Hugo and Hin are university friends who reunite in I'm a Fool for You.

I’m a Fool for You is a Hong Kong BL drama about a group of high school friends who reunite years later. The two main characters used to be close friends, but they have drifted apart over the years. Now that they meet again, old feelings resurface along with painful memories from the past.

Although the story and the acting aren’t the best, I’m a Fool for You is a presentable indie BL series with solid production values. Packed with steamy encounters between the gay characters, it never shies away from kisses, physical intimacy, or racy scenes. I’m a Fool for You finished its second season, and the story is ongoing with more episodes hopefully in the works.

I’m a Fool for You Summary

What is the drama called?

那個傻的 請一直傻下去

Where was the series made?

Hong Kong

When was the drama released?


How long is the series?

40 minutes (Season 1) + 40 minutes (Season 2)

What is the genre?


How would you describe the series?

Sad and bittersweet

How many episodes are there?

4 episodes (Season 1) + 4 episodes (Season 2)

How long is each episode?

Around 8 to 10 minutes


Hugo has a crush on Hin since their high school days.

In Season 1, the drama introduces Hin, a young aspiring musician who struggles to start his career. He is a minor online influencer with thousands of followers, but can’t translate this popularity into a full-fledged contract from a music studio. When his latest demo gets rejected by a producer, Hin is discouraged and thinks of quitting for good. His ex-boyfriend Yiu comforts him, but he cares more about hooking up and having casual sex.

At university, Hin is reunited with his high school friend Hugo. The shy and introverted Hugo used to be close friends with Hin, but a failed love confession caused them to drift apart ever since. Their recent encounter causes old feelings to resurface between them. Both Hin and Hugo muster up the courage to reconnect, putting aside any awkwardness from the past.

In Season 2, Hugo’s background is expanded through flashbacks. Back in his high school days, he had a close brotherly bond with Hin. However, their friendship was ruined when Hin reacted poorly to a romantic kiss from Hugo. The blunt rejection caused Hugo to go on a downward spiral, made worse by the deteriorating circumstances with his family at home.

Currently, Hugo has moved out since starting university and now lives with his roommate Victor. Hugo pretends to have a platonic relationship with Hin, but there are clearly lingering feelings for his high school crush. When Hin plans to stay in Taiwan for a talent competition, Hugo realizes they might only have a limited time together in Hong Kong.

I’m a Fool for You Characters


Hin Pius Kung (龔建銘) Pius Kang Instagram

Hin is portrayed by the actor Pius Kung.

Hin is a university student and an aspiring musician. With thousands of online followers, Hin hopes to launch a music career, but struggles to get recognition from professional studios. A popular guy, he still keeps in touch with his ex-boyfriends Yiu and Marco. However, Hin has drifted apart from his high school friend Hugo after a failed love confession.

Hugo Owan Tam (譚昊旻) Owan Tam Instagram

Hugo is portrayed by the actor Owan Tam.

Hugo is a university student, currently studying to be an actuary. He works a part-time job at a bar to support himself financially. Hugo has a rocky relationship with his family, so he moved out from home and now lives with his roommate Victor. Hugo still has lingering feelings for his first love and high school crush Hin.

Yiu Bowie Guan (關俊雄) Bowie Guan Instagram

Yiu is portrayed by the actor Bowie Guan.

Yiu is Hin’s ex-boyfriend and they knew each other back in their high school days. He works at a warehouse, but is used to slacking off to go on hookup apps. Cheeky and talkative, he is full of boisterous energy. Yiu has a bad breakup from his ex-boyfriend, and uses a lot of casual sex to fill the void since then.

Supporting Cast

Cory is portrayed by the actress Hoiki Yu.


Hoiki Yu

Marco is portrayed by the actor Ulysses Chaue.


Ulysses Chaue

Victor is portrayed by the actor Lorenzo Wan.


Lorenzo Wan

I’m a Fool for You Review


Drama Review Score: 6.7

Hugo and Hin knew each other back in high school.

I’m always on the hunt for new BL dramas to watch, and I’m a Fool for You has caught my attention with its eye-catching thumbnail pictures on YouTube. Based on the steamy video thumbnails, it would seem that nearly every episode features intimacy between the characters. To my pleasant surprise, this series is racy and doesn’t shy away from affectionate moments. Even though the scenes aren’t explicit, the physical interactions are titillating and filmed quite artistically.

While some dramas struggle to showcase even one kiss between the characters, they make out pretty frequently in I’m a Fool for You. Not only do they kiss, but the characters have active sex drives, go on hookup apps, and engage in one-night stands. They feel like authentic gay adults who get a little horny, as opposed to fictional BL leads who are only intimate to fulfill an endgame plot point. I’m a Fool for You celebrates a liberal approach to sexuality, compared to other series that sanitize sexual desires.

The main story is about an unrequited high school crush, which plays out simplistically and needs more oomph. The barebones plot doesn’t feel too compelling due to a lack of meaningful interactions between the leads. It would benefit from additional scenes that establish context, flesh out the characters, and build up their relationships, like those flashbacks in Season 2. I also think the tone is kind of gloomy, especially with Hugo, and some happier moments would be significant in raising the energy levels.

The biggest problem in I’m a Fool for You is the acting. While Yiu’s actor (Bowie Guan) is charismatic, the two leads playing Hin and Hugo (Pius Kang and Owan Kam) aren’t the strongest. Their limitations are evident in the emotionally demanding scenes, and they should work on delivering the lines in a conversational tone. The actors speak so much more comfortably during the outtakes or cast interviews, where they sound fluid and engaging. They need to bring that same type of enthusiasm to their roles.

I’m a Fool for You shows promise and sincerity. Overall, this is a presentable BL drama, packaging itself well with solid production values. There’s a standard of quality with its artistic camerawork and smooth soundtracks. It gets bonus points as an indie gay web series from Hong Kong, which is exactly the type of underrepresented content that I champion on BL Watcher. With more experience under its belt, this ongoing drama has the potential to improve its quality. I’m eager to watch new episodes in the future!


Season 1

Season 1 does an okay job with introducing Hin and Yiu’s characters, but misses the mark with Hugo.

Season 2

Season 1 takes a while to


Unreciprocated love
Hin rejects Hugo after the failed love confession in high school.


Casual sex
The actors get quite steamy in their kisses and physical interactions.



Hin's actor doesn't deliver lines the most naturally.



Season 1 ending


Season 2 ending
Hugo kisses Hin, but still gets rejected by him.


I’m a Fool for You Episode Guide


I’m a Fool for You has a total of 8 episodes that are divided into two separate seasons. Each season consists of four short episodes and come with well-translated English subtitles. The episodes range around 8 to 10 minutes long. You can finish the entire series in around an hour and thirty minutes. Starting in the second season, there are outtakes included at the end of the episodes.

Currently, two seasons have aired and there might be a third season in the future. Season 1 started airing on January 14, 2021 and finished its last episode on February 25, 2021. Season 2 began airing on July 15, 2021 and ended on August 26, 2021.

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Season 1 Episode 1


Season 1 Episode 2


Season 1 Episode 3


Season 1 Episode 4


Season 2 Episode 1


Season 2 Episode 2


Season 2 Episode 3


Season 2 Episode 4


Season 1 Episode 1

Around 8 minutes

Season 1 Episode 2

Around 8 minutes

Season 1 Episode 3

Around 8 minutes

Season 1 Episode 4

Around 9 minutes

Season 2 Episode 1

Around 12 minutes

Season 2 Episode 2

Around 12 minutes

Season 2 Episode 3

Around 10 minutes

Season 2 Episode 4

Around 13 minutes

I’m a Fool for You Info

Omnia Thought

Omnia Thought is an indie Hong Kong BL studio that made I'm a Fool for You (2021).

Omnia Thought is an indie Hong Kong BL studio that made I’m a Fool for You (2021). It also specializes in photography and portraits. The portfolio of their works can be found in their social media channels.

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