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BL Watcher is dedicated to watching new BL dramas, anime, and movies. See my best recommendations for the latest series and films in the Boys Love genre. My goal is to review every BL story ever made from around the world. I also write episode guides, character analysis & spoiler-free summaries. BL Watcher is updated regularly!

What is BL Watcher?

BL Watcher was started to keep track of all the BL series and movies that I watched over the years. With so many new 2023 BL dramas coming out lately, I wanted a better system to organize what to watch next. Every time I finished watching a show, I will write down my detailed thoughts on BL Watcher. Did I love or hate this BL series? Read and find out!

At BL Watcher, I have watched and written about hundreds of different BL series. I understand how tricky it is to explore the many options and find the best BL dramas to watch. That's why I review everything methodically, assigning a separate score to the story, romance, acting, and other metrics. I'm eager to highlight the good, criticize the bad, and call out the ugliness from the BL genre.

Where to watch BL

Read detailed episode guides for BL series like Color Rush 2.

In recent years, BL dramas are on the rise across the world. You can watch many BL series from Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Other Asian countries like Philippines & Vietnam have joined the cultural phenomenon, making BL a surprisingly international genre. Many BL series are subtitled in English, either through official sources or fan translations.

It's very easy to watch BL from anywhere. Check out some of the best BL from around the world:

Best BL dramas to watch

I will give my favourite BL recommendations like Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

BL dramas are interested in telling good gay & LGBT stories from a unique perspective. Due to the recent popularity of BL dramas, there's an influx of new & exciting series in this genre. From school romances to workplace comedies, BL brings these fictional romances to life with handsome actors, captivating stories, and visually stunning cinematography.

Are you new to BL and not sure where to start? BL Watcher recommends these best BL series in the genre:

List of BL Dramas in 2022 & 2023

Are you caught up on the latest 2023 BL series to watch? As new dramas launch every week, it can be hard to keep track of what to watch next. Join BL Watcher as I review every completed and upcoming series this year. The 2023 BL calendar & schedule lists are updated regularly!

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New BL Series 2023

Cutie Pie 2 You

Cutie Pie 2 You is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Cutie Pie 2 You is the sequel to the Thai BL series Cutie Pie. The short second season continues the original love story following the main character's graduation. The protagonist faces a dilemma between marrying his fiancé and pursuing a career opportunity. He must decide whether their wedding, which had been anticipated since childhood, shall proceed.

New BL Series 2022

Eternal Yesterday

Eternal Yesterday is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Eternal Yesterday is a Japanese BL series about two high school students who experience a heartbreaking tragedy. The protagonist used to be a loner until his cheerful classmate befriends him. Despite their opposite personalities, they form a close bond and cultivate a secret attraction. On an ordinary morning, they are walking to school. A devastating event suddenly occurs, changing their lives forever.

Semantic Error

Semantic Error is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Semantic Error is a Korean BL series about two feuding university students. A serious programmer and a rebellious artist clash over a school project. Their animosity keeps escalating to new extremes, defined by petty pranks and feisty arguments. When their vendetta starts to dissolve, the characters discover their feelings for each other are a lot more complicated.

The Eclipse

The Eclipse is a Thai BL series in 2022.

The Eclipse is a Thai BL series about an uprising at an all-boys school. The main character feels disturbed by the recent protests and strange phenomena happening around campus. He believes the new transfer student is responsible for causing these disruptions. The protagonist investigates the rebellious classmate, hoping to uncover his mysterious intentions.

Old Fashion Cupcake

Old Fashion Cupcake is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Old Fashion Cupcake is a Japanese BL series about a delightful office romance. The main character is a single business employee in his late thirties, who lacks ambition and fails to enjoy life beyond his job. A young colleague befriends the protagonist and encourages him to try new experiences outside his comfort zone. They visit various dessert parlours, standing out as the only male customers in shops packed with women.

To My Star 2

To My Star 2 is a Korean BL series in 2022.

To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories is the second season of the Korean BL series, To My Star. This sequel continues the romance between a famous actor and an ordinary chef. However, the couple is no longer together at the beginning of the story. A year after their heartbreaking separation, the devastated protagonist seeks answers from his missing ex-boyfriend.

More Than Words

More Than Words is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

More Than Words is a Japanese drama about three best friends in a love triangle over the years. The aromantic female protagonist befriends a popular classmate, even though she isn't interested in dating him. Later, they welcome a gay coworker to their social circle. The trio forms a close bond from high school to adulthood. Yet, their relationship reaches a turning point that threatens to drive them apart.

Plus & Minus

Plus & Minus is a Taiwanese BL series in 2022.

Plus & Minus is a Taiwanese BL series about the romance between two childhood friends. The main characters have been best friends for over twenty years. Now, they work as colleagues in the same law firm. Despite their close brotherly bond, this friendship never escalated affectionately until now.


Triage is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Triage is a Thai BL series with the main character stuck inside a time loop. The protagonist is an emergency room doctor who repeats the same timeline after failing to save a patient's life. He must revisit the past and change history to stop the tragedy from happening. The two leads go on an extraordinary adventure with time manipulation, mystery investigation, and epic romance.

My Only 12%

My Only 12% is a Thai BL drama in 2022.

My Only 12% is a Thai BL series that follows two childhood best friends from high school to university. The main characters are neighbours who grew up together and developed a close bond. Yet, their relationship becomes complicated as romantic feelings emerge. The protagonist feels tormented about his secret crush, which he doesn't believe will be reciprocated.

Vice Versa

Vice Versa is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Vice Versa is a Thai BL series about a love story in a parallel universe. After life-threatening encounters, the protagonists regain consciousness to discover they have been magically transported to another dimension. Furthermore, they swapped bodies with two strangers and took over their identities. The main characters must work together, navigate this strange world, and find a way home.

Sasaki to Miyano

Sasaki to Miyano is a Japanese BL anime series in 2022.

Sasaki to Miyano is a BL anime series about the tender love story between two high school students. The main character is a BL fanatic who befriends an upperclassman, introducing him to the world of Boys Love manga. As they bond over their mutual interest, their relationship develops from a casual friendship to a blossoming attraction.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is a Thai BL series in 2022.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us is a Thai BL series about trauma and family melodrama. The protagonist and his mom have depended on each other since his dad's untimely death. Recently, they encountered an old family friend who shared a history with his parents. The main character delves into secret scandals, emotional conflicts & unspeakable truths about who his father used to be.

Love Bill

Love Bill is a Vietnamese BL series in 2022.

Love Bill is a Vietnamese BL series about a runaway teenager and his older roommate. After clashing with his family, the rebellious protagonist deserts home with nowhere to go. An aspiring screenwriter allows the youth to live at his house as a renter. Although their relationship begins rockily, they build an intimate bond. As romantic feelings develop, they struggle with the age gap and confusion over their sexuality.

Senpai, This Can't Be Love!

Senpai, This Can't Be Love is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Senpai, This Can't Be Love! is a Japanese BL series about a cute and quirky workplace romance. The protagonist is a shy new employee at a 3D design agency. He has a secret crush on an older colleague, who mentors him in the office. As the two leads flirt coyly, they must navigate their unspoken feelings for each other.

DNA Says I Love You

DNA Says I Love You is a Taiwanese BL series in 2022.

DNA Says I Love You is a unique Taiwanese BL series with a groundbreaking concept. However, the story begins ordinarily as a boy-meets-boy romance. The main character befriends a mysterious stranger, who seems sweet, shares similar interests, and gets along with him. As their relationship develops, his new acquaintance struggles to maintain a complex secret.

Roommates of Poongduck 304

Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a Korean BL series about an office worker, his boss, and their odd living arrangement. The main character lives by himself. His friend slyly recruits a tenant and collects the rent money. Due to the scheme, the roommates clash and form an awful first impression. Later, the protagonist is mortified after learning his houseguest has become his new manager at work.

Kabe Koji

Kabe Koji is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Kabe Koji is a Japanese BL comedy series about a doujinshi artist. The protagonist is famous for drawing an adult manga with steamy characters. Surprisingly, one of his biggest fans is a celebrity idol from an up-and-coming boy band. The two leads used to know each other in high school. An unlikely bond forms as they reconnect, leading to hilarious hijinks, warm camaraderie, and emotional journeys.

You're My Sky

You're My Sky is a Thai BL series in 2022.

You're My Sky is a Thai BL sports drama. The main character is a motivated university student who wants to revive his school's ailing basketball team. He encourages his childhood friend to join the squad and pursue his dreams of becoming an athlete. The pair rekindles their close bond as they strive for the championship title.

Choco Milk Shake

Choco Milk Shake is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Choco Milk Shake is a Korean fantasy BL series about a pet owner whose animals transform into humanoid companions. The main character owns a dog and a cat. One day, they suddenly appear as humans. Despite his shock and confusion, the protagonist adjusts to a cozy lifestyle with his new roommates. They bond, create memories, and develop feelings that go beyond friendship.

Something in My Room

Something in My Room is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Something in My Room is a Thai supernatural BL series about a haunted house. The main character and his mom move into a new property, unaware there is a cheeky ghost trying to catch their attention. Once the protagonist gains clairvoyant vision, he befriends the spirit in his room. They form a profound bond while searching for the phantom's memories in the living world.

My Tooth Your Love

My Tooth Your Love is a Taiwanese BL series in 2022.

My Tooth Your Love is a Taiwanese BL series about a dentist, his patient, and their romance. The main character suffers from a toothache, but he'd rather endure the pain than seek help. When the protagonist finally visits the clinic, he causes trouble and clashes with his dentist. Despite the rocky first impression, they overcome their differences and befriend each other. As their friendship develops, they must figure out their budding feelings.

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Cutie Pie is a Thai BL series about two childhood friends and their arranged marriage. For many years, the protagonist's grandfather wanted him to marry the son of a close family acquaintance. The main characters have gotten engaged and intend to fulfill their obligations. However, many scandalous secrets and hidden tensions threaten to tear apart their precarious relationship.

Love Mechanics

Love Mechanics is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Love Mechanics is a Thai BL series about two engineering students and their turbulent romance. Triggered by a failed love confession, the heartbroken protagonist has a drunken one-night stand with a stranger at a bar. He feels scandalized by their encounter, especially after discovering his sex partner already has a girlfriend. As the characters meet again on campus, they must battle their confusion, remorse, and secret desire for each other.

Sky in Your Heart

Sky in Your Heart is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Sky in Your Heart is the spin-off of the Thai BL series Star in My Mind. The main character is a doctor who must do community service after his drunken car accident. The protagonist arrives at a rural village, where he butts heads with a volunteer teacher over a lousy first impression. As they work past the early misunderstandings, the leads form a bond despite their personality differences.

Till the World Ends

Till the World Ends is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Till the World Ends is a Thai BL dystopian series about the final days before Earth's destruction. There have been news reports about the moon striking the world. Suddenly, the government announces everyone should retreat to the nearest bunker. The protagonist gets entangled in unexpected drama, causing him to miss the evacuation deadline. He teams up with another stranded survivor as they confront the apocalypse. 

21 Days Theory

21 Days Theory is a Thai BL series in 2022.

21 Days Theory is a Thai BL series about a high school romance that develops over three weeks. The main character meets a cheeky older student who challenges him to an unconventional competition. He must convince a famous girl to take him on a date over the next twenty-one days. Although their relationship begins as a rivalry, the two leads become closer as they get to know each other better.

I Just Want to See You

I Just Want to See You is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

I Just Want to See You is a Japanese BL series about a calm, gentle high school romance. The main characters are two childhood best friends about to enter their senior year, facing uncertainty over their futures. They have maintained a platonic relationship all these years. However, this dynamic will soon change in their final summer of adolescence together.

Ocean Likes Me

Ocean Likes Me is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Ocean Likes Me is a Korean BL series about a restaurant by the beach. The main character relocates to a seaside community by himself and wants to open his own udon shop. He struggles to attract customers to his new business until a fateful encounter with a quirky free spirit. As they work together, the store and their relationship steadily gain momentum.

My Ride

My Ride is a Thai BL series in 2022.

My Ride is a Thai BL series about the love story between a doctor and a motorcycle taxi driver. The main characters bond over their similar personalities despite coming from different walks of life. A natural attraction forms between the two friends, but the doctor is already committed to his older boyfriend. However, his recent relationship troubles push him closer to the amiable driver with the dimpled smile.

49 Days with a Merman

49 Days with a Merman is a Taiwanese series in 2022.

49 Days With a Merman is a Taiwanese non-BL fantasy drama. An ordinary high school student leads an uneventful life until he suddenly meets an eccentric merman. Unable to return to the sea, the merman must reside in the human world for the time being. He lives in the bathroom belonging to his new companion, as the two characters form a brotherly bond.

What Zabb Man!

What Zabb Man! is a Thai BL series in 2022.

What Zabb Man! is a Thai BL series about a hotel restaurant. The protagonist is a talented cook from a working-class background. He gets recruited for a lucrative head chef job at a fancy hotel. However, he clashes with the arrogant CEO over an awful first impression. Their strained relationship dynamic improves as they work together and know each other better.

Color Rush 2

Color Rush 2 is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Color Rush 2 is the sequel of the Korean BL series Color Rush. The second season continues the story of a colourblind protagonist, seeking the whereabouts of his missing loved ones. He is joined by a new companion, as they work together to uncover the conspiracy behind a mysterious organization.

Ghost Host, Ghost House

Ghost Host, Ghost House is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Ghost Host, Ghost House is a Thai supernatural BL series about a haunted residence. The main character has returned from overseas and moves in with his aunt's family. However, he doesn't know his relatives are ghostly spirits. The oblivious protagonist befriends a superstitious acquaintance as they uncover the truth behind their spooky surroundings.


Blueming is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Blueming is a Korean BL series about two film school students with a rocky relationship. The protagonist has a terrible first impression of his popular classmate, who seems to belittle everything he does. He becomes wary of his new rival as tensions rise uncomfortably. During a heated confrontation, the two characters discover their perceptions of each other are very different. There might have been a misunderstanding from the start.

Minato's Laundromat

Minato's Laundromat is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Minato's Laundromat is a Japanese BL series about a high school student's unrequited love. The teen protagonist has a crush on the local laundromat owner, who is in his late twenties. Yet, the older man feels uncomfortable about their age gap and turns down the relationship. Despite the rejection, the characters continue to spend time together as they struggle with their repressed feelings.


Double is a Japanese series in 2022.

Double is a Japanese non-BL drama about two friends with an unusually codependent relationship. They have been aspiring actors and next-door neighbours for many years, bonding over their love for theatre performances. The main character is his friend's mentor and sees tremendous talent in him. Their rapport changes when one of their careers picks up traction, leaving the other with complicated emotions.

My Secret Love

My Secret Love is a Thai BL series in 2022.

My Secret Love is a Thai BL series about the romance between a student council president and a troublemaking prankster. The main characters clash over causing mischief on campus. As the rivalry escalates, the school authorities intervene and force the two feuding factions to get along. Reluctantly, they begin faking an amicable relationship to avoid the threat of suspension.

Happy Ending Romance

Happy Ending Romance is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Happy Ending Romance is a Korean BL series about a love triangle between two authors and a book publisher. The lead used to be a famous writer until he crossed a powerful enemy. Since then, his career has plummeted. He meets the owner of a small publishing house, who admires his talent and wants to release his next book. Yet, they face many setbacks, especially from the protagonist's boyfriend.

Coffee Melody

Coffee Melody is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Coffee Melody is a Thai BL series about a cute, flirty romance in a coffee shop. The main character is a songwriter going through a creative slump. After visiting a cafe, he develops a crush on the friendly owner. As the protagonist falls in love, he finds the inspiration to make music again.

About Youth

About Youth is a Taiwanese BL series in 2022.

About Youth is a Taiwanese BL series about a teenage romance between two high school seniors. The main characters first meet on a rainy evening after experiencing emotional hardships. They reunite a year later, but only one of them remembers what happened that night. As the leads get acquainted, their newfound friendship develops into a mutual attraction.

Oh! My Assistant

Oh! My Assistant is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Oh! My Assistant is a Korean BL comedy series about a webtoon artist and his new employee. The protagonist draws for a living and recently hires a assistant to help with his projects. Romantic feelings develop as they work together day and night. However, the characters don't know if their crush is reciprocated. They must navigate their attraction and confusion in many funny situations.

Takara-kun and Amagi-kun

Takara-kun & Amagi-kun is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Takara-kun and Amagi-kun is a Japanese BL series about two high school students who recently started dating. The main characters belong to different social circles. One is a part of the popular kids, while the other just hangs out with his ordinary friends. They must hide this unlikely relationship from classmates while navigating their feelings for one another.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is the second season of the Japanese BL comedy. This sequel continues the story of the reluctant protagonist in a universe dominated by gay couples. Although he becomes more open-minded, a shocking setback makes the main character feel jaded about love.

The Promise

The Promise is a Vietnamese BL series in 2022.

The Promise is a Vietnamese BL series about two stepbrothers and their budding romance. The feisty teenage protagonist has a rocky relationship with his older stepsibling. After getting into trouble at school, the main character is surprised when his nemesis shows sympathetic support. Their relationship improves, but they must navigate their vague and uneasy feelings for each other.

Our Days

Our Days is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Our Days is a Thai BL series about two university students who become enemies after a drunken night together. The main character cannot forgive his acquaintance over a stolen kiss. The other protagonist is apologetic and seeks forgiveness, but hostility continues brewing between them. Their relationship turns complicated once they must live in the same house as roommates.


Enchanté is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Enchanté is a Thai BL series about two childhood friends who reunite after years of separation. The main character moved overseas and lived in France until his grandmother's death. After returning home, he reconnects with his neighbour and strengthens their close bond. Suddenly, the protagonist receives a flirty message from a secret admirer. He begins investigating who wrote the mysterious note.

On Cloud Nine

On Cloud Nine is a Thai BL series in 2022.

On Cloud Nine is a Thai fantasy BL series. The story begins with the main character meeting a mysterious stranger in the wilderness. This suspicious wanderer seems oddly intimate, following the protagonist wherever he goes. Soon, bizarre events begin happening when they are together. After a puzzling intro, the rest of the BL drama is dedicated to explaining the past. It turns out the two leads used to have a history together.

Original Sin

Original Sin is a Korean BL movie in 2022.

Original Sin is a Korean BL short movie about a love affair between two church members. The protagonist is a devout believer who attends religious gatherings with other parishioners. One day, a mysterious newcomer joins his congregation. Against the church's teachings, the main characters develop a secret attraction during bible readings and private home visits.

Unforgotten Night

Unforgotten Night is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Unforgotten Night is a Thai BL series about a passionate romance after a one-night stand. The heartbroken protagonist wants to get over his ex-boyfriend and hooks up with a random stranger. Following a steamy evening together, he discovers his sex partner works for the mafia. The crime boss is enthralled with their chemistry and insists on a long-term relationship despite their incompatible lifestyles.

Fudanshi Bartender

Fudanshi Bartender is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Fudanshi Bartender is a Japanese BL slice-of-life comedy. The main character may look like a suave bartender on the outside, but he hides his secret obsession with BL. The protagonist constantly daydreams about his male coworkers and customers in outlandish scenarios. Cursed with an overactive imagination, he can misconstrue innocuous moments as romantic connections.

Once Again

Once Again is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Once Again is a Korean fantasy BL series about going back in time to stop a murder. The main character was almost kidnapped by a child abductor fifteen years ago. A young man saved him, but this hero lost his life during the rescue. The adult protagonist is traumatized until he discovers the ability to revisit the past. He feels determined to change the timeline and stop the tragedy before it unfolds.

We're Both Grooms

We're Both Grooms is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

We're Both Grooms is a Japanese BL drama about a gay couple on their wedding day. Moments before the ceremony, the main character suddenly admits he hasn't come out to his parents, family, or coworkers. His fiancé is shocked by the revelation, but the couple tries to tie the knot anyway. Their nuptials descend into arguments, tears, and chaos as various guests disrupt the festivities.

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner is a Korean BL series in 2022.

The Director Who Buys Me Dinner is a Korean BL series about an office romance with a fantasy twist. The protagonist is supposed to start his dream job. Unexpectedly, he transfers departments and becomes the company director's personal assistant instead. His new boss reveals they used to share a complicated past. The two characters begin meeting for dinner as they navigate their ambiguous relationship.

Why You… Y Me?

Why You... Y Me? is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Why You… Y Me? is a Thai series told from a BL fangirl's perspective. The protagonist is obsessed with yaoi and likes to ship imaginary couples in real life. After befriending a male classmate, he introduces her to his indie band. The chummy interactions between the group members fuel her fantasies. She feels inspired to showcase their BL potential and make these unknown musicians famous.

I'm a Fool for You Season 3

I'm a Fool for You is a Hong Kong BL series in 2022.

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 is the sequel of the Hong Kong BL series. The story showcases the relationship drama of three gay men. This season, the protagonist agonizes over his heartbreak and takes drastic measures. Another costar enters a new romance with a suave suitor. Meanwhile, the other lead encounters his ex-boyfriend under sordid circumstances.

First Love Again

First Love Again is a Korean BL series in 2022.

First Love Again is a Korean fantasy BL series about a reincarnated man searching for his long-lost love. The protagonist is a famous author who carries the memories from his two previous lives. He fell in love with the same woman both times, but their romance always met a tragic end. The main character is determined to reunite with her again in the present timeline. Yet, he is shocked to discover his former lover has reincarnated as a man.

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is a quirky Japanese BL drama. The main character believes he has been jinxed throughout his life. Everywhere the protagonist goes, he encounters accidents, disruptions, and a persistent streak of bad luck. However, his situation improves after meeting a popular university student with inherently good fortune. As they start a romantic relationship, their destinies become intertwined.

Oh! Boarding House

Oh! Boarding House is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Oh! Boarding House is a quirky Korean BL comedy series. The goofy protagonist is a landlord who lives with the other eccentric characters in a boarding house. When a handsome tenant moves into the residence, the landlord becomes smitten with the new arrival. The two men begin as awkward acquaintances, but they soon develop a solid connection.

Magic of Zero

Magic of Zero is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Magic of Zero is a Thai anthology series about three lighthearted love stories with a fantasy twist. The third episode, "Zero Supporter", showcases a BL couple. It features the leads from Cupid's Last Wish, continuing their love story after the original drama. The first episode, "Zero Photography", has a GL relationship. It focuses on the two supporting characters from Bad Buddy, highlighting their romance.

Kei x Yaku

Kei x Yaku is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Kei x Yaku: Dangerous Buddy is a Japanese BL crime drama. The main character is a police detective investigating the mysterious shooting of his senior colleague three years ago. He meets a young yakuza leader, also looking for answers. This unlikely pair teams up and works together, uncovering the truth behind an enormous political conspiracy.

Love Class

Love Class is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Love Class is a Korean BL series about the romance between two university students. The leads attend the same class, paired together for a group project. Initially, the main character has a crush on his pretty female friend. However, he grows confused about his feelings after spending more time with his male classmate.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a Korean BL series about two childhood friends throughout their time in high school and university. The main character is an orphan living with a single mother and her son. Although the two teenagers grew up together, they drifted apart over the years. Now, they have a chance to reconnect again, navigating their complicated feelings for each other.

The Star Always Follows You

The Star Always Follows You is a Vietnamese BL series in 2022.

The Star Always Follows You is a Vietnamese BL series about a teenager who moves to the countryside. Due to his poor grades, the protagonist's mother brings her son to live with his grandmother in a rural village. She wants to remove him from the city's distractions before university entrance exams. He begins remedial lessons with a private tutor. As they grow closer, their sessions go from academic to romantic.


Self is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Self is a Thai BL series about two high school students who cross paths under strange, paranormal circumstances. The protagonist suddenly loses the ability to see his reflection in the mirror. As he searches for answers, his investigation leads him to a troubled teen involved in a schoolwide controversy. After meeting, the characters form an unusual relationship filled with intrigue, mistrust, and redemption.

Secret Crush On You

Secret Crush on You is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Secret Crush on You is a Thai BL series about a school misfit and his infatuation with the campus jock. The lead has an obsessive crush on a popular university student. He decorates his bedroom with surveillance photos, treasured mementoes, and even a life-sized pillow. Surprisingly, his beloved idol starts paying attention to him. Their dynamic changes from a secret admiration to a blossoming love.


BOYS is a Hong Kong BL series in 2022.

BOYS is a Hong Kong BL series about two young actors in a theatre play. The main character has unrequited feelings for his costar. Yet, his crush only sees them as friends. The heartbroken protagonist begins spending time with an old roommate instead. His love interest observes their closeness and wonders about his own feelings.

Country Boy 2

Country Boy 2 is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Country Boy 2 is the sequel of the Thai BL drama, continuing the teen love story from the original series. The cheerful protagonist leaves the countryside to work in the city for several weeks, but he faces a challenging experience. His love interest struggles with exams & academic pressure. The two leads try to make time for each other amid their busy schedules, rekindling the spark from their first encounter.

The Love of Winter

The Love of Winter is a Thai BL series in 2022.

The Love of Winter is a Thai BL series about a tourist who travels to the countryside alone. He stays at a remote resort, getting acquainted with the local tour guide. Thanks to the other meddlesome employees, the two men have many opportunities for alone time and forge a close connection.

Big Dragon

Big Dragon is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Big Dragon is a spicy Thai BL series about two enemies feuding over a sex tape. The main character clashes with his university rival as they compete for a female classmate's attention. Driven by desperation, the protagonist devises a nasty plot. He plans to film his opponent during a sexual encounter and use the footage to blackmail him. Their volatile relationship develops over threats & manipulation.

Star in My Mind

Star in My Mind is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Star in My Mind is a Thai BL series about a campus romance. The main character confessed his feelings to his high school classmate, who rejected him. They reunite in university after spending a year apart. Tormented by his earlier confession, the protagonist must navigate his embarrassment and frustration around his love interest.

Want to See You

Want to See You is a Vietnamese BL series in 2022.

Want to See You is a Vietnamese BL series about a blind protagonist. After an accident, the main character loses his vision and requires long-term assistance. He hires a caretaker to look after him, but they clash over their headstrong personalities. The two leads must navigate emotional trauma, explosive family melodrama, and a volatile romantic relationship.

Love Stage

Love Stage is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Love Stage is a Thai BL series adapted from a Japanese manga. The protagonist comes from a celebrity family, but he has no desire to be famous. He hates the spotlight and simply wants to lead an ordinary life. When he develops an unexpected bond with a young idol, the couple wrestles with fame, privacy, and scandals.

What If

What If is a Thai BL series in 2022.

What If is a Thai BL series about two childhood best friends with a passion for music. The protagonists are neighbours who bond over guitar lessons. The story follows the characters as they grow up, from youth to young adulthood. Due to their age difference, one departs for university while the other remains in high school. This relationship must endure their time apart from each other.

The 8.2 Second Rule

The 8.2 Second Rule is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

The 8.2 Second Rule is a Japanese BL series about a high school student and his ongoing pursuit of love. The teenage protagonist is a hopeless romantic who wants to find a boyfriend. He believes in the superstition that two people can fall in love if they maintain eye contact for 8.2 seconds. In each episode, the main character meets with various classmates to test if the theory comes true.

Rainbow Lagoon

Rainbow Lagoon is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Rainbow Lagoon is a Thai BL series about two love rivals who turn into romantic companions. The main characters competed against each other over the same girlfriend, but she dumped them both. Wounded from their recent heartbreaks, the two former enemies patch up their relationship. Surprisingly, they get along and even become friends.

The Tuxedo

The Tuxedo is a Thai BL series in 2022.

The Tuxedo is a Thai BL series about a talented tailor, his wealthy client, and their love story. The two characters don't get along initially over their family feud and personality clashes. Despite a rocky start to their relationship, they grow closer over a budding romantic attraction. The couple embarks on an emotional journey as they face drama and trauma together.

In A Relationship

In a Relationship is a Thai BL series in 2022.

In a Relationship is a Thai BL series about a teenage romance developed over video calls. After losing a bet, the main character must fulfill three wishes for the winner. Surprisingly, one of the requests asks him to enter a romantic relationship. The protagonist is opposed to the idea initially, but he bonds with his love interest over many virtual chats.

Love Area Part 2

Love Area Part 2 is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Love Area Part 2 is the sequel of the Thai BL drama Love Area. This eight-episode series continues the turbulent relationship between two restaurant employees. As the leads navigate their feelings, their romance must overcome love triangles, personality clashes, and tense misunderstandings.

Cupid's Last Wish

Cupid's Last Wish is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Cupid's Last Wish is a Thai BL series about two siblings who swap bodies. After an accident, the protagonist switches identities with his sister, who has fallen into a coma. He must collect holy water across the country to reverse the curse. His friend joins him on the journey, but their relationship is strained after a dramatic argument. They must put aside their differences to complete this trip.

Kissable Lips

Kissable Lips is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Kissable Lips is a Korean BL drama about vampires. The main character is a dying vampire who suffers from deteriorating health. According to urban legend, his only way to stay alive is by drinking the rare blood of a human lover. Against the odds, he meets somebody with this blood type, forming a whirlwind romance that takes them on a turbulent journey.

Check Out

Check Out is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Check Out is a Thai BL series about a raunchy office affair. The main character works for his ex-boyfriend, who dotes on him and wants to reconcile. However, the protagonist secretly longs for another man he met on vacation. After hooking up, his holiday fling goes missing without a trace. He reappears months later, bringing workplace conflict, relationship drama, and sexual tension.

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