Past Senger – Series Review & Ending Explained

Past Senger is a Thai BL series about a time traveller stuck in the future.

Past-Senger is a Thai BL series about a time traveller trapped in the future. After passing his university entrance exams, the main character disrespects the sacred worship ceremony and calls it a superstition. As punishment, he disappears through a time portal and arrives twenty-seven years into the future. The protagonist reunites with his old friends, who are now adults. He must adjust to his new life in the modern world while yearning to return to the past.

The first eight episodes of Past Senger form a charming and quirky BL drama. Despite some wrinkles in the narrative, the plot thrives on silly humour and sassy relationship scenes. While the acting isn't the strongest, the protagonists share an engaging rapport as they go from enemies to lovers. Sadly, the quality declines in the final stretch. The last few episodes revolve around an obnoxious storyline, dragging down the overall series.

Past Senger Summary


เพื่อนพ่อ เดอะซีรีส์

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


10 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




Past Senger is a happy & funny BL drama.


Kiao and Bamee are enemies who become friends and lovers.

Kiew is a teenager from 1995. He enjoys hanging out with his friends Art, Prach, Keng, and Ann. After passing their entrance exams, all five are excited about starting university, including Kiew in architecture studies. Previously, the group held a worship ceremony to wish for good fortune in their school enrolment. They return to pay their merits and express gratitude to the higher power.

Unlike his superstitious friends, Kiew doesn't believe in the worship ceremony. He claims his success is based on his own academic ability, not due to some divine intervention. While his friends perform the ritual, Kiew sits out and mocks them. They claim he is behaving disrespectfully. Kiew questions the existence of Priest Phuang Ngern, daring the divine being to come out to condemn him. To his surprise, the weather suddenly turns stormy, as if responding to Kiew's challenge.

The group leaves. However, Kiew is shocked when he cannot physically exit the location. He keeps walking and going nowhere. Suddenly, a time portal appears near him. He gets sucked into the vortex and arrives in a different place. Kiew is transported to a university campus. Feeling lost, he asks a nearby student for help. Baiwan lends her mobile phone. Yet, Kiew does not recognize this technology and feels confused about all its innovative functions. Baiwan doesn't understand his shock. It's just a regular smartphone in this time and age.

As Kiew's surprise escalates, Baiwan's friend Bamee arrives. He doesn't believe this stranger appears mentally stable and urges him to leave. When Kiew pesters them to help him, Baiwan calls campus security. Once detained, he encounters a familiar-looking professor. Shockingly, this older man is Kiew's friend Prach. He is a lot older than the last time Kiew saw him. Prach is also shocked to see his younger friend, who had gone missing for the past 27 years. As they exchange details, Kiew realizes he has travelled to the future.

Unable to return to his timeline, Kiew settles down in his new life. He adopts a fake backstory as the son of Prach's friend, who lived away from civilization. Kiew begins living with Prach and his son, Plawan. He also enrols in university. Plawan introduces Kiew to his friends, who have known each other due to their parents. There's Baiwan, the daughter of Ann and Keng. There's also Bamee, the son of Art. However, Kiew and Bamee still hold a grudge due to their first encounter. Kiew must adapt to his new friends and the strange conventions of the future.

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Past Senger Cast



Cooper Patpasit Na Songkhla (ภัทรพสิษฐ์ ณ สงขลา)

Kiao is portrayed by the Thai actor Cooper Patpasit Na Songkhla (ภัทรพสิษฐ์ ณ สงขลา).

Kiew disrespected a worship ceremony after passing his university entrance exams. As punishment, he is suddenly transported twenty-seven years into the future. Kiew settles down with his old friend Prach, who is now an adult and a university dean. Kiew begins enrolling in school and settles into his new life. However, he wants to return home to rescue his mother, who died from heartbreak due to her son's absence.

Cooper Patpasit Na Songkhla

Cooper Patpasit Na Songkhla (ภัทรพสิษฐ์ ณ สงขลา) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 23, 1996.

Cooper Patpasit Na Songkhla (ภัทรพสิษฐ์ ณ สงขลา) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 23, 1996. His first BL role is the 2016 drama, My Bromance. He is the lead of My Engineer (2020) and Past Senger (2023).


Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ)

Bamee is portrayed by the Thai actor Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ).

Bamee is a first-year university student. He is best friends with Baiwan, whose fathers introduced them to each other. He has a headstrong personality and likes to keep to himself. Bamee lives with his stepmother, but they don't get along. He also clashes with Kiew after their hostile first encounter. Their other friends urge them to make peace.

Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen

Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 27, 2002.

Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 27, 2002. His first BL leading role is the 2020 drama, My Gear and Your Gown. He also stars in Chains of Heart (2023) and Past Senger (2023). Marc appears in Bad Buddy (2021) and Our Skyy 2 (2023).


Milo Chayapat Wiratyosin (ไมโล ชยพัทธ์ วิรัตน์โยสินทร์)

Plawan is portrayed by the Thai actor Milo Chayapat Wiratyosin (ไมโล ชยพัทธ์ วิรัตน์โยสินทร์).

Plawan is a first-year university student. He is the only son of Prach. With his outgoing personality, he makes friends quickly. Plawan has a crush on Bamee, who doesn't return his feelings. Plawan is best friends with Pokpong, who secretly likes Baiwan.

Milo Chayapat Wiratyosin

Milo Chayapat Wiratyosin (ไมโล ชยพัทธ์ วิรัตน์โยสินทร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 30, 1997.

Milo Chayapat Wiratyosin (ไมโล ชยพัทธ์ วิรัตน์โยสินทร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 30, 1997. His first BL project is the 2019 series, My Ambulance. He also appears in I Will Knock You (2022) and Past Senger (2023).


Fluk Pisith Nimitsamanjit (ฟลุ๊ค พิสิษฐ์ นิมิตสมานจิตต์)

Mudaeng is portrayed by the Thai actor Fluk Pisith Nimitsamanjit (ฟลุ๊ค พิสิษฐ์ นิมิตสมานจิตต์).

Moodaeng is a senior high school student who lives with his mother and older stepbrother. He has a close relationship with both family members. However, his father passed away when he was young. Mudaeng has a mischievous personality and likes to crack silly jokes. He clashes with Kiew and Plawan upon meeting them.

Fluk Pisith Nimitsamanjit

Fluk Pisith Nimitsamanjit (ฟลุ๊ค พิสิษฐ์ นิมิตสมานจิตต์) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 25, 2002.

Fluk Pisith Nimitsamanjit (ฟลุ๊ค พิสิษฐ์ นิมิตสมานจิตต์) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 25, 2002. His first BL is the 2021 series, Siew Sum Noi. He also appears in Vice Versa (2022), Never Let Me Go (2022), and Past Senger (2023).

Supporting Cast

Baiwan is portrayed by the Thai actress Ant Palisa Wanit (แอ๊น ปาลิศา วานิช).


Ant Palisa Wanit (แอ๊น ปาลิศา วานิช)

Franc is portrayed by the Thai actor Meen Nattakrit Hamontri (มีน ณัฐกฤต หามนตรี).


Meen Nattakrit Hamontri (มีน ณัฐกฤต หามนตรี)

Pong is portrayed by the Thai actor Pond Kumpanat Kulthai (ปอนด์ กัมปนาท กุลไทย).


Pond Kumpanat Kulthai (ปอนด์ กัมปนาท กุลไทย)

Prach is portrayed by the Thai actor Mos Patiparn Pataweekarn (มอส ปฏิภาณ ปฐวีกานต์).


Mos Patiparn Pataweekarn (มอส ปฏิภาณ ปฐวีกานต์)

Ann is portrayed by the Thai actress Nicole Theriault (นิโคล เทริโอ).


Nicole Theriault (นิโคล เทริโอ)

Keng is portrayed by the Thai actor Amarin Nitibhon (อัมรินทร์ นิติพน).


Amarin Nitibhon (อัมรินทร์ นิติพน)

Pim is portrayed by the Thai actress Pamela Bowden (พาเมล่า เบาว์เด้น).


Pamela Bowden (พาเมล่า เบาว์เด้น)

Soda is portrayed by the Thai actor ZernJern Pasathorn Songthawornthawee (พสธร ทรงถาวรทวี).


ZernJern Pasathorn Songthawornthawee (พสธร ทรงถาวรทวี)

Art is portrayed by the Thai actor Max Nuttapong Boonyuen (แม็ก ณัฐพงศ์ บุญยืน).


Max Nuttapong Boonyuen (แม็ก ณัฐพงศ์ บุญยืน)

The young version of Prach is portrayed by the Thai actor Champ Chenrach Sumonwat (แชมป์ เชณรัช สุมนวัฌน์).


Champ Chenrach Sumonwat (แชมป์ เชณรัช สุมนวัฌน์)

Ann is portrayed by the Thai actress Natalie Kasimpu.


Natalie Kasimpu

Keng is portrayed by the Thai actor Max Atichart Iaothongphoem (แม็ก อติชาติ เอี่ยวทองเพิ่ม).


Max Atichart Iaothongphoem (แม็ก อติชาติ เอี่ยวทองเพิ่ม)

The adult version of Kiao is portrayed by Utt Uttsada Panichkul (อัษฎา พานิชกุล)


Utt Uttsada Panichkul (อัษฎา พานิชกุล)

Kiao's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Took Viyada Komarakul Na Nakorn (ตุ๊ก วิยะดา โกมารกุล ณ นคร).

Kiew's mom

Took Viyada Komarakul Na Nakorn (ตุ๊ก วิยะดา โกมารกุล ณ นคร)

Lookpear is portrayed by the Thai actress Eyes Amita Tomon (อายส์ อมิตา โตมอญ).


Eyes Amita Tomon (อายส์ อมิตา โตมอญ)

Ohm is portrayed by the Thai actor Tar Kasiphat Iawsakul (ต้า กษิภัท เอี๋ยวสกุล).


Tar Kasiphat Iawsakul (ต้า กษิภัท เอี๋ยวสกุล)

Yom is portrayed by the Thai actor Big Pannawat Piriyabenjawat (บิ๊ก ปัณณวัชน์ พิริยะเบญจวัฒน์).


Big Pannawat Piriyabenjawat (บิ๊ก ปัณณวัชน์ พิริยะเบญจวัฒน์)

Franc's dad is portrayed by the Thai actor Dodo Yuthapichye Charnlekha (โดโด้ ยุทธพิชัย ชาญเลขา).

Franc's dad

Dodo Yuthapichye Charnlekha (โดโด้ ยุทธพิชัย ชาญเลขา)

Kanom is portrayed by the Thai actor Four Thanapath Maneechot (โฟร์ ธนภัทร มณีโชติ).


Four Thanapath Maneechot (โฟร์ ธนภัทร มณีโชติ)

Jenny is portrayed by the Thai actress Namphung Phanipak Dolpipatpong (น้ำผึ้ง พาณิภัค ดลพิพัฒน์พงศ์).


Namphung Phanipak Dolpipatpong (น้ำผึ้ง พาณิภัค ดลพิพัฒน์พงศ์)

Mudmee is portrayed by the Thai actress Bell Boonyaporn Sripavin (เบล บุณยาพร ศรีภาวินทร์).


Bell Boonyaporn Sripavin (เบล บุณยาพร ศรีภาวินทร์)

Winny is a psychic.


Mudaeng's friend is portrayed by the Thai actor Tiger Tanawat Hudchaleelaha (ไทเกอร์ ธนวัต หัชลีฬหา).

Mudaeng's friend

Tiger Tanawat Hudchaleelaha (ไทเกอร์ ธนวัต หัชลีฬหา)

Mudaeng's friend is portrayed by the Thai actor Pok Nitigorn Leearamwat (ป๊อก นิธิกร ลีห์อร่ามวัฒน์).

Mudaeng's friend

Pok Nitigorn Leearamwat (ป๊อก นิธิกร ลีห์อร่ามวัฒน์)

Cast Highlights

  • Kiew's actor (Cooper) previously starred in the Thai BL dramas My Bromance (2016) and My Engineer (2020).
  • Bamee's actor (Marc) starred in the 2020 BL series My Gear and Your Gown. He also appeared in Chains of Heart (2023) and Our Skyy 2 (2023).
  • Plawan's actor (Milo) had supporting roles in My Ambulance (2019) and I Will Knock You (2022).
  • The actor portraying Young Prach (Champ) is the star of the 2021 BL drama Siew Sum Noi. Moodaeng's actor (Fluk) also had a supporting role in that series.
  • Franc's actor (Meen) is the star of the 2022 BL drama On Cloud Nine. Pokpong's actor (Pond) appeared in the 2021 series Hometown's Embrace.

Past Senger Review


Drama Review Score: 7.8

Kiao and Bamee have an intimate encounter.

Past Senger is a quirky BL drama, combining a time-travel plot with silly humour and sassy flirtation. Initially, the comedy comes from the protagonist's culture shock. He reacts in hilarious confusion to the new technologies, social norms, and casual lingo in his modern surroundings. As the story introduces more characters and develops the relationship dynamics, their cheerful camaraderie adds to the lighthearted vibe. Not taking itself too seriously, Past Senger can be funny, zany, and eccentric.

This BL series does one aspect exceedingly well. It has mastered the enemies-to-lovers trope, portraying the leads and their volatile relationship with delightful charm. Early on, their animosity is highlighted by numerous playful pranks and snappy banter. Eventually, they reveal softer sides to their belligerent personalities and show tenderness in their interactions. The couple is enchanting either way. You'll enjoy the transformation in their dynamic, especially as they navigate their growing attraction to each other. Their epic journey experiences many thrilling ups and downs.

Past Senger is pretty cheesy. The characters often stay still and hold long dreamy gazes at each other. Even so, many relationship moments are persuasive. One of my favourite exchanges occurs in Episode 5, where Kiew straddles Bamee's lap to feed him medicine. Although he sits in an arousing position, his actions are surprisingly nurturing. This scene exemplifies the couple's affectionate interactions, striking the ideal balance between sweet, sexy, comical, and intimate. The only area lacking is physical passion. I wish the leads would kiss more energetically.

The acting is underwhelming. Bamee's performer (Marc) struggles to emote convincingly during dramatic scenes. His costar (Cooper) has decent comedic timing, but there's room for improvement. With that said, both portray their roles with a naturally likable charisma. Marc is the best when he gives bashful little smiles, conveying a touch of innocence and fragility. Likewise, Cooper is cheeky and vivacious. This telegenic star delivers a burst of excitable personality to every scene. The leads also share an engaging rapport, communicating well as on-screen partners.

If I judge Past Senger only by the first eight episodes, it gets a high review score. This love story contains a satisfying mix of drama, romance, and comedy. There are several iffy side plots, such as anything with Franc and his cartoonish villainy. Also, the narrative misses some character development opportunities. For example, it never explains how Kiew abandons his homophobic views and accepts his same-sex attraction. Even with a few flaws, I can overlook them and appreciate an entertaining BL series. Past Senger is surprisingly enjoyable until it falls apart near the end.

The last few episodes decline in quality, tarnishing Past Senger as a series. Instead of progressing the narrative, it introduces a pointless plot that drags on and destroys momentum. The obnoxious events ruin Bamee's character, making him a jerk. Also, I don't know whether to feel offended or laugh incredulously at the outrageous ending. The clumsy final arc does enough damage, lowering my opinion of Past Senger from a charming BL drama to an iconic mess. Despite the disappointing finish, I'm still fond of the series and will remember it as a fun, goofy story.


Quirky story

Past Senger combines a quirky time-travel plot with silly humour and sassy relationship scenes. Its offbeat eccentricity is enjoyable. However, the story starts strong and declines near the end.

Sassy romance

This BL series has mastered the enemies-to-lovers trope, portraying the dynamic relationship excitingly. Their epic journey contains many ups and downs, from playful pranks to seductive flirtation.

Underwhelming acting

The leads struggle during dramatic moments and can benefit from more coaching. With that said, they portray their roles with a likeable charm. Kiew's actor (Cooper) is cheeky and charismatic.

Controversial ending

Past Senger has a controversial ending as the leads reunite in the same timeline many years later. Although the couple is finally together, the circumstances of their romance are not ideal.

Pleasant artistry

The series lacks elegance & glitziness, diminishing the visual appeal. Yet, there are some gorgeous scenes, like Bamee resting on a boat surrounded by lilypads. I also adore the upbeat soundtrack.


Past Senger is a zany time-travel drama with cheerful humour and charming romantic encounters. It portrays the enemies-to-lovers trope delightfully, but the series declines in quality near the end.

Past Senger Episodes

Episode Guide

Kiao rests his head on Bamee's shoulder.

Past Senger has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 10 hours. Past Senger started on March 8, 2023 and ended on May 24, 2023.

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Kiew dreams of kissing Bamee in a dream.

Past Senger hooked me from the first scene with all the iconic references to the 1990s. Many typical stereotypes are featured, including backward caps, rollerblades, and 90s fashion trends. The characters look hilariously corny in their attire, but in the most endearing way possible. The series is in on the joke, deliberately dressing everyone like mascots of that time era. Past Senger asked, "How do we convey the 1990s in the most obvious way possible?" Alas, this scene was created.

While it's typical time-travel fanfare, I like seeing the protagonist react to his modern surroundings. The story highlights many contemporary changes over the decades, from smartphones to coffee orders. These scenes also allow Kiew's actor (Cooper) to flex his comedic skills as he acts shocked or dumbfounded. The most fascinating aspect is Kiew's reactions to the evolved social norms. His outdated values of the 1990s clash with the progressive ideas of the new century. I'm curious how this crusty homophobe modernizes his thinking and falls in love with a man!

The moment Past Senger really charmed me was when Kiew tried to explain his time-travel phenomenon. "There was thunder when my pager rang. The electric charge and my pager's signal crashed at that time. That creates a time-machine door!" WTF. I'm cracking up at this hilariously absurd explanation for travelling through time. I like that the series is goofy and doesn't take itself too seriously. No matter what ridiculous nonsense Past Senger throws at the plot, I laugh and go along without questioning the logic.

Kiew reacts negatively to Bamee's coffee.

It's an eventful first episode. I like that so much has already happened in the narrative. The story also quickly establishes the time-travel concept and introduces the protagonists. Several details don't check out logically, like Kiew enrolling in university (which the series addresses later on). Nonetheless, I can overlook some plot holes instead of scrutinizing everything. The most important metric is that I had fun watching this episode.

Past Senger is my first exposure to both lead actors. Cooper and Marc have starred in other BL dramas, but I have not watched My Engineer (2020) or My Gear and My Gown (2020). I must admit, their acting isn't the best. However, I still like them a lot. Cooper makes an excellent first impression with his handsome looks and comedic skills. He portrays an endearing protagonist. I also like Marc after observing him for a few more episodes. He slowly grew on me, displaying a natural charm. Despite not being the strongest actors, I respond well to both leads.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Kiao and Bamee stare at each other while drawing at night.

Initially, the leads despised each other when they first met. However, Kiew's attitude changes after discovering Bamee is his dead friend's son. It's a clever twist, adding an emotional layer to their relationship dynamic. Kiew's grief for Art's death motivates him to treat Bamee better. He feels a duty to look after Bamee, an orphan who builds a wall around himself after his father's passing. I love this backstory that connects the main characters, explaining why they become enemies to friends.

This episode fleshes out Bamee, revealing a complex character with a sad history. When we first met the protagonist, he seemed snarky and antagonistic. However, his hostility is a defence mechanism after his father dies. Bamee must toughen up, especially from living with his wicked stepmother. Kiew asks him at the hospital, "Do you like to keep your pain to yourself?" Bamee replies, "My pain doesn't go away even if I tell you." This statement shows Bamee's guarded approach toward life. He carries a burden of grief and loneliness beneath his stern demeanour.

The time-travel plot is so goofy that it cracks me up. Kiew holds a pager and raises it to the sky, asking lightning to strike him. Later, the story trots out some random electromagnetism device to test this theory. Although Kiew's antics seem ridiculous, they demonstrate his desperation to return home. This poor time traveller is out of options and would risk getting struck by lightning. Despite the comical tone, Kiew's circumstances are sad and sympathetic.

Kiew dries Bamee's wet hair.

My favourite moment in this episode happens near the end. Kiew can't strap on his helmet. So, he thrusts his head toward Bamee, who looks annoyed but still helps him wear it. Afterwards, Kiew smiles and pinches Bamee's cheek. "When you're kind, you're so sweet." I find this exchange so cute, hehe~

adore Kiew and Bamee's interactions around this stage of their relationship. Kiew is trying to be chummy. However, Bamee still doesn't like the guy and finds him weird. Bamee responds snarkily to Kiew's friendiness, causing the latter to sulk and pout. Their rapport is fun, containing the right mix of hostility and playfulness. The story maintains their cheeky banter while gradually improving the relationship. Despite his antagonistic behaviour, Bamee can't resist Kiew's charm. From his coy smiles to his increased heartbeat, Bamee is becoming fond of Kiew.

Kiew treats Bamee kindly because he is Art's son. Kiew's loyalty to an old friend is his primary motivation. However, Bamee doesn't know that. From his perspective, Kiew dotes on him and shows lots of unexpected affection. Bamee, who has grown used to solitude and mistrust, feels touched. From drying his hair to feeding him medicine, this acquaintance cares about his well-being in a way nobody else does. Each gesture carries extra emotional weight for him. Bamee interprets these actions romantically, although Kiew still sees him platonically.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Kiao and Bamee perform martial arts together.

LMAO. Everyone is falling in love with Kiew. First Baiwan, then Plawan, and Bamee too, even if he won't admit it. Kiew is the hot stud on campus! Surprisingly, there's minimal conflict. Although Kiew's friends may have feelings for him, they don't get jealous, petty, or compete against each other. Later on, Baiwan and Plawan quickly get over their unrequited love. While the series introduces multiple love triangles, it doesn't linger on the relationship drama. 

Although Franc is a cartoonish villain, he's an effective foil for Kiew. When Kiew makes a fool out of this pompous jackass, our protagonist looks like the beloved hero. Due to his chivalry, Baiwan develops feelings for him. Her crush is a clever subplot, highlighting the risks of falling in love with a time traveller. When Baiwan's mom tells her not to start a relationship with Kiew, the storyteller warns Kiew & Bamee's romance faces the same dilemma. Baiwan's character is used as foreshadowing, like a cautionary tale for what poor Bamee will experience.

When Baiwan calls Bamee on the phone in this episode, she playfully addresses him as "Master Bamee". I find this moment very endearing. The nickname shows their close bond since she can tease Bamee without upsetting him. Although never mentioned, I suspect that Baiwan frequently puts up with Bamee's mood swings. Baiwan calls her friend 'master' because she has to comply with his unpredictable emotional whims. In other words, he can be a pain in the ass. Becoming friends with someone as prickly as Bamee requires a certain level of patience.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Kiew and Bamee argue over their meal.

love the scene where the leads squabble over the meal. Kiew tries to cheer up his friend by giving him the shrimp from his dish. He feigns disinterest in the food to cover up his act of kindness. Yet, Bamee understands his intention and also pretends to dislike the food. The miscommunication leads to a hilarious back-and-forth between their characters as they fight with their utensils. I was charmed by this entire exchange, showcasing their playful quarrel.

Moodaeng was introduced in the last episode. The story misled the viewers into thinking he was Bamee's lover, but I had a hunch his real identity was the little brother. IMO, his character was clunkily introduced. Moodaeng's debut storyline could've been handled better. However, I like learning about Bamee's home life, painting a complete picture of his troubled upbringing. Bamee describes the relationship with his wicked stepmother: "She raises me like a dog left by the previous owner." Hearing this statement makes me wanna give poor Bamee a hug. 😢

For a moment, I thought the stepmom might change her behaviour because of what Kiew said. "Please share a slice of the love you give Moodaeng to Bamee." She smiles sweetly, speaks gently, and prepares orange juice for her stepson. AND THEN THE FANGS CAME OUT!!! 😈 "Is this the ideal stepmother you want, hmm?" Pim asks as her expression darkens. Oh my god, this witch! At least Cinderella's evil stepparent is awful to her outright without pretences. In contrast, Pim wears a facade and lulls you into a false sense of security before she acts cruelly.

The Franc subplot oversteps into uncomfortable territory. We've already established that Franc and Kiew dislike each other previously, so this conflict doesn't add anything new to their dynamic. Furthermore, his unethical actions cross the line, turning him into an irredeemable villain. To be fair, Franc always gets his comeuppance. Nonetheless, I dislike watching him. Franc's character is one of my least favourite aspects of Past Sengers. The story focuses too much on his awful antics when it could've used the time to expand on more worthwhile plots.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Kiew helps Bamee wash his hair.

I like that Kiew and Bamee move in together. The living arrangement heats up their relationship, creating many scenarios where they can bond intimately. The story highlights the couple's domestication, from cooking meals to watching TV together. My favourite is the scene where Kiew straddles Bamee's lap to feed him medicine. The body language is arousing, yet the action is nurturing. These two emotions don't typically overlap, but the series finds a clever way to combine both in a flirty interaction.

Similarly, I thought the showering scene would be risque. As Kiew undresses Bamee, their interactions seem suggestive and stimulating. Yet, the series turns this potentially raunchy exchange into a tender moment of affection. Kiew acts as a caregiver and gently washes his partner's hair. Bamee flashes a coy smile, conveying warmth and appreciation. It's a special moment because Kiew gives Bamee the love he rarely experiences at home. Kiew also clarifies, "I'm not a pervert who wants to see your eggplant." I giggle at his quirky phrasing lol.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching BL dramas magnify a minor injury or illness to create romantic scenarios. Bamee only burns his hand a little. However, Kiew exaggerates the severity and acts like his roommate requires a 24/7 caregiver. Everywhere Bamee goes, Kiew follows and provides a helping hand. Plawan even calls out the absurd situation. Later, Kiew helps Bamee put on a helmet and drives him on the motorcycle. This scene parallels a similar exchange in Episode 2, except the roles are reversed. You cared for me earlier. Now, let me dote on you.

Bamee provides a comforting shoulder to Kiew.

Baiwan feeds lunch to Bamee at the school cafeteria. However, Kiew stops her and claims it's "improper" for the opposite sex to display public affection. She immediately calls out his misogyny, and Plawan adds that he's a dinosaur. It's an intriguing exchange. Beyond technological advances and cultural differences, Past Senger highlights how social norms have evolved from 1995 to 2022. Kiew carries values from a conservative era, while Baiwan and Plawan enlighten him with their progressive thinking. 

After his go-kart crash, Kiew is transported back to the past. Once Kiew regains consciousness, he's stuck in the future. He feels demoralized, like having lost the chance to go home. Bamee senses he is upset. Later, he allows Kiew to rest on his shoulder, subtly comforting him. Do you notice the parallels in the storylines? Both protagonists get into accidents. While Bamee may be physically injured, Kiew is emotionally wounded. When one character is fragile, the other partner helps them overcome the trauma with tenderness. They mutually support each other in this relationship.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Kiew and Bamee kiss for the first time in Past Senger Episode 6.

Bamee begins working as a waiter at a gay club to make money. Kiew acts morally outraged, claiming it's a seedy workplace. It isn't my favourite storyline. The drama seems clunky and could be executed better. However, I can excuse any flaws due to the scene with Kiew stripping & dancing. Here at BL Watcher, a shirtless stud shaking his hips for a few seconds overshadows everything. Bonus points for making him wear the bow tie. We love a series that knows how to showcase its lead actor's sex appeal~ 👯‍♂️

Initially, Kiew expressed discomfort with liking a guy. He overcomes his homophobia and kisses Bamee in this episode. However, I wish the series elaborates on his journey more. It misses an opportunity to explain what changed Kiew's views and highlight his character development. For instance, give us a scene where Plawan discusses sexual fluidity with Kiew. Likewise, Prach can talk about having a gay son and how that modernizes his thinking. These chats would shed insights into the factors that influenced Kiew, making him understand his same-sex attraction.

Kiew and Bamee kiss twice in this episode. I really like the visual of the second smooch. The empty train station with the string lights is a gorgeous location with a rustic charm. However, both kisses lack spark. These scenes don't exude the romantic passion desired from the climax of a love story. It isn't necessary to make out and slobber over each other. However, I wish the actors showed more enthusiasm when they locked lips. It's supposed to be an emotional moment as the two lovers confess their feelings. Give me some pleasure and intensity!

Kiew and Bamee kiss at the train station.

During their love confession, Kiew gives Bamee a romantic souvenir. It's a bottle full of origami stars. "I folded these myself," Kiew alleges. Oh my god, my bullshit detector is ringing SO hard. Why is he lying!? Anyone can tell that it is a store-bought gift! Show me the receipts!!! You folded these stars yourself? Yeah right. More like you purchased it from a nearby gift shop and pretended it was a handmade present. 

Plawan and Moodaeng also share their first kiss in this episode. I'm mostly indifferent and don't have strong feelings about them. They're kinda cute, I guess? Initially, I found both characters annoying when they were first introduced. However, they become tolerable after coupling up. Later in the series, Kiew and Bamee go through a storm of relationship drama. I enjoy having Plawan and Moodaeng's cute, fluffy scenes to restore the balance. While I don't feel passionate about them, I like the presence of a stable secondary couple. They get along happily without conflicts or breakups.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Kiew and Bamee flirt as a couple.

I adore the scene where Kiao & Bamee go stargazing inside their apartment. It's simple yet effective at creating a special moment between the leads. I like how they discuss travelling to different countries to watch the stars. Their chat is poignant when you realize the couple may not have a future together. They can't coexist in the same timeline. Although they may dream and make plans, there's a lingering doubt in my mind. I wonder if these star-crossed lovers will actually get a chance to fulfill their aspirations.

Franc didn't leak the incriminating video. For once, this troublemaker isn't responsible for the evil antics of the episode. Yet, he has such a bad history that the main characters still blame him anyway. Kiew beats him up first and asks questions later. I laugh at how the series films the scene. Franc is minding his own business. Suddenly, Kiew's leg appears and kicks him out of his seat. Kiew woke up today and literally chose violence! *lol* Despite his innocence, I don't feel bad that Franc gets hurt in an unprovoked fight. I consider it overdue karma for being a crappy person.

Past Senger hits the reset button on both antagonists in this episode. It tries to redeem Franc and Aunt Pim, making them develop a conscience. After seeing her stepson work in a gay club for money, Pim realizes she should take parental responsibility. Her rehabilitation is unsuccessful. There needs to be more build-up to explain how she changes her mind. However, I like when Pim states, "I'm not a cruel witch who is mean all the time." Everyone starts laughing with the underlying implication that they think she's a bad parent. It's funny because you ARE a cruel witch!

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Kiew and Bamee kiss in Past Senger Episode 8.

I enjoy the eventfulness of this episode. The plot progresses quickly, from Bamee discovering his boyfriend's identity to Kiew leaving the future. While not all the events make perfect sense, it's exciting to see the story break the status quo and veer into unchartered territory. As Kiew enters the time portal, the episode finishes on a high. I am intrigued and eager to watch what happens next. With four episodes left, the narrative is bursting with possibilities!

Bamee is outraged after learning Kiew is a time traveller. However, he settles down and accepts the truth. I really like their intimate chat afterwards. The leads talk about how Bamee resembles his dad. Kiew tells him, "I want you to be like him in one more way. Be lively, be happy." This line seems heartfelt, expressing Kiew's desire to support his love interest. Bamee replies, "I laugh a lot lately. I'm much happier. I'm taking myself out of the dark world." He has grown from the sad, lonely boy at the start of the series. His arc has reached a satisfying culmination of personal development.

I like how this episode is packed with relationship moments, including selfies, serenading, sketches, and sex. These scenes are conveyed cheerfully. However, there's an underlying melancholy since the lovers must separate afterwards. It may be the last time they are together. After Kiew leaves, the couple can only love each other through memories. The finality makes each encounter more epic. Despite the poignant circumstances, I like how the story doesn't emphasize the sadness. Besides one crying scene, it's a happy farewell without needless melodrama.

I love how the leads get dressed up in fancy tuxedos. They have a classy candlelit dinner to celebrate their last supper. Aww, how elegant~ But in the following scene, the couple heads off to the nightclub to dance with the strippers! The jarring juxtaposition cracks me up, hehe. 😆 I respond well to most of the comedy in Past Senger, which doesn't take itself too seriously. The series is often campy, cheesy, and cartoonish, but it's in on the joke. It doesn't pretend to be an upscale BL drama. It simply delivers cheap and easy entertainment.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Bamee loses his memories after the accident.

Ugh. *shakes head* Past Senger should have just ended after Episode 8. If the story finishes with Kiew leaving through the time portal, that provides enough closure for me. At least that open ending would be more satisfying than the mess in the next four episodes. Instead, the story goes downhill by introducing a memory-loss plot. This infuriating drama could have wrapped up by the end of this episode, yet it drags on until Episode 11. By then, Past Senger kills all the momentum in the narrative.

I thought Bamee was faking his memory loss. His forgetfulness is a charade. He purposely acts distant to make Kiew fall out of love with him. That way, it's easier to separate from each other. With this theory in mind, I kept waiting for Bamee's facade to drop. It never happens. I'm so confused by his behaviour. Not only does Bamee lose his memories, but he has a personality transplant. He acts like a jerk to Kiew, who has only been kind to him. If Bamee deliberately pushed him away, at least I'd understand his rationale. Yet, he becomes an aggravating asshole for no reason.

If Kiew actually left the future, it would take the story in an unpredictable direction. Instead, the plot feels stagnant. It reverses Bamee's character growth and turns the couple into strangers again. Maybe the storyteller wants to revisit the enemies-to-lovers dynamic. However, it doesn't work. Although Bamee antagonized Kiew in the early episodes, his interactions seemed playful. He was being delightfully snarky. In contrast, his current behaviour seems unpleasant, unnecessary, and unreasonable. Unlike the beginning, Bamee isn't fun to watch anymore.

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
Bamee regains his lost memories in Episode 10.

Wanna hear my conspiracy theory? After the accident, Bamee switches realities with an alternate version of himself from another timeline. Evil Bamee overtakes this body. He has never experienced Kiew's positive influence. Therefore, he succumbs to dark desires and acts awfully. When Bamee has a headache, both alter egos return to their original selves. Good Bamee is now in the correct dimension again. Despite having zero proof, I stand by my theory. At least it explains why Bamee seems like a different person!

I'm actually glad Bamee didn't fake his memory loss. His conduct in the past two episodes crosses the line of decency. In particular, his actions with Plawan are despicable. If Bamee was putting on an act and deliberately hurting Kiew to this extent, I'd never forgive him. Mind you, the amnesia isn't a great excuse either. The condition doesn't justify his rotten behaviour, but I'll let it slide. Let's experience collective memory loss and forget these episodes. In any case, I'm relieved the old Bamee is back. Thank god!

Do you know who else has been annoying for these past few episodes? Baiwan. Ugh, her character is likable in the first half of the series. However, I think less of Baiwan for associating herself with Franc. Why does she entertain that doofus and give him the time of day!? Their love triangle is so annoying. Baiwan should obviously choose Pong, who is kind and respectful. Yet, she's weirdly attracted to Franc, the bully who harassed her. WTF!? At least Bamee lost his memories when he behaved foolishly. What is Baiwan's excuse for demonstrating such poor judgment?

Episode 11

Episode 11 Review
Kiew flirts with Franc to make Bamee jealous.

I like the cheeky subplot where Kiew flirts with Franc to make Bamee jealous. Given their history, these two make such a hilariously mismatched couple. Also, Kiew & Franc legitimately have a better enemies-to-lovers relationship dynamic than Kiew & Bamee. OMG. Can you imagine the messiness if they become an actual pair? Sorry Bamee, but I'm leaving you because I've fallen in love with another nemesis of mine~ 😘 Sorry Baiwan, but the two guys you like are into each other instead~ 😘

Kiew has been too meek and passive recently. He lets Bamee harass him without much retaliation. So, I like seeing Kiew act feistier in this episode. He's finally fighting back and enforcing funny tactics to get under Bamee's skin. Their feud seems more entertaining when it's reciprocal. However, I wish Bamee would just apologize for being mean to Kiew. Your boyfriend showed unconditional love and support, yet you treated him terribly. Put aside your ego, stop being a tsundere, and take responsibility for your moodiness. You owe Kiew a massive apology.

Bamee's memory loss may have been a blessing in disguise. If he doesn't remember Kiew, the separation would feel easier. But now, he must endure the pain of saying goodbye to his boyfriend twice. As misguided as his actions have been, I can't hate Bamee. His situation is sympathetic. After his father's death, this lonely orphan opens his heart and finds a loving companion. Yet, his joy is only momentary. Bamee feigns his memory loss out of futile desperation, like a hopeless boy grasping onto a fleeting love. Ultimately, I pity Bamee more than I can be angry at him.

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Happy Ending
Kiew and Bamee kiss in the Past Senger happy ending.

Past Senger has a happy ending where Kiew returns to the past and saves his mother's life. He never goes missing, so she doesn't die from heartbreak. Furthermore, Kiew repairs their relationship and becomes closer to his mom. "I'll be a good son from now on. I won't make you worry anymore," Kiew says and gives her an affectionate hug. They live blissfully for the next two decades. In 2022, Kiew's mom is still alive. Phongsee is healthy enough to attend a party with her son.

In addition, Kiew successfully changes destiny and keeps Art alive. He warns his friend to drop his drinking habit. Although Art seems to defy him initially, he listens to his friend's advice. As a result, he doesn't die from alcoholism. Like Phongsee, Art remains healthy enough to attend the party in 2022. It also means that Bamee's life changes for the better. Since his father doesn't die, he is raised in a loving home. Likewise, Pim doesn't become a wicked stepmother. Thanks to Kiew, Bamee appears happier without experiencing family trauma in his adolescence.

However, there's a catch. Bamee loses his memories and doesn't remember Kiew. His existence is erased from everyone's minds. In the finale, a middle-aged Kiew arrives at the same party as Bamee. They chat in the middle of the night. As Kiew reminds him of his identity, Bamee regains recollection of their history. The two lovers reunite twenty-seven years later and share an emotional kiss. Yet, the couple faces a significant age discrepancy. Kiew is a mature adult, whereas Bamee is much younger. It's hard to say if their romance will survive this generation gap.

Ending Review
Kiew kisses Bamee in the rain.

My first reaction to the finale is incredulous laughter. I find this ending so morbidly funny. Out of every possible conclusion, the series picks the messiest route with the most offensive controversy. You cannot ignore the sizable age gap between the leads. Bamee is around 19, whereas Kiew is in his mid-40s. The story never addresses how their romance survives the taboo age difference. Uncle Kiew, you're old enough to be Bamee's dad! Also, how will Art react when he sees Kiew hitting on his young son?

Despite the iffy circumstances of the romance, I'm glad Kiew returns to the past. He prioritizes his mother and gives her 27 additional years of life. It would've been a diabolical ending if he abandoned her and stayed in the future with Bamee. So, I'm glad Kiew made the morally correct choice, even if it meant sacrificing the BL relationship. He picks family over love. Also, I like how Kiew bonds with his mom. He's no longer the defiant son. The best scenes in the finale are Kiew's sentimental chats with Phongsee, highlighting his maturity and growth.

I wish the story had explored Bamee's relationship with his dad in the finale. They barely shared a scene together. Annoyingly, the series wastes time on the pointless drama with Soda. No one cares about that guy. Instead, it should highlight Bamee and his father's bond. Since Art is alive, let's show how that butterfly effect makes a positive difference in Bamee's upbringing. Kiew sacrificing his relationship would be more meaningful if we saw how it contributed to his boyfriend's happiness. The Past Senger ending misses an obvious opportunity for emotional depth.

Alternative Ending
Past Senger has a happy ending where Kiew returns to the past and saves his mom.

Despite enjoying most of Past Senger, it goes downhill near the end. I hate how the series handles the last four episodes, killing the narrative momentum with the awful memory-loss storyline. The fanfiction writer in me has thought of an alternative ending. Here's how I would've approached the final arc differently in an imaginary world:

In Episode 9, Kiew successfully returns to the past through the time portal. However, Bamee follows him there on an impulse. That would've been an exciting twist, bringing his character into the past timeline. Episode 9 focuses on Bamee adjusting to his new life in 1995 without the technology or conveniences. Also, this episode should highlight Kiew repairing the relationship with his mom.

In Episode 10, focus on Kiew's friends. Bamee meets his father in a memorable encounter. Make Bamee the one who encourages Art to stop drinking, giving this storyline more relevance and emotional weight. As a fun subplot, let's show how Ann and Keng fall in love.

In Episode 11, Kiew's mom goes missing and doesn't return home. He worries about her all night. This plot highlights the emotional turmoil of a loved one's absence. Later, Phongsee returns home safely. It's a simple misunderstanding since she tries to hide a new lover from her child. However, Bamee becomes homesick and returns to the future. He doesn't want his family to worry about their missing son.

In Episode 12, Bamee opens the time portal and leaves for the future. Kiew is depressed after his departure. After telling his mom everything, she encourages him to be with Bamee. She gives her blessing. Phongsee will be okay with her new lover, so don't worry about her loneliness. Instead, she wants Kiew to let go of the past and find his happiness in the future. The mother and son's emotional farewell is the cornerstone of the finale. The series ends as Kiew travels to the future, reunites with Bamee, and shares a passionate kiss.

Past Senger Information

678 Acts

678 Acts is a Thai studio. It is known for making the 2023 drama, Past Senger.

678 Acts is a Thai studio. It is known for making the 2023 drama, Past Senger. This series is the studio's first BL project.


Piyapong Kamphakul (ปิยะพงษ์ คำภากุล) is a Thai director who worked on the 2023 BL drama, Past Senger.

  1. I wasn't as lenient in my review of this series as you have been. I found the romance boring…bland at best. Cooper's acting was superb…the supporting cast was wonderful as well…except for the co–star, Marc. His performance was lackluster … a real yawn maker. Cooper, on the other hand, is a very talented actor…and should be paired with a co-star who has a comparable talent. I do agree with the B rating that you assigned to this series. But with a more compatible co-star it could have been a B+ or an A. And without Cooper, it would have been at best a C+.

  2. Thanks so much for your continuing reviews of BL series. When I really like a series I always return to blwatcher to gain more insight into the characters and the plot. With regard to Past Senger, as always, you did not disappoint. I also loved the first 8 episodes and I was disappointed in the amnesia trick — it seemed like filler to make sure the series went for 12 episodes; and it dragged on for far too long. And the time travel, butterfly effect, where the protagonist falls in love with someone in the future is not easy to happily resolve. I think I like your alternate ending better than the original. Thanks again for your detailed summary and review.

  3. As an addendum to my comment, I wanted to add that I totally agree with Michael's comment that Cooper was magnificent but Marc was a yawn. It's too bad that they couldn't find a better co-star for Cooper because it would have improved the series.

  4. Wow your alternative ending is beautiful!!! I just finished this serie and i hated the ending and it's cliche memory loss and will i was watching every thing i hoped either Bemee goes into the portal out of impulse or Kiew talks to his friends and mother about the future and how he loves him and goes back to be with Bemee but i never thought of such a beautiful ending, you should write your own tv series ❤️❤️❤️ i would love to see them. Btw I'm now going to be one of your regular here hahah but i don't think i will comment much but i will surely follow your advices on watching bl series

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