Love Class – Series Review & Ending Explained

Love Class is a Korean BL drama about a university romance between a freshman and a senior.

Love Class is a Korean BL series about the romance between two university students. The leads attend the same class, paired together for a group project. Initially, the main character has a crush on his pretty female friend. However, he grows confused about his feelings after spending more time with his male classmate.

I enjoyed Love Class at first, which impressed me with its colourful cast, elegant aesthetic, and vibrant atmosphere. However, each episode goes on a steady decline. I became increasingly fed up with the frustrating characters, obnoxious love triangles, and incessant melodrama. Almost everything annoyed me, including the tedious finale.

Love Class Summary



Series Info:

South Korea (2022)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

6 episodes


School romance


Love Class is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Ji Woo and Roa are classmates who work on a group project together.

Ji Woo is a university freshman with a crush on his female classmate, Yoo Na. Although they are friends, he is too shy to confess his feelings to her. Ji Woo and Yoo Na are classmates who attend the Marriage & Family class. Ji Woo hopes to pair with Yoo Na during a group project. However, Yoo Na's friend Hye Won claims dibs on her first. As a result, Ji Woo is reluctantly grouped with Roa, a senior student.

As Ji Woo and Roa spend time together, they enjoy each other's company. Roa quickly develops a crush on the university freshman, making impulsive remarks that imply his attraction. However, Ji Woo remains infatuated with Yoo Na and doesn't seem to reciprocate Roa's feelings. Roa continues to pine after Ji Woo, but he doesn't make further advances for the time being.

Yoo Na is paranoid about a mysterious stalker who has harassed her recently. When Ji Woo learns about this troubling development, he vows to protect her. Ji Woo accompanies Yoo Na on her way home every night. They grow closer as a result, much to Roa's chagrin. However, Yoo Na's stalker is agitated by Ji Woo's constant presence. The stalker assaults Ji Woo in the middle of the night. Luckily, Roa arrives to rescue him and stop the attacker.

Ji Woo doesn't allow Roa to report the incident to the police. His reasoning is that he doesn't want Yoo Na to feel more afraid of her stalker. Roa is injured during the attack and must wear a cast over his arm. Ji Woo is thankful for his senior classmate for saving him and promises to return the favour. Roa requests Ji Woo to be his assistant until his injury recovers. As the two men hang out more often, Roa's friend Nam Jun becomes jealous of their growing bond. Nam Jun believes Ji Woo is trouble and warns him to stay away.

Love Class Trailer

Love Class Cast


Ji Woo

Han Hyun Jun (한현준)

Ji Woo is portrayed by the Korean actor Han Hyun Jun (한현준).

Ji Woo is a university freshman who has a crush on his pretty female friend, Yoo Na. However, he is too shy to confess his feelings and only admires her from afar. Ji Woo sees an opportunity to work with Yoo Na on a group project, but she teams up with another student. Reluctantly, Ji Woo is paired with Roa for this class assignment, and they eventually become friends.

Han Hyun Jun

Han Hyun Jun (한현준) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 7, 1999.

Han Hyun Jun (한현준) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 7, 1999. His first BL drama is the 2021 BL short film, Please Tell Me So. In 2022, he starred in the BL drama, Love Class, and a short gay movie, Original Sin.


Kim Tae Hwan (김태환)

Roa is portrayed by the Korean actor Kim Tae Hwan (김태환).

Roa is a university senior who recently completed his military conscription. He enrols in the Marriage & Family class and teams up with Ji Woo for a group project. Roa quickly develops a crush on Ji Woo, finding him adorable. Yet, Ji Woo doesn't seem to reciprocate his feelings. Roa is friends and roommates with Nam Jun, who has known him since high school.

Kim Tae Hwan

Kim Tae Hwan (김태환) is a Korean actor. He is born on July 12, 1992.

Kim Tae Hwan (김태환) is a Korean actor. He is born on July 12, 1992. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Love Class.

Supporting Cast

Yoo Na is portrayed by the Korean actress Ryu In Ah (류인아).

Yoo Na

Ryu In Ah (류인아)

Nam Jun is portrayed by the Korean actor Yoo Hyuk Jae (유혁재).

Nam Jun

Yoo Hyuk Jae (유혁재)

Hye Won is portrayed by the Korean actress Kim Hye Jin (김혜진).

Hye Won

Kim Hye Jin (김혜진)

Professor Lim is portrayed by the Korean actor Won Tae Hee (원태희).

Professor Lim

Won Tae Hee (원태희)

Min Jae is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Young Kyo (I이영교).

Min Jae

Lee Young Kyo (I이영교)

Cast Highlights

  • Ji Woo's actor (Han Hyun Jun) starred in the Korean BL short films Please Tell Me So (2021) and Original Sin (2022).
  • The actor who portrays Professor Lim (Won Tae Hee) appeared in two Korean gay films, including White Night (2012) and Black Stone (2015).

Love Class Review


Drama Review Score: 6.5

Ji Woo, Roa, and their friends take a group photo together.

Love Class makes a favourable first impression. The premiere introduces the quirky characters and their relationship dynamics intriguingly. Also, I'm fond of the brisk storytelling, vibrant atmosphere, and comfortable rapport between the leads. Best of all, everything is packaged in an elegant aesthetic. Love Class looks stylish in many scenes, demonstrating polish and artistry with the visuals. What a promising start to this BL series, or so I thought.

Unfortunately, Love Class doesn't maintain its quality, going on a steady decline with each subsequent episode. Many storylines unfold tediously and obnoxiously. The love triangles suck the most, draining my energy with the incessant melodrama. I also hate the homophobic photo scandal, the weird professor romance, and the dumb resolution to the stalker mystery. Maybe I can tolerate each awful plot separately, but it's a nightmare when you compile them together. This unpleasant BL series becomes so infuriating to watch.

Another source of annoyance is Roa's character. My least favourite scene in Love Class is when he confronts Yoo Na during Episode 4. Poor Yoo Na lives in fear because of her creepy stalker. Instead of offering reassurance, Roa makes petty accusations because he's jealous of her bond with Ji Woo. He talks down to her like a patronizing dick, an exchange that utterly tarnishes my opinion of Roa. In addition, his toxic friendship with Nam Jun is insufferable. Oh my god, can these two jackasses take their abusive drama elsewhere and leave Ji Woo alone? 😩

Since I despise Roa, I struggle to connect to his romance with Ji Woo. Their bonding scenes are kinda cute, so I should enjoy the relationship in theory. Yet, I don't feel passionate about them and think their personalities are mismatched. Also, I have a soft spot for Ji Woo's other love interest, Yoo Na. I like her graceful character, sensitive temperament, and fascinating journey. In my opinion, Yoo Na & Ji Woo make a perfectly compatible pair, which is a problem. Any BL series where I root for the straight couple over the gay leads is a massive failure.

My frustrations with Love Class almost overshadow its positive qualities. I already mentioned the chic presentation earlier, but it deserves reiteration. The soft ambiance, gorgeous styling, and glitzy post-production work get me in the mood for BL. In addition, the acting is respectable. Everyone in the cast is smooth, doing their best to salvage the clunky material. Finally, I must remind myself that Love Class wasn't always terrible. It's easy to focus on the downhill trajectory, even though the first few episodes entertained me.

Love Class has a happy ending, but the finale is sloppy and doesn't feel satisfying. Instead of a natural conclusion, it's more like a series of manufactured events to force the couple together. The storyteller waves a magic wand to produce nonsensical conflicts, overturn the dynamics, and resolve the love triangles. By the time the narrative wraps up, I'm just so over it. I don't give a damn about these aggravating characters or their dull relationship drama. Although Love Class began enticingly, my initial excitement turned into bitter disappointment.


Aggravating story

Love Class has unpleasant storylines that annoy the hell out of me. I don't like the main character Roa and find him increasingly obnoxious.

Incompatible romance

Ji Woo and Roa share a few cute bonding scenes, but I don't feel attached to their relationship. I'm mortified to admit that I prefer the female love interest in this BL drama.

Decent acting

The young cast gels well together and gives respectable performances. These actors are smooth, doing their best to salvage the given material.

Happy ending

Love Class has a happy ending, even though the final episode is written sloppily. The events feel manufactured, like the storyteller waves a magic wand to change the relationship dynamics.

Elegant artistry

This series has a lovely aesthetic that puts me in the mood for BL. The cinematography is lush, the styling is elegant, and the post-production work is impressive.


Love Class starts with some promise and intrigue, but the quality has declined steadily since the premiere. This series feels unpleasant with botched storylines and aggravating characters.

Love Class Episodes

Episode Guide

Roa is upset and sulking.

Love Class has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is around 20 minutes long. The last episode is around 25 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 2 hours. Love Class started airing on May 13, 2022 and ended on May 18, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Roa gives Ji Woo a can of coffee by the vending machine.

Ji Woo is a university student enrolled in the Marriage & Family class. This course teaches about dating, marriage, and starting a family. Unofficially, it has a reputation for the classmates to hook up with the opposite sex. Ji Woo attends this class hoping to grow closer to Yoo Na, his female friend. He has a crush on Yoo Na and wants to work with her on a group project. Unfortunately, she pairs up with another girl, Hye Won. A reluctant Ji Woo is partnered with Roa, a senior male student.

Ji Woo plans to quit the class since he can't spend time with Yoo Na. However, he surprisingly enjoys hanging out with Roa as they work on their first assignment. They have lunch dates, play arcade games, and share insightful chats in the middle of the night. On several occasions, Ji Woo is startled when Roa becomes intimate with him. He doesn't know what to make of his partner's subtle signals.

At the end of the episode, Roa compliments Ji Woo and calls him adorable. The awkward remark prompts Ji Woo to ask Roa if he is attracted to guys. Before his classmate can respond, their conversation gets interrupted by Yoo Na's sudden arrival. She seems panicked after running away from someone dangerous during the night. Ji Woo is surprised when Yoo Na asks for his help.

Episode 1 Review
Ji Woo and Roa enjoy a lunch date as classmates.

My first impression of Love Class is positive. Right away, I'm intrigued by its concept. A BL series in a class that teaches about heterosexual marriage & family values seems powerfully defiant. Ji Woo is introduced as a straight guy with a crush on a girl. I'm curious about how he'll transfer his feelings from Yoo Na to Roa over the course of the series. If done right, this journey can be pretty exciting to watch.

This episode introduces Ji Woo and Roa well, giving us an insightful glimpse into their personalities. I'm curious to learn more about them. However, the character who interests me the most is Yoo Na instead of the two leads. There's a big difference between her confident attitude in the flashback and her meek demeanour in the classroom. I can tell she has a ~story~, so the mystery around her intrigues me.

In the beginning, we meet Ji Woo, Yoo Na & other random students. However, Roa isn't mentioned at all. Love Class deliberately hides their lead until Ji Woo discovers he's stuck with a male partner in his class. Roa sits down and shakes Ji Woo's hand, but we don't learn his name. The story doesn't make it obvious he's the main character or love interest. Roa's understated introduction feels like some random guy appeared, tying into the theme of Ji Woo not expecting to fall in love with him. It's a clever way to emphasize the serendipity of their romance.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
Roa protects Ji Woo from the stalker at the end of Love Class Episode 2.

The episode begins with a flashback of how Ji Woo & Yoo Na became friends. They met during orientation, where he helped her in a party game. Another flashback revealed that Yoo Na faces a stalker problem. Lately, a disturbing individual has spied on her and left creepy notes. Yoo Na worries about her personal safety. Despite reporting to the police, they only agreed to increase the patrol in her neighbourhood. She still doesn't feel safe walking home alone every night.

Yoo Na becomes mistrustful of men due to her stalker, so she teamed up with Hye Won for the class project. As the two girls grow chummy, Hye Won reveals she has a crush on their professor. However, Professor Lim doesn't seem to reciprocate these feelings for his student. Even though Yoo Na fears most men, she feels comfortable around Ji Woo, who vows to protect her. He accompanies her as they walk home together after school every night.

Roa warns Ji Woo about the dangerous situation, insisting he's putting himself at risk and should leave matters to the police. Yet, Ji Woo is too delighted about spending time with Yoo Na and dismisses the concerns. Roa's warning came true at the end of the episode. The stalker waits until Ji Woo is alone before attacking him in the middle of the night. Ji Woo is frightened when his assailant swings a baseball bat at him. Fortunately, Roa arrives just in time to come to his rescue.

Episode 2 Review
Ji Woo walks Yoo Na to protect her from the stalker.

I'm intrigued by the stalker storyline so far. However, I start to feel like Love Class is about the romance between Ji Woo & Yoo Na instead of a BL series. She's overshadowing Roa as the lead and spends more time with Ji Woo. I'm not at the point where her prominence annoys me yet, but I want to learn more about the main characters. Roa hasn't received meaningful content, so I don't know who he is as a person.

The professor is totally the stalker, right? I used my years of armchair detective skills and pegged him as the culprit since this storyline got introduced. Oh my god, I was SO sure Professor Lim was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Every episode, I'd make snarky comments to myself about why they haven't suspected this phony professor yet. I thought Hye Won's crush was a cover to include his character in the narrative until the protagonists discover the scandalous truth. Damn, I genuinely thought I solved the stalker mystery! 😆

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Roa injures his arm from protecting Ji Woo.

Roa scares away the stalker, but he injures his arm in the process. After a visit to the hospital, he must wear a cast over his broken arm. Although Ji Woo is thankful and apologetic, he asks Roa to keep this attack as a secret. He doesn't want to Yoo Na to feel worse about her situation. Roa is reluctant and believes the police should get involved. Nonetheless, he agrees to the discretion. In exchange, Roa makes Ji Woo become his assistant while he is immobilized.

Roa's secrecy makes his roommate Nam Jun worried about the injury. They have known each other since high school. Nam Jun confessed his love long ago, but Roa rejected him and wanted to remain platonic friends. Nonetheless, Nam Jun still has lingering feelings. Nam Jun feels annoyed after discovering Roa's bond with Ji Woo. He believes Ji Woo is a troublemaker and warns him to stay away from Roa.

Meanwhile, Ji Woo visits Roa's apartment to take care of him. Ji Woo helps Roa wash his hair, do household chores, and put him to sleep. The two university friends strengthen their relationship after spending time together. When they share a meal in the school cafeteria, Roa wants Ji Woo to feed him the food. A reluctant Ji Woo agrees to help his injured friend. At the end of the episode, the entire class gossips over a scandalous photo. Ji Woo is stunned that others have misinterpreted their friendly exchange in the cafeteria as romantic affection.

Episode 3 Review
Nam Jun threatens Ji Woo because of his bond with Roa.

Ji Woo hiding his attack doesn't seem sensible. I understand protecting Yoo Na's feelings, but you almost got severely injured because of her stalker. Instead of hiding this information, you should keep her & the police informed about the latest escalations. That way, Yoo Na can take the necessary precautions to protect herself from the violence. Ji Woo might think he's doing a kind gesture, but it's actually foolish.

I like the cute relationship moments in this episode, even though Roa is reenacting every BL trope in the book. Each scene evokes a sense of deja vu, like I've seen these events before in another series. To put it another way, Ji Woo and Roa's interactions could be done by any other pair of BL leads. Love Class lacks a distinctive flavour in the romance to make it unique. With that said, I still think these scenes are decently done and give the relationship some needed development. P.S. I like how Roa sits on the bed and keeps staring at Ji Woo with come-hither eyes, haha. 😙

The love triangle with Nam Jun feels unnecessary. Love Class has only six short episodes to convey its narrative, so we don't need an infuriating love triangle to complicate matters. Besides, the other love triangle with Yoo Na already occupies so much time. This redundant relationship with the annoying Nam Jun just feels like overkill. Nam Jun threatening Ji Woo in a jealous fit is too much. Take it down a notch, ya psycho.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Summary

A photo of Ji Woo and Roa's intimate exchange in the cafeteria has circulated online. Their classmates gossip about their ambiguous relationship. Visibly disturbed, Ji Woo barely interacts with Roa once the gay rumours surfaced. After class, Professor Lim and Ji Woo's friends check in with him, but the freshman insists he's doing okay.

Roa plans to send a group email to his classmates, apologizing for the trouble he caused with the photos. Nam Jun thinks the apology is unnecessary. As the two friends argue, Nam Jun trashes Ji Woo and blames him for causing trouble. Roa is upset with his roommate and doesn't want to live with him anymore.

Roa tells Yoo Na about the stalker attacking Ji Woo. Roa blames Yoo Na for exploiting Ji Woo's kindness and putting him in danger. Later, Ji Woo receives a threatening letter from the stalker. It's a photo of Ji Woo with his eyes cut off. This picture is the last straw that breaks his mental fortitude, sending him into a downward spiral. Roa visits Ji Woo's home and recites a sad poem, which resonates with Ji Woo. Although Ji Woo previously locked himself in his room, he finally opens the door to invite Roa into his apartment.

Episode 4 Review
There are gay rumours about Ji Woo and Roa's relationship.

The photo scandal storyline sucks. It's a harmless picture of Ji Woo and Roa, yet the reactions seem overblown relative to the scandal. There's an unpleasant vibe to how the events unfold. First, the classmates mock the two guys for being close. Then, Hye Won & Yoo Na act concerned, but they make him feel ashamed with a hint of casual homophobia. Also, Roa's apology bothers me. Apologize for what? For having your privacy invaded or sharing a playful moment with a male friend? Ugh, this entire plot is so icky and grimy. 😩

I hate how Roa talks down to Yoo Na in this episode and blames her for putting Ji Woo in danger. Excuse me!? How is Yoo Na "exploiting" Ji Woo just because she wants to walk home together instead of being alone at night? Understandably, she feels safer with a friend by her side since a dangerous stalker is harassing this frightened girl. Yet, Roa is driven by jealousy, makes petty accusations, and misconstrues the situation to portray her as a villain. Roa demonstrates a mix of victim-blaming, mansplaining, and condescending attitude that bugs me. What an insensitive asshole.

Love Class wants us to think Professor Lim is the stalker, right? That scene where the professor talks to Ji Woo is so on-the-nose, like the perpetrator taunts his victim after leaking the photo. I'm ready to call the cops and tell them to arrest the professor already. He's so obviously the culprit lol.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Summary
Ji Woo and Roa take a photo together.

Ji Woo and Roa devise a plan to catch Yoo Na's stalker. They realize the culprit injured his arm in the last encounter. So, they ask all the male students to roll up their sleeves during class. Everybody does as they are told, but only one classmate refuses to obey the order. When they see his scraped arm, everyone realizes this random student is the stalker. He gets arrested, putting an end to the ongoing mystery.

The characters are cheerful after the stalker has gotten caught. They celebrate by hanging out, taking silly photos, and spending the night with a rooftop meal. A flashback reveals Roa had a secret crush on Ji Woo since orientation day. However, he feels insecure after discovering Yoo Na likes Ji Woo too. The episode ends with Yoo Na's love confession. Ji Woo is stunned that the girl he always desired reciprocates his feelings.

Episode 5 Review
Roa cuddles a doll.

That's the stalker!? Who the hell is this!? Introducing some random nobody feels like a cop-out, like an anti-climactic finish to an ongoing mystery. It's also underwhelming how they caught the culprit, making the entire storyline a little silly. I don't know what I expected, but maybe a more elegant and intelligent solution than *everyone, roll up your sleeves* and *the guy who doesn't do it is the stalker*. 

When Ji Woo and Roa announced their plans to expose the stalker in the classroom, I looked at the professor and thought, "Ha ha haaaa, how are you gonna worm your way out of this, professtalker?" Imagine my shock when he's innocent. WHAT!? I was still in denial even after the real stalker ran away. Like, I was so confused, did they catch the wrong guy? Hello, the professor is right there? 😲

Now that Professor Lim isn't confirmed evil, I can safely admit that I find him quite dashing. While I don't support the weird Hye Won & Professor romance, I begrudgingly acknowledge the girl has good taste for going after the most attractive guy in the series. Like Hye Won, I'm also hot for professor. One of the best takeaways from watching Love Class is discovering this handsome actor (Won Tae Hee). I'm aware he appeared in two movies, White Night and Black Stone, which are now on my to-watch list. 

This episode confirmed that I prefer Yoo Na more than Roa as a love interest. I like her mature response to Roa's accusation from the last episode. Instead of getting upset, she was introspective, accepted her responsibility for "exploiting" Ji Woo, and clarified their relationship. Compare her dignity to Roa scowling, bitching & acting like an unpleasant asshole all the time. I just feel like she's a better person than him. Despite being a BL watcher, I seriously rooted for her when she gave her love confession. Yoo Na had the character growth that I wanted out of Roa.

Episode 5
Episode 6

Episode 6

Happy Ending
Ji Woo and Roa share a kiss in the Love Class happy ending.

Ji Woo gently turns down Yoo Na's love confession, explaining that he has feelings for somebody else. Yoo Na reacts to the rejection with understanding. They remain on amicable terms, even after the school semester has ended. Yoo Na adds him to her new Instagram account, which is now private. Meanwhile, Hye Won says goodbye to Professor Lim. He finally agrees to go on a date with her since she's no longer his student.

Ji Woo confesses his feelings to Roa, but he gets rejected. Unfortunately, Roa's insecurities lead him to believe that Ji Woo would be happier with Yoo Na. Before the semester ends, the university senior skips town and avoids his love interest. A lonely Ji Woo reminisces about the past and revisits all the locations they went to as a pair. He asks Nam Jun to deliver a heartfelt message to Roa, wherever he is. Touched by Ji Woo's sincerity, Nam Jun reveals Roa's current location.

Love Class has a happy ending where Ji Woo and Roa reunite in a small beachside town. Roa has been working at a surf shop, enjoying his privacy and discretion. The shop owner gives him wise advice, stating he shouldn't run away from his problems due to a fear of failure. Her words resonate with Roa, making him change his mind. When Ji Woo shows up at the beach, Roa greets his love interest with a hug and kiss. As they make up and confirm their feelings, the series ends happily with the two leads strolling down the beach.

Ending Review
Roa and Ji Woo share their first and only kiss in Love Class.

Oh my god, the last-minute relationship drama is ANNOYING. Ji Woo already turned down Yoo Na and confessed his love to you. He made his feelings perfectly clear. What more could you possibly want? Instead, we sit through the entire episode of needless agony because Roa suddenly gets cold feet. Ugh. Their romance isn't that compelling in the first place, so we don't need unnecessary angst to make their scenes even more tedious. Get over it and get together already.

Many BL dramas conclude the story once the leads get together, but the fans want to see what happens after becoming a couple. Personally, I'd be more excited to watch Ji Woo and Roa share scenes together as boyfriends than the tedious melodrama in the finale. It's not like the storyteller doesn't have enough time. The series could trim the filler or condense its earlier subplots to make room for relationship scenes. Yet, the narrative loses its direction, slogs through the last few episodes, and doesn't inspire enthusiasm. Love Class kinda flops despite a promising start.

Love Class Season 2


Love Class 2 (2023)

Love Class 2 is the second season of Love Class.

After its first season, Love Class released another series in its franchise in 2023. Called Love Class 2, this ten-episode series features three university couples. However, the two seasons are unrelated. They have different stories and cast members. You won't need to watch the first season to understand the follow-up or vice versa. The leads from Love Class 1 appear in a small guest role in Love Class 2. However, their part isn't prominent.

Between the two seasons, I prefer Love Class 2 more. It's a significant improvement over the original series. The second season contains likeable couples and more romantic content. Their love stories charm me instead of annoying me, which is one of the problems with Love Class 1. Admittedly, the series has some issues and doesn't implement the storylines well. Nonetheless, the quality of the episodes is still more enjoyable than the first season. I was pleasantly surprised by Love Class 2.

Love Class Information

  1. Thank you so much for your review! I’m the type of person who looks at reviews and spoilers before watching anything, to not expect too much. But I guess we all have different thoughts on some points of this series. As a person who is an avid fan of thriller films, the professor was ofc a good and obvious guess. But that’s the thing. Films on this genre made years and years back would’ve pinned an obvious suspect as the stalker, but as it has been made so predictable, filmmakers has made a switch and follows a route that is only pointed by subtle and basically almost-not-there things. The scene where the stalker leaves a note with the passcode, and with an uncanny man with a laptop in the background made me suspect him.

    Also, the encounter with the pipe, where the stalker actually spoke, made it a little clearer that the professor was not the stalker as he always talks in class making his voice therefore familiar. And I totally agree with the part where you say Yoo Na has a good character, but I think the confrontation in episode 4 was actually to be expected. It’s not victim-blaming but rather, a frank and unfiltered reality slap.

    Yes, Yoo Na is a victim and is in need of reassurance, however, Roa got it all right. Yoo Na only came to Ji woo that night when she needed help and with knowledge that Ji woo likes her and cares for her, she grabbed onto that opportunity of having a friend/bodyguard walk with her daily despite knowing that Ji woo could also get into trouble. And she did this all despite knowing that Ji woo wanted more than just simple friendship, yet she ignored it all and just became reassured that someone was walking her home. I hated that fact, so Roa confronting her defo got a YES from me.

    What I’m saying may be a little eccentric for you, but if you remove gender roles from these characters, I think this would make more sense. If you viewed Roa as a woman who confronted Yoo Na, you’d see it in a different light. If you see Ji woo as not a man and walks home someone in a very unpopulated area (as portrayed) with stalker on tail, the context would be different. I’m not saying Yoo Na is selfish, but rather, she was scared and focused on this alone, which is understandable. But if the reality slap confrontation didn’t happen, I would hate this series for condoning this behavior as okay and acceptable because of the reason that she was female. There’s nothing wrong with walking a friend home, but letting a friend do so knowing that they are wishing for something more and you not making it clear, is kinda asshole-ish.

    I guess I just hate the notion of portraying women as weak and unaccountable for themselves, but that’s me. I agree with the Nam Jun relationship drama being unnecessary though, but I appreciate the the crew for trying. It would’ve nice if the after-getting-together scenes were shown but this is just a 6 episode series so I can’t be greedy. Still, I thank you for reviewing this drama in ways I could relate. I appreciate you! Always.

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