My Beautiful Man: Eternal is the movie sequel to the Japanese BL series.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal is the movie sequel to the Japanese BL series. The story continues after the events in the second season. The couple settles into domestic bliss. However, the protagonist feels troubled by the growing disparity between a celebrity and a civilian. He loses his ambition to become a worthy boyfriend. In addition, a career scandal threatens the main character's stardom. He recognizes the fleeting nature of his fame.

The My Beautiful Man movie is a solid sequel that strengthens its ongoing narrative themes. Both protagonists discover more about themselves and each other during their meaningful journeys. The film showcases the couple's chemistry, from a profound emotional connection to a steamy physical attraction. It also celebrates poised performances and gorgeous visuals. Fans of the original will enjoy the elegant conclusion to their beloved BL franchise.

My Beautiful Man Eternal Summary


劇場版 美しい彼〜eternal〜

Movie Info:

Japan (2023)


1 hour and 45 minutes




My Beautiful Man: Eternal is a mature & interesting film.

BL Content:

Yes, My Beautiful Man: Eternal is a BL movie.


Hira and Kiyoi are boyfriends who live together.

Hira is an assistant to the famous photographer Noguchi. He learns from his talented boss on the job. However, Noguchi has an eccentric personality. He orders his subordinate to run random errands, such as cooking him food. Hira is used to these chores and doesn't mind these menial tasks. In addition, Hira occasionally visits the university's photography club. School is over for Hira, who completed all his courses. He is just waiting to graduate and enter the workforce full-time.

Unbeknownst to most people, Hira's boyfriend is Kiyoi, an up-and-rising actor. They have a secret relationship that only a few know about. Kiyoi appears in a hit TV drama with Anna. This accomplished actress is even more famous than him. Both their careers have taken off. They enjoy the adoration of many fans. Hira joins these fan club meetings. Even though Hira has an intimate relationship with Kiyoi, he still enjoys admiring his celebrity boyfriend from afar.

Hira and Kiyoi live together. They stay at a house that belongs to Kiyoi's cousin. The two enjoy quiet domestic bliss. Hira does many chores for Kiyoi, from meals to cleaning. However, Hira's relative is planning a divorce. Since Naho needs the house back, the two love birds must find a new home. Initially, Hira assumes they'll find separate living arrangements. Yet, Kiyoi insists on renting a new place together. The two boyfriends go apartment hunting.

There is a widening gap between Hira and Kiyoi. One is a famous star, while the other is a random nobody. Kiyoi encourages Hira to become a renowned photographer. If his boyfriend has an accomplished career, the two can be equals in the public eye. Hira aspires to win the Nomura Ihei award, a prestigious distinction for photographers. However, his boss doesn't believe a newbie has any chance of winning the title. Hira loses confidence in his abilities. He stops taking photographs, accepting his talent is not as polished as his boss.

Meanwhile, Kiyoi and Anna have been getting close on set. They confide secrets in each other. Both admit they are in relationships, which the public doesn't know about. Unfortunately, a news scandal exposes Anna's undercover romance. Her dalliance with a famous actor is not well-received by the public. The hit articles keep coming, destroying her reputation. Kiyoi sees the risks and fleeting nature of their stardom. He tries his best to help Anna recuperate. However, her scandal quickly spreads. Kiyoi soon becomes involved in the negative news cycle.

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My Beautiful Man Eternal Cast



Riku Hagiwara (萩原利久)

Kiyoi is portrayed by Japanese actor Riku Hagiwara (萩原利久).

Hira is a photography assistant. He works for the famous Noguchi, who has an accomplished career in the industry. Hira is also a university student, but he has finished his classes and will soon graduate. Secretly, Hira is in a relationship with Kiyoi, a celebrity. Yet, he feels insecure about the disparity in their statuses. Kiyoi encourages Hira to win the prestigious Nomura Ihei award to be equals in the public eye.

Riku Hagiwara

Riku Hagiwara (萩原利久) is a Japanese actor. He is born on February 28, 1999.

Riku Hagiwara (萩原利久) is a Japanese actor. He is born on February 28, 1999. His first BL project is the 2021 drama, My Beautiful Man. He also stars in the 2023 sequel My Beautiful Man 2 and the follow-up film My Beautiful Man: Eternal.


Yusei Yagi (八木勇征)

Kiyoi is portrayed by Japanese actor Yusei Yagi (八木勇征).

Kiyoi is a famous actor. He rose to stardom after appearing in a hit drama with another accomplished actress. Many fans adore him. Kiyoi and his costar, Anna, have a friendly relationship. They confide secrets in each other. Unbeknownst to the public, Kiyoi is dating Hira. They live together at Hira's house, enjoying domestic bliss. Kiyoi wants to find a new apartment for them to live together.

Yusei Yagi

Yusei Yagi (八木勇征) is a Japanese actor. He is born on May 6, 1997.

Yusei Yagi (八木勇征) is a Japanese actor. He is born on May 6, 1997. His first BL project is the 2021 series, My Beautiful Man. He also stars in the 2023 follow-up My Beautiful Man 2 and the movie sequel My Beautiful Man: Eternal.

Supporting Cast

Anna is portrayed by the Japanese actress Sawa Nimura (仁村紗和).


Sawa Nimura (仁村紗和)

Noguchi is portrayed by the Japanese actor Soko Wada (和田聰宏).


Soko Wada (和田聰宏)

Shitama is portrayed by the Japanese actor Motoki Ochiai (落合モトキ).


Motoki Ochiai (落合モトキ)

Koyama is portrayed by the Japanese actor Akira Takano (高野洸).


Akira Takano (高野洸)

Sawazaki is portrayed by the Japanese actor Kenshin Endo (遠藤健慎).


Kenshin Endo (遠藤健慎)

Horii is portrayed by the Japanese actor Kenshin Endo (遠藤健慎).


Kenshin Endo (遠藤健慎)

Naho is portrayed by the Japanese actress Aya Ayano (綾乃彩).


Aya Ayano (綾乃彩)

Tomoya is portrayed by Japanese actor Haru Iwakawa (岩川晴).


Haru Iwakawa (岩川晴)

Kouda is portrayed by Japanese actor Dai Ikeda (池田大).


Dai Ikeda (池田大)

Kiriya is portrayed by Japanese actor Kentaro Maeda (前田拳太郎).


Kentaro Maeda (前田拳太郎)

Suga is portrayed by Japanese actor Suga is portrayed by the Japanese actor Yuta Kanai (金井勇太)..


Yuta Kanai (金井勇太)

Yamagata is portrayed by Japanese actor Yamagata is portrayed by the Japanese actor Kisuke Iida (飯田基祐).


Kisuke Iida (飯田基祐)

Pan is portrayed by Japanese actress Kayo Ise (伊勢佳世).


Kayo Ise (伊勢佳世)

Kiriya's manager is portrayed by Japanese actor Yoshinari Oribe (織部典成).

Kiriya's manager

Yoshinari Oribe (織部典成)

Hira and Kiyoi have many rubber ducks in their home.

Rubber duck

Cast Highlights

  • Kiriya's actor (Kentaro Maeda) is the star of the 2023 Japanese BL series I Cannot Reach You.

My Beautiful Man Eternal Review


Movie Review Score: 8.6

Hira and Kiyoi have a steamy encounter in the bathtub.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal follows the success of an excellent second season. Like the televised drama, this movie sequel explores intelligent messages and insightful character arcs. Both protagonists go on individual journeys of growth, discovery, and self-assurance. The couple also navigates relationship issues in a multifaceted romance. My Beautiful Man: Eternal juggles all these plots and delves into sophisticated themes in under two hours. The expert storyteller makes this narrative feat seem effortless.

The movie uses its supporting cast to create meaningful parallels with the leads. Nogachi serves as the benchmark for Hira's future. With enough ambition, Hira may resemble his quirky boss and achieve a distinguished career. Likewise, Anna embodies grace under fire. Despite her scandal, she proves to Kiyoi that it's possible to attain fame and love simultaneously. Also, Shitama represents Hira's dark impulses. He's a cautionary tale of mixing up admiration with obsession. Each character conveys a symbolic message the protagonist learns from and applies to his life.

The transformation in Hira & Kiyoi's romance is remarkable. Over two seasons and a movie, Kiyoi evolves from Hira's antagonist to his champion. Their love no longer feels toxic. Instead, we see mutually supportive partners who are committed to each other. Neither protagonist changes significantly for their other half. Yet, they show understanding, make compromises, and learn to express themselves better. This healthy couple seems compatible, a compliment I'd never give at the start of the series. My Beautiful Man: Eternal has pulled off incredible character growth.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal emphasizes the couple's love through physical intimacy. Their sex scene in the bathtub is HOT. It manages to be arousing even without explicit content. Every detail adds to the eroticism, including Kiyoi's blushing face, Hira's tender kisses, and the steaminess in the mirror reflection. The actors ooze desire in their facial expressions and body language. Their sizzling chemistry is on full display. They have other affectionate moments throughout the film, but the sexy bath is my favourite. Ahhh, that exchange plays out like a heavenly BL fantasy!

The second season of My Beautiful Man delivers emotional exchanges and memorable lines during the plot's climax. In contrast, the movie has low intensity. It's gentler, less exhilarating, and dwells more on introspection. Although Anna is likeable, her subplot drags on for a while. The drama with her obsessive fan feels outlandish. Hira also sounds repetitive sometimes. His exaggerated love declarations are all vaguely similar, losing their impact. My Beautiful Man: Eternal isn't as fierce as Season 2, lacking the gripping provocativeness of the original series.

The My Beautiful Man franchise always displays polished production values. This movie has outdone itself, elevating the cinematic artistry further. Many mesmerizing visuals capture each character's ethereal beauty, especially Kiyoi. The finale conveys a dreamlike elegance, from a soft breeze by the windows to the subtly coded wardrobe choices. The film isn't only beautiful due to the aesthetics. It also dazzles through thoughtful narrative themes and alluring romantic encounters. Overall, My Beautiful Man: Eternal is an exquisite sequel that concludes its story gracefully.


Sophisticated story

My Beautiful Man: Eternal skillfully navigates sophisticated plots with insightful themes & intelligent messages. It handles each character arc gracefully, demonstrating storytelling finesse.

Steamy romance

The couple's romance has evolved into a healthy, mutually supportive relationship. They also convey their love through steamy physical passion. Their sex scene in the bathtub is so damn hot!

Comfortable acting

Both leads (Riku Hagiwara & Yusei Yagi) are comfortable in their roles, embodying the characters' personalities. They display sizzling chemistry and inject desire into romantic encounters.

Happy ending

My Beautiful Man: Eternal has a happy ending as Hira and Kiyoi show character growth. They learn valuable lessons and apply these experiences to strengthen their relationship.

Elegant artistry

This movie displays masterful cinematic artistry. The gorgeous visuals capture each character's ethereal beauty. The finale looks aesthetically striking and includes symbolic imagery.


My Beautiful Man: Eternal is an intelligent sequel with insightful themes and elegant character arcs. The movie dazzles with steamy romantic encounters, sizzling chemistry, and gorgeous visuals.

My Beautiful Man Eternal Movie Explained


Love nest

Kiyoi and Hira move into a new apartment together.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal begins with Hira and Kiyoi solidifying their relationship. Despite the rocky start to their romance, they have settled into a comfortable routine. The two have been dating for a while. They live together and enjoy domestic bliss. Kiyoi may sometimes get annoyed, but his agitation is no more than the regular squabbles between couples. Otherwise, Kiyoi's behaviour toward his boyfriend comes from a place of appreciation and fondness.

The couple's first challenge comes when they are about to be evicted from their love nest. Hira's divorced cousin wants to reclaim her house. Hira assumes the worst will happen. Even if the couple doesn't separate, they no longer have a place to spend time together. When Hira prepares a "farewell" meal, Kiyoi's intuition tells him something is wrong. He knows Hira well enough to detect his eccentric behaviour. As they bicker, Hira utters a morbid line: "If I got killed by Kiyoi, that might fulfill a long-term dream of mine." The movie hasn't lost its sense of dark humour!

Fortunately, they overcome their spat. Kiyoi suggests they'll look for a new apartment. Hira seems surprised because sharing a rental indicates a long-term commitment. They have gone from simply cohabitating to settling down and managing their finances together. Also, Kiyoi evaluates whether the flat's location is close to Hira's workplace. Kiyoi doesn't just prioritize his own convenience, but he considers his boyfriend's needs. He seems sincere about building a future home with Hira. No longer just casually dating, their romance has become a serious relationship.


Hira kisses Kiyoi in the bathtub.

Hira and Kiyoi express their love for each other through physical intimacy. Their sexy bath is an iconic scene, delivering the quality of sophisticated smut I love from the BL genre. Oh, the vibes, the chemistry, and the sensuality fuel my fantasies! Their sexual encounter manages to be erotic without relying on explicitness. The movie introduces a steamy atmosphere and stimulates your imagination enough. The overflowing bathtub water is a special touch, implying the couple's passion without showing it.

After consummating their love, Kiyoi states that having a bathtub in their new apartment is essential. LMAO. Damn, he enjoys getting wet and wild! 😚 Unfortunately, the couple has difficulty finding an accommodating place to rent. The realtor says the search is more challenging because they aren't married. This insightful comment subtly alludes to the housing discrimination that same-sex couples face. The movie also asks viewers to ponder Kiyoi & Hira's long-term commitment. These lovers have a serious relationship, but are they ready to "marry" and be together for a lifetime?

Although Hira and Kiyoi may move in together, they'll live in a rented apartment. A rental is a temporary arrangement that can terminate on short notice. It isn't the same as a permanent residence where two lovers can establish lasting roots. Similarly, a dating couple may break up at any time. They don't have the sacred bonds of marriage tying them together. The central theme of the My Beautiful Man movie deals with longevity. It explores whether Hira and Kiyoi's romance can endure through time. Is their love for each other eternal or temporary?


Hira loses his ambition to become a famous photographer in My Beautiful Man: Eternal.

In the second season of My Beautiful Man, Hira discovers his goal. He aspires to become a renowned photographer. By achieving a successful career, Hira closes the disparity between him and his celebrity boyfriend. Currently, he feels unworthy in their relationship. He's the anonymous nobody dragging down the reputation of his famous boyfriend. However, Kiyoi encourages him to be ambitious. Hira's dream is to stand on the same stage as Kiyoi one day, facing him as an equal partner.

Despite his ambition, My Beautiful Man: Eternal tests Hira's resolve. He quickly discovers that becoming famous is no easy feat. The path to success is an arduous journey requiring skill, hard work, connections, opportunities, and luck. Many people strive for a lifetime without reaching the top of their fields. Hira realizes the harsh reality after Noguchi ridicules his dreams of winning the prestigious Nomura Ihei award. Doubt creeps into his mind as he questions his talent, determination, and confidence. Hira fears he'll never accomplish his goal.

Hira loses his ambition. Riddled with insecurities, he no longer has the inspiration to take new pictures. It was once his dream to capture stunning photos of Kiyoi. But now, he gives up on his passion. "Someone like me shouldn't even have the desire to photograph him," he states. These feelings of inadequacy were prevalent throughout Hira's life. From adolescence to adulthood, he looked down on himself and perceived his existence as worthless. Since its first season, My Beautiful Man has focused on Hira's lack of self-esteem. Our protagonist struggles to see his own beauty.


Hira works for Noguchi, the famous photographer.

A part of Hira's inferiority comes from comparing himself to Noguchi, his famous boss. Noguchi, who calls himself the "god of photography", is at the top of his profession. He demonstrated his talent when filming Anna, using his creativity and experience to produce a captivating photoshoot. Hira recognizes his glaring inadequacies while working near this legend. As a rookie, his unpolished skills are no match for a professional. Hira feels demoralized, realizing he may never surpass his mentor.

As Hira comes to terms with his failed career aspiration, he also feels inferior about his relationship. The moral encouragement that Kiyoi gave him in Season 2 has been undone. Faced with a setback, Hira returns to feeling insignificant and unworthy of his boyfriend. His insecurity prevents him from enjoying intimacy. During a romantic encounter, Hira suddenly compares himself to his boss. "He can take Kiyoi's photograph more beautifully than me." Hira's self-doubt permeates every aspect of his life, causing him to believe he doesn't deserve Kiyoi's love.

Hira builds an emotional barrier around himself, which is tough to remove. Noguchi describes his assistant as "a king in sheep's clothing". Although Hira may seem like a pushover, he's surprisingly adamant in his thinking. It isn't easy to deter him once he sets his mind on an idea. The problem is that Hira's stubbornness is tied to his insecurities. He can't break free from the negative thoughts cycling in his head. Kiyoi tries to express his appreciation for his boyfriend, but it doesn't break through those psychological walls. Hira has become guarded around his lover.


Noguchi becomes Hira's photography mentor.

Noguchi has an ego. He takes pride in his work and believes in his ability to take damn good pictures. Despite putting on airs, Noguchi is friendly with Hira. He relates to his assistant's experiences. In Season 2, Noguchi mentioned that Hira reminds him of his younger self. While they have different personalities, Noguchi insists he and Hira are kindred spirits. He explains, "Having too much or too little confidence are both signs of a damaged self-consciousness." Arrogance and insecurity distort their perception of themselves.

Hira doubts himself, but Noguchi spots the potential in his assistant. This skilled photographer has an eye for seeing people's inner characters. Initially, Noguchi mocks the idea of winning the Nomura Ihei award. After discover that is Hira's dream, Noguchi adopts a supportive attitude. He encourages Hira to take pictures and build a portfolio. Hira finds a valuable mentor to guide his career, giving him a confidence boost. The movie includes symbolic imagery when Noguchi takes away Hira's light reflector and offers him a camera. It mirrors a past scene, except the roles are reversed.

Noguchi has an offbeat personality. You may notice his habits are often unconventional. After all, this guy hires Hira to be his assistant instead of more qualified candidates. Noguchi is an oddball, just like our protagonist. My Beautiful Man: Eternal suggests Noguchi is the blueprint for Hira's future. This quirky photographer achieved industry success despite his untraditional views. If Hira works hard and believes in himself, his career may resemble his mentor's. That includes winning elusive awards. Don't discard your dreams so quickly, Hira. Love yourself more and keep trying.


Kiyoi doubts Hira's love for him.

While Hira battles self-doubt, Kiyoi worries about their relationship. Lately, he noticed his boyfriend's physical and emotional distance. As viewers, we know Hira avoids him due to confidence issues. However, Kiyoi interprets the alienation as an imminent sign of Hira's faded love. In Season 2, the leads made plans to become a power couple in the future. Yet, Kiyoi is alarmed when Hira skips a photoshoot with him. Kiyoi wonders if Hira has given up on their long-term prospects.

Hira constantly yields and compromises because he doesn't want to inconvenience his famous boyfriend. After the news scandal, he suggests they don't live together to avoid tabloid attention. Hira puts his partner's career first, but his decision offends Kiyoi. It seems as if Hira prioritizes reputation over feelings. Deep down, Kiyoi wants them to move in together. Anna's troubles make Kiyoi confront the fear of losing his relationship. During this distressing time, he needs emotional support more than ever. Yet, Hira does the exact opposite and pushes him away.

Hira's reverence feeds into Kiyoi's paranoia. "I'm your biggest fan," Hira tells him, but the remark isn't reassuring. Kiyoi doesn't want a fan. He already has many admirers who worship him. What he needs is a supportive partner. However, Hira's actions imply he values Kiyoi's persona more than he cherishes the real Kiyoi. You prefer the idolized version of me. Kiyoi questions the basis of Hira's affection. Are you my fan or my boyfriend? If you love me, wouldn't you fight for us to be together? Why do you show restraint, make sacrifices, and seem okay with our separation?


Kiyoi checks out his mirror reflection.

Kiyoi's relationship doubts intensify due to the recent turmoil in his career. This rising star is involved in an ugly scandal threatening his reputation. He becomes the target of a tabloid smear campaign, reducing him to a side piece in a sordid love affair. There's no truth to these false allegations. Even if the reporting is accurate, a consensual relationship between two adults should be no big deal. Yet, Kiyoi faces backlash from the fickle public. Many fans have turned against him, from name-calling to slander.

Beyond losing public favour, Kiyoi's past achievements come under scrutiny. A piece of gossip has the power to tarnish his career, erasing years of hard work and dedication. One commenter accuses him of riding Anna's coattails. It puts Kiyoi in a similar predicament as Hira, where both protagonists feel inferior to their more famous star. The media scandal makes Kiyoi reflect on the fleeting nature of fame. All it takes is one clickbait news article to twist his adoring fans into vicious bullies. "Your love can turn into hate in an instance," he observes gloomily.

The scandal damages Kiyoi's confidence in his romance. What if Hira's affection is as fickle as the other fans? His boyfriend has already demonstrated questionable behaviour by alienating himself. Kiyoi soon realizes that nothing in life is eternal. My Beautiful Man's title has a tragic caveat because beauty doesn't last forever. Looks fade. Fame diminishes. And even feelings can subside. Kiyoi once assumed Hira loved him purely and unconditionally. After recent events, he isn't so sure anymore. Perhaps their relationship has peaked and will not endure the test of time. 


Anna laughs during a waterfall photoshoot.

Anna's situation contains many parallels to Kiyoi's experiences. Both young celebrities have secret romances and suffer public backlash. If anything, Anna's troubles seem worse. She's more famous, meaning her fall from grace is steeper. There's a lot at stake in her accomplished career. Also, she's at the core of the scandals rather than being on the periphery. The news cycle revolves around her. Of course, simply being a woman means she faces harsher scrutiny than her male costars. Misogyny is prevalent in show biz.

Before the photoshoot, Noguchi tells Anna, "The downpour will make your strength shine even brighter." This lyrical line foreshadows how she'll approach her PR crisis. Faced with adversity, Anna gathers the inner strength to smile through the pain. The filming takes place in a turbulent environment. Anna is drenched in cold water, trying to navigate stormy currents and rocky terrains. Yet, this seasoned actress puts on a fierce, untamed performance. She produces stunning photographs that mask her discomfort. The camera will never catch a glimpse of her fear.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal includes visual cues to reiterate its narrative themes. During the shoot, Anna's long red robes spread across the water like a puddle of blood. It's a metaphor for her wounds over the scandal. Anna bleeds after the media onslaught. The movie uses jerky movements to convey an unstable environment. As the camera shakes in erratic directions, it signifies the turbulent chaos in Anna's career. This photoshoot is one of the most spectacular scenes in the film. You'll find many layers of symbolism and character arcs packed into a single moment.

Love vs fame

Anna and Kiriya make their relationship public.

Anna personifies grace under fire, overcoming a career-breaking scandal with poise and resilience. Yet, she reveals her fragility away from the spotlight. While visiting Hira & Kiyoi's love nest, Anna looks wistful after observing the couple's affection. They remind her of what she can't have. The public outcry indicates that having a love life and an accomplished acting career are seemingly incompatible. She must sacrifice her relationship. Hira challenges her decision and describes his devotion to Kiyoi, "I wouldn't care if the world is against me."

Anna's predicament highlights the complexities of maintaining a romance as a celebrity. Kiyoi faces similar pressures that impact his relationship with Hira. In both cases, the characters believe fame compromises love and vice versa. Due to public disapproval, Anna and her partner can't be honest about their attraction. Likewise, Kiyoi questions the authenticity of Hira's affection. Hira admires him as an idol than a boyfriend. Having career ambition undermines Anna and Kiyoi's capacity for a genuine love life. Their dilemmas are one of the central conflicts in the movie.

Anna's storyline has a happy ending. After reconnecting with her boyfriend, she finds the ideal solution. Anna goes public with her romance, even if the world is against her. Yet, she doesn't have to sacrifice her career ambition. Anna wins back the public favour with a sincere heart and a solid PR campaign. She proves to Kiyoi that love and fame can coexist simultaneously. Managing a romantic life as a celebrity is achievable. Kiyoi learns from his mentor, understanding his relationship is worth fighting for. Don't give up on your man, Kiyoi. Guide his love back to you.


Shitama kidnaps Kiyoi after the scandal.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal uses the supporting cast to draw parallels with the protagonists. Anna is the doppelganger for Kiyoi, representing a celebrity with a secret love life. Likewise, Noguchi is like a future version of Hira from the best timeline. On the flip side, there is Shitama. Anna's stan shares many similarities with Hira, like two peas in a pod. These celebrity fanatics have unhealthy infatuations with the target of their affection. Shitama mirrors Hira's dark impulses as admiration blurs with obsession.

In Hira's defence, he is not the same as Shitama. It's easy to generalize and paint both characters with the same brush. However, the movie makes a point of differentiating their motivations. Shitama's obsession with Anna is one-sided and superficial. He has an extreme fixation on her public image rather than a genuine emotional connection. In his twisted mind, Shitama believes he controls Anna's love life. As her #1 fan, he feels entitled to dictate her romantic choices. Shitama even harms Kiyoi under the misguided delusion that he must protect Anna's virtue.

While Shitama's actions seem outlandish, toxic fandom exists in real life. Freen & Becky, the famous Thai GL stars, faced a recent scandal. A photo of Freen and her boyfriend leaked online, contradicting the sapphic fantasy in her hit series. Rather than condemning the invasion of privacy, some fans harass the actress for her choice of romantic partner. We see this phenomenon in GL, BL, and other communities. Not all fans are irrational. Many resemble Hira and Pan, showing healthy boundaries. Yet, a few bad apples like Shitama cross the line with destructive behaviour.

Hira vs Shitama

Hira protects Kiyoi from his kidnapper.

Despite some similarities, Hira and Shitama aren't cut from the same cloth. Hira faces a different set of demons, but he never oversteps his boundaries with Kiyoi. Our protagonist loves Kiyoi without the need to meddle or regulate his idol's behaviour. He can admire the star from afar and not demand anything more. Hira is content simply because this beautiful man exists in the universe. He respects Kiyoi's personal space and choices, trusting his autonomy. This understanding describes the true essence of a fan.

Although Hira keeps a respectful distance from Kiyoi, that doesn't diminish the intensity of his love. Hira is Kiyoi's most devoted guardian. Like a bodyguard, he will emerge from the background to protect Kiyoi when needed. The movie's climax is an over-the-top brawl between Hira and Shitama. Our heroic protagonist rescues his love interest and kicks the kidnapper's ass. Hira doesn't care about endangering himself to keep his beloved king safe. His selflessness is a testament to how much Hira cherishes Kiyoi. I love you so much that I'd die for you.

Kiyoi once doubted the authenticity of Hira's love. He suspected his boyfriend's feelings come from reverence instead of affection. You're just a fan. You're only smitten with my persona. Yet, Hira proves his unrestrained passion during the fight. He puts his entire life on the line to defend his lover. In that moment, Kiyoi realizes he has misconstrued Hira's infatuation. Hira admires all sides of Kiyoi, including the celebrity in the public eye and the beautiful man behind the camera. To him, they are the same. Kiyoi finally understands that Hira's love is genuine and profound.


Koyama and Hira graduate from university.

Surprisingly, Koyama doesn't feature prominently in My Beautiful Man: Eternal. This love rival was a significant part of the first two seasons. Despite his rejection, Koyama remains involved in Hira's life through the photography club. In Season 2, Koyama seemed to have lingering feelings for his college crush. He appeared overeager to interact with Hira despite knowing Kiyoi was his secret boyfriend. Although Koyama never crossed any lines, his conduct carried a whiff of desperation.

In contrast, Koyama has a conspicuously reduced presence throughout the movie. He only appears in a few shots, receiving even less dialogue than the other club members. He hardly comments on Hira's life besides a few polite words. While they're still on friendly terms, Koyama appears to have distanced himself from his former crush. Their relationship is no more than casual university acquaintances. Later, the two characters say farewell after graduation. Their only interaction is a mere handshake, not even a hug. Koyama is conscious about maintaining platonic relations.

Earlier, one of the club members talked about being in a love triangle. Notice Koyama getting up and sitting elsewhere. He doesn't involve himself in someone else's relationship. The movie suggests that Koyama wants to preserve boundaries. Shitama is a villain since he disrespects Anna by coming in between her romance. Conversely, Koyama shows a healthy attitude by not interfering with Hira's love life. His final line, "I'm glad to have met you", is casually platonic. Through Koyama, the movie highlights you can admire someone without being intrusive.

My Beautiful Man Eternal Ending Explained



Hira regains his confidence in the My Beautiful Man Eternal happy ending.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal has a happy ending where Hira conquers his self-doubt and regains his passion for photography. Noguchi hands his assistant a camera, encouraging him to take pictures of Kiyoi. Hesitant at first, Hira's anxieties ease after Kiyoi's support. "Take it more beautifully than Noguchi," his partner states, believing in Hira's ability. The result is a stunning photoshoot that captures a flirtier side of Kiyoi. Everyone praises Hira's work, prompting a proud smile from Noguchi.

Due to Hira's low self-esteem, he has always felt unworthy of being Kiyoi's romantic partner. There's a disparity between a celebrity and a fan. Hira's insecurities made him feel ugly about himself. He also becomes guarded, driving a rift in the couple's relationship. Fortunately, Hira rebuilds his self-worth. He finds the confidence to work toward his goal. Noguchi may be a legendary photographer, but that doesn't diminish Hira's talent. Although challenging, Hira can reach the same level of success and may even exceed his mentor. His dream is only achievable if he tries.

Hira once worried that Noguchi would take better photos of Kiyoi than him. However, Noguchi lacks one particular quality. He doesn't understand Kiyoi. Despite his talent, Noguchi's pictures of Kiyoi will only capture the surface. Their superficial connection is between a photographer and a subject. In contrast, Hira's emotional bond gives him the upper edge. He knows Kiyoi best, appreciating his true essence and admiring his inner beauty. Hira sees his partner in a way that transcends the lens. As long as Hira loves Kiyoi, his photos of him will always be the most beautiful.


Kiyoi and Hira commit to each other in the classroom.

Kiyoi worried about the fleeting nature of love. A recent scandal made him realize that feelings can flip instantly. He doubts his relationship and suspects Hira may cherish him less than before. Nothing seems to last forever, not even a couple's affection. However, Hira reassures him of his commitment to their relationship. Kiyoi's looks will fade, his career will dwindle, and his fame will subside. Yet, Hira's love remains the one constant in his life. We will be ~eternal~.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal depicts Hira and Kiyoi's commitment through a symbolic wedding ceremony. Earlier, the movie makes a quick reference to marriage. Before the end, the couple unofficially ties the knot. The leads return to the high school classroom, where their love story began. Both characters exchange vows of their lifelong commitment. From "We'll be together forever" to "Stay by my side for the rest of my life", their words carry significant weight. Also, notice their subtly coded wardrobe choices. Hira wears a suit, while Kiyoi almost looks like he's in a wedding gown. 

During that scene, Kiyoi comments on aging. These two adults are in a high school, an apt metaphor for the passing of time. Kiyoi feels uncertain about their future, but Hira is sure of his devotion"No matter what happens, Kiyoi is more beautiful than anyone else." My Beautiful Man's title doesn't just describe Kiyoi's attractive appearance. Instead, it refers to how Hira feels about his partner. The fondness in Hira's heart is what makes Kiyoi so beautiful. Most of all, his passion is so resilient that even time cannot diminish it. Hira's love for Kiyoi lasts eternally, forever and always.

My Beautiful Man Series


Season 1

My Beautiful Man: Eternal is the third installment of the My Beautiful Man franchise.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal is the third installment in the Japanese BL franchise, My Beautiful Man. The original is a 6-episode series that began on November 18, 2021. It ended the last episode on December 23, 2021. A second season was released in 2023. You should watch the first two seasons before watching the movie. The televised series introduces the characters and explains their relationship.

My Beautiful Man Season 1 was a different beast. It tells a volatile love story between two high school students with a rocky relationship. Hira was obsessed with Kiyoi from the start. However, Kiyoi treated his love interest poorly and bullied him. Their toxic relationship feels unhealthy. Their relationship evolves over two seasons and a movie. Eventually, Kiyoi's feelings turn into fondness and affection. He becomes Hira's most prominent champion, a sign of his significant character growth.

Season 2

My Beautiful Man 2 is the second story that takes place before My Beautiful Man: Eternal.

My Beautiful Man 2 is the second installment of the Japanese BL franchise. It comes after the first season in 2021 and before the movie sequel in 2023. Season 2 was released on February 8, 2023 and ended on March 1, 2023. It consists of four half-hour episodes. You should watch My Beautiful Man 2 before starting My Beautiful Man: Eternal.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal is like an extension of the televised drama. Season 2 introduces many insightful themes and character arcs, which the movie sequel continues to explore. The second season evolves Hira and Kiyoi's relationship dynamic. They start living together and seem closer than previously. Kiyoi's feelings begin to shift, whether he admits it or not. My Beautiful Man 2 also includes several emotional exchanges with memorable lines. Some of the moments are even more compelling than the movie. Regardless, both the drama and the film have a similar vibe.

My Beautiful Man Eternal Information

Hira and Kiyoi return to the classroom as adults.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal is a Japanese movie that released on April 7, 2023. It is a medium-length film, which you can finish in around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Mai Sakai is the movie director.

The My Beautiful Man movie is the third installment in the BL franchise. It is preceded by My Beautiful Man Season 1, which came out in 2021. My Beautiful Man Season 2 came out in 2023, weeks before the movie's release.

  1. It might be interesting for you to know that not only Freen and Becky were having issues with toxic fans due to relationships, the actor who plays Kiyoi (Yusei Yagi) also got backlash in 2022 because soms people saw him with a girl and assumed he has a girlfriend!

    The fact that he plays Kiyoi must have felt validating to him because he can relate to Kiyoi on a personal level when he gets caught in an unfair scandal lol

  2. Thank you, BLW, for recommending this movie. Not having seen the preceding series, I was still able to enjoy the movie without knowledge of prior events. The dynamic between the lead characters was captivating. Hira reminded me of Adachi from Cherry Magic in his restraint and subsequent apotheosis when summoned by love to action. Normally I oppose violence, but watching Hira come out of his shell to beat up the crazy guy put a spring in my step. As for the bath scene, never have I been so envious of a plastic duck.

  3. I had strong reaction to this series- didn't "love" season 1- but it was intriguing- toxic and obsessive love that wasn't "sent up" or overplayed (Middlemans Love or Secret Crush on You…..anyone?……arrrgh!)
    I found each installment better with the movie the best of all- the obsessive fan story arc notwithstanding.
    For me- season 1 : C+
    season 2: B- (still repetitive with Hiro "I'm stupid, I'm not worthy- you're a GOD!" stuff- more nuance and story please)
    Movie: B+ (really satisfying- and you aptly highlighted the Anna photography- and the character of the photographer along with the bathtub scene. )
    It is not often that even a season 2 outshines it's predecessor for me- so I'm really happy for entire production crew.

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