Peem and Mike are a secret couple in the He She It BL series.

He She It is a short Thai BL horror series. The drama highlights a clandestine romance between the two main characters, one of whom is already committed to an existing relationship. As their scandalous love affair unravels, the passion between them deteriorates rapidly and horrifically.

A miniseries that is less than an hour long, He She It doesn't make enough of an impression to be enjoyable. Despite an intriguing start, the plot doesn't hold up and stops being interesting by the midway point. I would avoid watching this BL drama if you aren't a fan of supernatural horrors, psychological thrillers, or tragically sad endings.

He She It Series Summary

What is the drama called?

ตาย ไม่ ตาย

Where was the series made?


When was the drama released?


How long is He She It?

Around 1 hour

What is the genre?


How would you describe the series?

Dark and disturbing

How many episodes are in He She It?

3 episodes

How long is each episode?

Around 10 to 15 minutes


Mike and Peem share a passionate kiss by the swimming pool in He She It.

Mike and Peem are good friends who take the same acting class together. The two of them have a secret romance that nobody else knows about. When they're alone, Mike and Peem are flirty, intimate, and passionate. However, their romantic relationship is kept under wraps whenever they are in public with other people.

During an acting exercise, Mike and Peem are partnered up to act out a scene together as a couple. The acting session doesn't go according to plan when the lights flicker off and Peem eerily disappears. Mike goes into shock afterwards, reacting to a phantom hallucination with absolute terror and distress.

He She It Series Cast


Mike is portrayed by the actor Jeff Satur (วรกมล ซาเตอร์).


Jeff Satur (วรกมล ซาเตอร์)

Peem is portrayed by the actor Gameplay Garnpaphon Laolerkiat (กาญจน์ปพน เล่าลือเกียรติ).


Gameplay Garnpaphon Laolerkiat (กาญจน์ปพน เล่าลือเกียรติ)

Mike is portrayed by the actor Pom Runn Tiyakorn (รัญชน์ ติยะกร).


Pom Runn Tiyakorn (รัญชน์ ติยะกร)

Pear is portrayed by Praew Rattaporn Sukpun (รัฐพร สุขพันธ์).


Praew Rattaporn Sukpun (รัฐพร สุขพันธ์)

The acting teacher is portrayed by Kat Katreeya English (แคท แคทรียา อิงลิช).

Acting Teacher

Kat Katreeya English (แคท แคทรียา อิงลิช)

Cast highlights

  • The two costars in He She It both star in the 2020 BL series Ingredients, where they play a main couple once again. Ingredients is a happy slice-of-life drama, much different from the tragic couple they portray in this series. If you want to see Jeff and Gameplay actors in a cute, lighthearted romance, definitely check out Ingredients!

He She It Series Review


Drama Review Score: 6.4

Peem gives an evil smile after attacking Mike in He She It.

Alright, this is going to be a super short review for a super short series. Overall, I thought He She It was an alright BL drama, achieving what it needs to do in the span of 40 minutes. Personally, horrors and psychological thrillers have never been my favourite genres. I'm someone who needs more convincing than the average person to enjoy these types of stories. Unfortunately, I wasn't convinced by what I saw in He She It.

I actually like how He She It begins. The first episode establishes the plot quickly and develops a pretty intriguing atmosphere. Plus, the two actors share a steamy kiss by the pool, and of course the BL fan in me eats up a moment like this. Afterwards, the mood took a darker turn, but I was still engaged by the story at that point. I wanted to watch the next episode right away and find out what really transpired between the characters.

Sadly, the next two episodes seemed much weaker. In my opinion, the middle episode "She" is the one that kills the momentum. Maybe it's the BL fan in me, but I get bored as soon as they focus on the heterosexual romance. Their scenes feel shallow and aren't written well. Plus, the acting honestly isn't that great. Any excitement I felt from the previous episode quickly fizzled out.

He She It doesn't recover in the final episode, where it leans towards some tepid supernatural horror tropes. I don't find the scenes that scary, but the bigger problem is that I feel pretty disengaged from the plot. The episode focuses on a side character I barely know, so I don't really want to pay attention to him. However, I did like that one scene where Mike and Mean confronted each other at school. It's kinda awesome how Mean swiftly turns the tables against Mike with just one line of dialogue. 🤭

After an intriguing start, the story in He She It starts going downhill and doesn't recapture my interest again. This series hasn't been a total waste of 40 minutes, but it doesn't feel that memorable either. Maybe a more extended length would've made the plot more immersive. Other than Mike's beautiful song in the final scene, there won't be many lasting memories I will carry out of He She It.


Sad ending
He She It has a sad ending where Peem dies after being drowned by Mike.

He She It has a sad ending where Mike drowns Peem in a fit of anger, but he regrets his actions afterwards. Peem returns as a ghost to haunt Mike and Mean, the two people responsible for his death. Both the culprits are left mortified, frightened out of their minds when they see Peem's ghostly apparition.

Since He She It manipulates the timeline, the sequence of the events isn't shown in the exact order. Here's a quick summary of what actually transpired between these characters:

Episode 1: Mike falls into a state of shock when he hallucinates seeing Peem's ghost. However, the viewers don't know yet what causes him to react this way.

Episode 2: The viewers learn that Mike pushed Peem into the swimming pool and watched him drown to death. We don't see how Mike gets away with murder, but Peem's drowning seems plausible enough that it could be excused as an accidental death.

Episode 3: This episode focuses on Mean's character, as he also hallucinates seeing Peem's ghost. This hallucination comes after Mike and Mean's confrontation at the school, where Mean shows no remorse for exposing their affair. Mean doesn't know that he caused Peem's death inadvertently.

Ending explained
Mean shows no remorse for exposing Mike's affair with Peem.

Peem coming back as a ghost is a literal interpretation of the ending. However, my theory is that Peem's ghost doesn't actually exist. Instead, he is a manifestation of the guilt that Mike feels for causing his lover's death.

In Episode 3, Peem's ghost doesn't actually haunt Mean. I suspect that scene is just a figment of Mike's imagination. Notice how Peem's ghost only appears after Mike and Mean's confrontation in the school. Mike feels furious about Mean's lack of remorse for what he did, so he imagines Peem's ghost haunting his friend. In Mike's fantasy, Mean receives his comeuppance for exposing the affair, getting spooked by Peem's ghost. Just like how Mike is "haunted" by Peem's death, he wants Mean to be "haunted" in the same way.

Or at least that's how I interpreted the ending anyway. Whether Peem's ghost is real or not, Mike feels remorseful over killing Peem, that much is clear. At first, he is shocked and frightened by seeing Peem in his hallucinations. By the final episode, Mike has gotten used to his hallucinations. He even imagines himself singing a song as an apology to Peem.

Best character

Acting teacher
The acting teacher in He She It is secretly evil.

Honestly, all the main characters in He She It are pretty awful human beings. The two leads are cheaters, not to mention that Mike is also a killer. The girlfriend is supposed to be sympathetic, but I just find her naive and annoying. The so-called friend is a snitch and it's disturbing that he filmed two closeted guys having sex to use as blackmail.

After crossing off the main characters one by one, the only candidate we're left with as the best character is the acting teacher! Don't get me wrong, her character is awful too. When Mike is having a mental breakdown in front of her, the acting teacher doesn't show any concern towards her student. Instead, all she does is flash an evil little smirk. 😏

I actually thought the teacher would be a pivotal character and we'd learn the rationale behind her evil smirk. Unfortunately, she doesn't appear again in the series. We're left to assume that the teacher only smirked because she enjoys watching people suffer. This type of random sociopathy fascinates me and that's why she is the best character in He She It.


Mike's ending song
Jeff sings a haunting rendition of Comedy at the end of He She It.

Mike's character sings a song (called "Comedy", written by Jeff Schur, the actor himself) that is really beautiful. His voice is exceptionally haunting, conveying more powerful emotions in this one song than all his scenes combined during the series.

I thought the character's singing was an effective way to cap off the He She It series. I just wished the scenes leading up to this moment were better written, so that the emotions from the song would resonate even stronger.

He She It Episode Guide

Episode Guide

He She It has a total of 3 episodes. The first episode is less than 10 minutes long. The second and third episodes are around 15 minutes apiece. This is a concise BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in 40 minutes. He She It started airing on October 31, 2019 and finished its last episode on July 1, 2020.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


⭐ Best episode

Episode 1

Mike and Peem share a steamy kiss by the swimming pool in Episode 1.

The first episode starts off He She It on a strong note. It wastes no time introducing the romance between Mike and Peem, kicking things off with a steamy kiss by the swimming pool. The tone of the episode is intriguing, and the ending feels mysterious in a good way. Episode 1 sets up the series in a good spot, making me curious to find out what actually happened between this couple.

He She It Series OST

He She It Series Information


Warper is a Thai studio that made the BL series He She It (2019).

Warper is a Thai studio that made the BL series He She It (2019). It has continued operating as a talent agency.

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