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2BB is a Thai BL series about a room organizer and his client.

2BB is a short Thai BL series about the relationship between a room organizer and his client. The main character offers professional decluttering services for a living. A homeowner recently hired him to tidy up his messy apartment. However, they quickly clash upon their first meeting. The protagonist becomes upset in the heat of the moment and breaks a prized possession. He feels remorseful afterwards and wants to make amends.

Despite my low expectations, 2BB is surprisingly charming for a twenty-minute series. I appreciate the playful interactions and lighthearted moments between the leads. However, there's too little romantic content. This flimsy drama barely classifies as BL. Also, the silly story isn't sophisticated enough. It needs more substantial content, lengthier episodes, and a conclusive ending to explore the untapped potential.

2BB Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


20 minutes

Total Episodes:

3 episodes




2BB is a happy & funny drama.


The leads clash in the apartment.

The unnamed main character works as a professional room organizer. His service involves helping clients declutter their living spaces. An apartment owner recently hired him to tidy his messy flat. Upon arrival, they immediately clash. The room organizer is snarky and insults his client's hoarding habits. The unnamed client is noticeably annoyed. He tells a friend over the phone about hiring a weirdo.

The room organizer feels offended after overhearing the conversation. He becomes petty and tries to throw away his client's prized possessions, including a potted plant. The plant has already wilted. However, the apartment owner insists it has sentimental value and doesn't want to dispose of it. They accidentally drop the pot during the argument. The room organizer feels remorseful for breaking his client's cherished memento.

2BB Cast


Bigboom Jirayu Sahguansin (บิ๊กบูม จิรายุ สงวนศิลป์) is in 2BB.

Bigboom Jirayu Sahguansin (บิ๊กบูม จิรายุ สงวนศิลป์)

Boom Natthapat Chanchaisombat (บูม ณัฐภัทร ชาญชัยสมบัติ) is in 2BB.

Boom Natthapat Chanchaisombat (บูม ณัฐภัทร ชาญชัยสมบัติ)

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Bigboom and Boom) previously appeared in the 2023 Thai BL series Future, where they portray a university couple.

2BB Review


Drama Review Score: 5.8

The leads wake up in bed together.

2BB is a short, silly series around twenty minutes long. The main character works as a room organizer, an atypical profession rarely highlighted in fiction. This career has an exciting novelty because viewers don't know what to expect. How does a story about decluttering homes work? What comedic interactions will occur? The unpredictability remains one of this drama's greatest strengths. 2BB takes its protagonists on a playful and whimsical journey with hilariously random misadventures.

The plot is supposed to be as goofy as possible. Don't expect much common sense or rational behaviour from this offbeat comedy. Your mileage may vary regarding how much you can tolerate the nonsense. For me, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I wish the story was less childish and more sophisticated. A series doesn't need to dumb down itself to be funny. On the other hand, why so serious? Let the characters act like idiots and enjoy a bit of frivolous fun. Depending on how you approach 2BB, you may find it delightfully lighthearted or overly absurd.

2BB lacks complexity, as you'd expect from a twenty-minute drama. For starters, the leads don't have names. We only know them as the room organizer and the client. Their personalities also resemble cartoonish caricatures. Both protagonists are only defined by a few eccentric quirks. While there may be some character growth, it isn't profound. The series concludes without substantial development, so keep your expectations low. I blame the drama's short length for the shallowness. With additional episodes, 2BB may have more time to flesh out the missing details.

Some fans may not classify 2BB as BL due to the little romantic content. Besides a quick peck on the cheek, the physical intimacy is severely limited. With that said, the series creates deliberate scenarios that hint at homoeroticism. In the first episode, the leads almost fall into a compromising position. In another scene, they end up sleeping on the same bed. Although these moments are trivial, there's a subtle degree of fanservice. Plus, the actors are an established pairing in another previous drama. Their history makes it easy to associate 2BB with the BL genre.

Boom and Bigboom starred in a romantic series earlier this year. Yet, Future was a poorly written mess that didn't showcase their charisma or compatibility. 2BB redeems the actors to a certain extent. The light comedic material is better suited to their capabilities. Both performers seem comfortable playing goofy roles, handling the zany jokes with cheek and sass. They also share a fun, easygoing rapport. This miniseries may not be long enough to assess their talents accurately. Nonetheless, they leave a more favourable impression in 2BB than in Future.

2BB frustrates me with its inconclusive ending. The story finishes before the characters have formed a meaningful bond. I want a better climax and more closure from the finale. My annoyance also stems from the untapped potential. This drama has a charming premise, quirky characters, and playful relationship dynamics. Yet, it needs additional episodes to expand on the promising ideas. If only the studio invested time, effort, and budget into this series, it could've developed into a surprising gem. In its current lacklustre state, 2BB feels like a half-baked product.


Whimsical story

2BB has a quirky story with playful interactions between the leads. The comedy is quite goofy. Yet, the episodes are too short and shallow to expand on their ideas meaningfully.

Goofy romance

2BB is almost not considered a BL drama. There is little romantic content in the series besides a quick peck on the cheek. The couple's relationship doesn't develop deeply or passionately.

Comedic acting

The leads (Boom & Bigboom) handle the comedic material comfortably. The roles highlight their charisma. Both make a better impression in this series than in their past BL drama.

Vague ending

2BB finishes vaguely without a conclusive ending. It seems the characters have parted ways without a future relationship. I wanted a better climax and more closure from the finale.

Limited artistry

This low-budget series is filmed in a vertical video orientation, my least favourite way to watch BL. Furthermore, the entire series occurs in an apartment flat. The setting is quite dull.


2BB is a charming comedy with quirky characters and amusing exchanges. However, the short episodes don't develop the story deeply. There is also a severe lack of romantic content.

2BB Episodes

Episode Guide

The leads walk in a hallway together.

2BB has a total of 3 episodes. Each episode is around 7 to 8 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 20 minutes. 2BB started on August 29, 2023 and ended its last episode on September 12, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

The first episode is silly but cute. I like the moment when the lead stops the other guy from falling on him with his foot. However, it's too short to form a solid opinion based on only a few minutes.

Episode 2

I can't take the goofy plot seriously. However, this series has a dumb, endearing charm. I like how the couple's relationship has transformed from foes to drunken buddies.

Episode 3

The denim overalls with a red bandana are a good look for Boom's actor. I see the potential in this lighthearted love story. However, it ends too inconclusively, leaving me unfulfilled.

2BB Information

Rookie Thailand

Rookie Thailand is a Thai BL studio that made The Best Story (2021).

Rookie Thailand is a Thai BL studio that made The Best Story (2021), 21 Days Theory (2022), Future (2023), and Night Dream (2023). It also produces several variety shows.

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