Mori no Kuma San is a Japanese BL anime series about two humanoid animals.

Mori no Kuma-san, Toumin-chuu is a Japanese 18+ BL anime series with humanoid animals. The protagonist is a gentle bear who finds an orphaned baby dog and adopts him in his home. Later, the bear goes into hibernation. When he wakes up, the puppy has matured from infancy and developed a sexual appetite. The characters must figure out the blurry line between a familial bond and an irresistible attraction.

I don't want to take Mori no Kuma-san too seriously since it's a raunchy anime with little substance. The narrative is heavy on senseless eroticism and light on everything else. Among many problems, I'm most troubled by the icky romance between an adoptive parent and his rapidly aging child. Also, a steamy love story with two animals has no appeal to me, especially one as plotless as this series.

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Anime Info:

Japan (2022)


5 hours




Mori no Kuma-san is a sexy & steamy anime.

BL Content

Yes, Mori no Kuma-san has 18+ yaoi content.


Nowa adopts Airi and raises the puppy as his guardian.

Nowa is a bear. He lives in a fantasy world where all animal creatures can transform into beast or humanoid forms. One night, Nowa stumbles upon a dead woman's body on the beach. She has presumably drowned. There's an orphaned baby dog next to her corpse. Struck by the tragedy, Nowa takes it upon himself to adopt the puppy and become his guardian.

Nowa begins raising the puppy in his home. Airi grows very attached to his adoptive parent throughout adolescence. Although Nowa is a bear, he skips winter hibernation to take care of the child. After Airi has grown to a considerable age, Nowa leaves him in the care of his friend Kou. Then, Nowa finally goes into hibernation.

After waking up, Nowa is surprised to see Airi has matured drastically. The humanoid dog no longer looks or behaves like a child. Airi is sexually active and declares his romantic interest in Nowa. However, Nowa is resistant to entering a relationship due to their familial connection. He still sees himself as Airi's guardian. Nonetheless, Airi keeps asserting his sexual advances on Nowa, eager to win over his target's affections.

Mori No Kuma San Cast



Kazuyuki Okitsu (興津和幸)

Nowa is voiced by the Japanese actor Kazuyuki Okitsu (興津和幸).

Nowa is a gentle and nurturing bear who lives by himself. One night, he stumbles upon an orphaned child whose mother drowned on the beach. Nowa adopts Airi and raises him as his guardian. After Nowa wakes up from hibernation, he is surprised to see the young Airi has matured significantly.


Kouhei Amasaki (天﨑滉平)

Airi is voiced by the Japanese actor Kouhei Amasaki (天﨑滉平).

Airi is an orphaned dog whose mother drowned on the beach. His guardian Nowa adopts the baby and raises him throughout adolescence. Despite having no blood relation, they developed a close familial relationship. Airi has matured drastically after Nowa wakes up from hibernation. Airi is sexually curious and wants a romance with Nowa.

Supporting Cast

Kou is voiced by the Japanese actor Kengo Kawanishi (河西健吾).


Kengo Kawanishi (河西健吾)

Watari is voiced by the Japanese actor Seiichirou Yamashita (山下誠一郎).


Seiichirou Yamashita (山下誠一郎)

Mori No Kuma San Review


Anime Review Score: 3.5

Nowa tries to resist Airi's sexual advances.

I debated whether to review Mori no Kuma-san since it crosses into "porn without a plot" territory. This 18+ BL anime has a laughably flimsy storyline and only cares about including as many raunchy scenes as possible. I'll take one for the team and write about it critically so you can know what to expect. The gist is that I don't think this series has any literary merit other than blatant smut. Mori no Kuma-san has little going for it besides crafting preposterous fantasy scenarios for the characters to have sex.

Mori no Kuma-san loses me from the very first scene. As soon as the protagonist picks up a crying baby, I realize that's his love interest and the feeling of dread sets in. Although they have no blood relation, I find the romance between an adoptive child and his paternal guardian icky. However, I know it's a ridiculous fictional story involving a bear and a dog. The premise is so unrealistic that I won't take my moral outrage seriously, even if the relationship dynamic bothers me.

There's a barebones story in Mori no Kuma-san. The anime begins by exploring Nowa's moral dilemma because he has qualms about romancing his foster child. Yet, these scenes are pointless since Nowa still has sex with Airi in every episode, undermining the internal conflict. Later, the narrative strays into a multi-episode arc about Nowa's nipples, of all things. I'm not even joking, but that subplot may be the highlight of Mori no Kuma-san. The series is impressive because thinking of these outrageously inane scenarios requires out-of-the-box creativity.

I'm not into steamy erotica with humanoid animals. Admittedly, the characters have close human resemblances, except they possess different ears and tails. Nonetheless, I can't overcome the psychological barrier whenever these beasts get frisky. It doesn't help that Mori no Kuma-san feels lewd and sleazy, operating almost entirely on lust. The anime offers such a shallow interpretation of romance. There's hardly a profound emotional connection between the leads, whose relationship doesn't develop beyond sex and minimal bonding.

The visuals in Mori no Kuma-san don't appeal to me. Several scenes have simplistic and sloppy artwork, not delivering consistent quality in each episode. I'm not fond of these character designs either. The leads have big lifeless eyes, anatomically incorrect bodies, and a weird perpetual blush on their faces. The uncensored version of the anime features explicit encounters, but the eroticism isn't aesthetically pleasing. When they have sex, there's too much sweat, tears, drool, and spit everywhere. Also, their nipples look like pacifiers! What's up with that?

Unsurprisingly, Mori no Kuma-san doesn't have much depth. The last two episodes show the slightest nuance as the story highlights Nowa's self-consciousness about his identity. The themes aren't complex, but at least it's something in a plotless anime. Otherwise, the rest of the series is packed with mindless fluff and titillating sex. Honestly, the story is pretty inoffensive once you move past the scandalous hookup between an adoptive child and his guardian. Even so, I don't recommend Mori no Kuma-san, which has no substance, little artistry, and too many iffy tropes.


Barebones story

Mori no Kuma-san is heavy on erotic scenarios and light on any substantial content. The storylines are flimsy, including a multi-episode arc about the character's nipples.

Sleazy romance

This raunchy anime features many erotic scenes, but the emotional connection between the characters is minimal. I'm troubled by the romance between an adoptive parent and his rapidly aging child.

Unappealing visuals

I'm not a fan of the character designs. Their big lifeless eyes and anatomically incorrect bodies look strange to me. Also, several scenes have a noticeable dip in the artwork quality.

Happy ending

Mori no Kuma-san has a happy ending where Airi helps Nowa resolve one of his lifelong anxieties. Unsurprisingly, the series concludes with another raunchy sex scene between the couple.

Raunchy artistry

I don't find the explicit 18+ sexual encounters too aesthetically pleasing. The characters' teary eyes, perpetual blush, and animal parts aren't appealing to me.


Mori no Kuma-san celebrates an icky romance between an adoptive parent and his child. The rest of the frivolous story is inoffensive, but it's fuelled by sex scenes and little substance.

Mori No Kuma San Episodes

Episode Guide

Nowa is surprised that Airi has grown up after his hibernation period.

Mori no Kuma-san, Toumin-chuu has a total of 9 episodes. Each episode is around 4 to 5 minutes long. The last episode is around 6 minutes long. It is a short BL anime, and you can finish the entire series in under 1 hour. The series started airing on July 4, 2022 and ended on September 12, 2022.

Mori no Kuma-san has a censored and uncensored version. The uncensored anime is longer and contains explicit sexual encounters that will help you understand the story better. Mori no Kuma-san is originally a manga created by Haruchika. It is adapted into an anime series, directed by Kazuomi Koga.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9

Episode reviews

Episode 1

Mori no Kuma-san started terribly from the first few seconds. When the protagonist held up that baby, I was like, "Don't let that be his love interest!" I don't wanna see him hook up with his adopted kid. 😩

Episode 2

What's up with those nipples? Why do they look like that!? Both main characters have unattractive designs, especially during sex. I don't like the blushing or the perpetual glaze in their eyes.

Episode 3

The storyline is practically nonexistent. So far, all I'm getting from this series is sex, sex, sex. The non-sexual encounters are like short breaks before they prepare for the next sex scene.

Episode 4

The characters are cooped up indoors and screw each other all the time. What's happening outside? Let's explore the fictional universe and introduce an actual plot to this series!

Episode 5

OMFG. What's this ridiculous storyline about Nowa's nipples!? Okay, that's hilarious. Mori no Kuma-san finally embraces its absurdity and becomes a full-fledged porn parody.

Episode 6

I know Nowa isn't technically a human, but his body doesn't look anatomically correct. There's a ridiculous shot of his chest that looks like he has has porn star tits.

Episode 7

Oh wow, what a refreshing change of setting! Now, they have sex outdoors instead of indoors! 😲 What happened to Nowa's moral dilemma? He won't even pretend to resist Airi a little, huh?

Episode 8

Nowa's last-minute backstory feels tacked on, but at least it's some form of character development. I appreciate learning more about the lore and his past.

Episode 9

It isn't much, but the last two episodes have been more nuanced than the rest of the series combined. The series explores Nowa's self-consciousness about his identity and dissects his trauma.

Mori No Kuma San Information

studio HōKIBOSHI

studio HōKIBOSHI is a Japanese anime studio that made Titan's Bride (2020) and Reincarnated Into Demon King Evelogia's World.

studio HōKIBOSHI is a Japanese anime studio that made Titan's Bride (2020), Reincarnated Into Demon King Evelogia's World (2021), and Mori no Kuma-san (2022). In addition to these 18+ yaoi series, the studio also produces other adult anime series. The studio also operates under the AnimeFesta brand.

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