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BOYS is a Hong Kong BL series about two young actors in a theatre play.

BOYS is a Hong Kong BL series about two young actors in a theatre play. The main character has unrequited feelings for his costar. Yet, his crush only sees them as friends. The heartbroken protagonist begins spending time with an old roommate instead. His love interest observes their closeness and wonders about his own feelings.

A basic and straightforward love story, BOYS suffers from too much gloominess. This brooding BL series relies heavily on constant angst, obnoxious conflicts, and overbearing melodrama. Although not terribly written, the dull narrative lacks momentum and excitement. I'm not inspired by the uneventful plot, unlikable characters, or unpleasant interactions.

BOYS Series Summary



Series Info:

Hong Kong (2022)


45 minutes

Total Episodes:

4 episodes




BOYS is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Boris and Ho Yin are actors in a theatre play.

Boris and Ho Yin are young actors starring in a theatre play. They portray a gay couple going through a breakup. In addition, Ho Yin is a screenwriter who contributed to the script. The story is drawn from his relationship experiences in the past.

Ho Yin and Boris are friends outside the play. They get along well and have developed a close relationship. Also, Boris harbours a noticeable crush on Ho Yin. However, his costar doesn't reciprocate the feelings and only sees them as platonic friends. Ho Yin occasionally flirts with other guys, making Boris jealous and upset.

Boris is frustrated by his unrequited love. He visits Karl, his old university roommate, and confides in him about his troubles. Karl suggests that Ho Yin seems to be a player. Nonetheless, he gives Boris reassuring advice and encourages him to keep trying. Boris is thankful for his roommate's advice.

Meanwhile, Ho Yin notices Boris has been spending time with his roommate. Ho Yin becomes jealous of their bond, especially when Boris doesn't reply to his messages. The two leads have an emotional encounter when they meet afterwards. They must confront their feelings for each other.

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BOYS Series Cast



Bowie Guan (關俊雄)

Boris is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Bowie Guan (關俊雄).

Boris is a young theatre actor. He has a noticeable crush on his costar, Ho Yin. However, Ho Yin doesn't return the feelings. Boris used to live in the university dorm with Karl. After moving out, Boris remains in contact with his old roommate.

Bowie Guan

Bowie Guan (關俊雄) is a Hong Kong actor.

Bowie Guan (關俊雄) is a Hong Kong actor. His first BL project is the 2021 series, I'm a Fool for You. He also starred in Season 2 and Season 3. In addition, Bowie appeared in the 2022 drama, BOYS.

Ho Yin

Hubert Mak (麥炳發)

Ho Yin is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Hubert Mak (麥炳發).

Ho Yin is an actor and Boris' costar in the theatre play. He is also the screenwriter who worked on the script. Boris has a crush on Ho Yin. However, Boris doesn't fee the same way and only wants them to be friends.

Hubert Mak

Hubert Mak (麥炳發) is a Hong Kong actor.

Hubert Mak (麥炳發) is a Hong Kong actor. His first BL project is the 2022 series, BOYS.

Supporting Cast

Karl is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Oyster Fung (馮家豪).


Oyster Fung (馮家豪)

The director gives instructions to Boris and Ho Yin.


Rauv Chan (陳昊霆)

Jason works with the director on the theatre play.


Yoyo Wong (黃仲堯)

Cast Highlights

  • BOYS has a unique history before becoming a BL drama. The original story, BOYS, was a 2019 Hong Kong play exploring a love triangle between three students. In 2022, it produced a sequel called BOYS 2. It also released this short online series, a spin-off loosely related to the source material. Although the stories aren't the same, the BOYS web drama features a few cast members (Bowie, Hubert & Oyster) from the BOYS 2 play.
  • The actor who portrays Boris (Bowie) is one of the leads in the Hong Kong BL drama I'm a Fool for You. Coincidentally, that series is also about a love triangle between three students.

BOYS Series Review


Drama Review Score: 6.2

Boris and Ho Yin lie on the sand beside each other.

BOYS is a brooding BL drama about two guys who agonize over the blurry lines between friendship and romance. Unfortunately, this love story is too dull. The narrative feels uneventful, not grabbing my attention with the banal dialogue and mundane scenes. Also, both protagonists are unlikable and unsympathetic figures. I can't warm to their whiny personalities or bratty antics. A boring plot and obnoxious characters form an awful combination, making this series tough to enjoy.

BOYS also suffers due to an excessively gloomy tone. This BL drama doesn't have an optimal balance between happy relationship moments and miserable melodrama. Instead, the few lighthearted encounters are overshadowed by lots of unpleasantness. I don't have the patience to subject myself to constant arguments, jealous tantrums, and self-pitying spiels. As the characters keep clashing, BOYS becomes an increasingly irritating experience. I'm reluctant to watch each new episode and continue this journey of perpetual negativity.

In its defence, I wouldn't classify BOYS as a terrible BL drama. The storyteller has put some care into crafting the narrative, so it isn't a sloppy piece of work hastily put together. There are a few thoughtful moments, meaningful messages, and poignant themes throughout the series. Occasionally, the characters share profound philosophies about getting over a heartbreak. Some BL projects are shallow fluff devoid of depth, but BOYS doesn't fall into this category. It's a perceptive series that conveys illuminating insights about relationships and unrequited love.

The romance is unappealing because the couple goes through too much angst. If your crush upsets you this much, it's time to reconsider your feelings. I don't understand why Boris likes Ho Yin in the first place. This guy is moody and treats you disrespectfully. At some point, I question why these two are even friends. BOYS should've developed Ho Yin's character better, showcasing more of his positive qualities. Ho Yin looks worse when you compare him to Karl, a better love interest in every aspect. Why does Boris fawn over his crappy friend when Karl is such a catch?

The leads only stand out when they kiss passionately. Otherwise, their performances are unremarkable. Boris' actor (Bowie Guan) overacts in a few exchanges, especially when delivering heavy emotional material. His costar (Hubert Mak) is okay, I guess. However, he's saddled with a detestable role and lacks the charisma to become a sympathetic protagonist. I like Karl's actor (Oyster Fung), who looks sharp and makes a strong impression on screen. The problem is he doesn't appear enough during the series. I enjoy what I see of Karl, but he has a small presence.

BOYS has a sad ending. Instead of going for a cozy conclusion, it opts for a sense of wistful melancholy. Thematically, I like where Boris and Ho Yin's relationship stands at the finale, highlighting growth from both characters. Yet, the final episode also feels anticlimactic, like the plot could've pushed itself further. It's a recurring problem with this tepid BL drama, which doesn't build much momentum or excitement. Overall, I find BOYS lacklustre and uninspiring as a love story. It's a mediocre effort that evokes only apathy from me.


Gloomy story

BOYS is a gloomy and brooding BL series with an uneventful narrative. The characters are obnoxious, making it tough to endorse their love story. I'm fed up with their constant tantrums.

Angsty romance

The Boris and Ho Yin make an unappealing couple. Their relationship goes through too much angst. I struggle to understand why Boris likes Ho Yin, who displays few redeeming qualities.

Average acting

Boris' actor (Bowie Guan) overacts in a few emotional exchanges. His costar (Hubert Mak) lacks the charisma to make the role sympathetic. I like Karl (Oyster Fung), but he has limited screen time.

Sad ending

BOYS has a sad ending. The conclusion is empowering because Boris finally gains clarity about his relationship with Ho Yin. The finale feels anticlimactic, but I'm satisfied with the narrative themes.

Basic artistry

This series looks okay for a noticeably low-budget production. I can excuse some limitations. However, a few scenes have audio issues that take away the immersion and professionalism.


BOYS is a sad love story with an unexciting plot, an incompatible romance, and whiny protagonists. Although not terribly written, I hardly had fun watching this angsty, melodramatic BL series.

BOYS BL Series Episodes

Episode Guide

Karl comforts a heartbroken Boris.

BOYS has a total of 4 episodes. Each episode is around 10 to 12 minutes long. The last episode is around 12 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 45 minutes. BOYS started on September 23, 2022 and ended its last episode on November 12, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Episode 1

13 minutes

Episode 2

13 minutes

Episode 3

9 minutes

Episode 4

13 minutes

BOYS BL Series Information

Not Alone Production

Not Alone Production is a Hong Kong BL studio that made BOYS (2022). It is the studio's first BL project. Primarily, Not Alone Production specializes in creating theatre plays with an LGBTQ+ focus.


Pong Chun Hang (龎鎮衡) is a Hong Kong director who made BOYS (2022).

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