Jin Gyu buys a pair of glasses with magical powers in Secret Spectacles.

Secret Spectacles is a short Korean gay movie about a pair of magical glasses. The main character's new specs gives him the extraordinary vision to see through clothes. He uses this voyeuristic ability on his university crush, hoping to catch a glimpse of him undressed. What happens next does not go as planned.

With a naughty premise, Secret Spectacles plays out like an erotic fantasy than a BL romance. The movie suffers from a small and limited plot, which doesn't expand beyond the basic concept of wanting to see your friend naked. The experience is unsatisfying whether you watch it for the barebones love story or the lacklustre fetishism.

Secret Spectacles Summary


비밀의 안경

Movie Info:

South Korea (2017)


15 minutes




Secret Spectacles is a sexy & steamy short film.

Is Secret Spectacles BL?

Yes, Secret Spectacles has a gay romance.


Jin Gyu and Sun Tae are friends from university.

Jin Gyu and Sun Tae are university friends. Jin Gyu harbours a secret crush on his companion and finds him physically attractive. However, Sun Tae appears oblivious, giving hints and signals that he is a straight guy.

After a meal together, Jin Gyu thinks Sun Tae looks handsome with his new glasses. Jin Gyu goes online shopping to buy himself a pair. However, he comes across an intriguing product listing, which boasts clairvoyance abilities. Jin Gyu is compelled to make a purchase, feeling skeptical yet curious.

Later, Sun Tae visits Jin Gyu's home to work on a group project. When Jin Gyu puts on his new glasses, he discovers their magical powers. His spectacles enhance his vision acutely, allowing him to see through clothes. Jin Gyu is stunned that Sun Tae appears before him, completely undressed.

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Secret Spectacles Cast


Jin Gyu Jin Gyu (진규)

Jin Gyu is portrayed by the actor Jin Gyu (진규).

Jin Gyu is the protagonist of Secret Spectacles. He is a university student with a crush on his friend Sun Tae. One day, Jin Gyu purchases a mysterious pair of glasses online. He's stunned by his newfound ability to see his friend naked.

Sun Tae Choi Woo Jae (최우재)

Sun Tae is portrayed by the Korean actor Choi Woo Jae (최우재).

Sun Tae is Jin Gyu's friend from university. They attend the same classes and work on a group project together. Although Jin Gyu has a secret crush on his friend, Sun Tae is seemingly oblivious. Sun Tae gives signals that he is a straight guy interested in pretty girls.

Secret Spectacles Review


Movie Review Score: 5.0

Jin Gyu sees his friend Sun Tae naked.

Secret Spectacles has a naughty premise, drawing you in with the allure of a hot, naked straight guy. Unfortunately, that's the entire story. There's little else to the weak, nonexistent plot other than the tease of seeing nudity. I must say, the strapping lead has very beefy buns. However, can we really base a fourteen-minute movie around a quick glimpse of his butt? It feels like a lot of work to ogle at somebody's ass when the film doesn't have another selling point.

Every BL storyteller must decide whether the goal is to film a gay romance or gay pornography, and Secret Spectacles struggles with that distinction. Its plot is brazenly erotic, indulging in the surreal fantasy of seeing your crush naked. However, it also wants to convey an innocent love story, totally contradicting the lustful undertones. Basically, this movie is gay porn that pretends to be a romantic tale. Secret Spectacles suffers from its identity crisis, unable to bridge the disconnect between two drastically different genres.

The movie has enough BL content for me to write a review about it. However, the relationship is underdeveloped and hardly persuasive. Secret Spectacles has a fundamentally flawed basis, attempting to build a love story around a pair of voyeuristic glasses. The ability to see through someone's clothes might be a risqué gag, but there's no credibility for a romance. Jin Gyu's attraction to his friend feels neither sweet nor erotic. Instead, he comes across as a lewd and perverted protagonist. As the narrative unfolds, Jin Gyu's actions are oozing with a distasteful sleaziness.

I give Secret Spectacles a low score because BL Watcher is not Gay Porno Watcher. I can't justify rating this project highly when its barebones storyline is akin to a softcore adult film. If we judge it from a purely erotic perspective, the movie still underperforms in this regard. Yes, there's a brief flash of nudity, but the scenes aren't that sexy or explicit. Secret Spectacles could have capitalized on its novelty and included more seductiveness to the narrative. Make the events cheekier, add titillating visuals, and most importantly, build up better momentum in the story.

Finally, I must address the unethical nature of these glasses, because spying on someone naked is a sinister concept. However, I won't take the fictional work too seriously. I knew what to expect with a movie called Secret Spectacles and certainly didn't watch it for nuanced commentary. Nonetheless, this short film is too shallow and insubstantial, failing to impress either as a BL love story or horny gay erotica. It's up to you to decide whether those few seconds of nudity are worth sacrificing the other fourteen minutes in your life.


Shallow story

This movie has an insubstantial story, resembling the plot of a pornographic fantasy. You won't get much out of the narrative other than the constant tease of nudity.

Lewd romance

No, I'm not persuaded by the underdeveloped romance in this film. The protagonist's actions are lewd, adding a distasteful tackiness to the budding relationship between the characters.

Okay acting

The performances feel a little raw, but I guess the leads do an okay job. Sun Tae's actor has a fantastic physique, which helps this movie's enjoyability.

Happy ending

I don't like the ending and find it terribly off-putting. The relationship between the characters feels forced and reeks of sleaziness.

Basic artistry

The movie is filmed with a low-budget, small-studio feel in its production. It lacks the seductiveness that you need to propel this type of quirky erotic story.


Secret Spectacles is thinly veiled gay porn that tries dressing up as a love story, albeit unsuccessfully. The entire film revolves around seeing the lead performer naked, and that's basically it.

Secret Spectacles Information


Strongberry is a Korean BL studio that made Long Time No See (2017), Secret Roommate (2020), Sweet Curse (2021), among many LGBT series and short films.

STRONGBERRY is a Korean BL studio that made Long Time No See (2017), Some More (2018), As If You Whisper (2019), Secret Roommate (2020), Sweet Curse (2021), Choco Milk Shake (2022), among many LGBT series and short films. The studio is also known as MATCHBOX.

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