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BL Watcher is dedicated to the best BL dramas, anime, and movies. My goal is to review every BL series ever made, including Thai, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and other shows from around the world. You will find all the information about any new BL series, including cast info, picture galleries, and spoiler-free summaries.

At BL Watcher, you will find my personal recommendations for all the top BL series I have watched. Read my in-depth reviews about the latest BL dramas with episode guides, character analysis, and funny commentary. BL Watcher is updated on a regular basis!

What does BL mean?

BL stands for Boys Love, a popular genre in East Asia.

BL stands for Boys Love, an umbrella term that describes TV shows, movies, anime, manga & games with a focus on male relationships. This genre appeals to those who are interested in watching fictional romances and love stories between two men.

BL has gained mainstream popularity in recent years, especially in East Asia. I have watched Thai BL, Japanese BL, Korean BL, Chinese BL, Taiwanese BL, among shows from many other countries. The language of romance is universal, and a classic love story is interesting to watch from anywhere in the world. For BL fans, we appreciate the compelling relationship drama, as the characters go through emotional highs and lows in their quest for love.

What is BL Watcher?

BL Watcher keeps track of all the BL dramas I have watched.

BL Watcher was started to keep track of all the BL shows and movies that I watched over the years. With so many new BL dramas coming out lately, I wanted a better system to organize which BL series to watch next. Every time I finished watching a show, I will write down my detailed thoughts on BL Watcher. Did I love or hate this BL series? Read and find out!

Watching BL is more than just a hobby for me. This is a personal passion that shaped many years of my life, especially during a time when I was still figuring out my sexuality. Seeing these fictional characters fall in love was like an escape for me, sparking my imagination and contextualizing my fantasies. Most of all, BL validated the feelings that felt so confusing during my youth.

Where can I watch BL?

You can watch BL in Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and many other countries.

In recent years, BL dramas are on the rise across the world. You can watch many BL series from Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Other countries like Philippines & Vietnam have joined the cultural phenomenon, making BL a surprisingly international genre. Many BL series are subtitled in English, either through official sources or fan translations.

It's very easy to watch BL from anywhere. Check out some of the best BL from around the world:

Best BL dramas to watch

There are many great BL series and dramas to watch.

BL dramas are interested in telling good gay & LGBT stories from a unique perspective. Due to the recent popularity of BL dramas, there's an influx of new & exciting series in this genre. From school romances to workplace comedies, BL brings these fictional romances to life with handsome actors, captivating stories, and visually stunning cinematography.

Are you new to BL and not sure where to start? BL Watcher recommend these best BL series in the genre:

New BL Series & Dramas

Are you caught up on the latest BL dramas to watch? As new series launch every week, it can be hard to keep track of what BL dramas to watch. Join BL Watcher as I watch and review all the best BL series ever made!