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What is BL Watcher?

BL Watcher was started to keep track of all the BL series and movies that I watched over the years. With so many new 2023 BL dramas coming out lately, I wanted a better system to organize what to watch next. Every time I finished watching a show, I will write down my detailed thoughts on BL Watcher. Did I love or hate this BL series? Read and find out!

At BL Watcher, I have watched and written about hundreds of different BL series. I understand how tricky it is to explore the many options and find the best BL dramas to watch. That's why I review everything methodically, assigning a separate score to the story, romance, acting, and other metrics. I'm eager to highlight the good, criticize the bad, and call out the ugliness from the BL genre.

Where to watch BL

Moonlight Chicken is one of the best BL dramas in 2023.

In recent years, BL dramas are on the rise across the world. You can watch many BL series from Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Other Asian countries like Philippines & Vietnam have joined the cultural phenomenon, making BL a surprisingly international genre. Many BL series are subtitled in English, either through official sources or fan translations.

It's very easy to watch BL from anywhere. Check out some of the best BL from around the world:

Best BL dramas to watch

Some of the best 2023 BL dramas include Our Dating Sim.

BL dramas are interested in telling good gay & LGBT stories from a unique perspective. Due to the recent popularity of BL dramas, there's an influx of new & exciting series in this genre. From school romances to workplace comedies, BL brings these fictional romances to life with handsome actors, captivating stories, and visually stunning cinematography.

Are you new to BL and not sure where to start? BL Watcher recommends these best BL series in the genre:

List of BL Dramas in 2023

Are you caught up on the latest 2023 BL series to watch? As new dramas launch every week, it can be hard to keep track of what to watch next. Join BL Watcher as I review every completed and upcoming series this year. The 2023 BL calendar & schedule lists are updated regularly!

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New BL Series 2023

The Eighth Sense

The Eighth Sense is a Korean BL series in 2023.

The Eighth Sense is a Korean BL series about the emotional relationship between two university students. The main character has moved away from a small town to study in a big city. He befriends the campus heartthrob, who entices the protagonist to join the surfing club. As their bond deepens, his charming companion becomes increasingly restless. Beneath the confident swagger, he struggles with his mental health.

Our Dating Sim

Our Dating Sim is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

Our Dating Sim is a Korean BL series about a workplace romance in a video game company. The protagonist is stressed when he reunites with his high school crush during a new job opportunity. Due to a failed love confession, these two childhood friends fell out of touch for many years. They must work together in a small office environment, navigating their troubled relationship history and hazy professional boundaries.

Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation

Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation is a Japanese BL anime movie in 2023.

Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation is the movie sequel to the Japanese BL anime series. It continues the sweet love story of a high school couple who recently started dating. The main characters must find a way to express their feelings and explore their physical desires. In addition, they worry about how friends and family will react to their relationship. The protagonist also deals with the stress of university entrance exams.

Moonlight Chicken

Moonlight Chicken is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Moonlight Chicken is a Thai BL series about a restaurant owner's romance with his customer. The protagonist runs a local diner that sells chicken rice. On a fateful evening, he encounters a younger man and hooks up with him. It was supposed to be a quick, meaningless fling. Yet, his one-night stand has developed feelings. He reappears and seems determined to pursue a relationship.

If It's With You

If It's With You is a Japanese BL drama in 2023.

If It's With You is a sweet Japanese BL series about two high school students in a coastal town. After moving into his new home, the main character befriends a kind teenager who works at a family restaurant. They develop a cozy bond while hanging out at school and around the neighbourhood. The protagonist realizes he has developed romantic feelings for his friend. Yet, he doesn't believe his one-sided love is reciprocated.

Marry My Dead Body

Marry My Dead Body is a Taiwanese BL movie in 2023.

Marry My Dead Body is a Taiwanese movie about a homophobic cop, a gay ghost, and their relationship. The main character is a police detective prejudiced against the LGBTQ+ community. One day, a superstitious woman approaches the cop and ropes him into marrying her dead grandson. If the protagonist opposes the union, he shall experience misfortune. Reluctantly, he must communicate with the deceased to fulfill his last wishes.

Wedding Plan

Wedding Plan is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Wedding Plan is a Thai BL series about a mismatched couple looking to get married. Two childhood sweethearts approach a wedding planner, asking him to coordinate their ceremony on short notice. These tricky clients are uncooperative with no idea what they want. The protagonist tries to work with them, but his failed plans lead to comical shenanigans. Unexpectedly, he develops a forbidden attraction toward the groom-to-be.

Sing My Crush

Sing My Crush is a Korean BL series in 2023.

Sing My Crush is a Korean BL series about a young aspiring musician with romantic feelings for his mentor. After a crucial audition, the main character gathers the courage to confess his secret love. However, the outcome devastates him. At his emotionally lowest point, the heartbroken protagonist befriends a bubbly companion who comforts him. They forge a special connection filled with music, laughter & mutual support.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal

My Beautiful Man: Eternal is a Japanese BL movie in 2023.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal is the movie sequel to the Japanese BL series. The story continues after the events in the second season. The couple settles into domestic bliss. However, the protagonist feels troubled by the disparity between a celebrity and a civilian. He loses his ambition to become a worthy boyfriend. A career scandal also threatens the main character's stardom. He recognizes the fleeting nature of his fame.


Mignon is a Korean BL anime series in 2023.

Mignon is an 18+ Korean BL anime series about a cage fighter and his intense relationship with a doctor. The main character is an up-and-rising boxer who participates in arena fights for money. Each violent match leaves him wounded and in need of medical attention. A compassionate doctor attends to his injuries and tries to convince him to quit this career. Despite their close bond, a shocking revelation changes their relationship.

Only Friends

Only Friends is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Only Friends is a Thai BL series about a group of university students involved in complicated relationship drama. The main character is kind, intelligent, and sexually inexperienced. His buddy introduces him to a hunky one-night stand. Instead of sleeping together, they get along surprisingly well without sex. Yet, trouble arises in their social circles. The protagonist's friends clash with his new boyfriend, causing friction and divisions. 

The End of the World With You

The End of the World With You is a Japanese BL drama in 2023.

The End of the World With You is a Japanese BL series about two ex-lovers reuniting before the apocalypse. In ten days, a meteor will strike the earth and decimate humanity. The protagonist is surprised to reunite with his university boyfriend, who once broke his heart. The world's impending destruction forces them to team up together. They go on a whimsical journey of redemption and reconciliation.

One Room Angel

One Room Angel is a Japanese BL series in 2023.

One Room Angel is a Japanese fantasy BL series about a loner and his mysterious new roommate. The main character is a convenience store worker who feels disgruntled about his pitiful life. After surviving a near-death encounter, he returns home to find a guardian angel waiting for him. The protagonist is confused by his celestial companion, who has quirky habits and gives snarky advice. Over time, they form a connection.

Jack o' Frost

Jack o' Frost is a Japanese BL drama in 2023.

Jack o' Frost is a Japanese BL series about a protagonist who gets amnesia after his recent breakup. The main character injures himself and loses his short-term memory. His ex-boyfriend commits to taking care of him. However, he hides their former relationship and pretends they are only roommates. The couple spends time together in a shared apartment, rediscovering what they once loved about each other.

My Beautiful Man 2

My Beautiful Man 2 is a Japanese BL series in 2023.

My Beautiful Man 2 is the sequel to the Japanese BL series My Beautiful Man. The main character's acting career has taken off in the second season, catapulting him to celebrity fame. However, he becomes concerned about the secret romance with his ordinary boyfriend. As his career grows, both protagonists realize their lifestyles and ambitions may not be on the same wavelength.

Our Dining Table

Our Dining Table is a Japanese BL drama in 2023.

Our Dining Table is a Japanese BL series about a shy protagonist who bonds with a heartwarming family. The main character lives by himself and leads a lonely life. One day, he befriends a cheerful child and his older brother. The siblings welcome him into their home, where they enjoy meals together every weekend. Thanks to their companionship, he learns to open his heart, conquer his insecurities, and overcome his past trauma.

Be My Favorite

Be My Favorite is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Be My Favorite is a Thai BL fantasy series about a time traveller returning to the past to fix his regrets. The main character is dissatisfied with his life after university graduation. A magical crystal ball transports the protagonist to ten years ago, giving him a chance to make better decisions. He uses this opportunity to win the girl of his dreams, even though she likes another guy. Surprisingly, he develops a connection with his love rival.

Stay by My Side

Stay by My Side is a Taiwanese BL drama in 2023.

Stay by My Side is a Taiwanese BL series about two university roommates who don't get along. The main character used to live alone until a new student moves into his dorm room. They antagonize each other due to a personality clash. Recently, the protagonist unlocks an ability to communicate with ghosts, but these restless spirits torment him. The only way to ward off the demons is by remaining close to his enemy.

My Personal Weatherman

My Personal Weatherman is a Japanese BL series in 2023.

My Personal Weatherman is a Japanese BL series about the steamy relationship between a meteorologist and his secret lover. The main character is a struggling manga artist who doesn't make money from his career. His roommate is a famous weather reporter who offers to cover all the living expenses. However, his financial support comes with an obligation. The protagonist must obey his benefactor and fulfill him sexually. 

Love Tractor

Love Tractor is a Korean BL series in 2023.

Love Tractor is a Korean BL series about a law school student who relocates to the countryside. The main character defies his strict father and disregards his promising career prospects. He flees to his grandfather's countryside home for a fresh start. The protagonist meets a friendly farmer who helps him settle into his new lifestyle. Despite their cultural differences and personality clashes, they develop a budding relationship.

Love Class 2

Love Class 2 is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

Love Class 2 is a Korean BL series about three university couples. The first pair are classmates who reunite after years apart. The protagonist tries to figure out the reason behind his high school crush's mysterious disappearance. In the second storyline, two childhood friends come to terms with their uncertain feelings. Meanwhile, the third romance is between a teaching assistant and a student, who meet under awkward circumstances.

Minato's Laundromat 2

Minato's Laundromat 2 is a Japanese BL series in 2023.

Minato's Laundromat 2 is the second season of the Japanese BL series. It continues the romance between a laundromat owner and his young lover. Although they started dating recently, the main character still struggles with their age difference. He feels self-conscious about physical and emotional intimacy. His boyfriend closes their distance by moving in together. The couple's living arrangement fuels their flirtation and frustration.

Past Senger

Past Senger is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Past-Senger is a Thai BL series about a time traveller trapped in the future. After passing his university entrance exams, the main character disrespects the sacred worship ceremony and calls it a superstition. As punishment, he disappears through a time portal and arrives twenty-seven years into the future. The protagonist reunites with his old friends, who are now adults. He must adjust to his new life in the modern world.

Stormy Honeymoon

Stormy Honeymoon is a Vietnamese BL drama in 2023.

Stormy Honeymoon is the sequel to the Vietnamese BL series The Star Always Follows You. This short special episode continues the original story, following the couple as they return to living in the city. After falling in love, the main characters have recently gotten married. Yet, the newlyweds cannot enjoy their marital bliss. They struggle with their jealousy, self-doubt, and communication barriers.

Star Struck

Love Struck is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

Star Struck is a Korean BL series about two childhood friends from troubled homes. The main character lives with his depressed mother and struggles financially. His best friend is miserable due to his parents' constant quarrelling. Despite their family hardships, they rely on each other's companionship for emotional support. However, the protagonist's secret romantic feelings may jeopardize their precious bond.

Old Narcissus

Old Narcissus is a Japanese BL movie in 2023.

Old Narcissus is a Japanese gay movie about a senior man who pays a young escort for pleasure and companionship. The main character is in his seventies and has a famous career as a picture book illustrator. He hires a sex worker who happens to be a fan of his work. As they maintain an ongoing relationship, the protagonist shares his past experiences. He opens up about his regrets, insecurities, and fear of loneliness.

Unintentional Love Story

Unintentional Love Story is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

Unintentional Love Story is a Korean BL series about a recently fired office employee who gets a fresh start during a vacation. After losing his job, the main character travels to a charming coastal town for a diversion. He meets a mysterious pottery shop owner with a secret past. The protagonist realizes his new acquaintance can help him regain his employment. As the pair becomes closer, they unexpectedly fall in love.

Love in Translation

Love in Translation is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Love in Translation is a Thai BL series about the two owners of a general goods shop. The main characters meet through a mutual acquaintance. Despite not getting along, they want to open a new store as business partners. The young protagonist is also obsessed with a foreign celebrity and wishes to communicate with her. His colleague agrees to give him language lessons. These tutorials strengthen their ambiguous relationship.

Buddy Daddies

Buddy Daddies is a Japanese anime series in 2023.

Buddy Daddies is a Japanese anime series about two professional assassins who must raise a kid together. During a shootout, the protagonists killed a four-year-old girl's father, leaving her parentless. They accept the responsibility of becoming her caregiver. This energetic child brings unexpected joy and chaos into their daily routines. Yet, their dangerous line of work threatens the livelihood of the untraditional family unit.

Tokyo in April is…

Tokyo in April is... is a Japanese BL drama in 2023.

Tokyo in April is… is a Japanese BL series about two office coworkers who used to be best friends in high school. The main character begins a new corporate job. Surprisingly, he encounters an old classmate who works at the same company. They haven't seen each other for a decade. The colleagues have an amicable reunion and hang out around the workplace. Beneath their pleasantries, they share a rocky history that goes unaddressed.

A Boss and a Babe

A Boss and a Babe is a Thai BL series in 2023.

A Boss and a Babe is a Thai BL series about a CEO, his intern, and their controversial office romance. The main character is a new hire at a video game company. This bubbly employee befriends his intimidating boss and helps him open up around others. Despite their growing attraction, the couple faces scrutiny for their inappropriate relationship. They must navigate the tricky professional boundaries of a workplace affair.

Cutie Pie 2 You

Cutie Pie 2 You is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Cutie Pie 2 You is the sequel to the Thai BL series Cutie Pie. The short second season continues the original love story following the main character's graduation. The protagonist faces a dilemma between marrying his fiancé and pursuing a career opportunity. He must decide whether their wedding, which had been anticipated since childhood, shall proceed.

Tin Tem Jai

Tin Tem Jai is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Tin Tem Jai is a Thai BL series about two childhood best friends living together in their cozy hometown. The main characters are roommates who have maintained a brotherly bond since adolescence. Now adults, the young protagonist wants them to pursue a romance. However, his older companion rejects the advances and insists on a platonic relationship. They must navigate the hazy boundaries between familiarity and attraction.

Stay Still

Stay Still is a Hong Kong BL drama in 2023.

Stay Still is a Hong Kong BL series about two tenants in an apartment building. The main character recently moved into a small flat by himself. He befriends his elderly neighbour who lives on the floor above him. He also becomes close to her grandson as they form a romantic spark. However, both protagonists struggle with their past heartbreaks and may not be ready for a new relationship.

My Blessing

My Blessing is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

My Blessing is a Thai fantasy BL drama about a human protagonist who connects with a spirit. After making a love wish, the main character can suddenly communicate with a divine being in his dreams. His new supernatural companion grants him three wishes, such as changing his appearance or boosting his confidence. The pair develops a close bond during this self-improvement journey.

I Cannot Reach You

I Cannot Reach You is a Japanese BL series in 2023.

I Cannot Reach You is a Japanese high school BL series about two childhood best friends. The main character is secretly infatuated with his companion. However, he fears confessing his feelings may jeopardize their bond. The protagonist is tormented by unrequited love, especially when his crush hangs out with another girl. As their relationship reaches a breaking point, they must confront their complicated emotions and hidden desires.

Mask Danshi

Mask Danshi is a Japanese BL anime in 2023.

Mask Danshi is a Japanese BL anime about a shy high school student. The protagonist is self-conscious and always wears a mask to hide his appearance. He catches the interest of a handsome classmate who wants to befriend him, even though they are total opposites. One has a quiet and nervous personality, while the other is outgoing and popular. Despite their differences, they start hanging out and form an unusual relationship.

Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru

Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru is a Japanese BL film in 2023.

Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru is a Japanese BL movie about two roommates. The main characters are university students who rent a house and move in together. These best friends have a close relationship, spending all their time with each other. The protagonist likes cooking and trying new recipes, while his roommate enjoys feasting on every meal. Despite the domestic bliss, they wonder if their futures will include one another.

Kiseki: Dear to Me

Kiseki: Dear to Me is a Taiwanese BL series in 2023.

Kiseki: Dear to Me is a Taiwanese crime BL series about a high school student and a gangster. The main character encounters an injured man who threatens him for medical assistance. Against his will, the protagonist takes the stranger home for rest and treatment. They begin living together for an extended time, forming a surprisingly close connection. However, getting involved with a criminal comes with dangerous consequences.

Our Skyy 2

Our Skyy 2 is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Our Skyy 2 is an anthology series that continues the love stories of eight famous Thai BL dramas. In each short sequel, the characters adjust to everyday life after the endings of their original series. Some epilogues explore the immediate aftermath, while others occur years later. It includes A Boss and a Babe, A Tale of Thousand Stars, Bad Buddy, My School President, Never Let Me Go, Star in My Mind, The Eclipse & Vice Versa.

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene Terephthalate is a Japanese BL series in 2023.

Polyethylene Terephthalate is a Japanese BL series about a couple who started dating and living together. The main characters began their relationship after university graduation. Initially, their romance went through a blissful period. However, various conflicts and irreconcilable differences drove them apart over the years. As their second anniversary approaches, the protagonists must determine whether they still love each other.

Individual Circumstances

Individual Circumstances is a Korean BL series in 2023.

Individual Circumstances is a Korean BL series about an author working on his romance novel. A struggling director gets in touch with him, hoping to adapt his work into a movie. Despite being rejected, the filmmaker camps outside the writer's home, hoping to change his mind. Although their current relationship seems frosty, the two characters knew each other in the past and shared an intriguing history.

A Shoulder to Cry On

A Shoulder to Cry On is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

A Shoulder to Cry On is a Korean BL series about two high school students who go from enemies to friends. The main character is the star of the archery club. He clashes with his cheeky classmate, who pranks, taunts, and bullies him. Eventually, they overcome their animosity and develop a close bond. The lonely teens open up about the unhappiness inside their hearts.

A Breeze of Love

A Breeze of Love is a Korean BL series in 2023.

A Breeze of Love is a Korean BL series about two university students and their reunion. The main characters used to be friends until they parted ways on disagreeable terms. They meet years later in the school's basketball club, yet their relationship remains strained over unresolved tensions. The protagonist makes a deal with his teammate. If they win the upcoming game, he wants them to fulfill a special request.

The Promise

The Promise is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

The Promise is a Thai BL series about two childhood friends separated for a decade. After university, the main character was shocked and confused when his best friend suddenly relocated overseas. There had been no explanation, farewell, or follow-up communication. The protagonist spends the next ten years searching for his buddy. One day, the missing friend reappears, becomes his new neighbour, and hides a painful secret.

Oh My God

Hit Bite Love is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Oh My God is a Vietnamese BL series about a countryside romance. When the protagonist visits his grandmother in a rural town, he gets into an accident and clashes with a stranger. Their feud worsens after they must live in the same house together. Despite the heated conflict, the two enemies eventually put aside their differences. They hang out, form a bond, and navigate their feelings for each other.

Pure Vanilla

Pure Vanilla is a Singapore BL movie in 2023.

Pure Vanilla is a Singapore BL short movie about a cafe owner and his assistant. It also released a film sequel, Pure Vanilla: Recipe for Romance, continuing the couple's romance from the first story. The main character owns a bakery specializing in cakes and pastries. He works closely with an employee in the kitchen, preparing food and creating new recipes. As romantic feelings grow over time, their relationship becomes complicated.

Naked Dining

Naked Dining is a Japanese BL series in 2023.

Naked Dining is a Japanese BL series about two men and their culinary adventures. The main character visits his grandmother's countryside home after she passes away. He meets her young protégé, who teaches him many recipes. They enjoy making tasty delicacies from different countries. Despite their friendship, the protagonist hides an unusual habit from his acquaintance. He is a secret nudist who enjoys eating meals in the buff.

Hit Bite Love

Hit Bite Love is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Hit Bite Love is a Thai BL series about three high school couples and their spicy romantic drama. The main character feels miserable about his secret relationship with a closeted gay student. He meets another guy who is open about pursuing him. However, his new love interest enjoys adventurous bedroom activities. The protagonist is intrigued as he discovers the pleasures and dangers of BDSM for the first time.

La Pluie

La Pluie is a Thai BL series in 2023.

La Pluie is a Thai BL series about two protagonists who can communicate telepathically in the rain. The main character has a rare condition that causes a temporary loss of his hearing on rainy days. He also gains the supernatural ability to transmit his thoughts to a soulmate. However, this introvert has ignored his unique powers and tried to live ordinarily. On one fateful day, he meets his partner in person and becomes lovestruck.

Naughty Babe

Naughty Babe is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Naughty Babe is the spin-off to the Thai BL series Cutie Pie, occurring several years after the original story. The main character is shocked and confused when his fiancé plans to leave him. He's involved in a car accident while searching for the runaway. After regaining consciousness, the protagonist pretends to have memory loss. His lover stays by his side to look after him.

The Luminous Solution

The Luminous Solution is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

The Luminous Solution is a Thai fantasy BL series about a coffee shop that grants wishes. The lead is in a committed relationship with his successful boyfriend. However, he may be at risk of losing his job. The protagonist feels too proud to ask his lover for financial aid. Instead, he approaches a mysterious café owner who offers to help with her mystical powers. If he accepts, there will be unforeseen consequences to his life.

My Goofy Deskmate

My Goofy Deskmate is a Vietnamese BL series in 2023.

My Goofy Deskmate is a Vietnamese slice-of-life high school BL series. The main character has a close rapport with his best friend. They spend all their time together and know each other's secrets. The other students joke that they act like a couple. Despite their familiarity, the protagonists have yet to define their ambiguous relationship. They must determine their feelings between brotherhood and love.

Destiny Seeker

Destiny Seeker is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Destiny Seeker is a Thai BL series about two feisty university rivals. The main characters attend a prestigious engineering school, which requires all students to live on campus. Both protagonists are the leaders of separate dormitory buildings, which have been involved in an ongoing feud. Despite treating each other as adversaries, the relationship changes in their senior year. They struggle to admit their secret feelings.


Rerun is a Thai BL movie in 2023.

Rerun is a Thai short movie about a gay couple's relationship drama. The main characters began as university friends. They bond over their niche tastes in art and music. One evening, they have an intimate discussion about their future together. The protagonist promises to curate his friend's first art exhibition. However, an unexpected opportunity threatens to tear apart the pair.

Low Frequency

Low Frequency is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Low Frequency is a Thai supernatural BL series about a celebrity who enters a coma and becomes a wandering spirit. The main character is a famous actor involved in a car collision at the height of his career. He is hospitalized and falls unconscious. Surprisingly, the protagonist's spirit can communicate with his superstitious friend. They work together to investigate the accident and uncover the scandalous truth.

All the Liquors

All the Liquors is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

All the Liquors is a Korean BL series about a small restaurant owner who dislikes alcohol. Despite running a popular diner, the main character won't allow anyone to drink alcoholic beverages at his store. His strict policy causes negative publicity, putting the business at risk. A persistent customer encourages him to lift the ban. As they grow closer, the protagonist reveals the reasoning behind his aversion to booze.

Stupid Genius

Stupid Genius is a Vietnamese BL drama in 2023.

Stupid Genius is a Vietnamese BL comedy about a group of high school students with poor academic grades. The main character and his friends consistently get the worst test scores in their class. Despite their notorious reputation, a new teacher wants to inspire them to take school more seriously. Some gifted classmates become mentors and give tutoring lessons. As they study together, the protagonists develop an attraction.

Bed Friend

Bed Friend is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Bed Friend is a Thai BL series about two office coworkers who become friends with benefits. The protagonist works at an agency and clashes with his cocky coworker. During a company outing, they have a drunken one-night stand. Initially, these colleagues plan to move on after their casual fling. Later, they entertain maintaining a purely sexual relationship with no strings attached.

Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Hidden Agenda is a Thai BL series about two university students on the debate team. The main character has a secret crush on a classmate and finds an unlikely ally in her ex-boyfriend. The ex offers to be his relationship coach and gives him dating advice. They become close over time and participate in debate competitions as teammates. However, the protagonist is unaware his buddy has an ulterior motive for befriending him.

Happy Merry Ending

Happy Merry Ending is a Korean BL series in 2023.

Happy Merry Ending is a Korean BL series about a singer, a pianist, and their romance. The main characters are musicians who meet while performing at a wedding. Despite their connection, the introverted protagonist is uncomfortable socializing and suffers from panic attacks. His trauma stems from a manipulative relationship in the past. His new love interest tries to help him overcome these insecurities.

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

Bon Appetit is a Korean BL series about two neighbours who meet up for dinner every night. The main character is a workaholic who never has time for meal preparation. A new apartment tenant has noticed his unhealthy eating habits and invites him to eat together. This aspiring restauranteur is an excellent chef and prepares many tasty homemade dishes. As the pair bonds over dinnertime, they develop a secret attraction.

Love Mate

Love Mate is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

Love Mate is a Korean BL series about an office romance between two polar opposites. The main character is disillusioned about dating and avoids long-term relationships. However, a plucky new coworker is a hopeless romantic who challenges his way of thinking. Despite their initial clash, the protagonist is won over by his coworker's earnestness. He slowly opens his heart to the possibility of love.

Me, My Husband & My Husband's Boyfriend

Me, My Husband, and My Husband's Boyfriend is a Japanese BL drama in 2023.

Me, My Husband, and My Husband's Boyfriend is a Japanese BL series about a picture-perfect marriage falling apart. The female lead character enjoys blissful matrimony with her sweet, sensitive husband. However, she feels discontent about their passionless sex life. The protagonist doesn't know her husband is secretly dating a younger man. Discovering their affair shatters her views on love, intimacy, and happiness.

Shimbashi Koi Story 3

Shimbashi Koi Story 3 is a Japanese BL series in 2023.

Shimbashi Koi Story 3 is the third season of the Japanese BL series. This sequel continues the story of a couple who met at a bear bar. The main character maintains a long-distance relationship with his boyfriend, who has moved overseas for work. He grows worried when communication ceases. During the absence, the protagonist befriends a new patron. Feelings become complicated, especially after his missing lover returns.

Senior Love Me?

Senior Love Me is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Senior Love Me? is a Thai BL series about two colleagues in a coffee shop. Recently, the main character started a new part-time job as a barista. He develops a crush on his older coworker, an aspiring author. They begin flirting with each other to spark inspiration for his next novel. The protagonist feels increasingly smitten, even though their romantic interactions are only supposed to be a charade.


2BB is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

2BB is a short Thai BL series about the relationship between a room organizer and his client. The main character offers professional decluttering services for a living. A homeowner recently hired him to tidy up his messy apartment. However, they quickly clash upon their first meeting. The protagonist becomes upset in the heat of the moment and breaks a prized possession. He feels remorseful afterwards and wants to make amends.

Chains of Heart

Chains of Heart is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Chains of Heart is a Thai BL series about a grieving protagonist and his missing boyfriend. A few years ago, the couple was involved in a life-threatening encounter with a criminal gang. While the main character survived, his partner disappeared without a trace. He is heartbroken when a dead body surfaces. As he mourns his lost lover, a mysterious stranger enters his life and challenges him to move on.

You Are Mine

You Are Mine is a Taiwanese BL drama in 2023.

You Are Mine is a Taiwanese office BL series about a business executive and his assistant. The main character has started a new job as a secretary. His boss is notoriously demanding and doesn't get along with the staff. Despite making mistakes initially, the protagonist learns to accommodate his strict employer. As their workplace relationship develops, they struggle to admit their fondness for each other.

Jun and Jun

Jun and Jun is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

Jun and Jun is a Korean office BL series about a marketing intern and his boss. After starting his first day of work, the main character is surprised to reunite with his childhood friend. His old playground buddy has become his new boss. The protagonist tries to maintain professional boundaries and focuses on passing his job probation. Yet, his love interest seems eager to reconnect, setting up intimate scenarios between them.

Be Mine SuperStar

Be Mine SuperStar is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Be Mine SuperStar is a Thai BL series about a celebrity and his fanboy. The main character has harboured a secret crush on a famous actor for many years. After starting a film internship, he can work alongside his favourite star. Yet, he's too shy to confess his feelings. The protagonist must overcome jealous rivals and scheming saboteurs who undermine their relationship. He's startled by the dangerous, duplicitous world of show business.

Bump Up Business

Bump Up Business is a Korean BL drama in 2023.

Bump Up Business is a Korean BL series about an up-and-coming boy group. The main character is a rookie about to make his debut. His agency pairs him with an experienced idol who used to have a scandalous past. They'll pretend to have a fake romance to attract fans as a promotional gimmick. The couple is encouraged to spend time together to develop their chemistry. What began as a phony romance becomes something more.


Future is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Future is a Thai BL series about a romance between a dental student and an engineering student. The main character has been unlucky in love until he meets a young, plucky student from another faculty. They agree to go out and quickly fall in love. However, jealousy, insecurities, and family issues may threaten the couple's future. 

Senior Love Me 2

Senior Love Me 2 is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Senior Love Me? 2 is the second season of the Thai BL series. It continues the love story of the two coffee shop employees. The main characters have confessed their feelings to each other. Suddenly, a new rival appears and tries coming between their relationship. This suitor is assertive, competitive, and manipulative. He successfully causes enough tension to make the protagonists doubt their budding romance.

Our Winter

Our Winter is a Thai BL series in 2023.

Our Winter is a short Thai BL series with fourteen one-minute episodes. The two main characters from Thailand travel to South Korea during an icy winter. They hang out and do various random activities, from snowball fights to sightseeing. Their bond strengthens in a fun, whimsical journey.

Mr. Cinderella 2

Mr. Cinderella 2 is a Vietnamese BL series in 2023.

Mr. Cinderella 2 is the sequel to the Vietnamese BL series, continuing the romance between a doctor and a reformed gangster. The second season begins years later after the leads have gotten married. They live in a luxurious home, enjoying domestic bliss. However, the protagonist's brother returns to reclaim his inheritance on the family property. This wily villain has a secret agenda and desperately wants to break up the couple.

Crazy Handsome Rich

Crazy Handsome Rich is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Crazy Handsome Rich is a Thai BL series about a butler working for a wealthy family. The main character is a market vendor from a poor upbringing. His friend recruits him to become a housekeeper for three eccentric brothers in a mansion. The protagonist feels troubled by his employers' ill temper and bizarre rules. Despite his discomfort, he grows attached to one of the hunky residents. They overcome their differences and forge a connection.

Dinosaur Love

Dinosaur Love is a Thai BL drama in 2023.

Dinosaur Love is a Thai BL series about a university romance. The main character has a famous boyfriend. Lately, he feels insecure about his partner's wavering loyalty. While stewing in his unhappiness, he befriends another student on campus. This charming upperclassman falls in love and wants them to date. The protagonist must decide what to do with his current relationship and whether he should entertain his new suitor.

My Colleague at BL Shop

My Colleague at BL Shop Might Be the Meant-to-Be is a Hong Kong BL series in 2023.

My Colleague at BL Shop Might Be the Meant-to-Be is a Hong Kong BL series about a bookstore. A bubbly new employee starts working at a bookshop specializing in BL manga. He befriends his shy older coworker. Despite their personality differences, they find much in common due to their mutual interest in Boys Love culture. Everyone, including themselves, has noticed they formed a close connection.

Top BL Series 2022

Eternal Yesterday

Eternal Yesterday is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Eternal Yesterday is a Japanese BL series about two high school students who experience a heartbreaking tragedy. The protagonist used to be a loner until his cheerful classmate befriends him. Despite their opposite personalities, they form a close bond and cultivate a secret attraction. On an ordinary morning, they are walking to school. A devastating event suddenly occurs, changing their lives forever.

My School President

Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul (โฟร์ท ณัฐวรรธน์ จิโรชน์ธิกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 18, 2004.

My School President is a Thai BL series about an enchanting teenage love story. The protagonist is an aspiring musician who forms a high school band with his friends. He clashes with the student council president, who threatens to cancel their extracurricular activities. Despite initial hostility, the relationship takes a friendlier turn. Beneath his bravado, the president may not be as intimidating as he seems.

The Eclipse

The Eclipse is a Thai BL series in 2022.

The Eclipse is a Thai BL series about an uprising at an all-boys school. The main character feels disturbed by the recent protests and strange phenomena happening around campus. He believes the new transfer student is responsible for causing these disruptions. The protagonist investigates the rebellious classmate, hoping to uncover his mysterious intentions.

Semantic Error

Semantic Error is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Semantic Error is a Korean BL series about two feuding university students. A serious programmer and a rebellious artist clash over a school project. Their animosity keeps escalating to new extremes, defined by petty pranks and feisty arguments. When their vendetta starts to dissolve, the characters discover their feelings for each other are a lot more complicated.

Old Fashion Cupcake

Old Fashion Cupcake is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Old Fashion Cupcake is a Japanese BL series about a delightful office romance. The main character is a single business employee in his late thirties, who lacks ambition and fails to enjoy life beyond his job. A young colleague befriends the protagonist and encourages him to try new experiences outside his comfort zone. They visit various dessert parlours, standing out as the only male customers in shops packed with women.

To My Star 2

To My Star 2 is a Korean BL series in 2022.

To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories is the second season of the Korean BL series, To My Star. This sequel continues the romance between a famous actor and an ordinary chef. However, the couple is no longer together at the beginning of the story. A year after their heartbreaking separation, the devastated protagonist seeks answers from his missing ex-boyfriend.

More Than Words

More Than Words is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

More Than Words is a Japanese drama about three best friends in a love triangle over the years. The aromantic female protagonist befriends a popular classmate, even though she isn't interested in dating him. Later, they welcome a gay coworker to their social circle. The trio forms a close bond from high school to adulthood. Yet, their relationship reaches a turning point that threatens to drive them apart.

The Warp Effect

The Warp Effect is a Thai drama in 2022.

The Warp Effect is a Thai comedy series with a BL subplot. The main character is an uncool high school student who causes drunken chaos at a party. After regaining consciousness, the protagonist discovers he has travelled to the future. His adult life is drastically different. All his teenage best friends have become his enemies. Using a set of photos as clues, he must decipher what happened and find a way to return to his original timeline.

Plus & Minus

Plus & Minus is a Taiwanese BL series in 2022.

Plus & Minus is a Taiwanese BL series about the romance between two childhood friends. The main characters have been best friends for over twenty years. Now, they work as colleagues in the same law firm. Despite their close brotherly bond, this friendship never escalated affectionately until now.


Triage is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Triage is a Thai BL series with the main character stuck inside a time loop. The protagonist is an emergency room doctor who repeats the same timeline after failing to save a patient's life. He must revisit the past and change history to stop the tragedy from happening. The two leads go on an extraordinary adventure with time manipulation, mystery investigation, and epic romance.

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