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Beside You is a Thai BL series about two boyfriends and a cat.

Beside You is a Thai fantasy BL series about two boyfriends and their cat. The main character lives with his partner and enjoys domestic bliss. They raise a pampered pet, which demands constant attention. Lately, the couple has drifted apart and isn't as physically intimate as before. The protagonist seems more preoccupied with looking after the feline than paying attention to his relationship. His boyfriend feels agitated by the neglect.

Although the story may be dumb and absurd, Beside You amuses me with its silly scenarios. I like the creativity and quirkiness, especially after the fantasy twist at the end of the first episode. However, the writing is too basic and lacks maturity. The series also has an annoying amount of product placements. Most of all, I'm not on board with the couple's romance. A love triangle with a cat is difficult to take seriously.

Beside You Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2024)


35 minutes

Total Episodes:

3 episodes




Beside You is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Nine plays with a cat.

Nine lives in a house with his boyfriend, Tar. They enjoy simple domestic bliss, like cuddling in bed or eating a homemade meal. The couple raises a cat, Hope. Nine is a devoted pet owner. He likes pampering Hope, who demands constant attention.

Lately, Nine and Tar have drifted apart. Whenever Tar initiates physical intimacy, his boyfriend doesn't seem interested in reciprocating. Nine seems more preoccupied with the cat than paying attention to his relationship. Tar is annoyed by the neglect.

Beside You Cast

Nine is portrayed by the Thai actor Hey Wachirawit Ho.


Hey Wachirawit Ho

Tar is portrayed by the Thai actor Little Siravit Imsee.


Little Siravit Imsee

Hope is portrayed by Thai actor Chechin Kiadtiphum Pongtanapaphat.


Chechin Kiadtiphum Pongtanapaphat

Hope is portrayed by a cat.


Beside You Review


Drama Review Score: 5.9

Nine and Tar almost kiss in bed.

Beside You is a silly story about a love triangle with a cat. Our protagonist finds himself torn between his human boyfriend and his feline pet. Sorry, but LMAO. The plot is so hilariously absurd that it makes me laugh. Although the premise may seem dumb, the series shows a creative spark. I enjoy the quirky scenarios, especially after the fantasy twist at the end of the first episode. Beside You has its charms as long as you don't take anything too seriously.

Episode 1 focuses on the relationship between the boyfriends. Unfortunately, none of the scenes are memorable. The writing in this series seems too basic, almost like generic fluff. It misses the opportunity to include meaningful dialogue or nuanced interactions that would build character development. This episode's climax is a tense conversation as Nine and Tar confront their relationship troubles. However, the pivotal exchange isn't written well. Instead of a sophisticated drama, Beside You comes across as childish and shallow. It doesn't set the best first impression for viewers.

The series shows a cheeky sense of humour in Episode 2, livening the mood with some harmless comedy. There are several cute, lighthearted interactions between the protagonist and his cat. These goofy moments may be trivial, but they are delightful enough to entertain me for ten minutes. I like how Hope's actor (Chechin) portrays his role. He has an angelic expression and adorable mannerisms. His character's delightful presence is like a breath of fresh air that revitalizes the narrative. After dismissing Beside You earlier, it surprises me with an improved second episode.

Nine has a boyfriend at the start of the series. We see them cuddling in bed and come close to kissing, but the lovey-doveyness is short-lived. Relationship problems soon overcome the couple, diminishing the romantic atmosphere. Later, Nine spends time with Hope. Although their interactions are funny, I don't sense passion or desire. The only bond I can see is a pet owner looking after his cat's well-being. In both instances, Beside You has failed to establish genuine chemistry between the characters. The BL content feels like fanservice rather than a compelling love story.

Beside You is a low-budget drama, so its production values pale compared to professional standards. Most scenes are filmed inside a small house, offering little variety in the unremarkable visuals. Notably, this series contains an excessive amount of product placement. I understand that BL studios must make money and can tolerate some advertisements. Yet, Beside You goes overboard with its heavy-handed commercials. If you can't be subtle, at least be creative when inserting the promotions in the narrative. Don't make your marketing agenda so blatant to the viewers.

Beside You has a happy ending as Nine chooses between pursuing a relationship with his boyfriend or his cat. His final decision leaves me flabbergasted. I know it's only a silly story, but I can't wrap my head around the bizarre interspecies romance. My uneasiness increased after finishing the drama and putting my feelings into words. What am I doing with my life as I write a critical analysis of a furry love story!? My self-consciousness prevents me from giving a high review score. Despite a few amusing moments, Beside You is too embarrassing to recommend


Quirky story

Beside You is a silly fantasy drama about a love triangle with a cat. The story has a few quirky moments, not taking itself too seriously. Yet, the writing also comes across as childish and shallow.

Bizarre romance

While a love triangle with a cat is hilariously absurd, I don't support the interspecies romance. Nine doesn't share romantic chemistry with either love interest. Most scenes feel like fanservice.

Amateurish acting

Hope's actor (Chechin) portrays his role adorably. He has an angelic expression and cute mannerisms. However, the performances seem amateurish and don't leave a strong impression.

Happy ending

Beside You has a happy ending as Nine chooses between his boyfriend and his cat. His final decision is flabbergasting. I feel embarrassed after watching this ridiculous BL drama.

Promotional artistry

This low-budget series lacks the polish compared to professional standards. The product placement is annoyingly excessive. Most episodes feel like heavy-handed commercials.


Beside You is a silly fantasy BL drama with a quirky sense of humour. However, the ridiculous love triangle with a cat is hard to take seriously. It also has too much heavy-handed product placement.

Beside You Episodes

Episode Guide

Nick and Hope get along.

Beside You has a total of 3 episodes. Each episode is around 10 to 15 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 35 minutes. Beside You started on January 11, 2024 and ended on January 25, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

The first episode does such a hard sell with the product placements. It's off-putting. The couple's breakup scene could be handled better. OMG, is the cat a love interest!?

Episode 2

A love triangle with a cat is so absurd that the idea of it cracks me up. LOL. This episode is surprisingly cute and silly. That one scene with the cat food ad looks so jarring from the rest of the series.

Episode 3

I laughed at the scene where Nine confused his love interest with another cat. LMAO. This series is so ridiculous. I can't believe he turns down his human boyfriend to be with his pet…

Beside You Information

DFJ Entertainment

DFJ Entertainment is a Thai studio. Its portfolio of work includes the 2024 drama, Beside You.

DFJ Entertainment is a Thai studio. Its portfolio of work includes the 2024 drama, Beside You. This is the studio's first BL project.

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