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Hugo and Hin are university friends who reunite in I'm a Fool for You.

I'm a Fool for You is a Hong Kong BL drama about a group of high school friends who reunite years later. The two main characters used to be close friends, but they drifted apart over the years. Now that they meet again, old feelings and awkward memories have resurfaced from the past. Their relationship becomes complicated as they are thrust into a love triangle.

The first season of I'm a Fool for You is an okay introduction. Some aspects are rough around the edges, but I can excuse a few amateurish details from an indie studio. Although the acting isn't the best, the story creates three distinctive characters and teases their juicy relationship drama. I like that the tone is grittier than your average BL drama, depicting gay men more candidly and cynically.

I'm a Fool for You Summary


那個傻的 請一直傻下去

Series Info:

Hong Kong (2021)


40 minutes

Total Episodes:

4 episodes




I'm a Fool for You is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Yiu and Hin sit on the beach and talk.

Hin is a young aspiring musician who struggles to start his career. He is a minor online influencer with thousands of followers, but he can't translate this popularity into a full-fledged contract from a music studio. When his latest demo gets rejected by a producer, Hin is discouraged and thinks of quitting for good. His ex-boyfriend Yiu comforts him, but he cares more about hooking up and having casual sex.

At university, Hin is reunited with his high school friend Hugo. The shy and introverted Hugo used to be close friends with Hin, but a failed love confession caused them to drift apart ever since. Their recent encounter causes old feelings to resurface between them. Both Hin and Hugo muster up the courage to reconnect, putting aside any awkwardness from the past.

I'm a Fool for You Season 1 Trailer

I'm a Fool for You Characters



Pius Kung (龔建銘)

Hin is portrayed by the actor Pius Kung.

Hin is a university student and an aspiring musician. With thousands of online followers, Hin hopes to launch a music career, but struggles to get recognition from professional studios. A popular guy, he still keeps in touch with his ex-boyfriend Yiu. However, Hin has drifted apart from his high school friend Hugo after a failed love confession.


Owan Tam (譚昊旻)

Hugo is portrayed by the actor Owan Tam.

Hugo is a university student who works a part-time job at a bar to support himself financially. Hugo has an unrequited crush on his high school friend Hin. Yet, they haven't stayed in touch after his failed love confession years ago. Recently, Hugo and Hin reconnect in university as old feelings and memories resurface.


Bowie Guan (關俊雄)

Yiu is portrayed by the actor Bowie Guan.

Yiu is Hin's ex-boyfriend and they knew each other back in their high school days. He works at a warehouse, but is used to slacking off to go on hookup apps. Cheeky and talkative, he is full of boisterous energy. Yiu has a bad breakup from his ex-boyfriend, and uses a lot of casual sex to fill the void since then.

Cast Highlights

  • Yiu's actor (Bowie) stars in the 2022 Hong Kong BL drama, BOYS. That series is also about a gloomy love triangle between three friends.

I'm a Fool for You Review


Drama Review Score: 6.6

Hugo makes a move on his high school crush Hin.

I'm a Fool for You is an okay BL drama. It has an amateurish feel, lacking polish in various areas. While the production values are surprisingly decent, the same cannot be said about the shallow storytelling or the clunky acting. Nonetheless, it isn't a terrible effort from a small studio attempting this niche for the first time. It earns goodwill as an indie gay web series from Hong Kong, precisely the type of underrepresented content I champion on BL Watcher.

The story introduces the three protagonists well enough. Each has a distinctive personality and intriguing backstory. Maybe Hin and Yiu are slightly more fleshed out than Hugo, but I have a general idea of who they are as individuals. I care enough about all three leads to feel invested in their relationship drama. Not super invested, but I'm mildly curious and want to learn more about their dynamics. There's definitely room for improvement in terms of character development. However, it's passable if I'm not being too picky.

I'm a Fool for You isn't entirely successful in building a compelling romance. Hugo's unrequited crush on Hin plays out simplistically and needs more oomph. Their interactions are too awkward and mundane, not persuading me of a connection between the characters. Hin shares more sparks with Yiu, highlighted during an exhilarating moment of intimacy in Episode 2. However, I don't believe the series is leaning towards this couple as the endgame. They're more focused on Hugo and Hin, a weak pairing that doesn't stimulate me thus far.

The biggest problem in I'm a Fool for You is the acting. While Yiu's actor (Bowie Guan) is charismatic, the two leads playing Hin and Hugo (Pius Kang and Owan Tam) aren't the strongest. They seem nervous on camera, lacking charisma and energy. Their limitations are evident in the emotionally demanding scenes. Also, they should work on delivering the lines in a conversational tone. The actors speak much more comfortably behind the scenes, sounding fluid and engaged. They need to bring that same type of enthusiasm to their roles.

I'm a Fool for You feels grittier than your average BL drama. I like that it portrays gay relationships candidly and cynically. It doesn't depict rosy fantasies like we see in typical love stories. Many fictional romances celebrate intimacy as a commitment between the leads, whereas I'm a Fool for You takes a pragmatic approach. The characters engage in casual hookups without love. Sex is merely a transaction to fulfill their short-term needs. These views go against the idyllic expectations in the BL genre, but I appreciate the raw authenticity of the series.

Overall, I'm a Fool for You shows promise. This sincere BL drama packages itself well with solid production values. There's a standard of quality with its artistic camerawork & smooth soundtracks. While the series suffers from unrefined writing and inexperienced acting, I can look past these flaws from a small indie studio. A starter project like this needs support and encouragement more than critiques and negativity. With experience under its belt, I'm a Fool for You has the potential to improve the quality. I'm eager to watch new episodes in future seasons!


Okay story

I'm a Fool for You has an okay story, even though it's a bit simple and underdeveloped. It introduces the characters and establishes their dynamics well for the first season.

Basic romance

I don't sense a strong romantic connection between the leads. Their interactions feel too awkward and mundane. However, I like that the series portrays gay relationships candidly and cynically.

Awkward acting

Yiu's actor (Bowie) is charismatic and the strongest in the cast. His costars (Pius and Owan) seem nervous on camera, delivering their lines stiffly. They need to relax and bring more energy to their roles.

Sad ending

I'm a Fool for You has a sad ending where Hin doesn't respond enthusiastically to Hugo's affections. The cliffhanger conclusion sets up the story compellingly for Season 2.

Solid artistry

This series has surprisingly solid artistry and production values for a small indie studio. The intimate kiss in Episode 2 is filmed in a way that highlights desire and sexual tension between the characters.


I'm a Fool for You isn't an awful effort from an indie studio, but the amateurish acting is rough around the edges. This series is grittier than many BL dramas, depicting gay relationships without rosiness.

I'm a Fool for You Season 1

Episode Guide

I'm a Fool for You Season 1 has a total of 4 episodes. The first season consists of four short episodes and comes with well-translated English subtitles. The episodes range around 8 to 10 minutes long. You can finish the entire season in approximately 40 minutes. Season 1 started on January 14, 2021 and finished its last episode on February 25, 2021.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Hin and Hugo are old high school friends who meet each other again in university.

The first episode introduces three young characters in Hong Kong. There's Hugo, a university student who works part-time at a bar. Another character, Hin, goes to the same school and aspires to become a singer. Also, there's Yiu, a delivery worker who only cares about having casual flings with guys.

Hin and Hugo know each other from the past. They bump into each other on their way to school. However, their encounter is formal and awkward. Despite their history, they part ways without making any meaningful conversation.

Hin aspires to become a singer and cultivates a small social media following. However, his hopes are dashed after a record label rejects his latest demo. Feeling demotivated, Hin contacts Yiu in the middle of the night. The episode ends with them meeting on the beach. Yiu seems excited about the prospect of hooking up with Hin.

Episode 1 Review
Hugo takes the elevator on the way to school.

I guess the first episode an okay introduction to a BL drama. At least I remember the three main characters, each with a slightly distinctive quirk. The meeting between Hin and Hugo is really awkward, making me curious about what happened between them in the past.

Yiu's actor (Bowie) seems more natural in delivering his lines, whereas the other two leads (Pius and Owan) are shakier. It doesn't appear like these actors have much on-screen experience. Maybe it'll take a while for them to warm up in their performances.

There aren't too many Hong Kong BL dramas in existence. I don't want to be too harsh on this indie work, even if the writing and the acting aren't the best. I'll remind myself to give gentler critiques and be more encouraging to a new studio with its first BL project.

Episode 2

Yiu and Hin kiss in I'm a Fool for You Season 1 Episode 2.

The second episode continues the beach rendezvous between Hin and Yiu. We learn they're ex-boyfriends who broke up around five years ago. Hin claims Yiu still hasn't moved on from his other ex, Sheldon. Yiu refutes the claim and says he doesn't have feelings for Sheldon, who cheated on him. 

Hin starts crying because he's upset about the rejection from the record label. Yiu cheers up his ex in a casual, flippant way. When Yiu grabs something from his pocket, a condom drops out. That makes Hin smile. Earlier, Yiu promised their chat would be platonic, but the evidence says otherwise. 

The mood turns flirty between the two guys. This episode ends with Yiu and Hin kissing on the beach in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Hugo is taking an exam at school, but he appears flustered. The episode ends with him fixing a mistake on the exam paper, creating a mess. This scene seems to allude to the mysterious past between Hin and Hugo.

Episode 2 Review
Yiu initiates a kiss with Hin.

Hin's actor is cute. Looks-wise, I understand why he was cast in the leading role of a BL drama. Acting-wise, oh dear. His performance was uncomfortable when he cried and yelled on the beach. Luckily, Yiu's actor is more charismatic and carries that exchange to the best of his ability.

I really like the kissing scene at the end of the episode. That moment was rich with desire and sexual tension. The editing techniques are simple yet effective, creating an intimate atmosphere as the characters hook up. The background music is excellent in building a crescendo of emotions so that it feels epic when Hin and Yiu finally kiss.

Random observation: I think I like Hugo more with the glasses. It gives him a more collegiate look. His image appears a bit sharper with the spectacles on.

Episode 3

Hugo and Hin meet up to have a conversation. We learn they used to be high school buddies. However, Hugo feels self-conscious about his failed love confession years ago. Hin reassures him that they can still be friends regardless. Before they part ways, Hin invites Hugo for a drink at his house tonight. Hugo seems visibly excited.

Meanwhile, Yiu hooks up with a random guy. He jolts awake from a nightmare after mumbling his ex-boyfriend's name. His hookup tries comforting him and wants to extend their relationship beyond sex. Yet, Yiu pushes him away and seems averse to intimacy.

Hugo meets up with Hin on the rooftop for drinks. They chat casually about Hin's music career. He doesn't seem confident, but Hugo gives him encouragement. Although they are connecting, Yiu suddenly shows up and joins them for drinks. Hugo seems surprised that his date with Hin turned into a three-person gathering.

Episode 3 Review
Yiu and Hin meet on the rooftop.

I like that we learn more about Hin and Hugo's history. However, their conversations feel awkward because of the clunky acting. Both leads seem nervous on camera and can't carry the scenes. These guys sound like they're delivering the lines instead of speaking naturally.

Yiu is pretty hung up on his ex-boyfriend Sheldon. Until now, his character exhibits a cheeky and flippant demeanour. In this episode, we see beneath the façade, revealing that Yiu is traumatized by his past relationship. He only has casual hookups and seems afraid of intimacy. I'm curious about how his arc will progress.

Episode 3
Episode 4

Episode 4

The season finale continues the rooftop gathering between the three high school friends. Yiu's outgoing personality dominates the conversation, intruding on the private atmosphere that Hugo and Hin had earlier. Hugo seems particularly annoyed when Yiu replaces his snacks. Despite his friend's annoyance, Hin remains oblivious and enjoys Yiu's lively company.

Hin and Yiu want to play drinking games. Hugo refuses initially because he doesn't know the game. However, Hin teaches him the instructions and encourages him to participate. As the night progresses, Yiu becomes heavily drunk. When Yiu gets a bit physical with Hin, Hugo steps in and fights his rival. Their gathering deteriorates into a drunken brawl.

Yiu goes home while Hugo stays behind after the fight. Hugo takes off his shirt as Hin treats his injuries. Hin gently chastises his buddy for getting into a fight, but he doesn't seem mad. He jokes that Hugo should control his temper or he won't find a boyfriend. Hugo interprets that statement as an opening to make a move on his crush. He leans in for a kiss, but backs out at the last moment when Hin doesn't reciprocate. The episode ends with Hugo leaving abruptly while Hin looks startled at what almost happened.

Episode 4 Review
Hin treats Hugo's injuries after the drunken fight.

YESSS!!! FIGHT!!! This series has been too low-key, so I'm glad there's finally some explosive drama. The love triangle doesn't interest me, but I love seeing the characters throw fists and get messy in BL dramas. If I was Hin, I'd be a little flattered these two guys are fighting over me. 😙

FYI, the characters are playing a Hong Kong drinking game. The rules are simple. In each round, the players will either open or close their fists. While doing so, they will announce a number from 5, 10, 15, or 20. An open fist equals five fingers, while a closed fist means zero fingers. You have to drink if you declare the same digits as the number of fingers displayed.

I'm a Fool for You will continue its story in Season 2, so this cliffhanger ending sets up the dynamics compellingly for next season. To be honest, I'm not that into Hin and Hugo as a couple. Their exchanges are too awkward, making me cringe. However, I'm still curious about how the characters will respond to the events in the Season 1 finale. The relationship drama is juicy enough to get me excited about the second season.

I'm a Fool for You Season 1 Info


I'm a Fool for You is scheduled to have four seasons. Currently, three seasons have aired and the final season is in production.

Season 2

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 is the second season of the Hong Kong BL series.

I'm a Fool for You began its second season on July 15, 2021. There are four episodes, each roughly around 8 to 10 minutes. Each episode now includes outtakes, showing a glimpse of the actors and production team behind the scenes. Season 2 officially finished on August 26, 2021.

During the second season, the story explores the aftermath of Hin and Hugo's awkward encounter on the rooftop. This season introduces several new supporting characters from the past. Also, numerous flashbacks highlight Hin and Hugo's time in high school. We discover what happened to their friendship after the failed love confession. We also learn more about Hugo's backstory. In the present timeline, Hin faces a dilemma. He must choose between staying in Hong Kong or leaving for Taiwan to pursue his music career.

Season 3

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 is the second season of the Hong Kong BL series.

I'm a Fool for You started its third season on August 4, 2021. There are five episodes, each roughly around 8 to 10 minutes. Season 3 officially finished on September 29, 2021. In the finale, the cast announced there are plans to make a fourth and final season to wrap up the story.

During the third season, the story continues after Hin and Hugo's last exchange. Some time has passed since the previous finale. Hin returns to Hong Kong after his music career in Taiwan didn't go according to plan. He learns upsetting news about Hin, who has spiralled emotionally and hit rock bottom. Meanwhile, Yiu has a chance encounter with his ex-boyfriend Sheldon. Later, Yiu discovers a scandalous secret between Sheldon and his new boyfriend.

Omnia Thought

Omnia Thought is an indie Hong Kong BL studio that made I'm a Fool for You (2021).

Omnia Thought is an indie Hong Kong BL studio that made I'm a Fool for You (2021). It also specializes in photography and portraits. The portfolio of their works can be found in their social media channels.

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