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Future is a Thai BL series about a dental student and an engineering student.

Future is a Thai BL series about a romance between a dental student and an engineering student. The main character has been unlucky in love until he meets a young, plucky student from another faculty. They agree to go out and quickly fall in love. However, jealousy, insecurities, and family issues may threaten the couple's future. 

From the cringy dialogue to the cheesy romantic encounters, Future is a subpar BL drama in many aspects. The plot is pointless and repeats clichéd tropes poorly. The characters also have irritating personalities, often throwing jealous tantrums at innocent interactions. This immature series doesn't offer much depth, originality, or entertainment.

Future BL Summary


FUTURE วิศวะสุดหล่อขอหมอเป็นเมีย

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


4 hours

Total Episodes:

6 episodes


School romance


Future is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Ana and Fuse are a university couple in Future.

Ana is a fifth-year dental student who works at his father's clinic. He aspires to follow in his parent's footsteps and become a dentist after graduation. Ana is best friends with Guy and Polla, students from the same faculty. They have a close bond, although Guy and Polla like to tease Ana about his love life.

Ana has been unlucky in love. He is openly gay and dated various guys in the past, but none of his relationships lasted. His ex-boyfriend, Top, seemed like a catch. However, Top broke his heart, adding another painful experience to a history of disappointments. Recently, his ex wanted to reconcile. Ana hasn't forgiven him and seems reluctant about offering a second chance.

A year ago, Ana developed a crush on Fuse, an engineering student he met through mutual acquaintances. Guy and Polla encourage their friend to confess. However, they see Fuse and his best friend Khamphan chummy on campus. The trio misinterprets their close bond and believes the two must be dating. Ana feels discouraged and gives up on pursuing this crush.

Contrary to what Ana believes, Fuse is single. He has a platonic relationship with his best friend Khamphan. Fuse and Khamphan make a pact to stay single together as their other friends couple up. However, Fuse complains about being lonely and wants to experience love. His other friends tease the goofy engineering student for not finding anyone. "You think I can conjure a partner out of nowhere!?" Kla jokes.

Fuse visits a new dental clinic to get his teeth cleaned. Ana is surprised to see his crush from a year ago, although Fuse doesn't remember him. The pair makes small talk during the new patient registration process. Fuse mentions how he's hopelessly single. Ana takes a bold initiative and offers to go out with him. Startled by his forwardness, Fuse agrees to a date. From that day onwards, they officially begin a relationship as boyfriends.

Future Cast



Bigboom Jirayu Sahguansin (บิ๊กบูม จิรายุ สงวนศิลป์)

Ana is portrayed by the Thai actor Bigboom Jirayu Sahguansin (บิ๊กบูม จิรายุ สงวนศิลป์).

Ana is a fifth-year dental student who works for his father's clinic. Despite being openly gay, he has trouble finding a long-term boyfriend. His past relationships have not lasted, even though his ex wants to reconcile. Ana is best friends with Guy and Polla, who like teasing him. Ana has a crush on Fuse, a younger student from the engineering faculty.

Bigboom Jirayu Sahguansin

Bigboom Jirayu Sahguansin (บิ๊กบูม จิรายุ สงวนศิลป์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 22, 2002.

Bigboom Jirayu Sahguansin (บิ๊กบูม จิรายุ สงวนศิลป์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 22, 2002. His first BL leading role is the 2023 drama, Future. He also appears in 2BB (2023). Bigboom has a supporting role in the 2022 series, 21 Days Theory.


Boom Natthapat Chanchaisombat (บูม ณัฐภัทร ชาญชัยสมบัติ)

Fuse is portrayed by the Thai actor Boom Natthapat Chanchaisombat (บูม ณัฐภัทร ชาญชัยสมบัติ).

Fuse is an engineering student with a goofy personality. He is annoyed about his other friends coupling up. Fuse and his platonic best friend Khamphan have made a pact to stay single. However, Fuse complains about being lonely and wants to experience love. He is surprised when Ana, a dental student, suddenly asks him to go on a date.

Boom Natthapat Chanchaisombat

Boom Natthapat Chanchaisombat (บูม ณัฐภัทร ชาญชัยสมบัติ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 10, 2000.

Boom Natthapat Chanchaisombat (บูม ณัฐภัทร ชาญชัยสมบัติ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 10, 2000. His first BL leading role is the 2023 series, Future. He also appears in 2BB (2023). He also had supporting roles in En of Love: TOSSARA (2020), En of Love: Love Mechanics (2020) and its remake Love Mechanics (2022).

Supporting Cast

Khamphan is portrayed by the Thai actor Win Thanakom Minthananan (วิน ธนาคม มีนธนานันท์).


Win Thanakom Minthananan (วิน ธนาคม มีนธนานันท์)

Top is portrayed by the Thai actor Title Tanatorn Saenangkanikorn (ไตเติ้ล ธนธร เสนางคนิกร).


Title Tanatorn Saenangkanikorn (ไตเติ้ล ธนธร เสนางคนิกร)

Guy is portrayed by the Thai actor Tee Khunakorn Sunantham (ตี๋ คุณากร สุนันธรรม).


Tee Khunakorn Sunantham (ตี๋ คุณากร สุนันธรรม)

Polla is portrayed by the Thai actress Plai Patnicha Kulasingh (ปลาย ภัสณิชา กุลสิงห์).


Plai Patnicha Kulasingh (ปลาย ภัสณิชา กุลสิงห์)

Bar is portrayed by the Thai actor Got Kanidsorn Laiwrakoran (ก๊อต คณิศร เลียวรักษ์โอฬาร).


Got Kanidsorn Laiwrakoran (ก๊อต คณิศร เลียวรักษ์โอฬาร)

Kan is portrayed by the Thai actor Jeff Nathadej Pititranun (เจฟ ณธเดช ปิติตรานันท์).


Jeff Nathadej Pititranun (เจฟ ณธเดช ปิติตรานันท์)

L;a os [prtraued nu tje Tjao actpr Prat Itthichaicharoen (ปรัชญ์ อิทธิชัยเจริญ)/


Prat Itthichaicharoen (ปรัชญ์ อิทธิชัยเจริญ)

James is portrayed by the Thai actor Bever Patsapon Jansuppakitkun (บีเวอร์ พรรษพล เจนสรรพกิจกุล).


Bever Patsapon Jansuppakitkun (บีเวอร์ พรรษพล เจนสรรพกิจกุล)

Wind is portrayed by the Thai actor Frong Thammasiri Umpujh (ฟร้องซ์ ธรรมศิริ อัมพุช).


Frong Thammasiri Umpujh (ฟร้องซ์ ธรรมศิริ อัมพุช)

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Boom and Bigboom) are co-stars in the 2023 short series 2BB. They portray a room organizer and his client.
  • Boom and Bigboom had small roles in the 2022 Thai BL drama Love Mechanics. Several of the supporting cast members (Win, Jeff, Got, Prat, Bever, and Frong) also appeared in that series. In addition, many had roles in En of Love: TOSSARA (2020) and En of Love: Love Mechanics (2020).
  • The actors portraying Guy and James (Tee and Bever) are the stars of the 2022 series 21 Days Theory. Bigboom and Kla's actor (Prat) had a supporting role in that drama.
  • Top's actor (Title) is the lead of the 2023 series La Pluie. He also appeared in My Only 12% (2022) and Remember Me (2022).
  • Multiple supporting actors appear in the 2023 series Night Dream, including Jeff and Frong.

Future Review


Drama Review Score: 5.0

Fuse and Ana almost kiss.

Future shocked me in the first episode with an unforgettable line. The protagonist visits a dental clinic and meets his love interest for the first time. "If I hit on you, you have to be my bottom," he bluntly tells the stranger. Wow. And they say romance is dead. Despite showing less decorum than a gay hookup app, the proposition is considered a romantic start for the couple's love story. This crude exchange sets the tone for the rest of the series, which is pointless, tactless, and brainless.

The writing in this BL drama is abysmal. I cringe at corny lines, unfunny jokes, or immature reactions in every scene. In addition, many generic plots lack originality and repeat clichéd tropes. It imitates ideas from other series, except they're done way worse in Future. Nothing is meaningful or entertaining. There's also too much unnecessary filler. The story includes irrelevant dialogue and excessive online chats that don't advance the plot. Future often comes across as childish and amateurish, embarrassing itself with an unpolished script that needs refinement.

Jealousy is an annoyingly prevalent storyline in Future. Both leads overreact to innocuous interactions, interpreting platonic exchanges as scandalous betrayals. The petty conflicts are repetitive and portray the romance unflatteringly. You claim to love your partner, yet your irrational accusations indicate you don't trust them. Ana seems possessive whenever he throws jealous tantrums over Fuse and Kamphan's bond. I hate that Fuse must apologize for hanging out with a friend. Future sends unhealthy messages about boundaries in relationships, discouraging independence.

Ana and Fuse get together in their first encounter with hardly any courtship. The series doesn't explain their attraction, explore their feelings, or emphasize their bond. In a compelling romance, there should be a buildup of tension and anticipation as the characters know each other. Instead, Future skips an exciting phase of a love story by pairing the leads immediately. Once together, the couple's flirting is cheesy and unmemorable. They claim to love one another after only dating for a short time. Yet, their shaky relationship is eclipsed by angsty conflicts and needless drama.

The acting is just okay. Fuse's actor (Boom) doesn't exude enough charisma or enthusiasm that his role necessitates. Fuse is supposed to be a bubbly character, yet the performer seems muted and low on energy. The story material doesn't do him any favours since he's saddled with trite melodrama instead of lighthearted humour. His costar (Bigboom) suffers from portraying an unlikable protagonist. He lacks the charm to offset Ana's neurotic personality and comes across as whiny. The pair also displays limited chemistry, so their flirting often feels flat.

Future has a happy ending as the couple overcomes tensions with their parents. The finale is slightly better than the other episodes. Although the family storyline isn't complex, it presents something new to the narrative beyond the usual jealousy subplots. However, its thematic messages are shallow. These ideas are conveyed more expertly in other superior dramas. Sadly, Future wastes four hours on angsty conflicts, irrelevant filler, and an uninspiring romance. With few redeeming qualities, this subpar BL series will fall by the wayside, becoming forgettable history.


Cliched story

Future is a terribly written BL series with cliched plots, angsty conflicts, and random filler. From corny lines to unfunny jokes, the amateurish story is embarrassingly bad.

Cheesy romance

Ana and Fuse get together in the first episode, skipping over the fun parts of their courtship. As a couple, their romantic encounters are cheesy and unmemorable.

Weak acting

Fuse's actor (Boom) doesn't display enough lively enthusiasm necessitated by his role. His costar (Bigboom) can't offset his character's unlikable personality. The pair shares limited chemistry.

Happy ending

Future has a happy ending as the couple overcomes their family conflicts. Fuse's father comes to a mutual understanding with Ana's parents. Everyone wishes for their children's happiness.

Plain artistry

Although the series looks presentable, the production values are unremarkable. Compared to the glitziness of its prequel, Love Mechanics, this BL drama lacks the same polish.


Future is an amateurish BL series drowning in cliches, filler & nonsense. The childish romance is eclipsed by annoying conflicts about the couple's jealousy. The actors also display no chemistry.

Future Series Episodes

Episode Guide

Ana and Fuse flirt with each other.

Future has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is around 40 to 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 4 hours. Future started on March 19, 2023 and ended on April 30, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

"You have to be my bottom." OMFG. Imagine saying that to someone's face after you have just met? This line is so hilariously bad that it becomes iconic. The rest of the episode is a boring mess.

Episode 2

If you have to blur out all the alcohol glasses like this, maybe consider not doing a scene in a bar? I'm not feeling the couple so far. Their romantic encounters are corny. Plus, their chemistry is lacking.

Episode 3

The storyline about Kamphan's loneliness is kinda interesting. I like Kamphan and Fuse more as a couple, especially since Ana sucks. All the jealousy subplots are unoriginal, repetitive, and annoying.

Episode 4

What a pointless episode. I dislike the possessive behaviour from the leads. Fuse's reaction to his boyfriend changing clothes seems disproportionate. OMFG. Ana is such a mopey mess.

Episode 5

Ana is so damn insecure. I almost wish the cheating allegations were true because I'm rooting for Fuse and Kamphan instead. Does this series have other plots besides jealousy, jealousy, and jealousy?

Episode 6

Wow, Fuse's family is loaded. This episode is better since it focuses on other topics besides the same old relationship drama. However, I still don't feel attached to the couple. They hardly know each other.

Future Series Prequel


Love Mechanics

Love Mechanics is the original story to Future.

Future is the sequel to the 2022 Thai BL drama Love Mechanics. The original story is a remake of the En of Love franchise in 2020. Love Mechanics features an engineering student Vee and his infatuation with a handsome business student Mark. It stars the popular YinWar couple, an iconic pairing in the Thai BL industry.

Yin and War don't appear in Love Mechanics. However, their characters are referenced multiple times throughout Future. The characters constantly elaborate on their missing friends' whereabouts, making random excuses to explain their absence. Fuse is one of Vee's engineering friends and has a small supporting role in Love Mechanics. Ana also appears in one of the episodes. Although many cast members appear in both series, you don't have to watch Love Mechanics to understand Future. However, you may be more attached to Fuse with prior knowledge of his origins.

Future BL Information

Rookie Thailand

Rookie Thailand is a Thai BL studio that made The Best Story (2021).

Rookie Thailand is a Thai BL studio that made The Best Story (2021), 21 Days Theory (2022), Future (2023), and Night Dream (2023). It also produces several variety shows.


Niink Karnpicha Sinlertpattana (กานต์พิชชา สินเลิศพัฒนะ) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2020 series, En of Love: TOSSARA.

Niink Karnpicha Sinlertpattana (กานต์พิชชา สินเลิศพัฒนะ) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2019 series Until We Meet Again, serving as the assistant director. He also worked on the En of Love franchise (2020), and Future (2023). In addition, his other works include What Zabb Man (2022) and What If (2022). Niink is the assistant director for Love by Chance 2 (2020), My Gear and Your Gown (2020), and Star in My Mind (2022).

  1. This series was a terrible let down after seeing Love Mechanics.

    I agree with your rating….D+. Although you were a bit more generous than I was.

  2. This review was so much more fun than the show itself. Pardon me while I take a shot from a blurry glass as consolation for the four hours that I will never get back.

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