Light is a Taiwanese movie about an abused man and the police officer who helps him with his recovery.

Light is a Taiwanese BL movie about a struggling protagonist caught in a perpetual cycle of abuse. He is routinely beaten by his violent stepfather and used by men who treat him as a sex object. However, he meets a handsome prince charming who rescues him from his downtrodden life. Together, they embark on a journey of healing and recovery.

A highly sensual film, Light will appeal to anyone who likes watching hot guys engage in passionate encounters. The numerous homoerotic scenes are bold, stimulating, and push the envelope beyond your wildest imagination. Unfortunately, the weak plot undermines the sexy moments, and it's tough to take this borderline erotica seriously.

Light BL Movie Summary

What is the film called?


Where was the movie made?


When was the movie released?


How long is Light?

Around 45 minutes

What is the genre?


How would you describe the film?

Dark and toxic

Who is the director?

Adiamond Lee

Is Light BL?

Yes, Light has lots of BL content.


Light and Shuo have a steamy encounter in the shower.

Light is a traumatized young man from an abusive home. After his mother passes away, his stepfather beats him violently and takes away all his money. Since his childhood, Light grew up in this hostile environment and developed little self-esteem.

Light thinks his self-worth is entirely based on sex. That's why he sleeps around with many anonymous men for money. He endures rough sex from his aggressive clients, who routinely objectify and degrade him. One day, Light's sexual encounter in an alleyway goes terribly wrong. He is assaulted by an unsatisfied client who doesn't want to pay him.

Bruised and battered, Light is rescued by a handsome man named Shuo, who works at a nearby tailor shop. However, that's not his actual job. Shuo is an undercover police officer on a secret mission. He witnessed what happened to Light in the alley through video surveillance. Shuo takes pity on this stranger after finding him in a weak physical condition.

The tailor shop owner tells Shuo about Light's tragic childhood, filled with domestic abuse. A sympathetic Shuo allows Light to live with him, nursing the injured victim back to health. However, it becomes apparent there's an attraction between the two men. As the sexual tension intensifies, the confusing feelings complicate their relationship.

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Light Movie Cast


Light Jed Chung (鍾岳軒) Jed Chung Instagram

Light is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Jed Chung (鍾岳軒).

Light is a young man from an abusive upbringing. His mother passed away, while his stepfather is a violent man who beats Light since his childhood. With little self-esteem, Light thinks his only worth is to have sex with anonymous men for money. He doesn't mind rough and aggressive sex with his clients.

Shuo Max Liu (劉道玄) Max Liu Instagram

Shuo is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Max Liu (劉道玄).

Shuo is an undercover police officer who works at a tailor shop as a secret mission. One day, he rescues an injured Light from an alleyway. Shuo allows Light to live with him as he makes a physical recovery. Shuo is a stoic and quiet man, but he has a compassionate man beneath his reserved exterior.

Supporting Cast

The shop owner is portrayed by the actress Ding Ning (李佩玲).

Shop Owner

Ding Ning (李佩玲)

Light's dad is portrayed by the actor Chen Chun Cheng.

Light's dad

Chen Chun Cheng

Police Chen is portrayed by the actor Ian Hsieh (謝沂倫).

Police Chen

Ian Hsieh (謝沂倫)

Cast Highlights

  • The actor portraying Light (Jed Chung) starred in the 2020 Taiwanese BL series Jump the Boy!
  • Adiamond Lee, the director of Light, also led the BL dramas HIStory: Obsessed, Dark Blue and Moonlight, and Jump the Boy!

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Light Movie Review


Movie Review Score: 6.7

Light looks up at Shuo with vulnerability in his eyes.

If you're in the mood for a titillating gay romance, Light is a steamy 18+ BL movie that can satisfy your cravings. Packed with copious sexual encounters, this film excels in sensual eroticism. It highlights passion, desire, and lust prominently, embracing all the homoeroticism with gleeful delight. As the characters kiss, masturbate, and explore their kinks, many viewers will surely enjoy the stimulating physicality on display.

I don't want to pretend there's some deep artistic merit to this thinly veiled erotica. Excuse me for being crass, but Light is basically softcore porn disguised as a BL movie. It's a sexy adult film with hot guys shagging, sandwiched between occasional scenes that make up the plot. If anything, the flimsy story gets in the way of the seductive moments. I often find myself wishing there was less serious plot and more raunchy exchanges instead.

The strength of this movie relies on how physically attractive the two leads are. Oh my god, both actors (Jed Chung and Max Liu) are insanely hot and exude boundless sex appeal. Their good looks are so transfixing that you'll forget about the wooden acting performances. Best of all, they appear totally willing to immerse themselves in the smuttiest encounters. Most notably, they perform in two iconic scenes that are pretty much on the verge of gay pornography. Those memorable moments in the shower feel as astounding as they are arousing. 🥵

If we must discuss the plot, that's where Light falters significantly. There's an amateurishness to the storytelling, similar to the level of terribly written fanfiction. The melodrama feels shallow, the characters have no personality, and the nonromantic interactions are clunky. The story tries to be dark and gritty, but it is too poorly crafted to achieve the intended impact. Even though the protagonist suffers from trauma, it's a superficial interpretation that doesn't get examined meaningfully.

Light would get top marks from me if I was reviewing it solely as smut. The juicy erotica shines with gorgeous actors, kinky foreplay, and an overpowering sexual tension. However, I can't convince myself it's a credible BL story, no matter how turned on I might be. With shoddy writing and choppy editing, the quality falls short of acceptable. I can't justify giving this sleazy movie a high score and ranking it among the more legitimate BL series. Nonetheless, I'd still recommend Light as a secret guilty pleasure, and you might get a thrill out of its powerful sensuality.

Light Movie Explained



Weak story
Light and Shuo first meet in the tailor shop.

Light has an okay premise. The story about a traumatized young man escaping his abusive past sounds intriguing on paper. However, the paper-thin plot didn't feel engaging as it unfolded. It feels like the rough draft of a lousily written fanfiction. The story development is too shallow, very limited in scope, and barely explores its serious topic with any depth.

The characterizations are also nonexistent. I don't get a sense of who Light and Shuo are as individuals. Their identities are only defined by their circumstances, instead of being complex protagonists with dreams, fears, and talents. Light exists as a sex object that gets tortured by men, while Shuo is his prince charming without any charm. Both leads have personalities as dull as dishwater. It's astounding how such good-looking characters can exude so little charisma.

Light apologizes to Shuo at the police station.

For the titular character, Light is one-dimensional and doesn't develop dynamically. He's like a sponge for constant abuse and trauma, suffering nonstop from start to finish. When he isn't getting beaten up, Light is hooking up with guys who treat him terribly. I wish we could've focused more on him outside of sex and suffering. It seems like his entire life revolves around sex, sex, and more sex, which doesn't make for the most compelling character.

Light doesn't exhibit a lot of agency throughout the film. He continues to live with his abusive stepfather for some reason. We also don't see him look for other ways to make income until the end. The only time Light shows any individuality is the scene outside the police station. Shuo chastises him for prostitution, but Light defends himself and claims he provides a service without hurting or stealing from anyone.

I highlight this moment because it's a rare instance of Light standing up for himself. Finally, there's a spark to his character, proving he's capable of critical thought. If we saw this side of him more often, especially near the end, it would enrich his character's journey.

Shuo took care of Light when he was injured.

If we look at this movie as a modern fairytale, Shuo would be the prince charming who rescues the gigolo in distress. Honestly, Shuo is even better than a fairytale prince. Imagine if this hot muscular stud appeared in your life one day, offering you free money, lofty accommodations & sexy sponge baths. I don't know what charitable work you did in your previous life, but you must have done something right!

I don't doubt Shuo is caring, compassionate, and chivalrous. He shows lots of hospitality towards Light, helping him out of the goodness in his heart. However, I also suspect he might have an ulterior motive on top of his altruism. Keep in mind that Shuo saw Light having sex in the alleyway through his video surveillance. He knew Light was hot, horny, and helpless. Those three factors might have given Shuo more incentive to approach this total stranger and offer his assistance.

Maybe I'm too cynical, but I don't see Shuo going to every brothel in town and helping other prostitutes in need. A part of him genuinely wants to take care of Light, which is commendable. However, another part of his motivation may come from his attraction. The sugar daddy in Shuo jumped out when he offered Light money to pay off his stepfather's debts. Are you really that charitable, or do you expect something from him in return? Oh sure, you can stay in my apartment rent-free, but let's take a naked shower together! 🤤


Sensual romance
Light and Shuo have sex for the first time.

You'll most likely enjoy Light because of the steamy sexual encounters. Light and Shuo are physically attractive hunks who engage in many erotic exchanges throughout the movie. Their characters kiss sensually, caress intimately, and even masturbate simultaneously. Their 18+ sex scenes are astonishingly sensual, pushing the boundaries beyond your wildest expectations. A few interactions have me going like *WHOA* and *WOW*. 😳

The nonsexual aspect of their relationship is just alright. I like how Shuo is a knight in shining armour who rescues Light from his life of abuse. However, there isn't much of an emotionally compelling journey, which feels kinda flat. Overall, their chemistry is powered by the passionate sex scenes and not because of any cerebral bond.

Shower scene
Light touches Shuo's bulge in the shower.

In the first fifteen minutes or so, Light seemed like a pretty standard BL drama without surprises. Suddenly, it springs a steamy shower scene upon us. Both characters are now crammed inside a tiny shower together, not wearing clothes. Shuo is stripped down to a pair of briefs and thrusts his ass at the camera. He starts lathering soap on Light's muscular body, rubbing his hands from the chest to the torso.

Not that I was bored, but this movie definitely had my undivided attention now. Quickly, the scene reached its climax when Light leaned forward and whispered, "You're hard." And then, he reached out to grab Shuo's bulge with his whole hand. Oh my god, who else SCREAMED IN EXCITEMENT or was it just me!? I was caught off guard because this movie jumped from 0 to 100 on the homoeroticism scale. Not that I'm complaining. 😆

Masturbation scene
Shuo pleasures himself in the shower.

The first shower scene was abruptly cut off just as it culminated to the most exciting point. However, we experience another steamy shower scene moments afterwards. Later that night, Light wakes up from bed and hears moaning from the bathroom. He peeks inside and sees Shuo masturbating in the shower. While we don't see any full frontal, some pelvic area is visible as the movie teases us with a taste of nudity.

With the grunts getting louder, Light quietly closes the door. Then, he starts pleasuring himself outside the bathroom as well. He used one hand to caress his body, while the other hand travelled downwards to his nether regions. What I found funny was that Light allegedly injured himself so much that he couldn't take a shower by himself. Yet, he had no problem using both his hands to jack off. 😛

More than ever, I'm convinced that Light is softcore porn masquerading as BL. I swear to god, you can see these exact same fantasy scenarios in countless gay pornos. That's not meant to be a diss though! The 18+ scenes in Light are undeniably sexy and the highlights of the entire movie. I just wish the rest of the story was up to par, allowing me to enjoy this erotic film unreservedly. I know it sounds pedantic, but the difference between BL and porn is the good storytelling.

Sex scene
Light and Shuo kiss after having sex.

As the sexual tension builds up, it reaches an erupting point when Shuo finally stops being a gentleman. He pins Light onto the bed, unleashes all his pent-up energy, and starts ravishing him like a savage beast. It was another sensual and sensational encounter with fireworks exploding between the couple.

The most notable part of their sex scene was how much time Shuo spent sucking on Light's tits, oh my god. He was gobbling on those nipples so much that I thought milk would come guzzling out. 🐄 The only downside to their bedroom action is that it only happens once during the movie. Ugh, I thought we were gonna see a nonstop sex marathon until the bed breaks apart.

To be fair, the amount of eroticism in this movie is LEGIONS beyond the vast majority of BL. By all means, I should be satisfied and delighted with the premium content. The problem is that once I see these two hot guys making out, my thirst becomes insatiable. I wanna see more, more, and even more lol.


Okay acting
Light pleasures himself after watching Shuo in the bathroom.

During the nonromantic scenes, I thought both actors (Jed Chung and Max Liu) came across as stiff. Jed cries in a few scenes, but his vulnerability isn't particularly convincing. Meanwhile, Max seems too reserved and behaves like a block of wood. I wasn't impressed by the acting on display and found it on the weaker side.

However, the actors come alive during the passionate moments, which are performed phenomenally. I don't know if there's a metric for measuring eroticism in BL, but their seduction is off-the-charts. When these actors interact, they propel a riveting and electrifying sexual energy that overpowers you. I also appreciate their willingness to participate in such racy scenes, demonstrating an uninhibitedness that enhances the authenticity.


Happy ending
Light and Shuo reconcile as they share a kiss in the ending.

Light has a happy ending where the main characters reconcile after their earlier misunderstanding. Shuo finally realized that Light was sexually assaulted. Earlier, Shuo assumed the worst and thought his love interest had sex for money again. He refused to listen to Light's tearful explanation, storming away angrily. However, Light actually got raped by his past client, and Shuo is informed about it by his police colleague.

Shuo is wracked with guilt after realizing that he judged Light wrongly. After a frantic search across town, he is reunited with Light in a tense and emotional encounter. At first, Light seems hesitant, stepping back when Shuo tries to approach him. However, Shuo gives a sincere apology for his mistake. That's all it takes for Light to forgive him. The two characters engage in a tender kiss before the movie ends.

Ending review
Shuo won't believe that Light was sexually assaulted.

I kinda hated the last-minute drama near the end of the story. It felt out-of-character for Shuo to react so insensitively to Light's sexual assault. Up until now, his character had been so kind, patient, and understanding. Suddenly, he lost his compassion and wouldn't listen to his tearful, traumatized boyfriend.

Light is literally crying, "HE FORCED HIMSELF ON ME! 😭" and Shuo's coldblooded response is: "You have nobody to blame but yourself. 😒" Compare this Shuo to the one who helped Light unquestioningly at the start of the movie. Why does it seem like his character regressed?

Cast Interview

Light BL Movie Information

A Film and Production Lab

A Film and Production Lab is a Thai BL studio that made Light (2021).

A Film and Production Lab is a Thai BL studio that made Light (2021). The studio is also known as 縱虎歸. It is the home of Taiwanese director Adiamond Lee, who led BL projects like Dark Blue and Moonlight (2017) and Jump the Boy! (2020). She was also involved with HIStory: Obsessed (2018).

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