Grey Rainbow takes the time to develop the romantic saga between Nuer and Porsche.

Grey Rainbow is a Thai series about two best friends who discover their romantic feelings for each other. This drama covers the coming out journey in extensive detail, with an honest and raw depiction of LGBT issues. It also explores the family dynamic, including how some parents respond to their children’s sexual orientation.

Grey Rainbow takes a sensitive approach in portraying a nuanced and complex romance between the two male characters. Their love story feels special, like an epic journey with emotional highs and lows.

Grey Rainbow Summary

What is the drama called?


Where was the series made?


When was the drama released?


How long is Grey Rainbow?

Around 4 hours

What is the genre?


How would you describe the series?

Sad and bittersweet

How many episodes are in Grey Rainbow?

4 episodes

How long is each episode?

Around 75 minutes


Nuer and Porsche are best friends who develop feelings for each other.

Porsche is a sensitive and introverted university student, secretly pining after his energetic and outgoing roommate Nuer. While they are close friends, Nuer already has a girlfriend. At times, Nuer seems to give off mixed signals to Porsche, acting very chummy when it's just the two of them alone together. This ambiguity brings Porsche's hopes up, even though he never dares to act on his feelings.

After Porsche goes through a traumatic encounter, Nuer becomes even closer to Porsche, showing affection more explicitly than before. Their intimacy puts a strain on his relationship with Jane, who's starting to suspect that Nuer cares about Porsche beyond just friends. As the sexual tension escalates between the two men, Nuer and Porsche have no choice but to confront their growing feelings for each other.

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Grey Rainbow Cast


Porsche Karn Kasidej Hongladaromp (กษิดิ์เดช หงส์ลดารมภ์) Karn Instagram

Porsche is a smart and sensitive university student in love with his best friend Porsche. He is studying law in university. Lately, Porsche has taken an interest in learning more about LGBT rights and activism.

Nuer Nut Nutchapon Rattanamongkol (ณัชพล รัตนมงคล) Nut Instagram

Nuer is an energetic and extroverted university student, whose feelings for Porsche seem ambiguous. His parents run a resort at an elephant sanctuary, which he is set to inherit as their only child.

Supporting Cast

Grey Rainbow - Jane


Grey Rainbow - Nuer's mother

Nuer's mom

Grey Rainbow - Nuer's father

Nuer's dad

Grey Rainbow - Ice


Grey Rainbow - Khampun


Grey Rainbow - Watt


Grey Rainbow - Porsche's father

Porsche's dad

Grey Rainbow - Porsche's mother

Porsche's mom

Grey Rainbow Review


Drama Review Score: 9.0

Grey Rainbow depicts a love story between Nuer and Porsche.

When I was watching Grey Rainbow, there was a certain point where the drama came pretty close to perfection. It was after Nuer came out to his parents, who had some time to process their initial shock. While their reactions were flawed and misinformed, they loved their son so much and prioritized his happiness above all else. Nuer's mom even became their biggest supporter, moving all of Porsche's belongings into Nuer's room "to save expenses".

This was meant to be a light comical moment, but I was so touched by the open-mindedness of these traditional Asian parents. It made me reflect on what a special series Grey Rainbow was, with such a mature and sentimental approach towards gay relationships. Keep in mind that the series came out in 2016, back when there wasn't a lot of representation in the BL genre yet. Grey Rainbow feels like a pioneer, delving into LGBT topics that aren't widely portrayed in East Asia at the time.

While Grey Rainbow can be a little heavy-handed with some of the LGBT themes, it has well-meaning intentions. The series has a lot of empathy towards the gay community, which is evident in the thoughtful and sentimental love story it tells. I’ll always appreciate the series and it has a special place in my heart.


Great story

Porsche and Nuer are best friends who develop feelings for each other.

It's a simple love story between two guys, one you've seen many times in BL dramas before. How Grey Rainbow distinguishes itself is the nuanced storytelling, which portrays a LGBT relationship in a multifaceted way.

The story goes beyond just Porsche and Nuer discovering their feelings for each other, but it also touches upon homophobia, the coming out process & the complexities of family. While the plot might be simple, the themes that Grey Rainbow explores are complex, universal, and timeless.


Epic romance

Nuer uses a ruler to measure the distance between him and Porsche in bed.

Very well-done. Grey Rainbow develops a long romantic saga, which builds up the relationship, explores the feelings, and amplifies the sexual tension between the two characters. They don't get together right away, but both of them go through emotional journeys of self-discovery before they admit their feelings.

Although there was a lot of drama, this was balanced with many happy moments and sweet relationship scenes between the couple. The third episode was especially great, like a showcase of Nuer and Porsche falling deeper in love with each other.


Good acting

Porsche gives Nuer a hug after he gets emotional.

Pretty good, even though some of the scenes had stronger acting than others. Grey Rainbow featured lots of intense drama throughout the series, but everyone pulled through for the most part.

Best Character


Nuer's smile lights up every scene in Grey Rainbow.

Nuer's actor was my favourite. He has an electrifying smile that comes from the heart and just lights up the room. I also loved the marvelous scenes after he came out to his parents and they were coming to terms with their son's sexuality. There were some powerful emotions conveyed in those scenes that really moved me.

Skin & Nudity

Shirtless scenes

Neur gets shirtless a few times in Grey Rainbow.

Yes, the leads take off their shirts in a couple of scenes, but you don't get anything more than that. There's a scene in the boxing ring where they both get shirtless.



Nuer's dad tries to get Porsche's dad to understand their sons' love.

Sadly, there was a lot of explicit homophobia. Porsche also faced a rape attempt and a homophobic assault, both of which got stopped in time. And of course, there's the controversial finale, which is very triggering if you were looking forward to a happy ending.


Paper airplane

I loved when Nuer and Porsche flew paper airplanes with love messages to each other.

There were a couple of memorable and outstanding scenes in Grey Rainbow that I loved. If I have to pick just one moment, then my favourite is probably the paper airplane scene, which I thought was so sweet. I had the same gushing reaction as Khampun when she discovered their little love notes for each other. Nuer and Porsche are so, so precious. 🥰


End it earlier

Grey Rainbow should have ended when Nuer and Porsche took their wedding photos.

I would end the series precisely after the wedding photos were taken. This felt like a good place to cap off the series, tying up all the previous plots in a neat little bow. We would’ve avoided the annoying Jane drama that dragged down the final episode. Most importantly, it gives us a happy ending with the couple, and Grey Rainbow would’ve finished on such a high note.


Nuer and Porsche

Out of the four episodes in Grey Rainbow, the first three were particularly strong and engrossing. Each episode was structured with an overarching theme in its narrative:

  • The first episode was about Porsche, discovering his sexuality as he copes with his seemingly unrequited love.
  • The second episode centered on Nuer, slowly dropping the facade and confronting his repressed feelings.
  • The third episode placed the focus on the parents, initially struggling and later coming to terms with their children's sexual orientation.
  • The fourth episode was about a gay couple settling down with certain cultural obstacles they face along the way. There's a lot to unpack in that particular episode, which we'll discuss later in the review.
Nuer and Porsche have an epic love story that takes place over four episodes in Grey Rainbow.

The first two episodes were pretty straightforward, depicting the will-they-or-won't-they romance between Nuer and Porsche. You start off thinking that Porsche's love is unrequited and he's headed for a heartbreak, but there's also enough ambiguity in Nuer's actions to keep you guessing. Later on, we get clarity that Nuer is a big closet case, who doesn't want to be honest with his feelings even after they kissed.

I know this type of love story sounds very familiar. If you've watched lots of shows and movies with gay characters, this exact scenario has played out many times before. Nonetheless, it was still interesting to watch their relationship unfold, with their sexual tension becoming more and more palpable. The characters make themselves very emotionally vulnerable, and it's easy to empathize with them.

Their kiss in the boxing ring was the culmination of a long and emotional journey. It took over two hours for these guys to get their shit together and sort out their feelings for each other. When their love is finally reciprocated, it felt so satisfying to watch. No more confusion and no more denials. Nuer and Porsche are officially together, at last!

Coming out

Nuer comes out to his parents in Episode 3 of Grey Rainbow.

The third episode is probably my favourite one in Grey Rainbow. First of all, it takes place in a unique and gorgeous location: an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. In this picturesque environment, the characters actually get to interact with the elephants and take care of them, which is like super cool. Right away, the show is already more interesting by default just because the setting is so extraordinary. It's like this BL drama turned into a nature documentary halfway.

The elephant sanctuary sets a romantic backdrop for Nuer and Porsche to continue their relationship. After watching their struggles in the first two episodes, I love seeing them so happy and intimate as a couple. Their relationship scenes are cute and tender, especially the moment when they flew paper airplanes with love messages to each other. Too sweet for words.

The coming out scenes in this episode were handled well, packed with raw and authentic emotions. I loved the compassion from Nuer’s parents, who didn’t understand his sexuality at first, but they reconciled out of love for their son. The reactions from Porsche’s parents were less favourable, but they also felt true and resembled the coming out experiences in more conservative families.

Jane and the baby

Porsche looks as interested in Jane's baby as I am.

I would’ve given Grey Rainbow a perfect grade had it concluded earlier, wrapping up right after Nuer and Porsche took their wedding photos. Up until that point, the show handled all the drama in a riveting way. It was only in the last episode when the show went downhill, where the story lost momentum and started getting too convoluted.

Parachuting Jane and her baby into the plot was totally unnecessary, in my opinion. She brought complicated drama, but not in a way that’s organic or interesting to watch. It’s off-putting that the plot suddenly revolved around this minor character and her baby, to the extent that the focus shifted away from Nuer and Porsche. Also, I don’t like the optics of a struggling single mother being made into an antagonist, which is her “role” for getting in the way of the gay couple's happiness.

Thematically, I think the show was trying to convey a bigger message about a gay couple’s struggle to start a family and have kids. It’s a big LGBT topic that should be discussed, but the way Grey Rainbow does it feels so ham-fisted. Like, they inserted a totally random baby into the plot and tried their best to stir up drama. I’m not into it.

Ending explained

Nuer is about to drop dead on his wedding day with Porsche in 3...2...1...

What most people remember about Grey Rainbow is the controversial ending, which overpowers the rest of the series. It doesn't matter that Grey Rainbow told a lovely, sentimental story with lots of happy moments up until this point. As soon as Nuer keeled over and died so suddenly on his wedding day, his tragic death would define the drama.

I'm actually not that against the idea of Nuer dying. His death is related to a message about cherishing the ones you love, because you never know when you'll lose them. I mean, I kinda understand the sentiment. Even though I'd much prefer a happier ending where both gay characters stay alive, I would've been okay if Grey Rainbow handled his death in a really poignant, profound way.

Um, that was not what happened.

Instead, the best way to describe Nuer's death is that it was a total shit show. In the drama's final moments, he clutched his chest, made a pained expression, and then his body fell over lifelessly. Nuer's death came as a total shock, because we had no prior explanations or foreshadowing. I only read online afterwards that Nuer was suffering from a hidden health condition all along. Okay, I'm sorry, but what the fuck!? Where did this illness come from!? Why did he have to die!?

The real kicker is that Nuer's death happened on his wedding day. This was supposed to be an incredibly important milestone, where two gay characters are marrying on the happiest day of their lives. Instead, they choose to kill him in that exact moment. Like how tone-death do you have to be? As you might expect, this ending was hated by pretty much everyone, and the show finished on a low note.

It's such a shame that the last episode turned into a mess, overshadowing all those incredible moments from earlier episodes. No, I didn't like the ending either, but I hope more people will remember this show for its many strengths rather than its glaring weaknesses. If you're willing to overlook the tragic ending, Grey Rainbow is truly a worthwhile series to watch.

Grey Rainbow Information

  1. REPOST With Corrections: I fully agree with the problems of introducing Jane and her baby and the death scene, so I used 4-k downloader and downloaded all 4 episodes, imported them into Adobe Premier and took out all the commercial breaks, jane and her baby, and the death scenes. to make the ending even better, I reedited Porsche and Nuer standing on the top of the wood framed mountain overlook of the valley taking out the girl Porsche talked to through the series, and the questions and answers about the baby. Then to top it all off, when I rendered and saved it, I forced it up from 720p to 1080-p with 5.1 surround sound… I totally fixed all of the problems in the entire made for TV film series, including the stupid homophobic drop-dead ending, making it the love story it should have been from start to finish. I would post my 4.5-hour makeover version on YouTube, but I’d get hammered by Plain Paper Subs and Thai TV Channel 39 for copyright violations, as well as violations of YouTube policy. If anyone wants a copy of the very long made over film, they can email me and I can see that they get a copy.

    Follow-up Post Note… I noticed typos in my first post so I made the corrections in this post. I also forgot to mention, that with my reediting, the film didn't have to end with the wedding photos as your site suggested… The wedding is included… I just cut out the death scene which was easy since there are several flashes as the wedding photographer takes pictures, just before Porsche raises his hand, and snapes his fingers for the time freeze, where Nuer's death takes place. I'm 70-years-old now, but in my younger years I was at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, and learned film editing. Now, in the digital age I've done freelance subtitling for several major films, and I've also become a good digital editor of problematic scenes like those crazy and unnecessary scenes in Grey Rainbow (2016). Sincerely, Joel Speirs

  2. Hey, thanks for your review. I would very much like to watch your edited version !

  3. I was really thinking about watching this, so thank you for saving my time by saying what happens at the end.
    After History3 make our days count I'm too traumatized, so I need to search if that's any main character death in the last episode for no reason. That type of ending is literally homophobia.
    I'm reading your reviews to know what I'm going to watch next!
    Good job on this site!

    Ohh and I don't know if you're already watching it, but Light On Me (Korean BL that's still being released) is really worth the watch, hopping to read your review about it someday.

    1. Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. I've watched too many fictional gay romances end in tragic deaths, enough to make me weary and worried.

      Thanks for the encouragement! 🤗 It has been a lot of work setting up this site, but I will keep watching and writing about more BL. My goal is to build a ginormous database for years to come.

      And yes, Light On Me is definitely on my radar! I haven't started it yet, but I will be watching and reviewing that series soon. It sounds quite promising and I look forward to getting started.

  4. Thank you so much for your review. I originally wasn't going to watch this series because I had heard things about the ending but thanks to your review I'm going to give it a try and stop after the wedding pictures. Like you suggested. I really appreciate your Insight.

    1. That's so great to hear and I'm glad you'll give Grey Rainbow a go! One of my major drives to write this review is to defend one of my favourite BL series, which shouldn't be defined by its controversial ending. Grey Rainbow features some powerful scenes with such sensitive emotions that they still resonate with me to this day. I really hope you enjoy your experience! 🤗

  5. WOW – just finished watching before reading this review and primarily agree with everything you say, especially given the (now) elapsed timeline line.

    One of my major gripes with BL’s (being 40’s Gay man and not primary demo target for BL’s) is the unnecessary script add-ons – or over emphasis. I get adding Jane in for a vehicle for the boys getting a kid/same sex family difficulties but didn’t need the added drama…. IMO
    AS FOR THAT ENDING….. WTAF, I get it, and it packed that punch but ….. and why ???!! but WHYYYY????!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m definitely going in for another watch, soon and it’s on my fav list because most of it is too good not to.

  6. Love reading your reviews
    Can you send the link to your version of Grey Rainbow- I don’t have the heart to watch the original ending.
    I truly hope that the film companies are reading your reviews
    Regards Tina

  7. Having read your review of this film I still went through all the chapters to make my own judgement, and indeed the ending is absolute rubbish… such a WTF moment. Kill the poor guy if you must but there are ways to do it that would have been way better. To me this was something that has ruined the some future watchers. Not sure if I missed it but what happened with Jane… I assume she died at the end? Yes it was a bit forced story that indeed did not contribute much to the main message of the film and could have been avoided easily. Still, personally it did not bother me too much. If anything, I did not understand very well why we have also the story of the illegal users of the river… that one it really felt for me more forced, than the Jane one. All in all, the whole story felt somehow kinda sad…not sure why but that's the way it felt to me. With the exception of the few minutes of the wedding pics, the rest of it seemed to be shrouded in grey… dunno, like the characters were just on a waiting game for something really bad. Would a diff ending change this feeling…? Not sure to be honest, it all felt temporary, just few moments of happiness before tragedy struck.

  8. I cried – why did Nuer die? It did not make sense. I literally cried – I was looking forward to Porsche and Nuer living together happily, raising Jane's daughter but they killed him for no damn good reason. I was very disappointed in that.
    In the series where they both start in 2022 "Dear Doctor, I'm Coming for Soul" – they also killed him – albite of old age but still…..I want to see their story where they fight for gay rights and live happily.

  9. Hello, I would also like a copy of your edited version. I started watching the show but then found out it had such a sad ending.

    Can you please send it to me?

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