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What is BL Watcher?

BL Watcher was started to keep track of all the BL series and movies that I watched over the years. With so many new 2022 BL dramas coming out lately, I wanted a better system to organize what to watch next. Every time I finished watching a show, I will write down my detailed thoughts on BL Watcher. Did I love or hate this BL series? Read and find out!

At BL Watcher, I have watched and written about hundreds of different BL series. I understand how tricky it is to explore the many options and find the best BL dramas to watch. That’s why I review everything methodically, assigning a separate score to the story, romance, acting, and other metrics. I’m eager to highlight the good, criticize the bad, and call out the ugliness from the BL genre.

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In recent years, BL dramas are on the rise across the world. You can watch many BL series from Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Other Asian countries like Philippines & Vietnam have joined the cultural phenomenon, making BL a surprisingly international genre. Many BL series are subtitled in English, either through official sources or fan translations.

It’s very easy to watch BL from anywhere. Check out some of the best BL from around the world:

Best BL dramas to watch

I will give my favourite BL recommendations like Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

BL dramas are interested in telling good gay & LGBT stories from a unique perspective. Due to the recent popularity of BL dramas, there’s an influx of new & exciting series in this genre. From school romances to workplace comedies, BL brings these fictional romances to life with handsome actors, captivating stories, and visually stunning cinematography.

Are you new to BL and not sure where to start? BL Watcher recommends these best BL series in the genre:

List of BL Dramas in 2022

Are you caught up on the latest 2022 BL series to watch? As new dramas launch every week, it can be hard to keep track of what to watch next. Join BL Watcher as I review every completed and upcoming series this year. The 2022 BL calendar & schedule lists are updated regularly!

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Semantic Error

Semantic Error is the best 2022 BL drama.

Semantic Error is a Korean BL series about two feuding university students. A serious programmer and a rebellious artist clash over a school project. Their animosity keeps escalating to new extremes, defined by petty pranks and feisty arguments. When their vendetta starts to dissolve, the characters discover their feelings for each other are a lot more complicated.

I had so much fun watching Semantic Error. This three-hour series flies by at incredible speed because I’m totally immersed in the story. The best part is the sassy dynamic between the leads, polar opposites in every way. They frequently clash over their personality differences, but the conflict entertains me. Their arguments are cheeky, their pranks are imaginative, and their reactions are unpredictable. There’s an electrifying buzz when these characters interact. I’m always excited about what they’ll say or do next.

Old Fashion Cupcake

Old Fashion Cupcake is one of the best 2022 BL series.

Old Fashion Cupcake is a Japanese BL series about a delightful office romance. The main character is a single business employee in his late thirties, who lacks ambition and fails to enjoy life beyond his job. A young colleague befriends the protagonist and encourages him to try new experiences outside his comfort zone. They start by visiting various dessert parlours, constantly standing out as the only male customers in shops packed with women.

This breezy two-hour series can be completed in one sitting, yet each episode feels substantial and exhilarating. There’s never a dull moment in the brisk narrative, carried by exceptionally sharp writing. The story is vibrant, easy to follow, and always entertaining. I adore the crackling repertoire between the leads, who engage in many fun and fast-paced conversations. The clever dialogue can switch from snappy innuendos to thoughtful observations naturally. Old Fashion Cupcake has the perfect fusion of witty humour, quirky romance, gentle drama, and tender emotions.

To My Star 2

To My Star is one of the best 2022 BL series.

To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories is the second season of the Korean BL series, To My Star. This sequel continues the romance between a famous actor and an ordinary chef. However, the couple is no longer together at the beginning of the story. A year after their heartbreaking separation, the devastated protagonist seeks answers from his missing ex-boyfriend.

The series peaks around the middle with a stretch of impactful episodes. It finds an exquisite balance in introspective and interpersonal drama, mixed with a tearjerker romance and pulsating sexual tension. The relationship angst in To My Star 2 may be polarizing. Some BL fans won’t respond well to the heartache and hostility, especially compared to the coziness of Season 1. The leads constantly antagonize each other, and even their sweet flashbacks have a melancholic tinge. However, I enjoy this juicy tension in their volatile dynamic, which escalates memorably.

Plus & Minus

Plus & Minus is one of the best 2022 BL dramas.

Plus & Minus is a Taiwanese BL series about the romance between two childhood friends. The main characters have been best friends for over twenty years. Now, they work as colleagues in the same law firm. Despite their close brotherly bond, this friendship never escalated affectionately until now.

I adore the relationship dynamic between the leads. Plus & Minus fulfills my favourite BL trope, featuring a protagonist with a secret crush on his best friend. The characters have an exciting rapport filled with tension, intrigue, and desire. I was riveted by the emotional drama in the early episodes. Furthermore, the charming protagonists have fun personalities. Their flirting is lighthearted, their quips are amusing, and their attraction feels palpable. Every interaction leaves me gushing and blushing.

Sasaki to Miyano

Sasaki to Miyano is a great Japanese BL anime series released in 2022.

Sasaki to Miyano is a BL anime series about the tender love story between two high school students. The main character is a BL fanatic who befriends an upperclassman, introducing him to the world of Boys Love manga. As they bond over their mutual interest, their relationship develops from a casual friendship to a blossoming attraction.

Sasaki to Miyano is an introspective series. It constantly explores the characters’ inner thoughts, feelings, desires, and insecurities. This storytelling technique reminds me of a gay YA novel, often narrated by a sensitive teen protagonist. It gives similar vibes to classics like Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Sasaki to Miyano has the same special spark, highlighting the precious journey between adolescence and adulthood. Like the best YA books, this anime exudes heartfelt sincerity, mellow energy, and tender messages about love. 

DNA Says I Love You

DNA Says I Love You is a good Taiwanese BL series released in 2022.

DNA Says I Love You is a unique Taiwanese BL series with a groundbreaking concept. However, the story begins ordinarily as a boy-meets-boy romance. The main character befriends a mysterious stranger, who seems sweet, shares similar interests, and gets along with him. As their relationship develops, his new acquaintance struggles to maintain a complex secret.

The story explores a unique topic, maybe the first of its kind for this genre. This series is tricky to review without disclosing the most crucial detail about its intriguing plot. I’ll be vague, but it examines the confusion and anxiety about your identity. The protagonist struggles with his personal journey. His intelligent storyline ties to LGBTQI experiences, capturing the emotional dissonance of many in this community. DNA Says I Love You taps into everybody’s insecurities, the part of ourselves that might not comprehend why we’re born differently.

Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie is a decent Thai BL drama released in 2022.

Cutie Pie is a Thai BL series about two childhood friends and their arranged marriage. For many years, the protagonist’s grandfather wanted him to marry the son of a close family acquaintance. The main characters have gotten engaged and intend to fulfill their obligations. However, many scandalous secrets and hidden tensions threaten to tear apart their precarious relationship.

This series has an unusual premise because most people wouldn’t associate arranged marriages and gay couples together. My first reaction is that Cutie Pie takes a plot meant for two heterosexual leads and forces it onto a BL narrative. However, I changed my mind and learned to appreciate its decisive stance on gay marriage. Unfortunately, I’m disturbed by the uncomfortable power dynamics in this toxic romance. The protagonist restricts his partner’s autonomy by imposing constant surveillance, financial control, and intrusive boundaries in their living arrangement.

You’re My Sky

You're My Sky is a great Thai BL drama released in 2022.

You’re My Sky is a Thai BL sports drama. The main character is a motivated university student who wants to revive his school’s ailing basketball team. He encourages his childhood friend to join the squad and pursue his dreams of becoming an athlete. The pair rekindles their close bond as they strive for the championship title.

After the premiere, I lacked the enthusiasm to continue watching the rest of the series. Thankfully, You’re My Sky gains momentum once it moves the storylines in intriguing directions. There’s more BL content than previously, as the couples spend time together and heat up their romances. You’re My Sky comes to life with revitalized energy, exciting me with an eventful narrative that improves steadily. It might have taken a while for the story to warm up, but I was fully immersed in the gripping drama to the end.

Sky in Your Heart

Sky in Your Heart is a decent Thai BL drama released in 2022.

Sky in Your Heart is the spin-off of the Thai BL series Star in My Mind. The main character is a doctor who must do community service after his drunken car accident. The protagonist arrives at a rural village, where he butts heads with a volunteer teacher over a lousy first impression. As they work past the early misunderstandings, the leads form a bond despite their personality differences.

Sky in Your Heart is delightful to watch with a healthy mix of drama, comedy, and romance. Although it won’t win points for originality, the storyline is engaging. The early episodes highlight topics about culture shock, personality clashes, and moving on after a heartbreak. The series maintains a playful and easygoing vibe while exploring these thoughtful topics. Thankfully, the charming characters, amusing scenarios, and mischievous humour keep the mood lighthearted. 

Something in My Room

Something in My Room is a decent Thai BL drama released in 2022.

Something in My Room is a Thai supernatural BL series about a haunted house. The main character and his mom move into a new property, unaware there is a cheeky ghost trying to catch their attention. Once the protagonist gains clairvoyant vision, he befriends the spirit in his room. They form a profound bond while searching for the phantom’s memories in the living world.

There’s an undercurrent of wistful melancholy throughout Something in My Room. Each character struggles quietly with sorrow, trauma, and uncertainty. However, their journeys aren’t just packed with doom and gloom. This series uses a sweet, gentle romance to maintain a cozy atmosphere. Also, it injects quirkiness at the appropriate moments to lighten the mood and soften the heavy topics. You won’t find Something in My Room depressing to watch, although it feels beautifully poignant at times.

I Just Want to See You

I Just Want to See You is a good BL series released in 2022.

I Just Want to See You is a Japanese BL series about a calm, gentle high school romance. The main characters are two childhood best friends about to enter their senior year, facing uncertainty over their futures. They have maintained a platonic relationship all these years. However, this dynamic will soon change in their final summer of adolescence together.

This series has a promising beginning. It introduces the main characters well, showcasing their distinct personalities with quirky and memorable scenes. Also, it emphasizes their camaraderie using cute flashbacks, funny exchanges, and a persuasive bond between the leads. You will feel comfortable watching the first two episodes, which progress the narrative at a smooth and delightful pace. Unfortunately, I Just Want to See You doesn’t carry the positive momentum into its second half. The story and romance stall after a strong start.

Ocean Likes Me

Ocean Likes Me is a good Korean BL series released in 2022.

Ocean Likes Me is a Korean BL series about a restaurant by the beach. The main character relocates to a seaside community by himself and wants to open his own udon shop. He struggles to attract customers to his new business until a fateful encounter with a quirky free spirit. As they work together, the store and their relationship steadily gain momentum.

Not everybody shares my favourable opinion of Ocean Likes Me. Yes, I acknowledge the plot is often silly and inelegant. I can excuse the foolishness with a laugh, but others may not. Also, the final storyline seems too nonsensical. The ridiculous ending drags down the series, finishing on a weak note. Nevertheless, I’m tolerant of the flaws and even think some of the bad writing is amusing. If I’m the only one entertained by Ocean Likes Me, then so be it. I’ll be the sole defender of this drama, which gets too much hate for conveying sweet, lighthearted BL fluff.

What Zabb Man!

What Zabb Man! is a decent Thai BL drama released in 2022.

What Zabb Man! is a Thai BL series about a hotel restaurant. The protagonist is a talented cook from a working-class background. He gets recruited for a lucrative head chef job at a fancy hotel. However, he clashes with the arrogant CEO over an awful first impression. Their strained relationship dynamic improves as they work together and know each other better.

What Zabb Man hits the sweet spot, where every scene has a perfect mixture of flirtation, comedy, and excitement. Both couples engage me in the beginning. Sparks flew between the leads, who came from drastically different backgrounds and clashed over their fiery personalities. Likewise, the secondary pair thrives on a vibrant dynamic. While the first half of What Zabb Man might be surprisingly good, its last few episodes are awful. The storyteller introduces too many spinning plates and can’t keep everything under control. The series deteriorates into a hot mess until the end.

My Ride

My Ride is a good Thai BL series released in 2022.

My Ride is a Thai BL series about the love story between a doctor and a motorcycle taxi driver. The main characters bond over their similar personalities despite coming from different walks of life. A natural attraction forms between the two friends, but the doctor is already committed to his older boyfriend. However, his recent relationship troubles push him closer to the amiable driver with the dimpled smile.

I love My Ride when it focuses on the dreamy protagonists, who carry the series with their natural likability. Both have kind hearts, humble personalities, and sensitive temperaments, making it easy to root for them. The romance is appealing because of its purity, portraying two sweet-natured characters who fall in love. However, the single biggest issue is the horribly written love triangle, which almost breaks the story. The relationship drama drags on forever and dominates most of the narrative.

Color Rush 2

Color Rush 2 is a decent Korean BL series in 2022.

Color Rush 2 is the sequel of the Korean BL series Color Rush. The second season continues the story of a colourblind protagonist, seeking the whereabouts of his missing loved ones. He is joined by a new companion, as they work together to uncover the conspiracy behind a mysterious organization.

The Color Rush sequel is exceedingly plot-heavy, powered by complex theories and confusing conspiracies. I love the wild creativity behind this mystery thriller, even if the logic gets convoluted and isn’t easy to follow. It wins points for imagination and innovation, deviating so much from the typical love story in the BL genre. However, the overambitious storylines aren’t always executed smoothly. I laugh at the many outrageous events and unbelievable coincidences during the investigation. The wonky writing turns its elegant concepts into silly contrivances.


Blueming is a decent Korean BL series released in 2022.

Blueming is a Korean BL series about two film school students with a rocky relationship. The protagonist has a terrible first impression of his popular classmate, who seems to belittle everything he does. He becomes wary of his new rival as tensions rise uncomfortably. During a heated confrontation, the two characters discover their perceptions of each other are very different. There might have been a misunderstanding from the start.

Blueming spends too long establishing the feud between the leads when that’s the weakest part of their dynamic. Then, the storyteller dedicates too little time to depicting the friendship, a transition that feels sudden and underdeveloped. The romance also starts awkwardly, not receiving enough build-up. This couple wins me over eventually with sweet relationship moments and amorous encounters. They have a decent rapport, even if their uneven journey could be more well-crafted.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is a BL series in 2022.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is the second season of the Japanese BL comedy. This sequel continues the story of the reluctant protagonist in a universe dominated by gay couples. Although he becomes more open-minded, a shocking setback makes the main character feel jaded about love.

A positive change in A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 is the added sentimentality. The plots appear to have more substance in the sequel. The first season was solely focused on telling hilarious gags, whereas the second series has several sweet and sensitive exchanges. Also, the main character shows more maturity than previously. His aversion to BL seems toned down, replaced by compassion and understanding. A Man Who Defies the World of BL 2 sacrificed some of its humour for emotional depth, which is a good trade-off.

Fudanshi Bartender

Fudanshi Bartender is a BL drama in 2022.

Fudanshi Bartender is a Japanese BL slice-of-life comedy. The main character may look like a suave bartender on the outside, but he hides his secret obsession with BL. The protagonist constantly daydreams about his male coworkers and customers in outlandish scenarios. Cursed with an overactive imagination, he can misconstrue even the most innocuous moment and turn it into a romantic connection.

Despite its simplicity, Fudanshi Bartender delivers the quirky comedy with relentless enthusiasm. Every scene is silly, energetic, and gleeful. Even if some of the jokes are hit-or-miss, they successfully convey a sense of liveliness and excitement. This drama embraces offbeat humour, wholly committed to its eccentricity. It feeds off the ridiculousness, making you laugh because the main character’s BL delusions are so far removed from normalcy. Unable to take itself too seriously, Fudanshi Bartender loves being campy, flamboyant, and over-the-top. 

He and I Are the Grooms

He and I Are the Grooms is a BL series in 2022.

He and I Are the Grooms is a Japanese BL drama about a gay couple on their wedding day. Moments before the ceremony, the main character suddenly admits he hasn’t come out to his parents, family, or coworkers. His fiancé is shocked by the revelation, but the couple tries to tie the knot anyway. Their nuptials descend into arguments, tears, and chaos as various guests disrupt the festivities.

Overall, I think the storyline is just okay and it doesn’t completely wow me. Some moments are dramatic and poignant, whereas other exchanges could be written more elegantly. The sentimentality resonates with me a little, but it’s a mild touch rather than a powerful punch of emotions. Occasionally, the wedding mix-up becomes so zany that you’ll giggle at the ridiculousness. He and I Are the Grooms has various amusing moments, using goofy jokes to defuse the tension in the narrative.

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is a BL drama in 2022.

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is a quirky Japanese BL drama. The main character believes he has been jinxed throughout his life. Everywhere the protagonist goes, he encounters accidents, disruptions, and a persistent streak of bad luck. However, his situation improves after meeting a popular university student with inherently good fortune. As they start a romantic relationship, their destinies become intertwined.

I understand why Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss may appeal to some fans. It’s a cute, lighthearted BL drama with adorable leads and a stunning visual presentation. I’m not immune to its charms, and there are moments when this enthusiastic series seems endearing. Yet, I also found the last few episodes insufferable, often getting on my nerves and testing my patience. Overall, the story wasn’t exciting, the main character acted irritating, and the romance never won over me. I have no choice but to give a mediocre review, unable to justify its shortcomings.

First Love Again

First Love Again is a Korean BL drama released in 2022.

First Love Again is a Korean fantasy BL series about a reincarnated man searching for his long-lost love. The protagonist is a famous author who carries the memories from his two previous lives. He fell in love with the same woman both times, but their romance always met a tragic end. The main character is determined to reunite with her again in the present timeline. Yet, he is shocked to discover his former lover has reincarnated as a man.

First Love Again is beautiful, energetic, and innovative. The series is backed by polished production values, maintaining a clean-cut and elegant aesthetic. In addition, the plot moves along at an upbeat tempo. Best of all, First Love Again has a unique and compelling hook. To my knowledge, we haven’t seen another BL drama with this premise, so the storylines feel extraordinary and refreshing. Sadly, the plot drops off around the middle and goes into freefall near the end. First Love Again runs out of adrenaline, loses my enthusiasm, and never hits its stride.

Oh! Boarding House

Oh! Boarding House is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Oh! Boarding House is a quirky Korean BL comedy series. The goofy protagonist is a landlord who lives with the other eccentric characters in a boarding house. When a handsome tenant moves into the residence, the landlord becomes smitten with the new arrival. The two men begin as awkward acquaintances, but they soon develop a solid connection.

Oh! Boarding House works best when it leans towards the wacky comedic elements. Several funny gags or exaggerated reactions can be mildly charming. The overall humour leaves a positive impression and I’d consider it a unique selling point for the series. Unfortunately, Oh! Boarding House has a lacklustre BL romance. They’re selling this couple to me, but I’m not buying it. The leads don’t share much chemistry. Their dynamic feels strange and unpleasant. Plus, both characters aren’t that likable.

Kei x Yaku

Kei x Yaku is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

Kei x Yaku: Dangerous Buddy is a Japanese BL crime drama. The main character is a police detective investigating the mysterious shooting of his senior colleague three years ago. He meets a young yakuza leader, also looking for answers. This unlikely pair teams up and works together, uncovering the truth behind an enormous political conspiracy.

This series can be stupidly fun, entertaining me with a surreal adventure. Not all the outrageous storylines made perfect sense, but I went along with the silly shenanigans anyway. However, it’s tough to justify giving a high review score when Kei x Yaku has many shortcomings. If we look at it as strictly a crime drama, the story is subpar. The convoluted plot isn’t written well, full of clunky exposition, nonsensical events, and one-dimensional villains. You can’t overthink Kei x Yaku, or else the bizarre leaps of logic don’t hold up under scrutiny.

Love Class

Love Class is a Korean BL drama in 2022.

Love Class is a Korean BL series about the romance between two university students. The leads attend the same class, paired together for a group project. Initially, the main character has a crush on his pretty female friend. However, he grows confused about his feelings after spending more time with his male classmate.

Unfortunately, Love Class doesn’t maintain its quality, going on a steady decline with each subsequent episode. Many plots unfold tediously and obnoxiously. The love triangles suck the most, draining my energy with the incessant melodrama. My frustrations with Love Class almost overshadow its positive qualities. The series looks stylish in many scenes, demonstrating polish and artistry with the visuals. Also, I’m fond of the brisk storytelling, comfortable pacing, and vibrant atmosphere.

The Love of Winter

The Love of Winter is a Thai BL series in 2022.

The Love of Winter is a Thai BL series about a tourist who travels to the countryside alone. He stays at a remote resort, getting acquainted with the local tour guide. Thanks to the other meddlesome employees, the two men have many opportunities for alone time and forge a close connection.

Aesthetically, I love the romantic ambiance in The Love of Winter. Emotionally, I feel uninspired by the shallow BL moments that don’t go beyond the surface level. While the content isn’t awful by any means, there’s a shortage of passion, enthusiasm, and adrenaline. I can’t get excited about the mundane characters or their tepid exchanges. The leads only share a tiny spark of chemistry rather than sizzling flames of desire. The Love of Winter feels too timid when this genre has already advanced to many creative plots & daring relationships.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a Korean BL series in 2022.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a Korean BL series about two childhood friends throughout their time in high school and university. The main character is an orphan living with a single mother and her son. Although the two teenagers grew up together, they drifted apart over the years. Now, they have a chance to reconnect again, navigating their complicated feelings for each other.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter has a timeless concept for a love story, as two childhood friends navigate their secret feelings. The couple shares plenty of romantic affection, such as kisses, hugs, cuddles, and cute flirtations. Despite ticking many boxes, I didn’t enjoy Cherry Blossoms After Winter because the contrived writing makes me cringe. Typically, I can tolerate cheesiness from BL, a genre known for being schmaltzy. However, this drama overdoes the corniness. The storytelling lacks elegance and subtlety, from the clunky dialogue to the staged scenarios.

Country Boy 2

Country Boy 2 is a Thai BL drama in 2022.

Country Boy 2 is the sequel of the Thai BL drama, continuing the teenage love story from the original series. The cheerful protagonist leaves the countryside to work in the city for several weeks, but he faces a challenging experience. Meanwhile, his love interest struggles with exams and academic pressure. The two characters try to make time for each other amid their busy schedules, rekindling the spark from their first encounter.

Overall, this sequel improves upon its predecessor. I thought the first season was an amateurish effort, whereas this follow-up just needs skillful tweaks here and there. However, the storytelling is still clumsy and the romance lacks substance. The leads only share a handful of scenes, not enough to establish a persuasive bond. Their connection feels more like a platonic friendship than a schoolboy crush. Compared to other decent BL dramas, I’m sorry to say that Country Boy 2 does not meet satisfaction.

Star in My Mind

Star in My Mind is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Star in My Mind is a Thai BL series about a campus romance. The main character confessed his feelings to his high school classmate, who rejected him. They reunite in university after spending a year apart. Tormented by his earlier confession, the protagonist must navigate his embarrassment and frustration around his love interest.

Despite following a generic formula, Star in My Mind still becomes an incoherent mess as it progresses. The series is overeager to create unnecessary conflicts and include shallow love triangles. What should have been an easygoing romance becomes bogged down by angst, arguments & misunderstandings. Realistically, the leads reach a point in their relationship where there shouldn’t be obstacles. You like him, and he likes you back, so what seems to be the problem? Yet, the characters keep crying and bickering over their self-inflicted agony.

Love Stage

Love Stage is a Thai BL series in 2022.

Love Stage is a Thai BL series adapted from a Japanese manga. The protagonist comes from a celebrity family, but he has no desire to be famous. He hates the spotlight and simply wants to lead an ordinary life. When he develops an unexpected bond with a young idol, the couple wrestles with fame, privacy, and scandals.

The Love Stage drama suffers the same flaws as its anime and film counterparts. It has a weak premise, setting a shaky foundation for the rest of the series. It’s tough to feel immersed in this childish love story with undeveloped characters, superficial relationships, and obnoxious interactions. Some storylines have untapped potential. However, Love Stage is frivolous, approaches the topics on a surface level, and never explores its themes deep enough.

The 8.2 Second Rule

The 8.2 Second Rule is a Japanese BL series in 2022.

The 8.2 Second Rule is a Japanese BL series about a high school student and his ongoing pursuit of love. The teenage protagonist is a hopeless romantic who wants to find a boyfriend. He believes in the superstition that two people can fall in love if they maintain eye contact for 8.2 seconds. In each episode, the main character meets with various classmates to test if the theory comes true.

The narrative suffers from a formulaic structure with few surprises. Every episode follows the same template, unwilling to deviate from its rigid trajectory. In the premiere, the lead makes desserts for a classmate before helping him solve a minor issue in his life. I’m sorry to say the rest of the series repeats this process to the end. There may be a new character, a different backstory, and another tasty dessert recipe. Nonetheless, it recycles a nearly identical plot five times. The lack of variety makes you want to skip the filler episodes because nothing unexpected will happen.

Rainbow Lagoon

Rainbow Lagoon is a Thai BL drama in 2022.

Rainbow Lagoon is a Thai BL series about two love rivals who turn into romantic companions. The main characters competed against each other over the same girlfriend, but she dumped them both. Wounded from their recent heartbreaks, the two former enemies patch up their relationship. Surprisingly, they get along and even become friends.

Rainbow Lagoon is filmed in the beautiful outdoors, achieving a cozy, relaxed ambiance. The camerawork is solid and steady, especially for an indie company. Their production values are not the issue. My main problem is the clumsy, childish scripts that don’t meet professional standards. If Wayufilm Production wants to improve its future projects, it must invest in a more sophisticated story. Otherwise, the studio will continue churning out subpar products like Rainbow Lagoon, which can’t compete with many well-written BL dramas.

The Tuxedo

The Tuxedo is one of the worst BL dramas in 2022.

The Tuxedo is a Thai BL series about a talented tailor, his wealthy client, and their love story. The two characters don’t get along initially over their family feud and personality clashes. Despite a rocky start to their relationship, they grow closer over a budding romantic attraction. The couple embarks on an emotional journey as they face drama and trauma together.

The Tuxedo began as a secret guilty pleasure. I found the early episodes mindlessly enjoyable, delighting me with the outrageous silliness. After a while, the series loses its charms and oversteps the line into problematic antics. Many subplots make me uncomfortable because they are written thoughtlessly and trashily. The romance is also shallow and doesn’t highlight an attraction between the leads compellingly. Overall, The Tuxedo offers little substance, bogged down by insipid plots and heavy melodrama.

Love Area Part 2

Love Area Part 2 is one of the worst Thai BL series in 2022.

Love Area Part 2 is the sequel of the Thai BL drama Love Area. This eight-episode series continues the turbulent relationship between two restaurant employees. As the leads navigate their feelings, their romance must overcome love triangles, personality clashes, and tense misunderstandings.

The second season suffers from a lack of meaningful or innovative storylines. Nearly every event feels unoriginal, following a generic BL playbook. Love Area also doesn’t bother to develop their leads in Part 2, so the flat characters are solely defined by their romances. This series has many chances to expand upon their personalities, all squandered to rehash the tedious love triangles. The atrocious writing dampens the performances in Love Area 2. The actors can hardly shine with the banal, uninspired material.

Kissable Lips

Kissable Lips is one of the worst Korean BL series in 2022.

Kissable Lips is a Korean BL drama about vampires. The main character is a dying vampire who suffers from deteriorating health. According to urban legend, his only way to stay alive is by drinking the rare blood of a human lover. Against the odds, he meets somebody with this blood type, forming a whirlwind romance that takes them on a turbulent journey.

This drama flops for a few reasons. One, it’s incoherent. The storytelling rushes through key concepts, introduces characters without explanations, and never clarifies backstories or relationship dynamics. Two, it’s illogical, even for a supernatural horror series. The many plot holes, the senseless protagonist, and the ridiculously contrived events make my eyes roll. And three, it’s so boring. Kissable Lips is devoid of entertainment, failing to build adrenaline, maintain suspense, or inspire enthusiasm.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts is one of the worst Thai BL series in 2022.

Boy Scouts is a short Thai BL series about the various misadventures in a scout camp. The main character is shy and physically fragile, so he gets teased by the other teenagers. He develops a crush on one of the heroic boy scouts, who stands up for him against the bullies.

Boy Scouts is decent enough to hold my interest for an hour. The lovely visuals, cozy soundtrack, and polished production make this series comfortable to watch. The young actors also aren’t bad, doing an OK job for rookie performances. However, I finish the drama wondering whether there’s a point to this story. The various scenes feel scattered, not building up thematically or substantially. Any overarching message is lost on me.

Blue of Winter

Blue of Winter is one of the worst Korean BL dramas in 2022.

Blue of Winter is a Korean BL series about a high school love triangle. The main character is in the judo club, where he meets a new student with a secret crush on him. Soon afterwards, the protagonist receives an unexpected love confession from a friend. As these teenagers navigate their feelings, they struggle with confusion, insecurity, and heartbreak.

After a rocky premiere, the writing in Blue of Winter never gets much better. The narrative doesn’t flow smoothly with awkward scenes, banal interactions, and clunky dialogue. The characters aren’t properly established, defined by vague motivations and little personality. Their relationship dynamics are also incoherent. There isn’t an organic romance that blossoms over time. Instead, the leads suddenly fall in love without a sensible explanation.

My Keychain

My Keychain is one of the worst Thai BL dramas in 2022.

My Keychain is a short Thai BL series about a school romance. The young protagonist meets his love interest during a random encounter. The keychains in their backpacks accidentally get stuck together. They become chummy after meeting each other, forming a close relationship through innocent schoolboy interactions.

My Keychain has several moments that show a glimmer of potential. Here and there, I enjoy a sweet moment or cute reaction that sways my heart to write a favourable review. I also like the cozy ending that gives me warm, fuzzy vibes. However, the positive memories are fleeting, never lasting enough to make an impression. Instead, I usually feel confused, frustrated, and bored by the juvenile plot. Overall, My Keychain is a rough first effort for a BL series, dipping below average quality. I believe the story, romance, and dialogue could be written significantly better. 

Meow Ears Up

Meow Ears Up is one of the worst Thai BL series in 2022.

Meow Ears Up is a Thai BL series about the love story between a human and a humanoid cat. The lonely protagonist adopts a stray cat, only to discover this magical creature can turn into a human form. Although the cat can communicate, he doesn’t understand social etiquette or protocols. As the characters live together, they are involved in various comedic hijinks and silly scenarios.

Meow Ears Up is better towards the end. Once the characters become familiar and their relationships are in full swing, the scenes carry a pleasant dynamic. The series almost seems okay if we treat it as carefree, lighthearted fluff. Still, my overall impression remains unfavourable. I don’t want to endorse this flawed BL drama with saccharine romances, stupid writing & superficial themes. I also can’t cope with an immature love interest who lacks cognitive ability. The bottom line is that I refuse to support a sketchy romance between a human and his unintelligent pet. 

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is one of the worst Thai BL series in 2022.

Physical Therapy is a Thai BL series about the romance between a doctor and his patient. After a recent injury, the main character is admitted to a healthcare facility, where he receives ongoing treatments. He befriends a handsome doctor who takes a keen interest in his recovery. As their relationship blossoms, the constant drama and surprising setbacks happen around them.

I don’t even know how to critique the story because the narrative is incomprehensible. The sloppy, jumbled writing leaves me baffled about what is happening. I can’t differentiate between major plots and pointless filler, which blur together thoughtlessly. I also can’t identify the characters in the bloated supporting cast with awkward introductions and unclear relationship dynamics. Sometimes, I’m caught off-guard when a mundane subplot makes an inexplicably dramatic escalation. I give up trying to understand the frequent inconsistencies in the storylines.

That’s My Candy

That's My Candy is one of the worst Thai BL dramas in 2022.

That’s My Candy is a Thai fantasy BL series about a couple facing relationship troubles. The main character is a hardworking nurse with a busy schedule, often neglecting his boyfriend. The couple almost considers breaking up after missing their anniversary due to work conflicts. Suddenly, the protagonist is given magical candies that grant him three wishes to change his life’s decisions.

Completing That’s My Candy is a painful slog. The flimsy plot goes off the rails with outrageous conflicts, obnoxious comedy, and offensive melodrama. The premise sounds innovative, but the story never does anything creative with this useless gimmick. Instead, most of the series repackages the same old BL tropes, from dull love triangles to dumb misunderstandings. That’s My Candy approaches these topics with wacky humour, quirky punchlines, and random zaniness. Sadly, their embarrassing attempts at comedy are seldom funny.

Even Sun

Even Sun is the worst Thai BL series in 2022.

Even Sun is a Thai BL series about debt collection. The main character works for a debt collection business, although he’s lousy at his job. His latest assignment takes him to an island, where he tracks down an intimidating young man who owes money. Although their relationship begins rockily at the start, the leads grow fond of each other throughout a turbulent journey.

Among the many problems with Even Sun, the most significant issue is the preposterous plot. The story begins with debt collection before it strays off-track into inane shenanigans. The illogical narrative lacks coherence, continuity, or cohesiveness from start to finish. Okay, let’s just be honest by admitting that nothing makes sense in this series. Even Sun is worse than just random fluff. It’s utterly pointless gibberish with a few contrived BL scenarios here and there.

Other 2022 Series

49 Days with a Merman


49 Days With a Merman is a Taiwanese fantasy drama. An ordinary high school student leads an uneventful life until he suddenly meets an eccentric merman. Unable to return to the sea, the merman must reside in the human world for the time being. He lives in the bathroom belonging to his new companion, as the two characters form a brotherly bond.

49 Days With a Merman is not a BL drama. The male characters never share amorous exchanges, so keep any expectations of romance to zero. However, I still enjoy the upbeat tone, boisterous humour, and energetic vibe. The episodes are packed with bubbly enthusiasm, tackling each zany plot delightfully and hilariously. Best of all, the entertaining momentum is steady and doesn’t lose much steam. 49 Days With a Merman takes me on a fun, whimsical journey with laughter, surprises, and coming-of-age drama.

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