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Senior Love Me? 2 is the second season of the Thai BL series Senior Love Me?

Senior Love Me? 2 is the second season of the Thai BL series. It continues the love story of the two coffee shop employees. The main characters have confessed their feelings to each other. Suddenly, a new rival appears and tries coming between their relationship. This suitor is assertive, competitive, and manipulative. He successfully causes enough tension to make the protagonists doubt their budding romance.

The Senior Love Me sequel is significantly worse than the first season. While the original depicts a sweet and harmless romance, this series revolves around an aggravating love triangle. The obnoxious rival dominates the narrative with his deceptive schemes. There is barely any focus on the relationship between the protagonists. Instead, the constant conflicts undermine their bond, making me think the characters are incompatible.

Senior Love Me 2 Summary


รุ่นพี่รักผมยัง ภาค 2

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


30 minutes

Total Episodes:

2 episodes




Senior Love Me 2 is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


A love rival threatens Mike and Bam's relationship.

Bam and Mike are coworkers in a coffee shop. Bam is younger than his colleague and refers to Mike as his senior. Recently, the couple confessed their feelings. They began a sweet, innocent romantic relationship. Their boss, Mind, doesn't have a problem with her employees dating.

One day, Pee arrives at the coffee shop. Pee is Bam's university junior and has a close relationship with him. Initially, Mike doesn't mind their chummy exchanges. However, Pee visits the store regularly to flirt with Bam. He also volunteers to do the coffee shop's marketing campaign for free. Mind happily hires Pee and invites him to visit the store frequently. Pee has a convenient excuse to spend more time with Bam.

Bam and Pee grow increasingly close. Mike feels insecure over their intimate interactions. However, he doesn't confront his boyfriend about these concerns. Pee and Mike have alone time together. Pee reveals his intentions to win over Bam's affections. He's confident about stealing Bam from Mike.

Senior Love Me 2 Trailer

Senior Love Me 2 Cast



Tang-oh Nattawat Trisomboon (ตั้งโอ๋ ณัฐวัฒน์ ไตรสมบูรณ์)

Mike is a Thai actor portrayed by Tang-oh Nattawat Trisomboon (ตั้งโอ๋ ณัฐวัฒน์ ไตรสมบูรณ์).

Mike is a barista working at Three Terrace Cafe. He has romantic feelings for Bam, his younger coworker. They recently confessed their fondness to each other. However, Mike is insecure about Bam and Pee's relationship. Mike doesn't confront his boyfriend over these growing doubts.

Tang-oh Nattawat Trisomboon

Tang-oh Nattawat Trisomboon (ตั้งโอ๋ ณัฐวัฒน์ ไตรสมบูรณ์) is a Thai actor.

Tang-oh Nattawat Trisomboon (ตั้งโอ๋ ณัฐวัฒน์ ไตรสมบูรณ์) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2023 drama, Hit Bite Love. He stars in the 2023 series, Senior Love Me.


Boom Tanakit Kamngern (บูม ธนกฤษ คำเงิน)

Bam is portrayed by Thai actor Boom Tanakit Kamngern (บูม ธนกฤษ คำเงิน).

Bam is a university student and part-time employee at Three Terrace Cafe. He has romantic feelings for his older colleague, Mike. Bam recently reconnected with his university junior, Pee. Their close relationship makes Mike increasingly jealous.

Boom Tanakit Kamngern

Boom Tanakit Kamngern (บูม ธนกฤษ คำเงิน) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 17, 1999.

Boom Tanakit Kamngern (บูม ธนกฤษ คำเงิน) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 17, 1999. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Senior Love Me.

Supporting Cast

Pee is portrayed by Thai actor Piyawat Lochingchairit.


Piyawat Lochingchairit

Mind is portrayed by the Thai actress Kunying Amornrat Charoenpornrungsakul (กัญหญิง อมรรัตน์ เจริญพรรุ่งสกุล).


Kunying Amornrat Charoenpornrungsakul (กัญหญิง อมรรัตน์ เจริญพรรุ่งสกุล)

Senior Love Me 2 Review


Drama Review Score: 4.4

Mike and Bam almost kiss in Senior Love Me Season 2.

Senior Love Me 2 should have never been made. The original drama flew under the radar as generic romantic fluff. While it was unremarkable, the sweet little series seemed innocent and harmless. I gave it a middling review score and moved on. However, the terrible sequel tarnishes my memory of a simple, unassuming love story. Senior Love 2 exposes its narrative flaws and loses all the charm. I must lower my assessment of the first season since the awfulness drags into the past.

The worst quality about Senior Love Me 2 must be the new character, Pee. This obnoxious love rival dominates the narrative with his shameless boyfriend-stealing tactics. The entire story inexplicably revolves around Pee, overshadowing the relationship between the protagonists. I have no idea why this random nuisance receives so much screen time. He steals the spotlight and makes the leads seem like they are the supporting cast. Senior Love Me 2 gets its priorities completely wrong. It focuses on the one-dimensional villain and neglects the real stars.

Beyond being an attention hog, Pee ruins the series with his despicable behaviour. This scheming saboteur comes between an established couple and willfully steals someone else's boyfriend. He takes immense pride in his lack of integrity, taunting Mike and creating a toxic atmosphere in the storyline. Furthermore, the leads don't stand up to him. Mike mopes around like a pitiful doormat, too timid to confront his rival or boyfriend. Bam acts oblivious, even though it's apparent Pee has been hitting on him. All the characters frustrate me with their unlikeable conduct.

Senior Love Me 2 has little romantic content. Despite talking a big game, Pee's seduction is tame. Expect the most milquetoast BL interactions without any traces of flirtation. Bam and Mike share even less chemistry since the couple spends almost the whole series pitted against each other. Bam is too busy giggling with Pee rather than paying attention to his love interest. The leads already had a shallow relationship in the original series. Going into the sequel, I expected their bond to mature and deepen. Instead, Senior Love Me 2 highlights their incompatibility.

Like everything else, the acting is uninspired. Admittedly, the cast members must work with dismal material that dims their sparks. Nonetheless, neither of the leads (Tang-oh & Boom) brings charm or enthusiasm into their roles. They lack the charisma to give the bland characters a boost of personality. During the first season, the performers can mask their limitations behind the veil of romantic fluff. Unfortunately, the sequel has less cutesy, lighthearted exchanges. The more dramatic script challenges the actors, who can't make the scenes compelling.

Senior Love Me 2 has a happy ending, but it comes after nearly thirty minutes of aggravating love triangle drama. On the one hand, I'm glad the couple's conflict is finally over. On the other hand, the resolution is so banal and inelegant that I question what's the point. Why dedicate the entire season to this miserable storyline only to have no significant message? Senior Love Me 2 has been a colossal failure, from the vapid plot to the nonexistent romance. The sequel feels soulless and thoughtless, like something hastily put together without care.


Aggravating story

Senior Love Me spends too much time on the aggravating love triangle drama. The manipulative rival dominates the plot, overshadowing the leads. His scheming makes the story seem toxic.

Incompatible romance

The leads barely spend time bonding in Season 2. Bam prefers giggling with Pee instead of paying attention to Mike. The sequel undermines the couple and doesn't develop their relationship.

Charmless acting

The leads (Tang-oh & Boom) don't bring charm or enthusiasm into their roles. They lack the charisma to give their characters any personality. Their acting performances are uninspired.

Happy ending

Senior Love Me 2 has a happy ending as the couple reconciles at a birthday party. The resolution comes too late. The couple clashes for nearly the entire series until the last scene.

Bland artistry

Most of the series is filmed around the coffee shop. The plain surroundings get old after two seasons, adding to the staleness of the series. The beach scenes are a refreshing change of scenery.


Senior Love Me 2 is a failed sequel that diminishes the original series. It wastes time on a random rival & annoying love triangle drama, overshadowing the romance between the protagonists.

Senior Love Me 2 Episodes

Episode Guide

Bam and Pee flirt on the beach.

Senior Love Me has a total of 2 episodes. Each episode is around 15 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 30 minutes. Senior Love Me 2 started on September 1, 2023 and ended on September 8, 2023.

Senior Love Me 2 is the sequel of Senior Love Me. The original drama has two episodes. It started on July 7, 2023 and ended on July 10, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

12 minutes

Episode 2

17 minutes

Senior Love Me Season 1


Season 1

Senior Love Me 2 is the sequel of Senior Love Me.

Senior Love Me 2 is the second season of the Thai BL series, Senior Love Me. The original is a 6-episode drama that began on July 7, 2023 and ended on July 10, 2023. Each episode lasts around 15 minutes. You can finish the entire first season in half an hour. You should watch Senior Love Me before starting the sequel. The predecessor introduces the characters and how they met.

Unlike the sequel, Senior Love Me 1 was a sweet, harmless love story depicting an innocent relationship between two coworkers. Although the plot was generic, it was pleasant enough for cute romantic fluff. However, the second season tarnished my feelings about the original series. The sequel lacks charm and exposes narrative flaws, making me think less of the predecessor.

Senior Love Me 2 Information


WHODO STUDIO is a Thai BL studio. Its portfolio of work include Is You (2020) and Senior Love Me? (2023).

Who Do? Studio is a Thai BL studio. Its portfolio of work include Is You (2020) and Senior Love Me? (2023). In addition, the studio has also worked on other non-BL dramas.


Nick Kittiphop Thinkamut (นิค กิตติภพ ถิ่นกมุท) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2023 drama Senior Love Me?

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