultimately, this twenty-minute movie is too short and doesn't offer enough content to make a lasting impact.

Original Sin BL Summary



Movie Info:

South Korea (2022)


25 minutes




Original Sin is a sad & emotional short film.

Is Original Sin BL?

Yes, Original Sin includes a gay pairing.


The main character of the Original Sin BL movie is Yohan, a religious man.

Yohan is a devout young man who abides by his religious teachings. He attends church regularly and meets with the other parishioners. One day, a newcomer named Juwon joins his congregation. This new church member is friendly and loves to smile. He makes eye contact with Yohan, and their gazes lock for a moment. Yohan immediately feels self-conscious and looks down at his bible.

Yohan invites several congregates to his home for a bible study. Juwon joins the meeting. As they sit down to chat, one of the female members discusses feeling troubled by her lesbian friend. She states it's a sin according to the bible. Juwon offers his personal interpretation and claims they're all sinners. As he says this, Juwon makes eye contact with Yohan. However, Yohan remains silent during this exchange and doesn't contribute to the debate. That night, he struggles to fall asleep.

Yohan attends church. After praying, Yohan wanders around the building and makes a startling discovery. He sees Juwon in the washroom, getting intimate with another church member. Yohan quickly scurries away. Later, Juwon initiates a conversation between them. Juwon grabs Yohan's hand and tells him, "When I look into someone's eyes, I can tell what they're thinking." Yohan doesn't respond to his cryptic message and leaves in a hurry.

The two men meet again in private. Juwon makes an unannounced visit to Yohan's apartment, claiming he left behind his bible last time. With a solemn expression, Yohan invites his acquaintance inside his home. Juwon makes himself comfortable and begins his seduction.

Original Sin Cast



Oh Dong Joon (오동준)

Yohan is portrayed by the Korean actor Oh Dong Joon (오동준).

Yohan is a religious man who abides by his biblical teachings. He attends church regularly. One day, Yohan meets Juwon, a newcomer to his church. As an attraction forms, Yohan struggles between his faith and his desires.

Oh Dong Joon

Oh Dong Joon (오동준) is a Korean actor. He is born on September 18, 1992.

Oh Dong Joon (오동준) is a Korean actor. He is born on September 18, 1992. His first BL project is the 2018 Korean supernatural BL series Discipline. He also appeared in the 2020 sequel, Discipline Z: Vampire. In 2022, he starred in the short BL movie Original Sin.


Han Hyun Jun (한현준)

Juwon is portrayed by the Korean actor Han Hyun Jun (한현준).

Juwon is a newcomer at Yohan's church. He's friendly, gets along with everyone, and quickly befriends other young parish members. Juwon develops an interest in Yohan, who seems awkward around him. Later, Yohan stumbles upon Juwon in the church washroom and makes a startling discovery.

Han Hyun Jun

Han Hyun Jun (한현준) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 7, 1999.

Han Hyun Jun (한현준) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 7, 1999. His first BL drama is the 2021 BL short film, Please Tell Me So. In 2022, he starred in the BL drama, Love Class, and a short gay movie, Original Sin.

Cast Highlights

  • Yohan's actor (Oh Dong Joon) appeared in a Korean supernatural BL franchise, including Discipline (2018) and Discipline Z: Vampire (2020).
  • Juwon's actor (Han Hyun Jun) starred in the 2022 school BL drama Love Class.

Original Sin Review


Movie Review Score: 6.9

Yohan and Juwon have an intimate encounter in the bedroom.

In Original Sin, the protagonist struggles between his religious faith and his sexual desires. The story begins with him on his knees, contemplating a biblical passage about sin. We don't know his circumstances yet. However, we can tell there's a heavy burden weighing on his mind. This brief opening scene sets the melancholic tone for the rest of the narrative. Original Sin is a sombre film that takes the viewers on a harrowing journey into one man's inner turmoil.

The "sin" part of the movie's title refers to Yohan's complicated feelings about his sexuality. His same-sex attraction is at odds with the church's teachings. From his perspective, being devout and being gay are incompatible. By lusting for another man, Yohan fears he puts his own wants before the Lord's doctrine. Unfortunately, Juwon's arrival presents an irresistible temptation. Yohan grows flustered around his new acquaintance, who senses his self-loathing. "You're lying," Juwon tells him during a cryptic exchange. "When I look into your eyes, I can see what you're thinking."

Original Sin is twenty minutes long, but this movie manages its time wisely. It quickly introduces the leads and develops their sexual tension. I like how it uses subtle cues to convey the storytelling. For example, Yuhon shaves before Juwon's visit, suggesting he wants to look attractive for his love interest. In another scene, Yuhon can't sleep after the bible study since he's tormented by the earlier chat about sinners. Although these scenes only last a few seconds, they have covert meanings. Original Sin trusts the viewers to deduce the symbolism and fill in the blanks.

The romance is intriguing due to its ambiguity. Although the movie highlights that Yohan is drawn to Juwon, we don't know how either would respond. Yohan appears repressed over his sexuality and won't confront his feelings for another man. Meanwhile, Juwon is a mysterious love interest whose motives and sexual orientation remain vague. As the characters navigate their feelings, every intimate moment becomes riveting. What are the leads thinking? How will they behave? Their relationship culminates in a thrilling climax that will leave you scandalized.

Original Sin is a plain-looking project that doesn't have the best production values. Its cinematography appears unimpressive, diminishing the romantic passion instead of amplifying it. This movie is missing a level of polish you'd expect in more professional BL dramas, from the camera placement to the lighting conditions. It tends to film in dark settings, so the visuals have a dull, dingy feel. Regardless, the two leads (Oh Dong Joon & Han Hyun Jun) still shine with their solid acting performances. They portray their roles with emotional nuance and sensitivity.

Original Sin is too short and doesn't create a lasting impact. I'm interested in the plot, the characters, and their sexual tension. However, the movie's length prevents it from exploring the themes thoroughly. Although I sympathize with Yohan's predicament, my attachment develops as much as twenty minutes will allow. Ultimately, this film feels more like a quick anecdote than an intricate story. With more time, Original Sin could've delivered a poignant examination of sexuality and religion. In its current state, the skeletal narrative leaves me praying for more content.


Intriguing story

Original Sin offers an intriguing story that examines the conflict between faith and sexuality. However, this 20-minute movie is too short and can't explore its complex themes with enough depth.

Ambiguous romance

Yohan is conflicted about his attraction and considers it a "sin". Juwon is a mysterious love interest with unclear intentions. As they navigate their ambiguous feelings, the exchanges feel riveting.

Sensitive acting

Both leads give sensitive performances with emotional nuance. Yohan's actor (Oh Dong Joon) portrays his role with a delicate vulnerability, while his costar (Han Hyun Jun) is highly seductive.

Sad ending

Original Sin has a sad ending after Yohan and Juwon have a provocative confrontation in the bedroom. The final scene ends with Yohan leading a sombre prayer about his experiences.

Plain artistry

This short movie looks plain and doesn't carry the same polish as more professional projects. It tends to film in dark settings, so the visuals have a dark and dingy appearance.


Original Sin is a melancholic film that explores religion and sexuality. Despite some intriguing themes, the short movie doesn't develop the story thoroughly enough in just twenty minutes.

Original Sin BL Movie


Original Sin (원죄)

23 minutes

Original Sin BL Information

Yohan and Juwon go to the same church.

Original Sin (원죄) is a Korean BL film that released on December 27, 2022. It is a short movie, which you can complete in around 20 minutes.

Soomin Choi (최수민) is the director of Original Sin.

Studio Crius

Studio Crius is a Korean studio that made the short BL movie Original Sin (2022).

Studio Crius is a Korean studio that made the short BL movie Original Sin (2022). The film is the studio's first BL project. Studio Crius also produces numerous other non-BL movies and projects.

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