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The Outing is a Thai series about a company retreat.

The Outing is a Thai series about the toxic relationship drama during a company retreat. There's a BL subplot for one of the couples. The main characters are three business executives who take their families and employees on a trip to a resort. Although it's supposed to be a relaxing occasion, secret love affairs and scandalous revelations threaten to tear apart the group. Their friendships, romances, and careers are in jeopardy.

Despite the polished production and attractive cast, The Outing is tedious from start to finish. I'm bored by the sleazy storylines, immoral characters, and dysfunctional romances. The series is obsessed with infidelity, which dominates most of the plot. Everyone cheats on each other in a convoluted web of illicit love. While there's a BL couple, they have an unhealthy relationship. It isn't worth enduring the obnoxious drama for their minor subplot.

The Outing Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2024)


7 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




The Outing is a dark & toxic drama.


Chess and Peng meet during a company outing.

Anan is the owner of a top advertising agency. He runs the business with his friends, Taurus and Pupha. The three executives take their families and employees on a company retreat. The group, consisting of twenty-two people, will spend the next few days in a remote villa. Although this event is supposed to be a relaxing occasion, there are underlying tensions between many characters. Some share a complicated relationship history, while others are feuding.

Anan is married to Sirin, who comes from a wealthy family. Behind his wife's back, he hides a secret affair with his subordinate, Neree. Sirin's relatives may invest significant funds into the company, but Anan's business partners are still contemplating the pros and cons of the decision. The couple has three daughters: Ami, Atra, and Xena. The siblings pretend to get along, but they often compete and compare themselves against each other. Ami is dating Wiz, one of the company's employees. However, Atra and Xena also have secret feelings for Wiz.

Taurus is a single parent whose wife passed away. He entertains a casual flirtation with Jane, his star employee who organized the company outing. Taurus has a rocky relationship with his introverted daughter, Nalin. Although he tries reaching out to her, she has lost respect for him after discovering his affair with a married woman. Taurus' sister, Apa, also works for the agency. She brings Peng, her boyfriend and a new intern, to the retreat. Peng doesn't know that Apa used to have a romantic relationship with Pupha's sister, Tara.

Pupha is married to Cholly. The couple faces marital troubles and often quarrels. Cholly speaks bluntly and offends others with her remarks. She clashes with Sirin and Apa. Pupha has a well-behaved son, Sky. He is dating Mesa, her father's employee. Others in the company, especially Jane, wonder if Mesa receives preferential treatment due to her relationship. Sky is also friends with Nalin. However, he doesn't realize she has a secret crush on him. In addition, Pupha has two sisters, Ari and Tara. Ari is married to Natee, who works for the company.

During the retreat, the group has divided itself into several social circles. The management group includes Anan, Sirin, Taurus, Apa, Pupha, Tara, Ari, and Natee. The children group includes Ami, Atra, Xena, Nalin, and Sky. There are also the employees. The female staff includes Cream, Jane, Mesa, Neree, and Uma. Cream and Uma used to date, but they broke up amicably. The male staff includes Chess, Peng, and Wiz. Chess enjoys his single life and doesn't want a long-term relationship. He forms a friendship with Peng and helps the new intern get settled.

The Outing Cast



Max Nattapol Diloknawarit (แม็กซ์ ณัฐพล ดิลกนวฤทธิ์)

Chess is portrayed by the Thai actor Max Nattapol Diloknawarit (แม็กซ์ ณัฐพล ดิลกนวฤทธิ์).

Chess is an employee at an advertising agency. He works closely with Pupha, one of the company owners. Chess attends the business retreat with the rest of his colleagues. Chess has a lighthearted personality and likes to crack jokes, making him a popular figure. Chess is currently single. He prioritizes casual hookups and doesn't seek long-term relationships. Chess befriends Peng, the new company intern, during the outing.

Max Nattapol Diloknawarit

Max Nattapol Diloknawarit (แม็กซ์ ณัฐพล ดิลกนวฤทธิ์) is a Thai BL series. He is born on June 9, 1994. His first BL project is the 2016 series, Bad Romance. He is the lead in Together With Me (2017), Together With Me: The Next Chapter (2018), and Manner of Death (2020). Max appears in The Outing (2024).


Boss Daranpope Charmpoonod (บอส ดรัณภพ ชามพูนท)

Peng is portrayed by the Thai actor Boss Daranpope Charmpoonod (บอส ดรัณภพ ชามพูนท).

Peng is a new intern at an advertising agency. He joins the company retreat despite not knowing many of the guests. Chess and the other employees are friendly toward Peng, helping him get acquainted. Peng is dating Apa, Taurus' sister. The couple met during a party. Apa used her connections to help Peng secure this internship. However, Peng doesn't realize that Apa and Tara used to share a relationship history.

Boss Daranpope Charmpoonod

Boss Daranpope Charmpoonod (บอส ดรัณภพ ชามพูนท) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 4, 1998.

Boss Daranpope Charmpoonod (บอส ดรัณภพ ชามพูนท) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 4, 1998. His first BL project is the 2024 series, The Outing.

Supporting Cast

Anan is the company owner.


Company owner

Taurus is Anan's business partner.


Anan's business partner

Pupha is Anan's business partner.


Anan's business partner

Sirin is Anan's wife.


Anan's wife

Cholly is Pupha's wife.


Pupha's wife

Apa is Taurus' sister.


Taurus' sister

Tara is Pupha's sister.


Pupha's sister

Ari is Pupha's sister.


Pupha's sister

Natee is Ari's husband.


Ari's husband

Ami is Anan's daughter.


Anan's daughter

Atra is Anan's daughter.


Anan's daughter

Xena is Anan's daughter.


Anan's daughter

Nalin is Taurus' daughter.


Taurus' daughter

Sky is Pupha's son.


Pupha's son

Neree is Anan's mistress.


Anan's mistress

Wiz is Ami's boyfriend.


Ami's boyfriend

Mesa is Sky's girlfriend.


Sky's girlfriend

Jane is an employee.


Taurus' employee

Cream is Uma's ex.


Anan's employee

Uma is Cream's ex.


Cream's ex

Cast Highlights

  • The actor who portrays Chess (Max) is the lead of the 2017 Thai BL series Together With Me. He also appears in Bad Romance (2016), Together With Me: The Next Chapter (2018), and Manner of Death (2020).
  • Wiz's actor (Nonkul) is the lead of the 2023 historic drama I Feel You Linger in the Air.
  • Sky's actor (Toptap) is in the secondary romance for the 2020 comedy Tonhon Chonlatee.

The Outing Review


Drama Review Score: 6.1

Chess and Peng have a steamy encounter.

The Outing has many sordid storylines. During the company retreat, the characters cheat on their partners, lose their jobs, or destroy their families. Three sisters fall in love with the same guy. A married boss sleeps with his employees. That's only the tip of the iceberg as secrets unravel. The narrative switches perspectives every few episodes, allowing viewers to understand each protagonist's motivations in an interconnected plot. A sudden bombshell may surprise you, alter your perceptions, and unleash waves of drama.

Although the scandalous story sounds exciting in theory, The Outing is tedious to watch. The narrative progresses slowly, so hours may pass before a spicy confrontation occurs. Also, the series focuses excessively on sleazy affairs. Almost everyone seems to cheat on each other, creating a convoluted web of illicit love. Their dysfunctional relationship drama either bores me or aggravates me. When most of the conflicts arise from infidelity, these plots lose impact. The Outing lacks imagination and can't think of other ways to cause tension besides promiscuity.

The series has a large cast with twenty-two characters, which overwhelmed me initially. It took a long time to keep track of everyone and figure out their group dynamics. I wish the series gave better introductions in the first episode. A quick description of each person would clear so much confusion. Too many characters also means they get limited time in the spotlight, reducing the depth of their development. I eventually recognized everyone. However, I end up hating most of them. These liars and cheaters are despicable, offending me with their immoral behaviour.

The Outing has a BL couple as a minor subplot. Their romance emerges around the middle of the series, so you must wait for the flirtation to start. The pair hooks up passionately, providing a jolt of excitement in a monotonous narrative. However, they don't feature prominently. Their scenes seem like tiny droplets in a big pool of storylines. The characters are also detestable and have an unhealthy relationship. It's not worth watching this drama solely for the BL content. In addition, there are plenty of straight couples, but they annoy me with their heterosexual nonsense.

Despite the ugly relationship drama, at least the visuals are beautiful. The Outing takes place at a majestic resort with a rustic charm. The sleek production values capture every scene stylishly, from picturesque landscapes to intimate facial expressions. In addition, the series features an attractive cast. Everyone looks like fashion models, gracing the screen with natural elegance and sophistication. Their dramatic performances are also up to par. From subtle emotions to intense confrontations, they bring maturity and gravitas to elevate the pivotal scenes.

A few characters have happy endings, but other couples finish the series gloomily. Expect breakups, broken friendships, and bittersweet resolutions. Since I despise most of these sleazy scumbags, their comeuppance seems appropriate. However, I don't have strong feelings about anybody or anything. The tedious plot drained all interest long ago. I sigh and roll my eyes each episode, barely putting up with the relationship angst. Instead of a gritty and compelling story, The Outing is a bleak, joyless experience from start to finish. It is devoid of entertainment.


Tedious story

The Outing focuses excessively on sordid cheating drama. I'm bored by the sleazy characters, toxic romances, and immoral behaviour. It's also hard to keep track of the oversized cast.

Sleazy romance

The Outing has a BL couple with passionate hookups, although the subplot isn't prominent. The other straight pairings annoy me with their sleazy cheating drama and relationship angst.

Strong acting

The attractive cast brings gravitas and maturity to elevate their dramatic performances. From subtle expressions to intense confrontations, everyone emotes convincingly.

Sad ending

The Outing has sad endings for many couples, although a few characters get hopeful conclusions. Expect breakups, broken friendships, and bittersweet resolutions for each storyline.

Stylish artistry

This beautifully filmed series has sleek, contemporary production values. The majestic resort has a rustic charm, while the picturesque landscapes add to the moody ambiance.


The Outing is a tedious series dominated by cheating storylines, toxic romances, and immoral characters. Despite the attractive cast & stylish production, the angsty relationship drama bores me.

The Outing Episodes

Episode Guide

Peng looks at a shirtless Chess.

The Outing has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 40 to 55 minutes long. The last episode is around 55 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 10 hours. The Outing started on February 15, 2024 and ended on March 3, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I wish the first episode did a better job of introducing the characters and their relationships. This is such a large cast. I can't keep track of who's who. A random person talks, and I'm like, "Who's that?"

Episode 2

The plot moves too slowly. I'm also bored by both cheating storylines. Can we hurry up and get the scandalous drama started? At least Cholly is stirring up shit by calling out everyone.

Episode 3

Things are finally getting spicy! I like Xena's lipstick scene. Wow, Wiz & Atra wasted no time sleeping together. Poor Ami. Having three sisters in love with the same guy is a soap opera storyline.

Episode 4

Holy shit, Anan punched the mirror! Despite the scandalous drama, the story feels tedious. All they do in this series is cheat on each other. These straight relationships are boring. Where's the BL?

Episode 5

Oh, the story is starting over from a different POV? I love how Apa looks glamorous in every scene. I wish the cast were smaller. Get rid of the unnecessary characters and free up time to develop the rest.

Episode 6

All the relationship drama is so dull. Every storyline involves cheating, one way or another. While there's finally a BL kiss, I dislike Peng's character. He's another filthy cheater, like everyone else.

Episode 7

Chess and Peng's sex scene is fun! I wish I like this couple more, but Peng is an ass. "Hit me, just like you used to." OMG, what!? Did Nalin's father abuse her? Ugh, these men are the worst.

Episode 8

"My daughter thinks I'm a scumbag." That's because you ARE scum, Taurus! I hate his redemption arc. Employees like Mesa & Wiz should stop screwing their bosses' kids. Don't shit where you eat.

Episode 9

Almost every character in this series is despicable. Ugh, I hate Cholly's transphobia. Cholly and Pupha are such a toxic couple. Everyone should break up and stay the hell away from each other.

Episode 10

Did Cream & Anan sleep together or not? Chess has some gall for buddying up to Pupha after sleeping with his wife. This cheater is so brazen! The pregnancy storylines are of no interest to me.

Episode 11

Ari shouldn't have faked her pregnancy, but Natee is wrong for not revealing his infertility. Nobody cares about Cream's rumours. Everyone here is a cheater. They'd be like, "Welcome to the club!"

Episode 12

Cholly used her husband's money to pay another guy to sleep with her!? She's a menace. "I can buy you if you want." Ugh, Peng is awful. I hate Anan, but Cream using the video as blackmail is iffy.

The Outing Information


Pai Ekkapop Paiaree (ไป๋ เอกภพ ไป๋อารีย์) is a Thai director.

Pai Ekkapop Paiaree (ไป๋ เอกภพ ไป๋อารีย์) is a Thai director. His portfolio of work includes the 2024 series, The Outing, which features a BL subplot.

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