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Dinosaur Love is a Thai BL series about a university romance.

Dinosaur Love is a Thai BL series about a university romance. The main character has a famous boyfriend. Lately, he feels insecure about his partner's wavering loyalty. While stewing in his unhappiness, he befriends another student on campus. This charming upperclassman falls in love and wants them to date. The protagonist must decide what to do with his current relationship and whether he should entertain his new suitor.

Watching Dinosaur Love feels like torture. Each episode is overloaded with pointless nonsense, from the incoherent plots to the offensive tropes. All the characters have shallow personalities and behave obnoxiously. Likewise, the couple doesn't excite me. Their romantic moments are just one insipid cliche after another. The only noteworthy highlight is the steamy encounters. These performers kiss each other like hungry carnivores.

Dinosaur Love Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


8 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes + special


School romance


Dinosaur Love is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Rak and Dino share an intimate moment in Dinosaur Love.

Rak is a university student who has been in a relationship with Mek for five years. His boyfriend stars in a famous BL drama with his costar, Kram. All the online fans ship them together. Rak feels increasingly unhappy about this relationship. Besides the lack of acknowledgment, Mek has been ignoring him lately. Mek is too busy with work and even forgets their fifth anniversary.

Rak and Kram are good friends. However, Rak has noticed Kram and Mek hanging out together a lot lately. He suspects his best friend and boyfriend may be romantically involved. However, Mek denies the cheating allegations. He claims their friendship is strictly platonic. Nonetheless, Rak remains unhappy about his relationship. He cries alone in the bedroom, feeling unloved by his partner.

One day, Rak is walking to school when he accidentally bumps into a student from another university. Dino falls on top of him. As they stare into each other's eyes, Dino becomes smitten and asks Rak for his phone number. However, Rak doesn't exchange contact information with this stranger. Later, they encounter each other at the bar. Rak has become drunk after stressing over his relationship problems. Once again, Dino asks for his number. Yet, Dino refuses to entertain him and clarifies that he already has a boyfriend.

Dino drives Rak home on his photocycle. However, someone took a picture of their time together. Mek receives this photograph and accuses his boyfriend of cheating. Rak denies these allegations, but Mek becomes upset at him anyway. The couple's relationship continues to suffer. After their fight, Mek tries apologizing for his aggressive tone. Yet, he still questions whether there's cheating involved. Rak becomes angry and also accuses his boyfriend of having a fling with Kram. During the intense interrogation, Mek finally admits that Kram made a pass at him.

Rak feels hurt and suggests they break up. Mek desperately wants to save their relationship. Later, Rak also ends his friendship with Kram. He is determined to cut both of them from his life. As he struggles with these life changes, Rak reencounters Dino. The suave bachelor flirts with him and wants them to date. However, Rak isn't so sure about another relationship after his breakup. Nonetheless, Dino persists and uses his charms to win Rak's affection.

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Dinosaur Love Cast



Kong Montree Pattarachitphinyo (ก้อง มนตรี ภัทรจิตร์ภิญโญ)

Rak is portrayed by Thai actor Kong Montree Pattarachitphinyo (ก้อง มนตรี ภัทรจิตร์ภิญโญ).

Rak is a university student in a long-term relationship with his famous boyfriend, Mek. Lately, their relationship has been unstable. Rak suspects Mek is cheating on him with his best friend, Krem. Mek has also neglected their relationship and even forgets about their recent anniversary. Rak's feelings shift after meeting Dino, a senior student from another school.

Kong Montree Pattarachitphinyo

Kong Montree Pattarachitphinyo (ก้อง มนตรี ภัทรจิตร์ภิญโญ) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 7, 1999.

Kong Montree Pattarachitphinyo (ก้อง มนตรี ภัทรจิตร์ภิญโญ) is a Thai actor. He is born on December 7, 1999. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Dinosaur Love.


Pepper Pongpat Unhapipatpong (เปปเปอร์ พงศ์ภัทร์ อุณหพิพัฒพงศ์)

Dino is portrayed by Thai actor Pepper Pongpat Unhapipatpong (เปปเปอร์ พงศ์ภัทร์ อุณหพิพัฒพงศ์).

Dino is a senior engineering student. He quickly falls in love with Rak after they accidentally bump into each other on campus. Dino tries to court Rak, who doesn't reciprocate his romantic advances. Despite the initial rejections, he continues to woo his love interest. Dino comes from a wealthy family and runs a successful business at a young age.

Pepper Pongpat Unhapipatpong

Pepper Pongpat Unhapipatpong (เปปเปอร์ พงศ์ภัทร์ อุณหพิพัฒพงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 15, 1997.

Pepper Pongpat Unhapipatpong (เปปเปอร์ พงศ์ภัทร์ อุณหพิพัฒพงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 15, 1997. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Love in the Air. He also appears in Remember Me (2022). His first leading role is the 2023 series, Dinosaur Love.

Supporting Cast

Mek is portrayed by Thai actor Peak Natchanon Chaipongpati (พีค ณัฐชนน ไชยพงศ์ผาติ).


Peak Natchanon Chaipongpati (พีค ณัฐชนน ไชยพงศ์ผาติ)

Kram is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Poonpun Jitaboon Ngamboonyarak (ปูนปั้น จิตบุณย์ งามบุณยรักษ์)

Chalarm is portrayed by Thai actor Mos Kitrawee Jiangthanaroj (มอส กิตติ์รวี เจียงธนาโรจน์).


Mos Kitrawee Jiangthanaroj (มอส กิตติ์รวี เจียงธนาโรจน์)

Suea is portrayed by Thai actor Aomstin Thakrit Patthanaworakit (ออมสติน ธกฤต ภัทรธนาวรกิจ).


Aomstin Thakrit Patthanaworakit (ออมสติน ธกฤต ภัทรธนาวรกิจ)

Mhee is portrayed by Thai actor Boss Sutthiphat Thuanthong (บอส สุทธิภัทร ทวนทอง).


Boss Sutthiphat Thuanthong (บอส สุทธิภัทร ทวนทอง)

Sim is portrayed by Thai actor Peak Peemapol Panichtamrong (ภีมพล พาณิชย์ธำรง).


Peak Peemapol Panichtamrong (ภีมพล พาณิชย์ธำรง)

Top is portrayed by Thai actor Get Sorawut Arunwattananunt (เก็ต สรวุฒิ อรุณวัฒนานันท์).


Get Sorawut Arunwattananunt (เก็ต สรวุฒิ อรุณวัฒนานันท์)

Korn is portrayed by Thai actor Petch Chanapoom Thenwong (เพชร ชนะภูมิ เถรว่อง).


Petch Chanapoom Thenwong (เพชร ชนะภูมิ เถรว่อง)

Bank is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Tart is portrayed by Thai actor Sun Worrachid Phuetphanngam (ซัน วรชิต พืชพันธุ์งาม).


Sun Worrachid Phuetphanngam (ซัน วรชิต พืชพันธุ์งาม)

Hia is portrayed by Thai actor Tonnam Piamchon Damrongsunthornchai (ต้นน้ำ เปี่ยมชล ดำรงสุนทรชัย).


Tonnam Piamchon Damrongsunthornchai (ต้นน้ำ เปี่ยมชล ดำรงสุนทรชัย)

Plabu is portrayed by Thai actress Samantha Melanie Coates (ซาแมนท่า เมลานี่ โค้ทส์).


Samantha Melanie Coates (ซาแมนท่า เมลานี่ โค้ทส์)

Kaijeaw is a snake.


Cast Highlights

  • Dino's actor (Pepper) has a supporting role in the 2022 Thai BL series Love in the Air. He also has a guest role in Remember Me (2022).
  • The actor portraying Sim (Peak) is best known for starring in the classic Thai BL drama, Make It Right (2016) and its sequel Make It Right 2 (2017). In addition, he appeared in 7 Project (2021) and My Only 12% (2022).
  • Top's actor (Get) has supporting roles in various BL dramas, including The Yearbook (2021) and 609 Bedtime Story (2022). Hia's actor (Tonnam) also starred in The Yearbook, along with Cutie Pie (2022) and Triage (2022).
  • Korn's actor (Petch) starred in the 2020 BL drama Oxygen.

Dinosaur Love Review


Drama Review Score: 2.9

Rak and Dino kiss each other.

I lost hope for Dinosaur Love before the first episode was even over. There are glaring quality issues, from clunky dialogue to patchy plots. This series struggles to write even one coherent scene from start to finish. Conversations begin and end foggily, rambling without any point. Likewise, mindless nonsense occurs without rhyme or reason. The woeful storytelling only worsens and never improves. Dinosaur Love feels like torture to complete, severely testing my willpower to endure mind-numbing boredom.

Episode 3 stands out as the most offensive. Dinosaur Love tackles self-harm and sexual assault plots, depicting these sensitive topics tactlessly. The rest of the series is a forgettable blur. My brain goes into preservation mode and barely retains the dull, dumb drivel from each episode. It also lacks creativity, constantly recycling cliched plots, childish jokes, and corny romantic scenarios. Many storylines evoke unwelcomed deja vu since the overused tropes have appeared in other BL dramas. Dinosaur Love butchers all the stale ideas, making them inferior to the original.

Rak is a plain protagonist with a bland personality. He reacts to everything sheepishly, timidly, and vapidly. Early on, Rak mopes over his relationship drama, irritating me despite his sympathetic situation. Later, this hollow character shows no substance besides his love life. It doesn't help that his performer (Kong) has little charisma and fails to inject charm into the role. His dramatic performances are pitiful, particularly when asked to cry. This actor's range consists of smiling vacuously in every scene. Sorry to be blunt, but he isn't ready for a leading role in a BL series.

In contrast, Dino's actor (Pepper) seems energetic and guides their interactions purposefully. Yet, his character aggravates me. He behaves like a stereotypical protagonist in BL dramas, but his personality flaws are more pronounced. Dino is supposed to improve over Rak's last boyfriend. Yet, Dino acts as needy, insecure, and reckless as the ex. I hate his possessiveness toward Rak. Dino makes petty remarks and throws jealous tantrums instead of trusting his partner's commitment. His brash behaviour raises enough red flags that I can't support this couple.

After hours of gibberish, Dinosaur Love experiences a surprising uptick during the final stretch. As Rak and Dino grow physically intimate, they have many affectionate exchanges. Dino's kissing is best described as carnivorous. This guy makes out so vigorously, almost like he wants to eat his partner's face. Dino mashes his entire mouth against Rak's and licks everywhere, turning each encounter into a wet, slobbery experience. His smooches are raw, feral, and ravenous, yet I can't look away. This series is called Dinosaur Love because the lead character kisses like one!

Dino's sloppy kisses may not be arousing, but at least they are fascinating. I study his movements with morbid curiosity, like watching a wildlife documentary. Thankfully, the couple's steamy passion distracts me from the mundaneness of the plot. The narrative falls back into a dreary slump whenever the characters don't lock lips. Their hanky panky is the only highlight in a series utterly devoid of entertainment. Yet, their physical affection can't redeem all the other failings. Dinosaur Love is a catastrophically awful BL drama that epitomizes the worst of the genre.


Stale story

Dinosaur Love has a dull, incoherent plot overloaded with stale cliches. Every scene is poorly written, from mindless conversations to cheesy scenarios. The storytelling worsens and never improves.

Annoying romance

Both leads irritate me, forming a romance I can't champion. Dino's brash personality and possessive behaviour are red flags. Yet, the couple's kissing scenes are wild and feral.

Pitiful acting

Rak's actor (Kong) lacks the charm to give his character personality. He handles the dramatic performances pitifully. His costar (Pepper) is most memorable for his wet, sloppy kisses.

Happy ending

Dinosaur Love has a happy ending as the couple celebrates their relationship. They find any excuse to flirt, make out, and have sex. Besides the romantic content, the plot is virtually nonexistent.

Uninspired artistry

Although the series looks presentable, the visuals aren't particularly appealing. There's a slightly worn-out appearance with the stale colours, wardrobes & decorations. It needs a touch of modernity.


Dinosaur Love is an awful BL drama overloaded with dumb, dull drivel. It suffers from cliched tropes & incoherent plots. The couple's kissing may be entertaining, but their romance is a snooze.

Dinosaur Love Episodes

Episode Guide

Rak and Dino make out on the sofa.

Dinosaur Love has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 40 to 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 8 hours. Dinosaur Love started on June 25, 2023 and ended on August 27, 2023. Dinosaur Love is a part of the Buddy Line Y Animal franchise, which consists of four animal-related love stories.

The series also released a special episode. Dinosaur Love: Go to Vietnam came out on December 4, 2023. It is around 35 minutes long.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

My expectations were low, but this first episode was even more terrible than I expected. I'm abhorred by the cliched plots, incoherent dialogue, amateurish acting, and annoying cheating allegations.

Episode 2

I know the cheating boyfriend and best friend are in the wrong. However, Rak has so little charisma that I find him unsympathetic. This actor is terrible at emoting and can't handle dramatic scenes.

Episode 3

OMFG. This episode is horrific. The quality sinks to a new low that I didn't imagine possible. The best friend's self-harm and the ex-boyfriend's sexual assault bring so much ugly drama to the series.

Episode 4

Instead of offensively insensitive storylines, Dinosaur Love has settled into bland romantic fluff. Why are there so many supporting characters? I can't keep track of anyone except the leads.

Episode 5

I'm bored to tears. I'm trying to pay attention to the plot, but I don't care about this university crap. Everything is so generic and forgettable. Also, both protagonists have insufferable personalities.

Episode 6

OMFG. I watched the entire episode and can't recall anything that happened. My brain has subconsciously blocked out this dumb and pointless nonsense from occupying space.

Episode 7

When Dino & Rak visited various locations, I got deja vu. I recognized all these places in other BL dramas before. OMG, Dino's kissing technique is wild. He's just mashing his mouth at his partner's face!

Episode 8

Is Dino kissing his boyfriend, or is he trying to eat his face!? LMAO. Dino's character kisses like an angry dinosaur. Oh my god, I'm obsessed. Don't like his new hair colour, though.

Episode 9

Every time Dino kisses, he DEVOURS his boyfriend's face. From licking to chewing, this guy turns every intimate encounter into a FEAST. His kissing technique is raw and sloppy, but I can't look away!

Episode 10

Dino's personality is so fucking aggravating. He's just as needy, jealous, and possessive as Rak's last boyfriend. Dino is tolerable when he kisses Rak because I don't have to hear him talk.


The Dinosaur Love special was pointless, as expected. The only highlight is Dino's iconic kissing. SLURP SLURP SLURP. Did he receive feedback on his technique? He seems less hungry than usual lol.

Dinosaur Love Information

Ultimate Troop

Ultimate Troop is a Thai BL studio. Its first BL project is the 2021 drama, The Yearbook.

Ultimate Troop is a Thai studio. Its first BL project is the 2021 drama, The Yearbook. Its portfolio also includes Remember Me (2022) and Dinosaur Love (2023).


Zaanook Jukkroww Nipitpon Muangsinun (สนุ๊กจุ๊กกรู๊ นิพิฐพนธ์ เมืองสีนุ่น) is a Thai director. His portfolio of work includes The Yearbook (2021) and Remember Me (2022). He also co-directed Dinosaur Love (2023) with Thai actor Tonnam Piamchon Damrongsunthornchai (ต้นน้ำ เปี่ยมชล ดำรงสุนทรชัย),

  1. I was excited to see Pepper in a lead role, but this was not it. Will he now be typecast as the human hoover of kissing?

  2. "The only noteworthy highlight is the steamy encounters. These performers kiss each other like hungry carnivores." that's a way to put it… I lasted literally 3 eps… I like a good kiss like everybody else but these just turned my stomach, yikes! Unwatchable trash in my opinion.

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