Ossan's Love: Love or Dead – Movie Review & Film Summary

Haruta and Maki drift apart in the Ossan's Love: Love or Death movie.

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is the movie sequel to the famous Japanese BL drama. This action comedy takes place a year after the original series. The protagonist is a realtor who returns home after spending a year abroad. However, there's a hostile takeover of his workplace, leading to increasingly chaotic events. His relationship also experiences a dramatic change, and the couple's love for each other may not endure the latest hardships.

Story-wise, Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is a total mess. The plot feels too outlandish, the new characters are superfluous, and the writing seems severely dumbed down. The film is a disappointing sequel. Nonetheless, there's plenty of boisterous energy and slapstick humour that you will recognize from the original drama. When Ossan's Love movie chooses to be serious, it can deliver deep emotions that I wish we saw more of.

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead Movie Summary


劇場版 おっさんずラブ 〜LOVE or DEAD〜

Movie Info:

Japan (2019)


1 hour and 55 minutes


Action comedy


Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is a happy & funny film.

BL Content:

Yes, the movie features a BL romance.


Haruta and Kurosawa spend an intimate moment together in the sauna.

Haruta is a real estate agent who relocated to Hong Kong in the past year for his work. Now, he's back in Japan and reunited with his old coworkers, including his boss, Kurosawa. Although Kurosawa used to have a massive crush on Haruta, they now have a strictly platonic relationship. Haruta also meets Justice, a new employee who recently joined the company. Haruta and Justice share a lot in common. Both have goofy personalities and similar interests, so they quickly befriend each other.

Upon Haruta's return, his company experiences an unexpected shake-up. The head office has approved a redevelopment project. It involves building the biggest resort facilities in Japan. Haruta and his coworkers are now working under Mamiana's supervision. Mamina is an ambitious corporate professional who clashes with Kurosawa. As the team does market research, it quickly becomes clear that the redevelopment project is unpopular with small business owners. They resent being forced to relocate elsewhere.

Haruta's boyfriend, Maki, is promoted to work directly with Mamiana on this aggressive real estate project. Maki takes his new job position very seriously, always working overtime to impress his boss. When he returns home after work, Maki is annoyed that he still has to handle the household chores. Haruta barely helps out with the domestic errands. Eventually, Maki decides to move back in with his parents to focus on his career. His relationship with Haruta suffers, especially since his boyfriend suspects Maki and Mamiana are getting too close.

Meanwhile, Kurosawa falls down the stairs during an accident. Although he isn't seriously injured, the fall causes Kurosawa to lose all his memories of Haruta. Due to his sudden amnesia, Kurosawa falls in love with Haruta again, just like before. However, Maki is convinced that his former boss must be faking this memory loss, using it as an excuse to get close to Haruta. Maki and Kurosawa butt heads, leading to an explosive feud between them.

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead Cast



Kei Tanaka (田中圭)

Haruta is played by the actor Kei Tanaka (田中圭).

Haruta is a vivacious real estate agent with lots of enthusiasm. He recently returned to Japan after working in Hong Kong for the past year. With a goofy and childlike personality, Haruta acts like a big irresponsible kid. He lives with his boyfriend Maki, but hardly does any chores around the house.

Kei Tanaka

Kei Tanaka (田中圭) is a Japanese actor. He is born on July 10, 1984.

Kei Tanaka (田中圭) is a Japanese actor. He is born on July 10, 1984. His first BL project is the 2016 drama, Ossan's Love. The special is later adapted into a popular full-length drama in 2018. Kei is the lead of Ossan's Love: Love or Dead (2019), Ossan's Love: In the Sky (2019), and Ossan's Love Returns (2024).


Kento Hayashi (林遣都)

Maki is played by the actor Kenta Hayashi (林遣都).

Maki is a real estate agent who used to work with Haruta at the same company division. Recently, he was promoted to work with Mamiana on a major real estate project. Maki cherishes this career opportunity, calling it the job of his dreams. However, he has started to neglect his relationship with Haruta lately, putting all his focus into work.

Kento Hayashi

Kento Hayashi (林遣都) is a Japanese actor. He is born on December 6, 1990.

Kento Hayashi (林遣都) is a Japanese actor. He is born on December 6, 1990. His first BL project is the 2018 drama, Ossan's Love. He stars in the sequels, Ossan's Love: Love or Dead (2019) and Ossan's Love Returns (2024).


Kotaro Yoshida (吉田鋼太郎)

Kurosawa is played by the actor Kotaro Yoshida (吉田鋼太郎).

Kurosawa is Haruta's boss at a real estate company. He used to have a massive crush on his employee, but their relationship is now strictly platonic. However, a recent accident causes Kurosawa to lose parts of his memory, and he's back to falling in love with Haruta again. Kurosawa is divorced from his ex-wife, Choko.

Kotaro Yoshida

Kotaro Yoshida (吉田鋼太郎) is a Japanese actor. He is born on January 14, 1959.

Kotaro Yoshida (吉田鋼太郎) is a Japanese actor. He is born on January 14, 1959. His first BL project is the 2016 special, Ossan's Love. The drama is later adapted into a full-length series, Ossan's Love (2018). Kotaro is the lead of Ossan's Love: Love or Dead (2019), Ossan's Love: In the Air (2019), and Ossan's Love Returns (2024).

Supporting Cast

Justice is played by the actor Jun Shison.


Jun Shison (志尊淳)

Mamiana is played by the actor Ikki Sawamura (沢村一樹).


Ikki Sawamura (沢村一樹)

Takekawa is played by the actor Hidekazu Mashima (眞島秀和).


Hidekazu Mashima (眞島秀和)

Utamaro is played by the actor Daichi Kaneko (金子大地).


Daichi Kaneko (金子大地)

Segawa is played by the actress Shuko Ito (伊藤修子).


Shuko Ito (伊藤修子)

Choko is played by the actress Nene Ohtsuka (大塚寧々).


Nene Ohtsuka (大塚寧々)

Chizu is played by the actress Rio Uchida (内田理央).


Rio Uchida (内田理央)

Teppei is played by the actor Kazuya Kojima (児嶋一哉).


Kazuya Kojima (児嶋一哉)

Miyajima is portrayed by the Japanese actress Emi Maki (真木恵未).


Emi Maki (真木恵未)

Shigeko is played by the actress Yui P (ゆいP).


Yui P (ゆいP)

Goro is played by the actor Katsumi Kiba (木場勝己).


Katsumi Kiba (木場勝己)

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead Review


Movie Review Score: 6.9

Haruta and Maki are a couple in the Ossan's Love movie sequel.

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead disappoints me. The sequel doesn't match the quality of the original series, lacking its endearing charm. The televised drama delighted audiences with its lively humour and emotional plots. In contrast, the movie seems more polished due to a significantly higher production budget. Yet, the story feels needlessly bloated. Ossan's Love: Love or Dead includes many excess elements that detract from the love story between Haruta and Maki. 

The movie is plagued with issues. Firstly, the story isn't intriguing. The real estate company was a backdrop to minor subplots in the original drama. It becomes a predominant focus in the film, even though that wasn't what made the series enjoyable. Secondly, the new characters seem superfluous. Ossan's Love relies on famous stunt casting instead of developing Justice or Mamiana meaningfully. And thirdly, the over-the-top action sequences are unnecessary. Everything seems dumbed down in this film, relying on absurd humour to appeal to a mainstream moviegoing audience.

However, Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is a deceptively silly film, hiding a meaningful message beneath all the ridiculous antics. Every once in a while, there are a few surprisingly well-written scenes about Haruta and Maki's relationship. Deep down, the movie's themes show more emotional nuance than what meets the eye. Mind you, these moments aren't very common. They are often eclipsed by lots of juvenile slapstick humour. Nevertheless, those one or two scenes are pretty poignant, giving us a brief glimpse of what the Ossan's Love movie could have been.

Maki's character comes across as too unlikable in the movie. While I understand some of his frustrations with Haruta, Maki behaves so standoffishly that he seems unreasonable. He constantly keeps secrets, doesn't communicate with his boyfriend, and prioritizes his career over his relationship. It doesn't help that we hardly see Maki's perspective, making his behaviour towards Haruta seem erratic. I wish the movie had spent more time fleshing out his characterization. Instead, it wastes time on Justice, Mamiana, and other uninteresting distractions.

In terms of humour, Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is passable as an action-comedy movie. Some people won't enjoy this type of low-brow, exaggerated humour, but the jokes can be charming in a silly and lighthearted way. Sometimes, the comedic scenarios are too farfetched for me, which works against the film's immersion. It's hard to take the plot seriously when I suddenly worry about bomb threats, abductions, and explosions out of nowhere. Ossan's Love: Love or Dead suffers from a lack of realism, prioritizing comedic nonsense over coherent logic.

I understand the need to make a mainstream movie more dramatic to hold the audience's attention. Yet, I would've preferred a simpler, smaller, and more intimate story instead. What makes the original series so beloved isn't the big cinematic sequences, the corporate espionage plot, or the star-studded stunt casting. I only want a low-key Ossan's Love sequel that focuses on Haruta, Maki, and Kurosawa instead of all these senseless additions. Although Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is packed with action and humour, the movie is sadly missing its original charm.


Absurd story

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead doesn't have a compelling story. The real estate plot is too outrageous and loses my immersion. Everything seems dumbed down for a moviegoing audience.

Frustrating romance

There isn't enough focus on developing Haruta and Maki's romance. Maki's character comes across as too unlikeable, prioritizing work over love. His behaviour toward Haruta seems frustrating.

Solid acting

The cast brings solid performances, although not reaching the same highs as the original drama. However, the two new characters, Justice and Mamina, seem superfluous to the plot.

Happy ending

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead has a happy ending after an action-packed sequence. While the story has been iffy, at least everything wraps up satisfyingly. You'll leave the film on a cheerful note.

Action-packed artistry

This movie is more polished and has a higher production budget than the original drama. It contains action-packed sequences, although these effects don't add significant value to the enjoyability.


Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is a disappointing sequel that lacks the charm and cohesiveness of the original drama. The story isn't compelling, while the romance becomes a marginalized subplot.

Ossan's Love Series


Ossan's Love 2018 series prequel Prequel review

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is the sequel of the 2018 Japanese BL drama.

Before watching Ossan's Love: Love or Dead, you should definitely watch the original series. The Ossan's Love drama is extremely popular, winning over audiences with its exaggerated comedy and charming love story. In the series, you'll be introduced to Haruta, Maki, Kurosawa, and all the colourful characters at the real estate office.

The Ossan's Love movie takes place a year after the events of the original drama. Even if you didn't like this movie, I think you may still enjoy Ossan's Love. It's a hilarious comedy with a unique twist on the BL love story.

Ossan's Love 2024 series sequel Sequel review

Ossan's Love Returns is the 2024 sequel of the franchise.

After watching Ossan's Love: Love or Dead, you can continue the story with the 2024 sequel. This follow-up series resumes Haruta and Maki's romance years after the events of the film. Maki has returned from overseas and lives with Haruta, enjoying domestic bliss. The nine-episode series began in January 2024 and ended its run in March 2024. You should watch both the original drama and the movie before starting the sequel.

While the Ossan's Love: Love or Dead movie underwhelmed me, the Ossan's Love Returns sequel is a brilliant follow-up. The 2024 series captures what made the original drama so funny and charming. With hilarious jokes and heartwarming plots, each episode is a delightful adventure. I love the emphasis on Haruta and Maki's romance, capturing the joy of their domestic bliss. In addition, the series does a much better job of integrating Kurosawa's character in the narrative. Although he still acts goofily, Kurosawa experiences growth and doesn't act like a caricature. Fans of the original Ossan's Love should watch the Ossan's Love Returns sequel.

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead Information

Haruta and Maki attend a festival together.

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is a Japanese movie that released on August 23, 2019. It is a long film, which you can finish in around 1 hour and 50 minutes. Toichiro Ruto is the movie director.

Ossan's Love: Love or Dead is a sequel. The original drama is the Ossan's Love series, which started on April 21, 2018 and finished on June 2, 2018.

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