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Bump Up Business is a Korean BL series about an up-and-coming boy group.

Bump Up Business is a Korean BL series about an up-and-coming boy group. The main character is a rookie about to make his debut. His agency pairs him with an experienced idol who used to have a scandalous past. They'll pretend to have a fake romance to attract fans as a promotional gimmick. The couple is encouraged to spend time together to develop their chemistry. What began as a phony relationship soon blossoms into something more.

The early episodes of Bump Up Business are mildly fascinating. The cynical plot follows a fake celebrity couple, highlighting how the entertainment industry manipulates fans and commercializes love. However, the series collapses into unwatchable nonsense in its second half. The narrative shifts focus to unpleasant plots, tiresome villains, and tedious drama. The couple's romance never gains momentum and doesn't develop interestingly.

Bump Up Business Summary


범프 업 비즈니스

Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Bump Up Business is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Eden and Jihoon film a music video.

Eden is a 23-year-old trainee about to debut in the entertainment industry. He has lived abroad for a long time and speaks fluent English. He scores highly on many metrics, including singing, dancing, and popularity with the public. His agency introduces him to Jihoon, his new partner. Together, Eden and Jihoon will form a two-person boy group, Lion Heart. The company wants to promote them as a fake couple to appeal to fans.

Their manager, Dajung, presents the "Business Gay Performance" concept. The stars will perform to be gay for business reasons. According to their research, this marketing tactic is highly successful. Eden seems uncomfortable with faking a gay relationship for fame. In contrast, the company's CEO, Nicki, approves of the idea. She wants to confirm whether Eden is on board. If not, they can make other arrangements. Eden, who has been hoping to debut, weighs his options carefully. He agrees to go along with the agency's plans for him.

Eden meets his partner, Jihoon, for the first time. Jihoon is a 26-year-old idol who debuted a few years ago. His handsome looks and excellent vocals earned him many fans. However, he experienced several public scandals, which harmed his reputation. The company hopes Jihoon's existing fandom can carry over to Lion Heart. They want him to be a mentor and help Eden get used to his newfound fame. Jihoon accepts and seems eager to show Eden the ropes.

Eden and Jihoon go on a publicity tour before their debut, from photoshoots to interviews. Jihoon takes the lead each time. Whenever Eden appears nervous, Jihoon helps his partner relax and ease up. He also initiates their physical affection in front of the cameras. The response from fans has been positive. Many are excited about this pairing. However, there are negative comments about Jihoon's past. In addition, a few critics have doubted the authenticity of this relationship. They rightfully point out it's a publicity stunt, although Jihoon and Eden deny the allegations.

Although Lion Heart has gained traction, the company wants to push their image further. They suggest Eden and Jihoon should spend time together outside of work. The more they know each other, the more believable their chemistry will appear. The two celebrities begin to bond behind cameras, enjoying outings and activities. To their surprise, the relationship has developed more than the company anticipated. What started as a fake romance may become something more.

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Bump Up Business Cast



Mill (이용수)

Eden is portrayed by Korean actor Mill (이용수).

Eden is a 23-year-old who lived abroad during his adolescence. He can speak fluent English. After moving back to South Korea, he became a trainee. His company plans to debut him in the boy group Lion Heart. He is supposed to tease a gay relationship as a marketing tactic. However, Eden feels uncomfortable with this strategy.


Mill (이용수) is a Korean actor. He is born on March 30, 1999.

Mill (이용수) is a Korean actor. He is born on March 30, 1999. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Bump Up Business. He is a member of the boy group, OnlyOneOf.


Nine (정욱진)

Jihoon is portrayed by Korean actor Nine (정욱진).

Jihoon is a 26-year-old idol who debuted a few years ago. Despite his popularity, he has been associated with several scandals throughout his career. Jihoon hopes to rehabilitate his image with his new group, Lion Heart. He mentors his partner, Eden, to help me feel more comfortable in the limelight. Jihoon shares a troubled history with his ex, Hyunbin.


Nine (정욱진) is a Korean actor. He is born on December 13, 1999.

Nine (정욱진) is a Korean actor. He is born on December 13, 1999. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Bump Up Business. He is a part of the Korean boy group, OnlyOneOf.

Supporting Cast

Nicki is portrayed by a Korean actress.



Dajung is portrayed by a Korean actress.



Hyunbin is portrayed by a Korean actor.



Jay is portrayed by a Korean actor.



Dong Gun is portrayed by a Korean actor.

Dong Gun


Woo Sung is portrayed by a Korean actor.

Woo Sung


Ra Eun is portrayed by a Korean actress.

Ra Eun


Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Mill and Nine), along with several supporting actors, are all members of the Korean boy group, OnlyOneOf.

Bump Up Business Review


Drama Review Score: 5.2

Eden and Jihoon share a kiss.

Bump Up Business has a juicy premise. A fake celebrity couple deliberately teases a romance to gain fame, only to develop genuine feelings over time. The first episode introduces a hilarious term, "Business Gay Performance", to describe this relationship dynamic. The series interests me whenever it highlights the deceptive nature of the entertainment industry. Bump Up Business unveils the scandalous truth behind fanservice, publicity stunts, and the commercialization of love.

A high-profile romance between two Korean idols should have many complications, from media scrutiny to an invasion of privacy. Yet, the shallow storylines never explore the topics deeply and fail to offer meaningful insights. The narrative also suffers from clunky exposition and bland dialogue. It doesn't know how to present information interestingly, resulting in awkward scenes with little subtlety. When the characters flirt, their contrived interactions don't seem genuine. Ironically, a BL drama mocking blatant fanservice contains many inauthentic romantic exchanges.

Both leads (Mill & Nine) have bright smiles and look like an appealing couple. However, don't expect much from their mild-mannered relationship. The characters have tame interactions that convey little passion or desire. Their lips brush against each other's, but that's the most physical intimacy you'll get. Otherwise, the generic bonding scenes are forgettable. The story could have elaborated on their attraction. Show us how they fall in love while balancing their career ambitions and budding feelings. Instead, Eden and Jihoon's superficial romantic journey lacks complexity.

In Episode 3, Eden and Jihoon film a short music video to promote their relationship. Shockingly, those thirty seconds of footage exude more romantic enchantment than the actual series. For the first and only time, I sense genuine sparks from Bump Up Business. This magic sadly disappears for the rest of the drama. None of the mundane relationship scenes show any personality from the couple. The actors hardly display chemistry in their platonic exchanges. Their dry, uninspiring love story never gains momentum and doesn't develop memorably.

Despite some clumsiness, the first four episodes are mildly compelling. Although the mediocre storylines don't excite me, I still care about the leads and their relationship. Unfortunately, the series collapses in the second half, shifting its focus to tedious plots. The protagonist's scheming ex is a particularly unwelcome addition. This pesky villain brings obnoxious drama and tiresome conflicts. Likewise, the childhood friend is another pointless distraction, clogging the narrative with unnecessary filler. Bump Up Business rapidly loses my attention with these irritating subplots.

Bump Up Business has a happy ending, but the last few episodes are dire and almost unwatchable. The story invests so much time into the love rivals, even though I don't give a damn about them. The story is too preoccupied with the supporting characters when it should've focused on the protagonists and their relationship growth. Rather than a grand display of love, the series concludes meekly and unsatisfyingly. Eight episodes later, Bump Up Business has accomplished nothing. From the insipid plots to the lacklustre romance, this BL drama is a big disappointment.


Shallow story

Bump Up Business is mildly compelling in the first few episodes when focusing on celebrity culture. However, the shallow storylines and obnoxious drama take a nosedive in the second half.

Bland romance

Eden and Jihoon have generic bonding scenes that don't make a lasting impression. Their shallow relationship never develops meaningfully. The couple doesn't convey any passion or desire.

Average acting

The leads have bright smiles and make an appealing couple. However, they give unremarkable performances without bringing much charisma. Their romantic chemistry is also weak.

Happy ending

Bump Up Business has a happy ending where the leads reconcile after their misunderstanding. The last few episodes focus too much on the pesky love rivals and their pointless subplots.

Basic artistry

The series has a basic, low-budget vibe. For a story about fame and celebrities, the production lacks glossiness. Nonetheless, most scenes still look decent or acceptable.


Bump Up Business is a bland BL series with shallow storylines about celebrities. The couple shows no chemistry throughout their generic relationship scenes. The last few episodes are downright awful.

Bump Up Business Episodes

Episode Guide

Eden and Jihoon embrace each other on the beach.

Bump Up Business of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 15 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 2 hours. Bump Up Business released all its episodes on October 20, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

"Business Gay Performance" LMAOOOO. What kind of term is this!? A fake celebrity relationship can be an exciting idea for a BL drama. However, this episode has too much clunky exposition.

Episode 2

Eden and Jihoon seem awkward in their interactions. Their relationship moments feel contrived. However, I enjoy the plots where they navigate celebrity fame, like interviews and fan events.

Episode 3

Why is the MV much better than the actual series? Those short video clips excite me more than any of the BL content in the past three episodes. The water ski date doesn't seem romantic enough.

Episode 4

Both leads are cute when they smile. I understand this couple's appeal. However, I don't expect them to do more than touch lips. That "kiss" is probably the threshold of any physical passion in this series.

Episode 5

The ex-boyfriend drama is boring. This episode has too many dull scenes and bland chats. The series doesn't explore compelling storylines with two celebrities in a secret relationship.

Episode 6

This episode is awful. The story goes downhill whenever it focuses on the scheming ex. Despite the beach getaway, the series doesn't capitalize on the setting to develop romantic scenes.

Episode 7

Ugh, these storylines are so tiresome. Can we not waste time on these childhood friends, scheming exes, or love triangle misunderstandings? Focus on the celebrity aspect of the romance!

Episode 8

The leads barely spent time together in the finale other than the final scene. The writing has completely dropped off in the last few episodes. It's a disappointing finish to a lacklustre love story.

Bump Up Business Information

Emotion Studio

Emotion Studio is a Korean BL studio that made Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (2021) and Behind Cut (2021).

Emotion Studio is a Korean studio that made the BL series Behind Cut (2021), Oh! Boarding House (2022), Ocean Likes Me (2022), and Oh! My Assistant (2022). It has also produced other non-BL dramas.


Lee Chang Han (이창한) is a Korean director. His BL projects include Love in Spring (2022) and Bump Up Business (2023).

  1. Definitely had a lot more potential. I'm mildly curious enough from the premise to find the source material to see if the story is more fleshed out there and it was just not adapted well. Despite the story and acting, I did like seeing the OnlyOneOf singers together. I feel happy for them for completing the process.

  2. I have never watched Bump Up Business, but I have seen YouTube shorts and behind the scenes. With those two I would say it was good but not amazing. To me it feels like it gets more boring every episode and I hate to say that but it does. Nine and Mill did a great job, but the series could have been better and acting as well now the acting wasn't bad just it made me a little uncomfortable i don't know why though.. Like I said I have NEVER watched Bump Up Business but some things, so I don't know much about it

  3. ngl the premise reminds me a hell lot of the bl novel fanservice paradox (营业悖论), even down to the descriptions of the main leads. unlike this show it actually goes into the realities of the entertainment industry and the main leads have well fleshed out personalities and backstories. recommend checking it out if you want to see this shows concept done well

  4. For me it was good, I was smiling throughout the entire episodes where the main leads interact and even screaming LOL but I agree that the love rival scenes is really boring and I'm glad it was a happy ending but also disappointing because half of the final episode was focused on the love rival.


  5. let's be honest, this was just another excuse for the ooo members to kiss each other lol

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