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Chains of Heart is a Thai BL crime series about a protagonist whose boyfriend goes missing.

Chains of Heart is a Thai BL series about a grieving protagonist and his missing boyfriend. A few years ago, the couple was involved in a life-threatening encounter with a criminal gang. While the main character survived, his partner disappeared without a trace. He is heartbroken when a dead body surfaces. As he mourns his lost lover, a mysterious stranger enters his life and challenges him to move on.

With many twists and turns, Chains of Heart suffers from a convoluted plot. The incoherent story becomes increasingly outrageous until I laugh at the dumb nonsense. There are several enjoyable qualities, like the atmospheric visuals, attractive leads, and affectionate kisses. Even if the acting isn't impressive, these studs look striking with their beefy physiques. However, the unsatisfying ending makes the series feel incomplete.

Chains of Heart Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


8 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes


Crime drama


Chains of Heart is a wild & intense BL drama.


Ken and Lue have a heated encounter.

Ken and Din used to be a couple who lived happily together. Din, a forest ranger, encountered trouble in his line of work. A group of dangerous criminals chased after him and threatened his life. During an intense showdown, the evildoers cornered the couple at the end of a cliff. Both fell off the edge.

Ken survived the fall. However, his boyfriend disappeared without a trace. Two years later, a heartbroken Ken relocated overseas to work at his father's restaurant. He continues to grieve over his missing boyfriend. His father and friends are concerned about him. They encourage Ken to move on with life.

Ken's friend DeeDee fights with a pack of street thugs. Ken joins the brawl to rescue him. They are initially outnumbered. However, a nearby pedestrian helps them and scares off the attackers. This man introduces himself as Lue. Ken is thankful for his help. Later, Lue shows up at Ken's restaurant to order food. The two men chat casually and form a friendship.

Din's sister Sai informs Ken that Din's body is found near the river. He solemnly returns to Thailand for the funeral. Ken reunites with Din's father and mother, both devastated by the loss. Din's brother Hin is also present at the funeral. His boyfriend, Payu, accompanies him. Din's parents and siblings treat Ken kindly. They have always viewed him as part of the family.

Recently, Ken's life has been at risk. First, a pack of thugs vandalizes his father's restaurant. Also, a strange man dressed in black keeps harassing him. After the funeral, an aggressive driver targets Ken's vehicle, causing an accident. Fortunately, Lue rescues him. Ken is surprised to see his Taiwanese friend in Thailand. Lue explains he is here for business. As the two men spend time together, Lue encourages Ken to move on from his dead ex.

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Chain of Hearts Cast



Haii Sarunsathorn Tanawatcharawat (ศรุญสธร ธนวัชรวัฒน์)

Ken is portrayed by the Thai actor Haii Sarunsathorn Tanawatcharawat (ศรุญสธร ธนวัชรวัฒน์).

Ken works at his father's restaurant. Two years ago, his boyfriend Din disappeared without a trace. Ken has struggled to cope and still grieves for his missing boyfriend. Recently, a strange man dressed in black has been harassing Ken. His life appears to be at risk.

Haii Sarunsathorn Tanawatcharawat

Haii Sarunsathorn Tanawatcharawat (ศรุญสธร ธนวัชรวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 11, 1994.

Haii Sarunsathorn Tanawatcharawat (ศรุญสธร ธนวัชรวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 11, 1994. His first BL series is the 2020 series, TharnType 2. He is the lead int he 2023 drama, Chains of Heart.


Boom Raweewit Jiraphongkanon (บูม รวีวิชญ์ จิระพงษ์กานนท์)

Lue is portrayed by the Thai actor Boom Raweewit Jiraphongkanon (บูม รวีวิชญ์ จิระพงษ์กานนท์).

Peter Lue is Ken's acquaintance. They met when Lue rescued Ken from a street brawl. Since then, the two men have become friends. Lue always seems to be nearby whenever Ken encounters trouble. The mysterious Lue wears black gloves and hardly takes them off.

Boom Raweewit Jiraphongkanon

Boom Raweewit Jiraphongkanon (บูม รวีวิชญ์ จิระพงษ์กานนท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1991.

Boom Raweewit Jiraphongkanon (บูม รวีวิชญ์ จิระพงษ์กานนท์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 1991. His first BL project is the 2016 drama, Bad Romance. He stars in the 2023 series, Chains of Heart.


Kut Tanawat Sukfuengfoo (คัท ธนวัฒน์ สุขเฟื่องฟู)

Din is portrayed by the Thai actor Kut Tanawat Sukfuengfoo (คัท ธนวัฒน์ สุขเฟื่องฟู).

Din is Ken's boyfriend. They met on a starry night while camping. The two became a couple and were happily in love. Two years ago, Din disappeared after running into trouble with a criminal gang. Din comes from a loving family, including his parents, sister Sai, and brother Hin.

Kut Tanawat Sukfuengfoo

Kut Tanawat Sukfuengfoo (คัท ธนวัฒน์ สุขเฟื่องฟู) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 1, 1997.

Kut Tanawat Sukfuengfoo (คัท ธนวัฒน์ สุขเฟื่องฟู) is a Thai actor. He is born on February 1, 1997. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Chains of Heart.

Supporting Cast

Hin is portrayed by the Thai actor Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ).


Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ)

Payu is portrayed by the Thai actor Chaaim Alongkorn Chaovanaprecha (ชะเอม อลงกรณ์ เซาวนปริชา).


Chaaim Alongkorn Chaovanaprecha (ชะเอม อลงกรณ์ เซาวนปริชา)

Sai is portrayed by the Thai actress Cake Nawaporn Chansuk (เค้ก นวพร จันทร์สุข).


Cake Nawaporn Chansuk (เค้ก นวพร จันทร์สุข)

Maew is portrayed by the Thai actress Poo Prissana Klampinij (ปู ปริศนา กล่ำพินิจ).


Poo Prissana Klampinij (ปู ปริศนา กล่ำพินิจ)

Itt is portrayed by the Thai actor Kradum Thanayong Wongtrakul (กระดุม ธนายง ว่องตระกูล).


Kradum Thanayong Wongtrakul (กระดุม ธนายง ว่องตระกูล)

Ingpha is portrayed by the Thai actor Tui Kiatkamol Lata (ตุ้ย เกียรติกมล ล่าทา).


Tui Kiatkamol Lata (ตุ้ย เกียรติกมล ล่าทา)

Nok is Ingpha's henchman.


Ae is Ingpha's sister.


Don is portrayed by the Thai actor Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti (ป๊อปปี้ รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ).


Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti (ป๊อปปี้ รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ)

Ken's father is portrayed by the Thai actor Kob Songsit Rungnopakunsi (กบ ทรงสิทธิ์ รุ่งนพคุณศรี).

Ken's dad

Kob Songsit Rungnopakunsi (กบ ทรงสิทธิ์ รุ่งนพคุณศรี)

DeeDee is Ken's friend.


Boon is Ken's friend.


Knot is portrayed by the Thai actor Link Thanawee Phongphasawat (ลิ้ง ฐานวีร์ พงศ์พศวัต).


Link Thanawee Phongphasawat (ลิ้ง ฐานวีร์ พงศ์พศวัต)

Dr. Chayon is Sai's boyfriend.

Dr. Chayon

The doctor is portrayed by the Thai actor Johnson Thewin Khunarattanawat (เทวินธวิ์ คุณารัตนวัฒน์).


Johnson Thewin Khunarattanawat (เทวินธวิ์ คุณารัตนวัฒน์)

Kan works at the restaurant for Ken's father.


Nan works at the restaurant for Ken's father.


Dai and Ken meet with the monk at the temple.


Cast Highlights

  • Ken's actor (Haii) previously appeared in TharnType 2 (2020). His costar (Boom) appeared in the 2016 series, Bad Romance.
  • Hin's actor (Marc) starred in the 2023 Thai BL drama Past Senger, which involved a time traveller. He also had a guest role in the anthology series Our Skyy 2.

Chains of Heart Review


Drama Review Score: 5.7

Ken and Lue are in bed together.

Chains of Heart is hard to take seriously. Many illogical events, like senseless deaths or random masked assailants, are implausible in the real world. The narrative becomes increasingly convoluted as it unfolds. Expect bizarre twists, ridiculous theatrics, and one-dimensional villains overtaking common sense. Sometimes, the outrageous shenanigans amuse me. In other instances, I'm bewildered and bored by the cheap thrills. Chains of Heart loses my interest because it doesn't seem like a thoughtfully crafted story.

Beyond unrealistic scenarios, Chains of Heart has an incoherent narrative. It relies on excessive flashbacks, doesn't explain key plot points, and barely develops the supporting cast. The weakest part of the series is anything to do with the criminals. The characters waste time scheming and investigating, none of which is exciting to watch. Some uneventful episodes have slow pacing with little action other than tedious dialogue. Generally, the predictable story takes too long to unravel. It suffers from extensive downtime between confrontations and revelations.

Chains of Heart has an emotional premise as the protagonist mourns over losing his boyfriend. At times, his broken spirit tugs at my heartstrings. However, most of the melodrama falls flat. Ken cries about missing Din in almost every episode. These angsty scenes are excessive and repetitive. The constant tears are an unimaginative way of portraying his character's grief. I want to see a multifaceted range of feelings, from subtle expressions to understated mannerisms. Yet, the story diminishes its impact by defaulting to the same tearful responses with no nuances.

Ken's performer (Hiaa) is a handsome leading man with a suave demeanour. However, the crying scenes challenge him. He exaggerates his emotions and appears overwrought without showing restraint. In contrast, his costar (Boom) handles the dramatic exchanges convincingly. He can control his expressions and emote vividly with his eyes. As one of the strongest cast members, Boom brings sensitivity to his portrayal. Yet, the outlandish plots take me out of immersion, undermining his sincerity. I can't focus on the acting when the scenarios are egregiously dumb.

Chains of Heart features stylish aesthetics. This beautifully filmed BL drama creates ambiance through skilled camera work, scenic locations, and an eye for visual flair. In addition, both leads are attractive studs with beefy physiques. This telegenic couple isn't shy about displaying their shirtless bodies or indulging in physical affection. The actors kiss their on-screen partners keenly. I wish the series included more BL scenes to showcase their chemistry. Despite a handful of intimate encounters, Chains of Heart would benefit from emphasizing its romance.

Over the years, I have developed an immunity to dumb plots in bad dramas. I wouldn't last long as a BL fan without learning to laugh at much of the absurdity. That's how I approach Chains of Heart, treating it like mindless entertainment. I overlook many narrative flaws and enjoy the campiness, especially in the action-packed finale. However, I can't endorse the lousy ending. This series finishes the story awkwardly and fails to provide closure in an unsatisfying conclusion. With bitter feelings of disappointment, I won't remember Chains of Heart fondly.


Outrageous story

Chains of Heart has an outrageous story that seems implausible in the real world. I'm bewildered by the bizarre twists and cartoonish villains. The excessive melodrama doesn't move me emotionally.

Affectionate romance

The actors aren't shy about displaying physical affection. They kiss their on-screen partners keenly and intimately. However, the romantic scenes are limited and can use more emphasis.

Overwrought acting

Ken's performer (Hiaa) overacts in many crying scenes. He exaggerates his reactions without showing restraint. In contrast, his costar (Boom) is more convincing. He emotes vividly with his eyes.

Sad ending

Chains of Heart has a sad ending that separates the lead characters. The protagonists have a heated confrontation with the villain, resulting in tears, bullets, and bloodshed.

Stylish artistry

This beautifully filmed series creates ambiance through gorgeous visuals and skilled camera work. While some fighting sequences look a little phony, I appreciate the effort in doing physical stunts.


Chains of Heart is a convoluted BL drama with many absurd twists and illogical plots. While it's enjoyable as mindless entertainment, the unsatisfying ending finishes the story without closure.

Chains of Heart Episodes

Episode Guide

Ken and Din kiss.

Chains of Heart has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 8 hours. Chains of Heart started on February 18, 2023 and ended on April 22, 2023.

Initially, a Chains of Heart special episode was announced. However, this epilogue was cancelled in June 2023 due to scheduling conflicts.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

The scene where the mystery man kisses a sleeping Ken is camp, like something out of American Horror Story. That must be his missing boyfriend. I'm guessing he faked his death to protect Ken?

Episode 2

I like the flashbacks of Ken and Din together. The scene where they lie in the river is gorgeous. The rest of the story is incoherent and convoluted. Also, there's too much overacting from Ken's actor.

Episode 3

I love the skilled camera work in the scene where Din brings Ken to his home. It captures the intimacy of a couple in love. The rest of the story, especially the crime aspects, has become too outrageous.

Episode 4

I don't understand why Ken's colleague turned evil. Finally, we see the full version of events before Din fell off the cliff. At least that explains why he'd fake his death. Ken and Lue make a telegenic couple.

Episode 5

More shirtless Lue, please! I like Ken's scenes with Din's family. They bring warmth to the series. However, Ken cries every episode. His tears are getting old. I enjoy the fighting sequence near the end.

Episode 6

I appreciate Chains of Heart for being skin friendly. They flaunt the hot actors and their beefy bodies. However, this episode seems pretty boring. The plot is dumb, while the romance is stagnant.

Episode 7

Ken's tears would be more effective if he didn't cry every episode. I'm numb to his angst. The plot is too slow and not progressing excitingly. At least the story perks up now that the mom is abducted.

Episode 8

"Din is the only one I love! Mark my words!" Ooh, I love how that epic line sounds. Lue's lead (Boom) does a decent job with emoting in this exchange. He's one of the better actors in the cast.

Episode 9

The plot is so bonkers that it kinda entertains me. There are so many details that don't make sense, but I'll overlook the inconsistencies. Why are they kissing through plastic!? At least the couple is reunited.

Episode 10

LMAO. How does Lue survive that ridiculous gunfight? He has plot armour and outsmarts all the criminals. WTF is that ending? He goes missing again via a single line in a monologue!? There's no closure!

Chain of Hearts Information

Harikarn Solution

Harikarn Solution (บริษัท หริกานต์ โซลูชั่น จำกัด) is a Thai BL studio. It is formerly known as Maximon Solution.

Harikarn Solution (บริษัท หริกานต์ โซลูชั่น จำกัด) is a Thai BL studio. It is formerly known as Maximon Solution. The studio's first BL project is the 2023 series, Chains of Heart.


Term Rungradit Rungamonwanit (เทอม รุ่งรดิศ รุ่งอมรวานิช) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Chains of Heart.

  1. Thanks for your, as always, perceptive, on-target review. I had a hard time following the series and had to repeat several scenes. And I still don't understand why they didn't achieve some kind of closure with the two leads. And yes, the plastic surgery trick is absurd: the actor who played Lue was much shorter than the actor who played Din — plastic surgery doesn't change your body….just your face.

  2. So many questions left unanswered in this show. And Din said he wouldn't let go of Ken's hand again and then disappears again?? I agree Lue/Din's actor was the best, I felt the pain and longing in his eyes when he gazed at Ken.
    Also I'm still looking for where they're going to address the random psychic doctor???? It was thrown in so randomly I was wondering if he's a crossover character from a whole other show??
    The secondary couple too. We get romance scenes from them to show that they are in fact a couple but for what reason and where was their development? As much as I enjoy watching romance, there's no actual reason to throw their couple story in there since nothing is being established between them or adding to their character development.
    And Ken does cry way too much. I thought the first episode was okay. He played it cool when he chastised his friend, but secretly falls apart at coming so close to death again. And I could get one more crying scene if he's in front of Lou and gets comforted.
    I could go on. There were a lot of elements I enjoyed but from a story perspective, just added nothing and confused me or disappointed me. I would have preferred the Din/Ken story.

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