Wedding Plan – Series Review & Ending Explained

Wedding Plan is a Thai BL series about a couple about to get married.

Wedding Plan is a Thai BL series about a mismatched couple looking to get married. Two childhood sweethearts approach a wedding planner, asking him to coordinate their ceremony on short notice. These tricky clients are uncooperative with no idea what they want. The protagonist tries to work with them, but his failed plans lead to comical shenanigans. Unexpectedly, he develops a forbidden attraction toward the groom-to-be.

With sharp writing and cheeky humour, Wedding Plan is a delightful BL romantic comedy. The lighthearted plot flows briskly through each entertaining episode. I laugh at the irreverent jokes, giggle at the silly scenarios, and grin over the witty dialogue. I also appreciate the surprisingly meaningful LGBTQ+ commentary. The storyteller has done an excellent job conveying joy and enthusiasm in the narrative.

Wedding Plan Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

7 episodes + special


Romantic comedy


Wedding Plan is a happy & funny BL drama.


Nuea is Lom's wedding planner.

Nuea is an experienced wedding planner who works for an agency, The Wiwa Square. This hopeless romantic loves his job. He's excellent at work, even though his boss, Im, teases him sometimes. Many customers are satisfied with the events that he coordinates. Due to Nuea's busy schedule, he doesn't have time for a love life. The perpetually single Nuea can only watch other couples find happiness, but never for himself.

Recently, Nuea organized a successful wedding for a gay couple. One of the guests, Lom, is impressed with his event-planning ability. Lom and his fiancée approach the agency for their upcoming wedding. Nuea's first impression of the groom is desire. Lom is exactly his type. However, he remains professional and accepts the couple as clients. Lom and Yiwa are childhood sweethearts who want to plan their wedding in three months. The timeline is tight, but Nuea tries his best to make preparations.

Nuea quickly faces challenges as a wedding planner. Lom and Yiwa are one of his trickiest clients ever. This couple is uncooperative and has no idea what they want. Yiwa doesn't reveal any preferences. Her opinions are nonexistent, making it almost impossible to communicate with her. Yiwa keeps deferring to her fiancé for everything about the wedding. Meanwhile, Lom is constantly preoccupied with a busy work schedule. He barely finds time to meet up with his wedding planner.

Nuea and Yiwa have a nearly unlimited budget. They come from wealthy families who look forward to attending a spectacular event. Their parents have agreed not to interfere with most of the planning. Nonetheless, there are high expectations about many details, especially the guest list. As demands build, the logistics of managing this wedding become increasingly complex. Nuea is annoyed, venting his frustrations to his boss and coworkers. Im encourages him to communicate more with the clients to find out what they want.

Nuea tries to meet up with Lom amid the groom's busy schedule. Despite hating exercise, Nuea even goes to the gym to talk to him. Lom senses his wedding planner's urgency and takes the meetings more seriously. He spends time with Nuea, working out each detail. As their relationship improves, Nuea's heart feels swayed. He develops an attraction toward the groom-to-be. Yet, he knows better than to fall for a guy who will soon get married. Nuea resists his feelings, but the temptation of forbidden love may be too compelling.

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Wedding Plan Cast



Pak Naphat Leelahatorn (ปลั๊ก ณภัทร ลีฬหาทร)

Nuea is portrayed by Thai actor Pak Naphat Leelahatorn (ปลั๊ก ณภัทร ลีฬหาทร).

Nuea is a skilled wedding planner who loves his job. He enjoys the joy of organizing the nuptials for happy couples. Despite being a hopeless romantic, he is still single. Nuea is excellent at his job, even though his boss and coworkers sometimes tease him. Recently, Nuea accepted tricky new clients. He is frustrated by Lom and Yiwa's lack of cooperation with the wedding planning.

Pak Naphat Leelahatorn

Pak Naphat Leelahatorn (ปลั๊ก ณภัทร ลีฬหาทร) is a Thai actor.

Pak Naphat Leelahatorn (ปลั๊ก ณภัทร ลีฬหาทร) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 3, 2003. His first BL leading role is the 2023 drama, Wedding Plan.


Sunny Wannarat Wattadalimma (ซันนี่ วรรณรัตน์ วัฒดาลิมมา)

Lom is about to marry Yiwa, his childhood sweetheart. They have dated each other for over a decade. Recently, Lom was a guest at a gay wedding. He seemed impressed with Nuea's event coordination skills. Lom approaches Nuea's agency to arrange a ceremony on short notice. However, he doesn't seem very cooperative. Lom is often busy at work and manages a successful company. He comes from a wealthy family.

Sunny Wannarat Wattadalimma

Sunny Wannarat Wattadalimma (ซันนี่ วรรณรัตน์ วัฒดาลิมมา) is a Thai actor.

Sunny Wannarat Wattadalimma (ซันนี่ วรรณรัตน์ วัฒดาลิมมา) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is the 2021 drama, Top Secret Together. He has a leading role in the 2023 series, Wedding Plan.

Supporting Cast

Yiwa is portrayed by Thai actress Aya Orapan Phongmaykin (เอญ่า อรพรรณ ผ่องเมฆินทร์).


Aya Orapan Phongmaykin (เอญ่า อรพรรณ ผ่องเมฆินทร์)

Marine is portrayed by Thai actress Kate Sasisarun Phiboonrattapong (เคท ศศิศรัณย์ พิบูลรัตพงศ์).


Kate Sasisarun Phiboonrattapong (เคท ศศิศรัณย์ พิบูลรัตพงศ์)

Im is portrayed by Thai actress JakJaan Akhamsiri Suwanasuk (อคัมย์สิริ สุวรรณศุข).


JakJaan Akhamsiri Suwanasuk (อคัมย์สิริ สุวรรณศุข)

Ryu is portrayed by Thai actor Donut Suppawit Thongyuen (โดนัท ศุภวิชญ์ ทองยืน).


Donut Suppawit Thongyuen (โดนัท ศุภวิชญ์ ทองยืน)

Sun is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Forth Kashane Pichetsopon (โฟร์ท ตฤณ พิเชฐโสภณ)

Ray is portrayed by a Thai actress Nahm Siriwan Sikkhamonthol (แหนม ศิริวรรณ สิกขะมณฑล).


Nahm Siriwan Sikkhamonthol (แหนม ศิริวรรณ สิกขะมณฑล)

Prize is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Jom is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Nuea's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Nuea's mom

Nuea's dad is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Nuea's dad

Lom's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Lom's mom

Yiwa's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Yiwa's mom

Sky is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Peat Wasuthorn Chaijindar (พีท วสุธร ชัยจินดา)

Prapai is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Fort Thitipong Sangngey (ฟอร์ด ฐิติพงศ์ เซ่งงาย)

Payu is portrayed by a Thai actor Boss Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya (บอส ชัยกมล เสริมส่งวิทยะ).


Boss Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya (บอส ชัยกมล เสริมส่งวิทยะ)

Rain is portrayed by a Thai actor Noeul Nuttarat Tangwai (โนอึล ณัฐรัชต์ ตังวาย).


Noeul Nuttarat Tangwai (โนอึล ณัฐรัชต์ ตังวาย)

Cast Highlights

  • Lom's actor (Sunny) is one of the leads in the 2021 Thai BL series Top Secret Together.
  • Yiwa's actress (Aya) has a supporting role in the 2022 drama Fahlanruk. The actress portraying Ray (Nahm) appears in the 2022 time-travel series Triage.
  • The actor portraying Sun (Forth) is one of the leads in the 2023 BL movie Moments of Love.
  • Several actors from Love in the Air (2022) have guest cameos in Wedding Plan, portraying the same characters. Boss, Noeul, Fort, and Peat appear in Episodes 1 and 3.

Wedding Plan Review


Drama Review Score: 8.8

Lom places a finger on Nuea's lips.

Wedding Plan is a bubbly, lighthearted romantic comedy. The series draws you in with a scandalous plot about a wedding planner and his forbidden desires. Gasp! He develops feelings for the groom! The controversy creates a sweet and spicy love story with memorable relationship moments. The narrative treads carefully on a tightrope between flirtation and danger. Wedding Plan handles this balancing act successfully, offering a sprinkle of romance, a touch of humour, and a light dose of drama.

Some viewers will underestimate Wedding Plan, labelling it as frivolous. Sure, the series indulges in a lot of campiness and silliness. The characters often mock themselves, tease each other, or exchange playful banter. A few outlandish moments may provoke incredulous laughter. Writing comedy isn't easy, but this BL drama has a knack for delivering snappy jokes. Even if the events can be dumb, the easygoing humour is part of its charm. It's also self-aware enough to show moderation. Wedding Plan knows when to ramp up the hilarity or dial it down for heartfelt emotions.

As one funny scene follows another, Wedding Plan builds brisk momentum. Some BL dramas can write an amusing exchange here or there, but this series nails the comedy constantly and consistently. It has a high success rate of making you laugh, giggle, or crack a wry smile. The flippant humour produces a lively atmosphere that entertains from start to finish. I happily tune into each new episode, anticipating hours of cheerfulness and cheekiness. Wedding Plan becomes a pleasure to watch as it guides viewers through witty dialogue and sassy shenanigans.

I didn't support Nuea and Lom's romance for most of the series. The love story between a wedding planner and his client is a tough sell. Nuea is a likeable protagonist whose happiness I champion, but Lom's conduct seems iffy. I can't embrace him as a love interest since he's in multiple relationships. His feelings for Nuea are also overstated. Calm down, you only know each other for several weeks! However, the last few episodes made me receptive toward the couple. I'm a softie won over by their flirty interactions and Lom's sincerity in changing his behaviour.

As the relationship drama unfolds, the characters endure emotional turmoil. They must navigate a sensitive situation with no tidy resolution. The plots explore personal autonomy, family obligations, and moral conundrums. Contrary to the humorous antics, the narrative themes are surprisingly relatable. A few sentimental scenes are touching, particularly Nuea's chat with his mom in Episode 5. The series also displays an assertive LGBTQ+ agenda, tackling topics that will resonate with the community. I appreciate the thoughtful messages embedded in Wedding Plan.

Wedding Plan has a happy ending for the leads as they overcome their wacky matrimonial mishaps. The epilogue special provides better closure, wrapping up the character arcs more definitively than the finale. While there are a few bittersweet moments, the series never loses its signature playfulness. The energetic cast brings enthusiasm to their roles, injecting joy and mischief into each joke. Overall, Wedding Plan has everything I desire from a simple yet hilarious gay romantic comedy. This delightful BL drama combines heart and humour in a winning formula.


Amusing story

Wedding Plan has an entertaining story with lots of lighthearted humour, from goofy jokes to witty lines. It offers a sprinkle of romance, a touch of comedy, and a light dose of romantic drama.

Forbidden romance

The BL drama begins controversially. A forbidden romance between a wedding planner and his client is bound to stir drama. I became more receptive to the couple in the last few episodes.

Energetic acting

The energetic cast injects lots of personality into their roles. They enhance the comedic material with their liveliness and sassiness. However, the actors are weaker during dramatic exchanges.

Happy ending

Wedding Plan has a happy ending for the leads as they overcome their matrimonial mishaps. The epilogue special wraps up the character arcs definitely. This conclusion is cute and cheerful.

Cheerful artistry

The series displays a campy and cheeky humour that makes each episode entertaining. The big smiles, bright visuals, and bubbly atmosphere bring infectious joy to the show.


Wedding Plan is a lighthearted BL romantic comedy with hilarious jokes and spicy relationship drama. Each entertaining episode is delightful, guiding viewers through silly and sassy shenanigans.

Wedding Plan Episodes

Episode Guide

Nuea and Lom hold hands outside.

Wedding Plan has a total of 7 episodes. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 6 hours. Wedding Plan started on July 19, 2023 and ended on August 30, 2023.

In addition, Wedding Plan released an one-hour special on September 16, 2023. This epilogue wraps up the central story.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Lom and Yiwa want to get married.

Wedding Plan begins with a cute, lighthearted premiere. I'm in the mood for something silly. Lately, many BL dramas lean more towards romance than comedy. The current trend doesn't favour happy, upbeat love stories. In contrast, this series is refreshing because it embraces a quirky and irreverent sense of humour. Some jokes may be childish, but others make me laugh. The scene where Nuea meets with Lom & Yiwa has snappy back-and-forth banter. Wedding Plan forms a positive first impression due to its sharp writing.

The concept is unique! I haven't watched many BL dramas with a wedding planner as the lead, so the plot feels fresh. (HIStory 4 had a similar theme, but that series sucked.) I also haven't seen love stories between a wedding planner and a groom, probably because the idea is outrageous. 😅 Imagine getting married, only to fall in love with the man planning your wedding. The scenario seems so bizarre that it cracks me up. This unconventional premise works for a comedy. I'd hate this plot if Wedding Plan was a serious drama, but the series takes a humorous approach instead.

Midway through the episode, I figured out it was a sham wedding. Lom and Yiwa seem so nonchalant that they don't resemble a genuine couple about to get married. I felt suspicious when Yiwa refused to express any opinions. It's supposed to be a significant life event, but her attitude toward everything is *idk lol*. Once I deduce Lom & Yiwa aren't attracted to each other, I enjoy the scenes where Nuea gets flustered. It's almost like I'm in on the joke. Poor Nuea must handle the worst clients ever, but watching him be exasperated and lose his patience is funny.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Lom confronts Nuea by the lockers.

"Keep calm and every groom is in your palm." LOL. Okay, that isn't a good mantra for a wedding planner to have. Much of the comedy comes from Nuea's flustered responses as he fights his attraction to Lom. Sometimes, he gives hilariously ditzy reactions, like looking for a missing Yiwa in the car. At other times, Nuea is oblivious to his forwardness, like cleaning the stain on Lom's pants. These dumb scenarios are funny. BTW, I'm dead at the series putting the product placement on the protagonist's crotch. 💀

Nuea and Lom's interactions are inappropriate. Their flirtation is wrong on many levels. A wedding planner shouldn't be flirting with the groom and vice versa. However, understanding Lom's motivations minimizes the stigma to a certain extent. As viewers, we know Lom enters a sham marriage with his lesbian best friend. In reality, he's single and not cheating on Yiwa. Lom is wrong for deceiving Nuea about his relationship status. Yet, he can't confess without jeopardizing Yiwa's secret. While I disagree with his actions, I understand his conundrum.

Lom and Yiwa are bearding for each other. A gay man and a lesbian woman marrying isn't a new concept for a story. However, there's still some novelty to this arrangement, which we don't see frequently. A BL drama is an excellent platform to explore this fascinating LGBTQ+ narrative. I appreciate Wedding Plan for having a gay couple and a lesbian pairing in its story. The inclusivity is very welcomed. BL and GL don't have to be separate genres. As this drama demonstrates, they can coexist in the same series and highlight a broader range of sexuality.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Nuea and Lok gaze into each other's eyes.

Are Lom & Nuea just going to ignore their kiss? That's the giant elephant in the room. "I wanted to calm you down," Lom gives an absurdly BS explanation. Their past flirting had plausible deniability, but a kiss is definite and complicates the client-employee dynamic. Even before the smooch, Nuea breached business conduct. He should've reported to his boss. Im could assign a different colleague and avoid a humiliating scandal. Imagine if news broke out that her staff was seducing the clientele. Welcome to the world's first husband-stealing agency!

"Are you forced to marry Yiwa?" I'm glad Nuea is intuitive enough to ask that question. It makes sense his character would reach this conclusion. He isn't just some ditzy protagonist who gets duped by his love interest. Lom lies in his response, lacking the courage to come out. He may flirt and kiss, yet this closeted gay guy can't admit his attraction aloud. Even though his actions seem contradictory, they reflect the complex turmoil of the LGBTQ+. Lom is so used to hiding his identity that his instinct is denial. Not confirming verbally gives him the comfort of plausible deniability.

Lom and Yiwa have been in a fake relationship for 13 years. Wow, that's a damn long time. Forget coming out. Those closet doors are bolted shut due to rust! I like how this episode expands on Lom & Yiwa's backstory. We understand the pressures they face to hide their sexuality. A sham marriage is an outrageous lie, but it makes more sense after discovering their dire circumstances. At least Yiwa has the emotional support of a loving girlfriend. Lom must cope with his demons and his loneliness. Maybe that's why he grows attached to Nuea so quickly.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Yiwa and Rine kiss in Wedding Plan Episode 4.

MOTHERS HAVE ARRIVED!!! This episode steps up in campness. Every scene with Lom and Yiwa's moms serves fabulous soap opera diva flamboyance. From the theatrical reactions to the antagonistic drama, these evil matriarchs are here to wreak havoc. They're gloriously wicked caricatures. Initially, I thought the gay kids could reason with their parents instead of resorting to a sham wedding. After meeting the toxic families, I understand why Yiwa and Lom must escape from them.

Ugh, Lom needs to stop hitting on Nuea. His behaviour is annoying because he won't reveal the truth about the fake relationship. Lom deceives his love interest, letting him think their romance is an affair. Poor Nuea agonizes about coming between a committed couple. Furthermore, Lom puts Nuea's professional reputation at risk. If others know this wedding planner hooked up with his client, he'll lose all credibility. Nuea may never be able to work in the industry again, even though he loves his job. Lom is selfish and doesn't consider Nuea's consequences.

The GL couple has cute relationship scenes. So far, I like them more than the BL pairing. Yiwa's gift is incredibly thoughtful. Rine seems understanding about the fake wedding activities, not showing signs of annoyance or jealousy. Nonetheless, Yiwa gives her a heartwarming present, ensuring her girlfriend feels valued and included. Based on previous exchanges, Yiwa exhibits empathy and always considers other people's feelings. Her character is likeable. Even though Yiwa is the one who causes the wedding drama, she's a sympathetic figure who I champion.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Nuea gets a hug from his mom.

OMG, I love Im's tirade so much! Destroy that lying bastard lmaoooo! It's like she read my mind, articulating all my annoyances toward Lom. Every righteous word gives a rush of gratification. "Oh, so you're aware you're a groom?" makes me cackle. Lom behaved inconsiderately, jeopardized Nuea's career, and put him in a distressing predicament. I'm glad Nuea's coworkers stand up for him and call out Lom's bullshit. After the drama from the last episode, the story needs this moment to set the moral compass right.

I love Nuea's sentimental chat with his mom. His anguished introspection adds a layer of emotional depth to this storyline. No, Nuea shouldn't have slept with the groom. However, his shame and remorse leave me sympathizing with his internal struggles. My heart stirs when he says, "I'm sorry for becoming this kind of person." The story goes deeper than depicting shallow melodrama, but it explores Nuea's conscience and shows him questioning his integrity. Nuea's mom comforts him and offers compassionate advice. This well-written exchange raises my opinion of Wedding Plan.

Despite the intense emotions, I'm not attached to Lom & Nuea's romance. Their connection doesn't seem that deep. They had a few bonding moments and slept together once, but their attraction isn't thoroughly developed. Lom overstates how much Nuea means to him. You only know the guy for a couple of weeks. He resembles a casual fling rather than the love of your life. This couple hasn't persuaded me yet. I'm still upset with Lom's behaviour, but his sympathetic explanation lessens my irritation. Like Nuea, I'm cautiously open to the prospect of reconciliation.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Nuea and Lom kiss in the outdoors.

"This is an orange orchard, not a brothel!" LMAO. I like how Nuea is capable of defending himself against that handsy guy. He doesn't need Lom to step in and be his guardian, subverting our expectations. Afterwards, Lom asks permission before touching any body part. Nuea instills the almighty fear in him! BTW, I love the irony of a MAME series giving a lecture on boundaries. This is rich coming from the queen of problematic dramas. Imagine my best Im voice: "Oh, so you're aware love stories should respect consent?"

I have forgiven Lom. My anger toward him dissipated more quickly than I anticipated. He's the victim of external and internal homophobia, making his circumstances sympathetic. Also, this episode redeems him by highlighting his sincerity. He pulls his weight around the orchard, winning over his in-laws. As much as Lom cares about their approval, he struggles to do the same with his parents. 😢 I'm happy when Nuea reconciles with him. Unlike previously, their romantic encounter in this episode feels more satisfying. "Last time, you hadn't seen the real me~" LOL. Fierce!

Lom's anecdote about coming out to Yiwa is moving. "On that night, a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl held each other and cried." This line tugs at my heartstrings. Mentioning their ages is a clever writing choice because it emphasizes Yiwa & Lom carrying a heavy burden since their youth. It saddens me to think about these closeted teens still struggling as adults. The backstory sheds insight into their secretive behaviour, unbreakable bond, and urgent desperation to escape. I'm glad the episode ends with Yiwa's emancipation as she finally prioritizes her happiness.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Wedding Plan has a happy ending where Nuea and Lom are together.

This episode covers the fallout of the wedding drama. It's satisfying karma to see the two momzillas lose face on their big day and sink their claws at each other. A BL series that celebrates destroying a false heterosexual marriage is oddly therapeutic to my soul. However, I wish the parents were less cartoonish caricatures. I want more insightful scenes, like when Lom's mom talks to her son. "Don't disappear like Yiwa. My biggest fear is losing you." This type of meaningful characterization would elevate the story.

Wedding Plan misses an opportunity to explore Yiwa's perspective. I wish she was less of a supporting character and more of a second lead. Being a runaway bride is such a significant decision. If it was easy to abandon her old life, Yiwa should've done it earlier. I want the episode to dive deeper into her dilemma and range of emotions. Yiwa starting a new life with Rine in another country is empowering, which I support wholeheartedly. It's the right call rather than locking herself into a sham marriage. Just show us more of Yiwa's journey to reiterate what she gained and lost.

Wedding Plan has a happy ending where the two gay couples live freely after their sham wedding falls apart. Yet, their happiness comes with compromises. Yiwa must leave her home to gain autonomy. Likewise, Lom isn't out of the closet and hides his romance. Instead of a picture-book ending where their problems vanish, both characters still face lifelong struggles. Their partners, Nuea and Rine, show patience for the sacrifices in the relationships. While the finale is joyful and upbeat, there's a slight tinge of bittersweetness that reflects real-life LGBTQ+ experiences.

Episode 7
Episode 8


Special Episode Review
Nuea and Lom kiss on their wedding night.

This one-hour special provides a more satisfying ending for Wedding Plan than the series finale. The epilogue explores the story's themes decisively. For example, there's a hilariously awkward meeting between Lom's mom and Nuea. Last time, she mentioned not wanting to lose her son. In this episode, we see her make actual progress, even if she's still intolerant. Lom also seems at ease with his sexuality. He has told more people, including his assistant. These are all positive signs of character growth.

Lom blindsiding Nuea with his own wedding is quirky enough to amuse me. Initially, the series started with outrageous wedding shenanigans. This episode recaptures the same goofy vibes, albeit with a different plot. Nuea's character is funny when he gets flustered. A part of me thought Lom should've included Nuea in the event planning. However, I understand why he doesn't want his fiancé to equate the ceremony to work. Even though Lom acts sneakily, he's well-meaning in his sincerity. After overcoming his shock, I'm glad Nuea responds well to the surprise wedding. 

The proposal scene is sweet! I like how Nuea becomes teary-eyed after getting engaged. That response highlights his character's sincerity, showing how much this relationship means to him. I was not entirely on board with the Lom and Nuea pairing in past episodes. Since then, they have demonstrated enough lovey-doveyness to sway me. After overcoming their earlier drama, the leads maintained a healthy romance built on mutual understanding and emotional support. From cutesy flirting to intimate kisses, Nuea and Lom are a likeable couple I can champion.

Nuea and Lom hold each other in the Wedding Plan special episode.

"I hope the wedding won't be called off this time." LMAO. I love Im's pettiness toward Lom. Every remark is dripping with hostile passive aggressiveness. Her agitation makes sense. In addition to being a protective friend, Im must be so annoyed with the wedding mayhem. Lom used her agency to plan a fake ceremony, only to cancel the event and cause an embarrassing spectacle. Her business reputation must have suffered because of him. I'm on Team Im. Call out that bastard!

I love that Nuea and Lom have a traditional Thai wedding. They don't just tie the knot in matching suits under the altar. Instead, they go through the various customs and rituals with cultural significance. It stands out from other BL dramas with more generic ceremonies. In addition, I like that the series includes a sentimental exchange with Nuea's parents. Earlier, we see Lom's mom act disapprovingly. In contrast, Nuea has a loving family that celebrates their child's happiness. Wedding Plan shows both sides of the spectrum, portraying the multifaceted nature of parental love.

I like the metaphor in the last scene. Lom and Nuea go on their honeymoon, but the weather disrupts their plans. The light rain symbolizes unresolved tensions. Lom may have married, but his bigoted mom doesn't attend the ceremony. Similarly, Yiwa is upset when she compares her elopement to Lom's festivities. Both characters harbour regrets, signifying the bittersweetness of their matrimonial bliss. Thankfully, the drizzle passes, revealing clear skies. Wedding Plan gives an optimistic message about overcoming hardships and looking forward to brighter days.

Wedding Plan Information


ME MIND Y is a Thai BL studio.

ME MIND Y is a Thai BL studio. Its portfolio of work includes Don't Say No (2021), Love in the Air (2022), and Wedding Plan (2023).


MAME (เมย์ อรวรรณ วิชญวรรณกุล) is a Thai writer.

MAME (เมย์ อรวรรณ วิชญวรรณกุล) is a Thai writer. She has a famous reputation in the BL industry. Her portfolio of work includes Love by Chance (2018), TharnType (2019), TharnType 2 (2020), Love in the Air (2022), and Wedding Plan (2023).


Ne Neti Suwanjinda (เน เนติ สุวรรณจินดา) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Love in the Air. He also directed the 2023 series Wedding Plan.

  1. I just watched the first episode yesterday- this was completely off my radar. While many people were fans of Love in The Air- I found the plot vacuous and the acting painful- admittedly the cinematography was gorgeous.
    Here the director, screenwriter and particularly Pak as Nuea and JakJaan as Im catch the comic vibe. I could not stop chuckling.
    I had to keep reminding myself- this is a Mame based project— who knew?
    Glad to see from your review that the series keeps it's momentum.

  2. Reconsider your A-, it's not! Boring, slow, stereotyped as most of Mame works, but if at least TharnType and LITA stories were interesting and involving, WeddingPlanner is just a waste of time. I'm so disappointed to have lost so much time just to end this serie.

  3. I found this series to be quite delightful. What I found the most annoying was tracking down the special episode to watch. It's no longer available on Vimeo. It's available on iQIYI for $7 two-day rental in addition to the standard $9/month fee. Since iQIYI doesn't have that much unique content, I don't usually subscribe to it. So it basically costs $16 to see just the one last episode on iQIYI. The only alternative is to use a VPN to see a lower-quality version on Bilibili. The special episode really should have been the final episode, given how much better it wrapped up the series than the finale did.

    I found this BL a bit odd that the female couple was actually stronger for most of the series than the male couple. It seems that Thailand BLs are getting shorter episode-wise. Compared to longer Mame works, I found this one to have a softer and gentler side than those but still quite engaging. I felt disappointed when the wedding was called off since that was an easy out. It would have been more interesting to see the craziness that could have happened had the original wedding gone on as planned. I suspect if this were a full 16-episode series, the original wedding would have happened and then eventually resolved into two weddings after the planned divorce.

    I also wished there was more of an effort to include Lom's mother in the wedding in the special episode. Lom could have at least told her what was going on since she was already begrudgingly opening up to Nuea. I would think she would want to see her son get married, even if it was to a guy, rather than never attend any wedding. I felt that Lom should have at least offered that much to his mom rather than just keep it secret.

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