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Mask Danshi is a Japanese BL anime special about a shy high school student.

Mask Danshi is a Japanese BL anime about a shy high school student. The protagonist is self-conscious and always wears a mask to hide his appearance. He catches the interest of a handsome classmate who wants to befriend him, even though they are total opposites. One has a quiet and nervous personality, while the other is outgoing and popular. Despite their differences, they start hanging out and form an unusual relationship.

The Mask Danshi anime tells a solid love story in twenty minutes. Each relationship scene is playful, sassy, and flirty. Adrenaline builds in the couple's romance and unleashes exciting displays of passion. However, their feelings for each other seem superficial, resembling a physical attraction rather than an emotional connection. Also, the narrative is too rushed and lacks substantial development. Don't expect anything too profound.

Mask Danshi Summary



Anime Info:

Japan (2023)


25 minutes


High school romance


Mask Danshi is a nice & heartwarming anime.

Is Mask Danshi BL?

Yes, Mask Danshi is a BL anime.


Sayama and Saikawa are high school students who become friends.

Sayama is an ordinary high school student who grapples with low confidence. He feels self-conscious about his looks. When Sayama goes out, he always wears a face mask to hide his appearance. He never unmasks in front of others. At school, Sayama steers clear of group activities. He prefers to keep a low profile, avoiding any form of attention.

Sayama is in the same class as Saikawa. Unlike his quiet classmate, Saikawa exudes confidence. This outgoing student is a popular campus figure with many friends. One fateful day, their paths collide when Saikawa accidentally stumbles on the stairs. He crashes into Sayama, who falls and passes out. Following the incident, Saikawa visits the school infirmary to apologize for the mishap.

During the conversation, Saikawa's curiosity gets the better of him. He impulsively removes Sayama's mask without asking for his permission. An offended Sayama immediately reacts, chastising him for the thoughtless reaction. Surprisingly, Sayama's fiery response amuses Saikawa. He never expected his classmate to have a feisty temper.

Subsequently, Saikawa develops a genuine interest in Sayama. He consistently initiates conversations with his introverted classmate around campus. Annoyed by his companionship, Sayama tries to ignore him. One day, Sayama receives a dismal score on a test. He worries his parents will confiscate his gaming consoles due to poor academic grades. Saikawa notices his concerns and offers to tutor him. After Sayama agrees, the two students spend one-on-one time together.

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Mask Danshi Cast



Yuusuke Kobayashi (小林裕介)

Sayama is voiced by the Japanese actor Yuusuke Kobayashi (小林裕介).

Sayama is an ordinary high school student. He has low self-esteem and always wears a mask to hide his appearance. Sayama doesn't feel confident about his looks. At school, Sayama tries to keep a low profile and avoids attention. He's annoyed when his classmate Saikawa takes a curious interest in him. Sayama enjoys playing video games at home. However, his hobby has damaged his academic grades.

Yuusuke Kobayashi

Yuusuke Kobayashi (小林裕介) is a Japanese actor. He is born on March 25, 1985.

Yuusuke Kobayashi (小林裕介) is a Japanese actor. He is born on March 25, 1985. He voices one of the main characters in the 2023 BL anime, Mask Danshi. In addition, he voices one of the lead roles in the Re:Zero anime series.


Takuya Eguchi (江口拓也)

Saikawa is voiced by the Japanese actor Takuya Eguchi (江口拓也).

Saikawa is a popular high school student in the same class as Sayama. The two had never talked until they accidentally bumped into each other on the stairs. After noticing Sayama's feisty temper, Saikawa becomes interested in his classmate. He hangs out with Sayama and tries to initiate conversations with him. Saikawa has an outgoing personality. He's friends with many students on campus.

Takuya Eguchi

Takuya Eguchi (江口拓也) is a Japanese actor. He is born on May 22, 1987.

Takuya Eguchi (江口拓也) is a Japanese actor. He is born on May 22, 1987. He voices one of the characters in the 2021 BL anime, Given. His portfolio of work also includes the 2023 BL anime special, Mask Danshi. In addition, he's famous for voicing one of the leads in the hit anime Spy x Family.

Supporting Cast

Kobayashi is voiced by a Japanese actress.


Sayama's classmate

Cast Highlights

  • Saikawa's voice actor (Takuya Eguchi) portrays one of the supporting characters in the 2021 anime series Given. He reprises the role in the movie sequel.

Mask Danshi Review


Movie Review Score: 7.0

Saikawa teases Sayama at school.

Mask Danshi is a story about two opposites. The shy protagonist wears a mask to hide his low self-esteem. In contrast, his outgoing love interest exudes confidence. Their personality clash produces sassy exchanges and playful relationship moments. The couple maintains an engaging rapport as they banter or tease each other. Adrenaline builds in the romance until the sexual tension unleashes in exciting climaxes. Mask Danshi delivers an enjoyable BL experience with lots of charming flirtation.

Although Mask Danshi is brisk and coherent, the story's simplicity underwhelms me. It feels rushed, stripping down the details and minimizing the plot through condensed explanations. The twenty-minute anime needs extra time to enrich the characters, expand their relationship, or explore complex themes. Sayama claims most of the development in his narrative arc, whereas Saikawa doesn't receive focus. Saikawa's flat personality never evolves beyond the popular student archetype. A romance is more compelling if both partners are well-defined.

Sayama and Saikawa's relationship lacks depth. The leads don't have compatible personalities or share much in common. It's hard to understand what they see in each other. The story never elaborates on how the couple overcomes their drastic differences. It pairs them together and assumes sparks will fly according to the rules of the BL universe. Their feelings resemble a superficial physical attraction rather than a meaningful emotional connection. I'm startled when they exchange "I love you" since their bond seems so shallow. You hardly know one another!

Despite the couple's underdeveloped feelings, Mask Danshi emphasizes their lustful passion. Sayama and Saikawa are physically intimate on multiple occasions. Each memorable encounter thrives on juicy sexual tension. While there's no explicit content, this saucy anime has a naughty side. It displays suggestive visuals and alludes to mature activities. You may feel scandalized by the boldness of a seemingly wholesome high school romance. Notably, Mask Danshi showcases excessive amounts of saliva. Drool flows out of the characters' mouths like rapid waterfalls.

Mask Danshi looks pleasant, matching the familiar aesthetic of a high school anime. Yet, the visuals fall on the plain side. The backdrops and character designs lack vivid details, not standing out compared to polished productions. The art quality is also inconsistent, making some scenes less appealing than others. Saikawa's image fluctuates between handsomeness and blandness. With that said, Mask Danshi captures his charm during the romantic moments. My favourite shot is when Saikawa uses his thumb to wipe his lips after the first kiss. Ooh, what a suave move!

Mask Danshi has a happy ending where Sayama overcomes his self-esteem issues. The iconic moment when he removes his mask epitomizes Sayama's newfound courage. While his character growth isn't profound, I appreciate the positive sentiments about conquering insecurities. This sweet conclusion wraps up the love story satisfyingly, leaving a decent final impression. Even if the lightweight plot doesn't wow me, Mask Danshi is a solid anime special that checks many boxes. I enjoy the amusing banter, charming flirtation, and the healthy dose of passion.


Simple story

Mask Danshi has a shallow story that underwhelms me with its simplicity. The 20-minute animal special is too short to explore substantial plots. The love interest also lacks character development.

Flirty romance

The couple's feelings resemble a superficial physical attraction rather than a nuanced emotional connection. Nonetheless, their romantic encounter emphasize flirtation and lustful passion.

Pleasant visuals

The anime looks pleasant with cozy high school aesthetics. However, the bland backdrops & inconsistent character designs lack vivid details. Some scenes seem less appealing than others.

Happy ending

Mask Danshi has a happy ending where Sayama conquers his low self-esteem. He gains the confidence to remove his mask. Overall, it's a sweet conclusion that wraps up the story satisfyingly.

Playful style

The anime charms me with its sassy banter and playful exchanges. The characters maintain an engaging rapport as they tease each other. There's a healthy amount of flirtation from this BL project.


Mask Danshi is a solid BL anime special with a playful high school romance. The couple's physical intimacy oozes lustful desire. However, the plot is too simple and lacks substantial development.

Mask Danshi Information

Sayama blushes after Saikara compliments him.

Mask Danshi: This Shouldn't Lead to Love released on October 20, 2023. It is a short anime special, which you can finish in around 25 minutes. Naoko Takeichi (武市直子) is the director.

Mitsuru Sangou is an anime adaptation. The original story is a Japanese manga by Mitsuru Sangou (参号ミツル).


Mitsuru Sangou (参号ミツル) is a Japanese artist who created Mask Danshi: This Shouldn't Lead to Love.

Mitsuru Sangou (参号ミツル) is a Japanese artist who created Mask Danshi: This Shouldn't Lead to Love. The manga was adapted into an anime special in 2023.

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