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Rainbow Lagoon is a Thai BL series where two love rivals turn into companions.

Rainbow Lagoon is a Thai BL series about two love rivals who turn into romantic companions. The main characters competed against each other over the same girlfriend, but she dumped them both. Wounded from their recent heartbreaks, the two former enemies patch up their relationship. Surprisingly, they get along and even become friends.

Despite a few sentimental moments, Rainbow Lagoon is a clumsy love story hindered by juvenile writing. The narrative is clunky, the dialogue is awkward, and the character development is ham-fisted. The script is so poor that it drags down the other decent qualities of this BL drama.

Rainbow Lagoon Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


1 hour

Total Episodes:

2 episodes




Rainbow Lagoon is a nice & heartwarming BL drama.


Khao Nueng and Kung Ten go on a date.

Kung Ten and Khao Nueng are two young men who antagonize each other over liking the same girl. However, she dumps them both and runs off with another guy. Afterwards, the leads meet again at a restaurant where Kung Ten works. Kung Ten is rude to his former love rival initially. However, his mom encourages him to treat the customer more respectfully.

Khao Nueng is willing to call a truce between them, putting aside their feud in the past. They start chatting casually and get to know each other better. Khao Nueng respects Kung Ten's close relationship with his mom, who is in a wheelchair. It makes Khao Nueng see Kung Ten in a different light than before. Despite their differences, the two become friends and start hanging out together.

Rainbow Lagoon Cast


Kung Ten

Oak Puwanart Runapnain (โอ๊ค ภูวนารถ รู้แนบเนียน)

Kung Ten is portrayed by the Thai actor Oak Puwanart Runapnain (โอ๊ค ภูวนารถ รู้แนบเนียน).

Kung Ten runs a restaurant with his mom. They have a close relationship, especially after a family tragedy. Initially, Kung Ten and Khao Nueng antagonized each other over liking the same girl. After she dumps them both, Kung Ten surprisingly befriends his former love rival and gets along with him.

Khao Nueng

Mon Hatsawatchon Wongsrisai (หัสวรรษชนม์ วงศ์ศรีใส)

Khao Nueng is portrayed by the Thai actor Mon Hatsawatchon Wongsrisai (หัสวรรษชนม์ วงศ์ศรีใส).

Khao Nueng is Kung Ten's former love rival. They are hostile towards each other over liking the same girl. However, she dumps them both and runs off with another guy. Kung Ten extends the olive branch to his former love rival. After calling a truce, the two characters get along and become friends.

Supporting Cast

Kung Ten is close to his mom.

Kung Ten's mom

Kung Ten's parent

Klong Chindanai is Kung Ten's friend who teases him about being gay.

Klong Chindanai

Kung Ten's friend

Chin is the restaurant coworker.


Kung Ten's coworker

Cast Highlights

The leads (Mon and Oak) costarred together in the 2021 Thai BL series Country Boy and its 2022 sequel Country Boy 2.

Rainbow Lagoon Review


Drama Review Score: 5.8

Khao Nueng and Kung Ten are reading together.

Rainbow Lagoon is the latest work from Wayufilm Production. This indie studio specializes in making short BL series like Country Boy and other similar gay romances. I watch their projects regularly, hoping they'll amaze me with something extraordinary one day. So far, it hasn't happened yet. The most recent drama is around the same quality as their portfolio of work. Sadly, Rainbow Lagoon is an unsatisfactory effort hindered by lousy storytelling.

My first impression of Rainbow Lagoon is negative. This youthful BL drama feels too juvenile, like the writer has the mindset of an immature teenager. Within the first fifteen minutes, there are multiple instances of the characters farting, pissing, and vomiting. The leads also comment on penis sizes and boners. I'm not against these bodily instincts, but their inclusion sets a vulgar tone in the narrative. The uncouth antics cheapen the image of Rainbow Lagoon, making me perceive the series as tacky and tasteless.

Beyond the crudeness, the disjointed narrative doesn't flow smoothly. The leads meet under odd circumstances, bond over little in common, and form an attraction based on shallow interactions. Their relationship feels forced. I don't understand why these guys are suddenly chummy or hang out all the time. In addition, Khao Nueng has no development, so I don't know who he is as an individual. Kung Ten receives more nuance, but his backstory is clunky. The character's angsty melodrama gets dropped into the narrative without subtlety or grace.

The second episode is better than the first. Even though the homophobic conflict is awkwardly introduced, I like how Rainbow Lagoon handles the resolution. A few gentle exchanges redeem the series to an extent, highlighting its empathy and sentimental LGBT messages. I also enjoy the first kiss between the leads, which is sweet and intimate with an age-appropriate wholesomeness. The actors (Mon and Oak) have worked on various BL projects together, so their on-screen chemistry becomes more comfortable each time.

Rainbow Lagoon is filmed in the beautiful outdoors, achieving a cozy, relaxed ambiance. The camerawork is solid and steady, especially for an indie company. I never had an issue with the production values in their works. My main problem is the clumsy, childish scripts that don't meet professional standards. If Wayufilm Production wants to improve its future projects, it must invest in a more sophisticated story. Otherwise, the studio will continue churning out subpar products like Rainbow Lagoon, which can't compete with many well-written BL dramas.


Clumsy story

Rainbow Lagoon has a disjointed story that doesn't flow smoothly. It suffers from clunky plots, introduces awkward conflicts, and relies too much on tasteless humour.

Juvenile romance

This youthful romance doesn't have a convincing start. The leads form an attraction based on shallow interactions. However, I like that their first kiss is a sweet and intimate moment.

Okay acting

The young leads (Mon and Oak) put forth okay performances. They share comfortable on-screen chemistry, which improves each time they star in the same BL dramas together.

Happy ending

Rainbow Lagoon has a happy ending that promotes sentimental LGBT messages. The final exchange with the main character's mom is touching and concludes the series positively.

Decent artistry

This series has decent production values with solid and steady camerawork. I appreciate the location shoots and filming in the beautiful outdoors.


Rainbow Lagoon is a clumsy BL drama hindered by juvenile writing and crude antics. Despite the sentimental messages, the sloppy storytelling cannot convey a persuasive romance.

Rainbow Lagoon Episodes

Episode Guide

Rainbow Lagoon has a total of 2 episodes. Each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 20 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 1 hour. Rainbow Lagoon aired its first episode on July 4, 2022 and ended its run on July 11, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Rainbow Lagoon Information

Wayufilm Production

Wayufilm is the Thai BL studio that made Country Boy (2021).

Wayufilm Production is the Thai BL studio that made My Bromance (2014). It has also produced other BL projects, including The Rain Stories (2016), NightTime (2019), My Friendship (2020), Country Boy (2021), and Country Boy 2 (2022).

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