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A Breeze of Love is a Korean BL series about two university students and their reunion.

A Breeze of Love is a Korean BL series about two university students and their reunion. The main characters used to be friends until they parted ways on disagreeable terms. They meet years later in the school's basketball club, yet their relationship remains strained over unresolved tensions. The protagonist makes a deal with his teammate. If they win the upcoming game, he wants them to fulfill a special request.

Early on, A Breeze of Love intrigued me as the characters navigate their fractured relationship. The mysterious love story conveys sensitive emotions, dreamy visuals, and a melancholic vibe. However, the narrative progresses too slowly, wasting time on unresolved tension or tedious filler. The frustratingly vague flashbacks also seem disjointed. I'm disappointed by this uneventful drama's thin plot and bland romance.

A Breeze of Love Summary



Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes


School romance


A Breeze of Love is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Dongwook and Dohyun lie in bed beside each other.

Dongwook is a university student who returns to school after a year of absence. His classmates greet him warmly, but he rudely dismisses their invitations to hang out. This surly introvert doesn't like socializing with others. Hyein, the school's basketball club manager, wants to recruit Dongwook to join the team based on his ideal physique. Yet, he declines the offer and wants to be left alone.

Hyein convinces Dongwook to visit the basketball club, introducing him to the star player. Once there, Dongwook is surprised to see Dohyun. They used to be friends in high school. However, these former classmates had a falling out. The two didn't keep in touch for many years. Dohyun seems displeased to meet Dongwook and doesn't acknowledge their past bond. Their tense reunion alarms the others around them.

Dohyun is a basketball enthusiast. He is passionate about the sport and has won many trophies. However, his team has been struggling recently due to injuries. Hyein believes Dongwook is an excellent basketball player and would make an ideal addition to the club. Yet, Dohyun still holds a grudge against his former classmates. He challenges Dongwook to an impromptu match to determine his eligibility. Despite losing the game, the other teammates are impressed with Dongwook's skills. Dohyun must reluctantly accept him into the club.

Dongwook suffers from insomnia. He struggles to get more than a few hours of slumber each night. His sleep deprivation has extended for a long time without improving. In high school, Dongwook used to sneak out of class to take power naps in the equipment storage room. Dohyun also did the same thing. That was how they met and began their friendship.

Dongwook and Dohyun have a standoffish relationship as teammates. Dongwook plans on quitting the club since he isn't interested in basketball anyway. However, Dohyun realizes the team needs him. Dongwook makes a condition. If their team wins the upcoming game, Dohyun must help him fulfill one special wish. Keen on victory, Dohyun reluctantly agrees to the mysterious deal.

A Breeze of Love Cast



Shin Jeong You (신정유)

Dongwook is portrayed by the Korean actor Shin Jeong You (신정유).

Dongwook is a university student. He returns to school after a year of absence. The surly Dongwook has no friends and tries to avoid socializing with others. Dongwook and Dohyun used to be friends in high school, but their relationship became strained. Dongwook has sleep deprivation problems and only gets a few hours of slumber each week.

Shin Jeong You

Shin Jeong You (신정유) is a Korean actor. He is born on March 23, 1997.

Shin Jeong You (신정유) is a Korean actor. He is born on March 23, 1997. His first BL project is the 2023 series, A Breeze of Love.


Woo Ji Han (김명찬)

Dohyun is portrayed by the Korean actor Woo Ji Han (김명찬).

Dohyun is a university student and captain of the school's basketball team. He is passionate about the sport and has won many trophies. After his teammates become injured, Dohyun reluctantly recruits Dongwook to join the club. The two used to be friends in high school, but they're no longer on speaking terms. Dohyun is standoffish toward his former classmate.

Woo Ji Han

Woo Ji Han (김명찬) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 2, 2000.

Woo Ji Han (김명찬) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 2, 2000. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, A Breeze of Love.

Supporting Cast

Seungjoo is portrayed by the Korean actor Kim Hyun Jae (김현재).


Kim Hyun Jae (김현재)

Hyein is portrayed by the Korean actress Lee Seo Bin (이서빈).


Lee Seo Bin (이서빈)

A Breeze of Love Review


Drama Review Score: 6.9

Dongwook and Dohyun flirt in the bedroom.

A Breeze of Love introduces two former friends with a mysterious past. The early episodes make you curious about their relationship history and what happened between them. For a while, I was intrigued. The series captures my imagination with unspoken secrets, lingering regrets, and ambiguous flashbacks. Many scenes convey an understated melancholic vibe. A Breeze of Love gives the impression that it would depict a poignant romance with sensitive emotions.

This atmospheric BL drama complements its love story with dreamy aesthetics. From the warm colour palette to the soft, diffused lighting, each beautiful scene carries a gentle glow. In conversations, it showcases intimate close-up shots of the actors' faces, highlighting their earnest gazes and enigmatic expressions. The most epic moments are whenever the series films in the rain. Seeing the characters drenched in rainwater creates a cinematic ambiance. At its peak, A Breeze of Love provides a mesmerizing visual experience.

The story suffers because it progresses too slowly. As the tedious filler drags on, I lose interest in the thin plot stretched over an uneventful narrative. Dongwook and Dohyun maintain an annoyingly standoffish dynamic for a long time. Their relationship doesn't evolve during a stagnant romantic journey and only improves near the end. Likewise, the high school flashbacks are frustratingly vague. Those random fragments of the past create a confusing and disjointed narrative. I prefer a cohesive segment where the characters' history unfolds chronologically.

Dongwook and Dohyun are antagonistic for most of the series. When done right, animosity can evoke juicy sexual tension in a love story. Instead, these characters display little passion in their mundane interactions. They hardly have any chemistry in their awkward exchanges. Even after they grow closer, the bland interactions don't engage me. The leads are supposed to have known each other since high school, yet they lack a familiar rapport. There's no banter, flirtation, or playful moments. They act like distant acquaintances, not resembling a couple who falls in love.

A Breeze of Love lacks joy and charm. The moody love story doesn't highlight many delightful moments between the couple. It's preoccupied with conflicts, misunderstandings, repressed feelings, and angsty relationship drama. Both main characters mope around solemnly, from stoic expressions to brooding demeanours. The series seems too serious, not balancing its emotional intensity with lighthearted moments. The tone is more sombre than it needs to be. A Breeze of Love pales compared to cheerful romances, missing energy, excitement, and entertainment.

A Breeze of Love has a happy ending as Dongwook and Dohyun open up about their feelings. After overcoming emotional turmoil, their relationship charges forward with enthusiasm. The finale has more cutesy moments and affectionate exchanges than previously. I appreciate seeing the couple's lovey-doveyness at last. However, this climax should have occurred earlier in the story. I don't want to wait until the final episode for the romance to get started. It's too little, too late. A Breeze of Love has wasted its time on a slow, meandering plot and dull relationship drama.


Sombre story

A Breeze of Love is an emotional love story about two former friends and their fractured relationship. Although the relationship drama seems intriguing early on, the uneventful plot moves too slowly.

Dull romance

Dongwook & Dohyun's relationship seems stagnant for most of the series. They don't display passion or chemistry in their bland, awkward exchanges. Their relationship drama is quite dull.

Decent acting

The leads handle the dramatic material skillfully. They have earnest gazes, enigmatic expressions & brooding demeanours. Yet, they don't have a strong on-screen rapport with each other.

Happy ending

A Breeze of Love has a happy ending where the couple settles the feud and shares their feelings. The finale contains more cutesy moments and romantic affection than the previous episodes.

Mesmerizing artistry

This series has dreamy visuals, from the warm colour palette to the soft, diffused lighting. The intimate close-up shots highlight the actors' faces, showcasing their delicate emotional responses.


A Breeze of Love conveys an angsty love story with dreamy visuals and a melancholic vibe. However, the uneventful plot moves too slowly. The romance also remains stagnant for a long time.

A Breeze of Love Episodes

Episode Guide

Dongwook and Dohyun confront each other in the rain.

A Breeze of Love has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 15 to 20 minutes long. The last episode is around 20 minutes long. A Breeze of Love is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. A Breeze of Love released its series on November 10, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

So far, the first episode has a decent start. I like the dreamy visuals that convey a melancholic vibe. I wonder why the lead characters hate each other now. Their mysterious past is intriguing!

Episode 2

When are the main characters going to start getting along? Their current interactions are too chilly. I like the flashbacks of the high school friendship, but I wish we could see more of it.

Episode 3

I'm starting to lose interest. The series is progressing slowly, wasting time on filler. Dongwook & Dohyun's high school relationship is frustratingly vague. This love story needs to pick up its pace.

Episode 4

I don't get it. Why did he suddenly transfer schools? I wish we had one extended flashback instead of these fragments. Let's hope the relationship scenes become more romantic after they move in.

Episode 5

The relationship scenes disappoint me. The couple's interactions are bland even after being roommates. I wasn't expecting that kiss in the flashback! However, their history is vague and confusing.

Episode 6

When are the romantic scenes going to start? We had six episodes of tension and standoffish behaviour. And now they're fighting again. Ugh, this relationship drags and seems to be going nowhere.

Episode 7

This series reminds me of a watered-down Our Dating Sim, albeit without the original's lighthearted charm. There's too much tedious relationship drama and not enough romantic development.

Episode 8

Finally, the couple gets lovey-dovey! This romantic content should've appeared earlier instead of the filler. While I like the ending, it's too little, too late. Not enough has happened in the uneventful story.

A Breeze of Love Information


Kenaz is a Korean studio that made The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022).

Kenaz (케나즈) is a Korean studio that made The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022). It is the studio's first BL project. Kenaz is a webtoon production company specializing in various BL and non-BL works. It has recently adapted some work into live-action dramas.

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