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Follow My Sunshine is a Vietnamese BL series about a coming-of-age school romance.

Follow My Sunshine is a Vietnamese BL series about a coming-of-age school romance. The story is about two childhood buddies who live together and attend the same university. The protagonist is in a relationship with his girlfriend, unaware his best friend has secret feelings for him. This love triangle intensifies as the characters sort through accusations, confessions, and poignant emotions.

Although the plot develops predictably, Follow My Sunshine is a decent campus romance with compelling adolescent drama. It has a solid start that establishes intriguing relationship dynamics and brewing tensions. The later episodes are rocky, not executing the melodrama and conflicts smoothly. Nonetheless, this well-rounded BL series is satisfying and enjoyable.

Follow My Sunshine Summary


Sau Vạt Nắng

Series Info:

Vietnam (2020)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

5 episodes


School romance


Follow My Sunshine is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Nhat and Van live together in the same boarding house.

Van and Nhat are childhood best friends who have known each other for a decade. They come from the same hometown and decide to attend college together. The two buddies rent a boarding house and live as roommates. They have a close relationship despite their different personalities. Van is quiet, practical, and studious, while Nhat is loud, cheeky, and mischievous. Van often takes care of the chores, meals, and finances on behalf of his friend.

At school, Van and Nhat's classmates tease them about their close bond, referring to them as spouses. However, Nhat is in a relationship with his girlfriend, An. He dotes on her and seems to be happily in love. Van also claims to have a girlfriend, but it's a lie to conceal the secret crush on his friend. Van lacks the guts to confess his feelings to Nhat. Instead, he resists intimacy or body contact with Nhat, keeping their friendship as platonic as possible.

An's friends observe that Van and Nhat's bond seems too close. She becomes suspicious of their friendship, especially after catching them in a compromising position. As their relationship wobbles, Nhat begins to question his feelings for Van. He also grows jealous of Van's recent connection with another classmate, Tuong. Tensions brew between all the characters, leading to accusations, confrontations, and confessions.

Follow My Sunshine Trailer

Follow My Sunshine Cast



Thai Thanh Nhan

Van is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Thai Thanh Nhan.

Van is a college student and Nhat's childhood best friend. He harbours a secret crush on Nhat. They live together in the same boarding house, where Van takes care of chores and finances. Van is excellent at school and likes to read in his spare time.


Huy Du

Nhat is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Huy Du.

Nhat is a college student and Van's best friend since childhood. He has a cheeky and whimsical personality. Although Van has a crush on him, Nhat is in a relationship with An and dotes on his girlfriend. Nhat is an irresponsible slacker at school who gets terrible grades and skips classes.

Supporting Cast

An is portrayed by the Vietnamese actress Do Nhat Ha.


Do Nhat Ha

Tuong is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Hoang Duy.


Hoang Duy

Bao Bao is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Bu Ti.

Bao Bao

Bu Ti

Tuan Anh is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Gia Huy.

Tuan Anh

Gia Huy

Vy is portrayed by the Vietnamese actress Nunu O2O.


Nunu O2O

Thao is portrayed by the Vietnamese actress Minh Ngoc.


Minh Ngoc

Van's mom is portrayed by the Vietnamese actress Dang Phuong Thao.

Van's mom

Dang Phuong Thao

Follow My Sunshine Review


Drama Review Score: 7.4

Van and Nhat are childhood best friends with a strong relationship.

Follow My Sunshine explores adolescent love with melodramatic flair. It contains many staples of a classic romance, including love triangles, secret crushes, and unrequited feelings. The familiar formula uses recognizable tropes, so none of the plot developments will surprise seasoned BL connoisseurs. Although predictable, the story successfully captures the riveting relationship dynamic between two best friends. Follow My Sunshine delivers enough emotional ups and downs to keep you consistently engaged.

This series has a solid beginning, especially in the first two episodes. The well-paced narrative introduces the main characters, establishes their unique personalities, and teases the subtle attraction between these childhood friends. The leads share a cozy rapport with believable banter, intimate exchanges, and intriguing hints of romantic tension. In addition, the sensitive relationship drama is infused with light humour and soothing sentimentality. Follow My Sunshine showcases much promise at the start, making you excited about how the love story will unfold.

Follow My Sunshine goes through some turbulence in the second half, disrupting its gentle atmosphere. Notably, the series intensifies the love triangle drama with the protagonist's girlfriend, An. She brings conflicts that feel clunkily executed, like a sudden bump in an otherwise smooth narrative. The other love interest, Tuong, is also a pesky troublemaker. I'm not fond of the side characters who seem like obstacles instead of actual individuals. Their purpose is to cause engineered drama and unnecessary friction. These scenes aren't my favourites.

The love triangles are mildly annoying and tamper with my enjoyment of Follow My Sunshine. However, they are minor deductions instead of serious detractions. An and Tuong have aggravating storylines, but they don't ruin the series. I'm still mostly satisfied with how the BL relationship develops. Van and Nhat make a riveting couple as they navigate the blurry lines between friendship and romance. The journey is filled with confusion, frustration, and angst. I was rooting for the leads to overcome the adversities and find their way toward each other.

Van's actor (Thai Thanh Nhan) does a decent job with his portrayal. He's a sensitive performer with delicate eyes, poised mannerisms, and fragility in his expressions. I also love his styling. Not everyone can pull off those gold-rimmed glasses, but they give him a distinguished look. His costar (Huy Du) is just okay. He looks more comfortable kissing his girlfriend than locking lips with a guy. Likewise, An's character is supposed to have an emotional role. Yet, I don't think the actress (Do Nhat Ha) asserts enough energy or passion in her performances.

Follow My Sunshine has a lovely presentation. It produces a soft and dreamy aesthetic with thoughtful scene composition. The outdoor shots highlight picturesque scenery, while the indoor scenes carry a quaint and rustic vibe. Also, the melancholic soundtrack resonates with me, even if the background music may be slightly too melodramatic. The elevated production values accentuate the beauty of this poignant love story. Overall, I have a favourable opinion of Follow My Sunshine. This gentle coming-of-age drama captures the graceful elegance of the BL genre.


Emotional story

Follow My Sunshine is a sentimental love story between two best friends with emotional ups and downs. The poignant journey is filled with confusion, tension, and melodrama.

Sensitive romance

I'm emotionally invested in Van and Nhat as a couple. They have a juicy dynamic, exploring the blurry lines between friendship and attraction. Their interactions are cozy and authentic.

Average acting

Van's actor (Thai Thanh Nhan) gives a sensitive portrayal with gripping vulnerability in his performance. However, the kissing scenes between the leads do not look that comfortable.

Happy ending

Follow My Sunshine has a happy ending, but the series initially tricks the viewers with a tragic conclusion. Make sure you watch the epilogue scenes after the end credits roll!

Cozy artistry

The series has beautiful cinematography, thoughtful scene composition, and picturesque backdrops. The elegant soundtrack also accentuates the poignant romance.


Follow My Sunshine captures the intriguing relationship dynamic between two best friends. While the melodrama feels predictable, this sensitive BL series is still riveting and satisfying.


Best friends
Van and Nhat are best friends who knew each other since childhood.

Follow My Sunshine has an appealing relationship dynamic. I enjoy the fantasy of the two leads going to the same school, living together, and caring for each other. None of these concepts are groundbreaking, so we've seen them done in other BL dramas before. Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with reusing a classic formula when you ace the execution. In this case, Follow My Sunshine does a respectable job at replicating sincerity and sentimentality with its love story.

With that said, the story could afford more ambition. The characters have well-established personalities, but we only get glimpses of their hobbies and personal backstories. Van and Nhat feel solely defined by their love lives. Occasionally, the story addresses their academic grades or career prospects. Yet, it's evident Follow My Sunshine doesn't put much emphasis on these minor details. The leads lack a bit of characterization, which prevents me from feeling fully immersed in their experiences.


Van and Nhat
Van and Nhat have their first kiss in Follow My Sunshine Episode 3.

Van and Nhat share a comfortable rapport. My favourite scenes in Follow My Sunshine are whenever the two of them interact one-on-one. I like the idea of this couple secluded in their quaint little boarding house, enjoying each other's company. The series feels riveting at the start because it highlights their alone time more frequently. Once the girlfriend or the other characters enter the picture, they distract from the chemistry between the leads. 

However, I would've liked more variety in their exchanges. I notice their intimate moments typically occur whenever Van & Nhat take care of each other after an illness or injury. The scenes are compelling, but I wanted to see them interact in different contexts. These two characters have years of childhood friendship and intertwined backstories to draw inspiration. Follow My Sunshine could've tapped into that rich pool of material for new storytelling ideas.

Nhat and An
Nhat is in a relationship with An at the start of Follow My Sunshine.

Nhat's girlfriend An fuels the primary conflict in Follow My Sunshine. Nhat dotes on his girlfriend at the start of the series, while Van pines for his best friend forlornly. Unfortunately, An's character hardly expands outside of getting in the way of the BL couple. She makes accusations, throws jealous fits, and threatens to break up with her boyfriend. This girl's existence seems entirely shaped by this relationship and nothing else. I'm not fond of these one-dimensional love interests.

Despite her lack of development, An occupies a prominent part of the narrative. She separates from Nhat, then gets back together with him, only to break up again. Her relationship drama feels a little tired. Later in the series, I wait impatiently for An's scenes to pass until her character gets a clue. Girl, the exit sign is that way! Please leave at your earliest convenience!

Van and Tuong
Van is courted by his classmate Tuong.

Tuong's character feels redundant. We already have Nhat's girlfriend hogging up time with her love triangle drama. Now, we have to deal with another classmate who shows random interest in Van. Tuong receives even less characterization and development than An. What is his purpose? Is his existence necessary? Van was better off with an imaginary girlfriend (lol) than a useless love interest who doesn't add much to the plot.

Tuong gets into a catfight with Nhat, which makes both characters look unflattering. The physical violence is an unnecessary escalation of their feud. Neither character has done anything that antagonistic other than a few provocative remarks. There's no need to throw fists just because some guy acts smug around you. I don't care about Tuong, but this rivalry makes Nhat look worse as the main character. He doesn't rise above the pettiness. The jealousy, aggression, and possessiveness aren't good looks on him.


Van has a secret crush on his best friend Nhat.

I like the sensitivity Van's actor (Thai Thanh Nhan) brings to his performance. His demeanour exudes quiet dignity, but there's the slightest hint of fragility and uncertainty beneath the poised demeanour. He comes across as someone trying to appear strong to hide his vulnerability. The performer has delicate eyes and melancholic expressions that create an air of mystery. You can't always read him clearly. You can only guess how Van thinks or feels after a particular exchange with Nhat.

The gold-rimmed glasses are also an excellent styling choice. Not everyone can pull off this eyewear, but Van does. The spectacles add to his distinguished and intelligent appearance. It also draws attention to his eyes. When you look at his character, you may notice a shred of sadness in his gaze. His performance is intriguing, and I think this actor does an excellent job with his portrayal.


Pretty backdrops
Van and his classmate Tuong talk at school.

Follow My Sunshine chooses some pretty locations as the backdrops, including the lake, the boarding house, and the scenery by the school campus. I like whenever Van sits or stands near the window arch of the school building. The scene composition is artistic, and there's a lot of beauty for our eyes to absorb.

Similarly, the series creates a sense of coziness and intimacy in the indoor scenes. I love the interior design of the boarding house and Van's bedroom. There's a rustic charm to the decorations, enriching the atmosphere. Overall, the production values in Follow My Sunshine elevate the story, adding a boost of elegance and ambiance.


Happy ending
Van and Nhat kiss in the Follow My Sunshine happy ending.

Follow My Sunshine has a happy ending where Van and Nhat officially become a couple. Previously, Nhat chose to continue dating his girlfriend. When they kiss during an intimate moment, he realizes his feelings for her have dissipated. An is left devastated as he breaks up with her. Afterwards, Nhat visits Van's home to confess his feelings. Although Van is surprised, the two leads share a slightly awkward kiss in the bedroom.

Suddenly, the series shifts to a scene where we discover Van has been in an accident! Nhat and Van's mom grieve together before the end credits roll. Yet, it's not meant to be the real ending. After the credits, there's an epilogue that reveals the accident is just Nhat's nightmare. Van returns to the boarding house in one piece. He also came out to his mom, who overheard their earlier conversation. She is supportive of her son's relationship. The final scene highlights another kiss between Van and Nhat outside their house.

Follow My Sunshine has a fakeout and tricks the viewers into believing Van died.

OMG. I can't believe Follow My Sunshine decides to troll the viewers with a fake sad ending. The fakeout got me. I dropped my jaw when the series announced Van's accident all of a sudden. We hardly get any foreshadowing or explanation before the end credits roll. I was like WTF!? Why would they give us a happy ending and then kill the character in the last scene?

Fortunately, I stayed for the epilogue, which revealed Van was still alive. The scene after the credits is typically an Easter egg, but that isn't the case here. The viewers only get the real ending if they stay behind for the final moment, which I consider the canon storyline. Once I got over the initial shock, I appreciated this stunt that genuinely surprised me. I can laugh about it now, but I was pissed at the time. If Follow My Sunshine actually ended with Van's abrupt death, I might've given this series a failing review score. Don't play with my heart like that! 😅

Follow My Sunshine Episodes

Episode Guide

Follow My Sunshine has a total of 5 episodes. Each episode is around 15 to 25 minutes long. The last episode is around 25 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 2 hours. Follow My Sunshine started airing on December 23, 2020 and finished on January 20, 2021.

Episode 1

21 minutes

Episode 2

16 minutes

Episode 3

17 minutes

Episode 4

24 minutes

Episode 5

27 minutes

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