Yi Chen tries to avoid falling in love with Chin Teng in HIStory 1: Obsessed.

HIStory: Obsessed is a Taiwanese BL drama where the main character has a second chance to change his destiny. He uses this opportunity to avoid falling in love with his university boyfriend, who ends up breaking his heart in the future. However, the obsessive boyfriend won't give up on pursuing the protagonist. Being rejected only makes him more aggressive in his advances.

A polarizing series, HIStory: Obsessed is an extreme story with volatile emotions, violent threats, and vile consequences. This provocative BL drama walks a dangerous line between depicting passionate love and psychotic obsession. The story's intensity leaves me uncomfortable, and some of the depraved actions are simply too despicable to overlook.

HIStory: Obsessed Summary


HIStory – 著魔

Series Info:

Taiwan (2017)


1 hour and 30 minutes

Total Episodes:

4 episodes


School romance


HIStory: Obsessed is a dark & toxic BL drama.


Yi Chen tries to resist Chin Teng's aggressive advances towards him.

Nine years ago, Yi Chen and Chin Teng were university lovers. However, Yi Chen feels betrayed and heartbroken when Chin Teng announces that he's getting married to another woman. After a heated confrontation with his ex-boyfriend, Yi Chen runs recklessly into the road in the middle of the night. He is struck by a car and dies on the spot.

After his death, Yi Chen is mysteriously resurrected and taken back to his life from nine years ago. Now a university student again, he is eager to change his destiny. He decides to refrain from starting a romance with Chin Teng, his long-time university crush. Yi Chen even burns all his fan diaries of Chin Teng, signifying his fresh start.

However, some of Yi Chen's diary entries escape the fire and end up in Chin Teng's hands. Inspired by the passages, Chin Teng becomes intrigued that another student has taken an interest in him. He begins to notice Yi Chen and hang out around him, developing feelings over time.

The flirtatious Chin Teng makes passes at Yi Chen, eager to initiate a romance with him. However, Yi Chen keeps rejecting him, adamant about maintaining distance from his former lover. The more he tries to resist, the more aggressive his ex becomes in his advances. Never the type to give up, Chin Teng's growing obsession with Yi Chen consumes him. He's determined to win over the target of his affections, no matter what it takes.

HIStory: Obsessed Characters


Yi Chen Teddy Jen (任祐成) Teddy Jen Instagram

Yi Chen is portrayed by the actor Teddy Jen (任祐成).

Yi Chen died in a car accident, but gets resurrected to alter his life from nine years ago. He is determined to change his destiny and avoid falling in love with Chin Teng, his university crush. As much as he tries to resist, Yi Chen finds himself drawn to his ex-boyfriend even in his second chance at life.

Chin Teng Bernard Ho (森竣) Bernard Ho Instagram

Chin Teng is portrayed by the actor Bernard Ho (森竣).

Chin Teng used to be Yi Chen's university lover, but betrayed his boyfriend to marry a woman. After Yi Chen's resurrection, he tries to avoid his ex as much as possible. Nonetheless, Chin Teng develops a romantic interest and keeps making aggressive advances at him.

Supporting Cast

Mu Pai is portrayed by the actor Johnson Chang (張孝承).

Mu Pai

Johnson Chang (張孝承)

Chung Chun is portrayed by the actor Charles Lee (李家慶).

Chung Chun

Charles Lee (李家慶)

Yi Chun is portrayed by the actress Yee Chen (陳沂).

Yi Chun

Yee Chen (陳沂)

Che Kang is portrayed by the actor Jerry Wu (吳澤煒).

Che Kang

Jerry Wu (吳澤煒)

HIStory: Obsessed Review


Drama Review Score: 4.6

Yi Chen and Chin Teng have sex in the ending of HIStory: Obsessed.

In my review of HIStory: My Hero, I talked about how that series aged well over the years. HIStory: Obsessed has the exact opposite problem, leaving a worse impression after a rewatch. The fast-paced plot moves so quickly that I haven't processed everything in my first viewing experience. As I watch the drama again, many of the problematic elements stand out alarmingly, while the rest of the story fades in comparison.

When I think about HIStory: Obsessed, what immediately comes to mind are the undesirable moments. I remember Chin Teng forcing himself onto an unwilling victim, grabbing a defenceless girl by her throat, and threatening murder-suicide if Yi Chen doesn't reciprocate his love. Normally, these disturbing events occur in the crime section of the newspaper, as opposed to the plot of a BL drama. Yet, Chin Teng's depravity is an undeniable part of HIStory: Obsessed, romanticized in a way that his grisly actions are deemed acceptable.

Chin Teng's behaviour goes beyond obsessive. He is a violent, abusive, controlling, and manipulative love interest. When Yi Chen rejects his overbearing advances, Chin Teng retaliates with physical aggression. When Yi Chen stays out of the way, Chin Teng pesters him, invades his personal space, and fabricates lies to weasel his way into the bedroom. Everything he does is driven by selfish desires, and he never respects Yi Chen's needs for consent, privacy, or boundaries. The romance isn't between two willing parties. It's just Chin Teng stroking his massive male ego.

I like the initial premise of HIStory: Obsessed. It explores the themes of second chances, changing your destiny, and trying to escape your past. There's an epic element to the storyline, because you supposedly love someone so much that your fates are always intertwined. In theory, this type of transcendent romance sounds compelling. In execution, the plot is rushed, disjointed, and doesn't resonate that deeply. Plus, it's impossible to overlook the creepy antics and behaviour, casting dark shadows over the love story.

HIStory: Obsessed has a happy ending that softens Chin Teng's misdemeanours. Chin Teng's character is given a clean slate in the final few minutes, as if the past four episodes of abusive behaviour don't matter. This last-minute character redemption comes just in time for a steamy sexual encounter between the two leads. It's a pretty raunchy sex scene, especially by BL standards in 2017, and the actors don't hold back from expressing their physical affections. If I'm just judging that sex scene alone, I would consider it a highlight of the series.

Unfortunately, I can't isolate the one positive aspect of HIStory: Obsessed from its many enormous flaws. The toxic relationship is too much of a mood killer, making me intensely uncomfortable for the majority of the series. While some viewers may have a higher tolerance for a dark and gritty romance, the problematic elements go overboard for me. I don't enjoy HIStory: Obsessed, and the polarizing series is near the bottom of my least favourite HIStory installments.

HIStory: Obsessed Episode Guide


HIStory: Obsessed has a total of 4 episodes. Each episode is around 15 to 20 minutes long. The last episode is around 20 minutes long. Each episode comes with English subtitles. This is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 2 hours. HIStory: Obsessed aired its first episode on February 28, 2017 and finished on March 3, 2017.

If you like the series, be sure to subscribe to the HIStory: Obessed YouTube channel and express your support.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 1

Around 17 minutes

Episode 2

Around 17 minutes

Episode 3

Around 22 minutes

Episode 4

Around 21 minutes

HIStory: Obsessed Information

  1. I think it’s stupid to give it a low rating just because you don’t agree with the themes. You’re rating it based on what its not and not rating it on what it’s actually supposed to be. That episode is clearly meant to be dark. Since that’s the case it did a great job…. at being DARK. You’re reviewing it like a vegan would review a burger joint. Based on your personal dislikes and not the actual content intent…

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