Ghost Host, Ghost House is a Thai supernatural BL series about a haunted residence.

Ghost Host, Ghost House is a Thai supernatural BL series about a haunted residence. The main character has returned from overseas and moves in with his aunt's family. However, he doesn't know his relatives are ghostly spirits. The oblivious protagonist befriends a superstitious acquaintance as they uncover the truth behind their spooky surroundings.

It's impossible to justify the plot holes or patchy narrative in Ghost Host, Ghost House. Nonetheless, I enjoy the sweet and silly supernatural shenanigans. The couple showcases easygoing chemistry, flirty exchanges, and intimate physical affection. This delightful guilty pleasure has its inexplicable charms despite the storytelling flaws.

Ghost Host Ghost House Summary


รัก เล่า เรื่องผี

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


7 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes


Supernatural romance


Ghost Host, Ghost House is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Kevin doesn't realize he lives in a haunted house with ghosts.

Kevin has lived in the United States with his mom for the past ten years. He has recently moved back to Thailand and moved in with his aunt's family. Kevin meets his relatives, which include Auntie Jeab, Uncle Art, and their children Seefoon and Seenam. They seem friendly and hospitable, making Kevin's stay as pleasant as possible. They even plan a surprise birthday celebration for him. Despite some quirky behaviour from his uncle and cousins, Kevin believes everything seems ordinary.

Kevin is an online celebrity who holds live streams to talk to his fans. He specializes in researching and telling ghost stories. Since returning to Thailand, Kevin has been interested in visiting various abandoned buildings in the local area. He goes to these places alone at night, summoning spirits and filming his experiences. So far, Kevin hasn't encountered anything out of the ordinary, but he insists on his pursuit. Kevin's relatives don't understand his hobby and feel worried about his safety.

Pluem is a contractor who runs household errands for Auntie Jeab and Uncle Art, such as maintaining the garden. He is close with the family and has known them for years. When Pluem meets Kevin, their first encounter is awkward. Pluem assumes "the American boy" doesn't understand Thai and tries speaking English to him. Kevin maintains this charade before revealing he is fluent in Thai. Later, Kevin talks to his online fans and calls Pluem the "handsome gardener". Pluem is giddy after overhearing this description of himself. Kevin feels embarrassed about revealing his attraction.

Kevin wants to save cab fare when visiting haunted houses, so he offers Pluem a job as his driver. Although Pluem is superstitious and afraid of ghosts, he accepts the gig for the money. As these two acquaintances spend time together, they overcome their initial awkwardness. Later, Kevin runs into trouble during a ghost-hunting expedition. Pluem comes to his rescue in the nick of time. Kevin's latest encounter is terrifying, but he gladly describes his vivid experiences with the viewers. Pluem watches his live streams, becoming one of his fans.

Unbeknownst to Kevin, his relatives are hiding a secret. It turns out they aren't humans. Before Kevin's arrival, Auntie Jeab, Uncle Art, and their two kids died in a car accident. Since then, they can't depart to the aftermath, and their spirits haunt the residence. Ironically, Kevin searches for scary stories elsewhere, unaware that he's living with four ghosts in his home. Kevin begins having strange dreams that hint something is wrong with the family. Yet, he remains oblivious to their real identities. His relatives seem intent on keeping up this charade for as long as possible.

Ghost Host Ghost House Cast



Tod Techit Panyanarapon (โต๊ด เตชิต ปัญญนราพร)

Kevin is portrayed by the Thai actor Tod Techit Panyanarapon (โต๊ด เตชิต ปัญญนราพร).

Kevin has lived in the United States for the past ten years. Recently, he returned to Thailand and moved in with his aunt's family as a guest. He is unaware that his relatives harbour an unspeakable secret. Kevin is an online celebrity who likes to tell ghost stories to his fans. He films videos in abandoned buildings, hoping to encounter an apparition.

Tod Techit Panyanarapon

Tod Techit Panyanarapon (โต๊ด เตชิต ปัญญนราพร) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 5, 2001.

Tod Techit Panyanarapon (โต๊ด เตชิต ปัญญนราพร) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 5, 2001. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Love Area. He also appears in the 2022 sequel, Love Area: Part 2. Tod's first leading role is the 2022 supernatural drama, Ghost Host, Ghost House.


Boy Nattapon Wongvanich (บอย ณัฐพล วงศ์วานิช)

Pluem is portrayed by the Thai actor Boy Nattapon Wongvanich (บอย ณัฐพล วงศ์วานิช).

Pluem is a freelance contractor who works for Auntie Jeab and Uncle Art. He is responsible for household upkeep, such as maintaining the garden. In addition, Pluem works many side jobs to make ends meet. Unlike Kevin, Pluem is superstitious and afraid of ghosts. He doesn't understand the appeal of scary stories or visiting haunted places.

Boy Nattapon Wongvanich

Boy Nattapon Wongvanich (บอย ณัฐพล วงศ์วานิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 20, 1995.

Boy Nattapon Wongvanich (บอย ณัฐพล วงศ์วานิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 20, 1995. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Ghost Host, Ghost House.

Supporting Cast

Seefoon is portrayed by the Thai actor Guide Chavanvit Vongpong (ไกด์ ชวัลวิชญ์ วงค์ป้อง).


Guide Chavanvit Vongpong (ไกด์ ชวัลวิชญ์ วงค์ป้อง)

Seenam is portrayed by the Thai actress Natty Natthamon Jantraviphart (นัทตี้ ณฐมน จันทราวิภาต).


Natty Natthamon Jantraviphart (นัทตี้ ณฐมน จันทราวิภาต)

Auntie Jaeb is portrayed by the Thai actress Lyna Wacharin Anantapong.

Auntie Jeab

Lyna Wacharin Anantapong

Uncle Art is portrayed by the Thai actor Koon Kasidet Detwongya.

Uncle Art

Koon Kasidet Detwongya

Prim is portrayed by the Thai actress Incz Lalada Nananukul (อินซ์ ลลดา นานานุกูล).


Incz Lalada Nananukul (อินซ์ ลลดา นานานุกูล)

Jake is portrayed by the Thai actor Brook Sumethin Ruenarom (บรู๊ค สุเมธินท์ รื่นอารมย์).


Brook Sumethin Ruenarom (บรู๊ค สุเมธินท์ รื่นอารมย์)

Cast Highlights

  • Kevin's actor (Tod) has a supporting role in the 2021 Thai BL drama Love Area. He also appears in the 2022 sequel Love Area: Part 2. He plays a villainous character in a turbulent relationship with his boyfriend.

Ghost Host Ghost House Review


Drama Review Score: 7.4

Kevin and Pluem flirt in the bedroom.

Ghost Host, Ghost House is a guilty pleasure. From a critical standpoint, this supernatural BL drama exhibits many storytelling flaws. Often, I'm perplexed by the patchy narrative, illogical plot holes, or incoherent circumstances that make little sense. Even so, this imperfect series is oddly endearing and displays inexplicable charm. Ghost Host, Ghost House delights me with its sweet romance, sentimental exchanges, and silly shenanigans.

The series has creative ideas, such as the ghosts exchanging merit points to gain spiritual powers. The characters will vanish from the human world once their points are depleted, so every action comes at a cost. Despite the unique approach to the afterlife, the flimsy writing explains the complex scenarios awkwardly. Many storylines lack nuance, not fleshing out the supporting cast or their thoughts beyond the surface level. Ghost Host, Ghost House doesn't dig deep enough for the emotional moments to resonate powerfully.

Kevin and Pluem make an adorable couple with an engaging romance. Their flirting felt modest initially, but Episode 4 marked a turning point in their relationship. The storyteller dedicates an entire hour to developing the couple's bond, from cute exchanges to steamy encounters. Many scenes showcase their comfortable chemistry, physical attraction, and emotional intimacy. The BL content is highly persuasive, mixing sweetness and sexiness in the right amounts. Ghost Host, Ghost House soars with this exquisite episode that significantly improves my opinion of the series.

The performances are shaky. Both leads struggle with dramatic material, unable to portray heavy emotions like anger or grief. However, they gel well together as a couple. The pair shares an easygoing rapport that propels their affectionate scenes. Kevin's actor (Tod) is a bold kisser. He starred in another BL drama, so I've seen him make out with various costars throughout his career. Regardless of his screen partner, Tod doesn't hold back and goes for those immersive smooches. Good kissing is a valuable talent for BL stars, which earns him points in my review.

Speaking of Tod, I think he's adorable~ 😚 I'm smitten with the whole package, from his cute expressions to his dainty mannerisms. A part of his appeal comes from those quirky fashion choices. I love the oversized shirts paired with tiny shorts that show off his smooth legs. In addition, I'm fond of his costar (Boy). His bubbly personality shines in the behind-the-scenes footage, but he still conveys warmth and likability in the character's role. I'm also obsessed with Boy's resemblance to the actor Nanon. He looks like Nanon's split image in some scenes, which is a huge plus.

Ghost Host, Ghost House packages its production stylishly with elegant visuals. It achieves a dreamy ambiance with the artistic use of colours, lighting & scene composition. Yet, the tasteful aesthetics can't make up for the unpolished plot. There are missed opportunities in the clumsily told story, not fulfilling the potential of its clever premise. The muddled narrative squanders what could've been a poignant tale about grief and loss. Nonetheless, Ghost Host, Ghost House is still a charming BL drama with casual moments of fun. I enjoy it more than I can actually justify.


Patchy story

Ghost Host, Ghost House has flimsy storytelling. The story suffers from plot holes and mishandles creative ideas. It doesn't dig deep enough for the emotional themes to resonate powerfully.

Delightful romance

The cute couple shares delightful chemistry, from sweet exchanges to affectionate encounters. Their romance peaks in Episode 4, which showcases their physical and emotional connection.

Charming acting

The dramatic material is beyond the capabilities of the leads, who can't convey heavy emotions persuasively. However, I enjoy their comfortable rapport, steamy kisses, and inherent likability.

Happy ending

Ghost Host, Ghost House has a happy ending. The couple faces pesky relationship drama in the finale, but their conflict is resolved amicably. Overall, the conclusion is mediocre and uninspiring.

Tasteful artistry

This series is elegantly produced, featuring the artistic use of colours, lighting, and scene composition. The wardrobe department gets bonus points for highlighting Kevin's legs in those tiny shorts!


Ghost Host, Ghost House is a sweet and sentimental BL drama with silly supernatural shenanigans. Despite the patchy storytelling, this series is a fun guilty pleasure with an endearing romance.

Ghost Host Ghost House Episodes

Episode Guide

Ghost Host, Ghost House has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 60 minutes long. The last episode is around 60 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 7 hours. Ghost Host, Ghost House started on October 5, 2022 and ended on November 23, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Kevin hunts for ghosts in a haunted building.

I'm not into the ghost-hunting aspect of the story. Most of the supernatural shenanigans or scare tactics in Ghost Host, Ghost House don't appeal to me. However, I partially enjoy these scenes because the main character looks adorable as he chases down ghosts. This dainty Thai-American boy is dressed in a cute little ghostbuster uniform, summoning spirits with a bell and an abacus. His antics are silly yet strangely endearing. As he did all these pointless activities so earnestly, I was kinda charmed lol. 😚

I love the merit point system with the ghosts. What an innovative idea to assign a currency for their remaining time in the world. The characters can spend these points on supernatural powers to fulfill their wishes, but they'll vanish after using up all their merit. It makes them weigh their choices since every action takes away their livelihood.

When GHGH first explained this idea, I was so intrigued. It sounds like something out of Black Mirror! Sadly, the series doesn't explore the concept to its full extent. The story touches upon it superficially, but not with the complexity I wanted. There could have been some gripping emotional dilemmas as the characters decided how to use their points. They can also face existential crises as their tallies are whittled down. Yet, the merit system ends up being negligible in the grand scheme of the plot. It feels like a missed opportunity for sophisticated storytelling.

Kevin's dead relatives have a merit point system.
Kevin's relatives
Kevin's relatives are dead.

The story should've centred around the protagonist, his parents, and his siblings. There's less of an emotional impact when the dead characters are his aunt, uncle & cousins. Kevin has an awkward dynamic with the supporting cast because he's unfamiliar with his relatives. They can't be chummy with each other, so their interactions seem stiff. If they were his direct family, Kevin would have built-in bonds and backstories with them. That would increase the intimacy and tragedy of the plot.

Imagine the protagonist returning from his overseas studies, unaware his parents and siblings died in an accident. Unknowingly, he became an orphan overnight and the last surviving family member. Since they recently drove their car into a lake, nobody knows about their deaths yet. They hide the news to spare him from heartbreak. Eventually, he learns what happened and helps his family fulfill their last wishes. They depart from the world one by one. Meanwhile, Pluem can relate to Kevin's experiences since he lost his dad in an unrelated car accident. Pluem teaches Kevin to move on from grief.

Don't you think this premise sounds more epic? I would've been like, WHOA! 🤯 Of course, this change makes the lighthearted BL drama too devastating. Maybe viewers don't respond to so much darkness in a love story. Also, the heavy, dramatic material would've exceeded the lead's acting capabilities. So, I understand why Ghost Host, Ghost House doesn't take this route. Nonetheless, the above hypothesis is what I wanted from this series. Instead, it deviates from my expectations.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Kevin and Pluem flirt in the restaurant.

Oh my god, Kevin is killing me with cuteness. Stop being so adorable! 😣 He doesn't even have to do much. Just flash a bashful smile, make a quirky expression, or behave in a cutesy way. That's all it takes for his bewitching charm to win me over. Honestly, this actor (Tod) has caught my eye since he appeared in Love Area last year. I'm glad GHGH recognized the same spark and gave him a leading role. Keep casting him in more BL dramas, and I'll watch every single one!

I like the scene with Seenam at the school. It's a great way to demonstrate how the merit point system works. Seenam faces an emotional dilemma, contemplating whether to use all her points just to see her crush one last time. Unfortunately, the other scenes in this episode are less cohesive. Random stuff is happening, but the narrative feels disjointed and purposeless. The storyteller could've done a better job introducing the supporting characters, showcasing their personalities, and highlighting their dynamics.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Seefoon and Seenam pretend like they're ghosts to scare away the thieves.

I like learning how the characters spend their merit points. Seefoon uses his powers to spy on Kevin's dreams, almost like Inception. I wish we could see an example. I want an actual scene where Seefoon infiltrates Kevin's mind and learns his cousin's subconscious thoughts. That would've been cool to see, right? However, GHGH only tells the viewers what Seefoon is doing instead of showing us the events. The story doesn't go that extra step and push itself further.

I'm glad Pluem calls out Kevin about his dangerous ghost-hunting activities. I thought the same thing too. Going to these abandoned buildings alone at night seems unnecessarily risky. Like, that's one way of getting yourself killed. Even if ghosts don't exist, you may still encounter other hazards. To Kevin's credit, he listens to Pluem's advice and stops his expeditions after this episode. Secretly, I'm glad because these scenes occupy too much time without adding value to the plot. 

Now that Kevin's relatives are dead, how do they spend their time in the house all day? Are they just chilling? After three episodes, their characterizations seem empty, especially for the aunt and uncle. I wish we could see Kevin interact with his family more. In this episode, he watches a movie with his cousins and chats with Uncle Art. However, these short exchanges barely make an impression. For a story revolving around a "ghost house", Kevin doesn't spend much time here. He's too busy visiting haunted buildings, talking to his online fans, and flirting with Pluem.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Kevin and Pluem make out on the sofa.

This episode is surprisingly enjoyable, a huge step up from the previous quality. Ghost Host, Ghost House tosses aside the supernatural crap and goes all-in on the BL content. The story commits almost an entire hour solely to developing the couple's physical & emotional connection. Until now, Kevin and Pluem's flirting didn't really captivate me. However, their multiple steamy encounters in Episode 4 absolutely made me take notice. The leads ignite their romance and step full force on the accelerator. Ready, set, goooo!

Ooh, I like the vibe of the first kiss! The leads sit on the sofa, facing each other. They're only inches apart. Pluem's arm wraps around Kevin's body as he caresses his back. Meanwhile, Kevin sits with one leg over Pluem's lap. Those little white shorts ride up just enough to give the viewers a titillating shot of his thigh. The seductive foreplay builds up to the couple's first kiss, which intensifies in passion and desire. Soon, they're making out and consummating their love into the night. This romantic encounter stimulates me, like going on an intimate journey as the characters navigate their attraction.

My favourite part is when Kevin stops in the middle of the foreplay and asks, "Wait… Is it too soon?" At that point, the leads were casual acquaintances who hadn't done much other than light flirting. It does appear like they're on the fast track to sex. Afterwards, the characters pause their activities since Pluem respects his partner's boundaries. Moments later, Kevin overcomes his hesitation and springs onto Pluem. He thought about it for less than a minute and concluded, "Nah, I wanna get laid!" We love a decisive king who makes up his mind quickly. 😝

Most BL dramas call it a day after delivering one sexual encounter in an episode. They filled their quota and produced enough viral content to circulate this week's social media rounds. However, Ghost Host, Ghost House doesn't wait until launching back-to-back sex scenes! The leads wake up the next morning and shout, WHO'S READY FOR ROUND TWO!? Oh my god, Kevin and Pluem are unstoppable!

And to be clear, these aren't half-hearted efforts. The series doesn't just copy and paste the sex scenes. The first encounter is exciting because the sexual tension builds slowly and unleashes intensely. In contrast, the second moment is delightful, spontaneous, and whimsical. There's a different vibe each time, giving the viewers a new experience. They're thoughtfully crafted skinship exchanges, accentuated by stylish & tasteful cinematography. Best of all, the performers display comfortable chemistry and approach physicality without reservations

The first half of the episode is dedicated to celebrating physical affection. The second half focuses on building Kevin & Pluem's emotional connection. They open up to each other, confiding secrets, dreams, and fears. I like how Kevin joins Pluem during work, giving us a glimpse into his everyday life. Kevin adapts to Pluem's lifestyle, like learning sign language. The kissing and the sex may be the flashy spectacles, but these bonding scenes are the backbone of BL romances. After this episode, the leads feel compatible and I can envision them as boyfriends.

I love the ambiance of Kevin and Pluem's third kiss in this episode. Visually, it may be one of my favourite scenes in the entire series. The surroundings are pretty run-down, yet the cinematographer captures the enchanting beauty of the moment. This intimate atmosphere helps solidify the romance between the leads.

Kevin and Pluem make out in the night.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Kevin shows off his legs in short shorts.

We need to talk about Kevin's legs. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this series is Kevin running around in his short shorts each episode. The hem of his itty bitty shorts never goes beyond his thighs. The stimulating visual of his smooth, shimmery legs is impossible to overlook, at least for me. Whenever he sits down, his bare thighs are immediately in my POV. Oh, goodness gracious. Lord, forgive me for my impure gaze. 🙈

Initially, I liked the twist Uncle Art killed Pluem's dad, leading to juicy drama between the leads. I understand Pluem's angry reaction and why he distances himself from Kevin. Yet, I feel bad for Kevin's treatment because he's an innocent bystander unrelated to the car accident. Their feud on the rooftop is fascinating, and both characters bring up valid points. As they argue, I contemplate the moral complexities of the situation. This storyline has an emotional depth that I appreciate.

After a while, I question whether this twist is necessary. It adds an uncomfortable dynamic whenever Pluem and Uncle Art share a scene in the later episodes. I can't help but think: this guy killed your father! Why are you hanging out at his house and having dinner with him? Maybe some bygones shouldn't be bygones so quickly! Nonetheless, I respond positively to Pluem's character arc in this episode. Ghost Host, Ghost House handles his bereavement sensitively with meaningful themes and poignant messages.

Kevin helps Pluem summon his deceased father.

It feels weird Seefoon and Seenam are willing to spend all their points to bring back Kevin's ex-boyfriend. Seenam won't use her points to reunite with her crush, yet she wastes everything on this random stranger. The story doesn't give us much insight, so her thought process is puzzling. It feels like GHGH wants to find a way to dump the points and get rid of her character next episode.

If it were up to me, I would've tweaked this storyline. Maybe the siblings discover their father killed Pluem's dad. They feel guilty and want to make it up to Pluem. They use their points to summon the dad's spirit, hoping to help their friend find closure. This rationale makes more sense than bringing back Jake on a random whim. Also, it gives their point usage more emotional weight. Seenam feels culpable for causing the car accident, so she uses her remaining merit for penance rather than charity.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Kevin and Pluem share an intimate encounter.

I dislike how Ghost Host, Ghost House writes its supporting cast. It wastes many episodes not developing Kevin's relatives meaningfully. We barely know the aunt or the uncle. The kids get screen time, but their scenes don't reveal much new information. Suddenly, the series tacks on a last-minute backstory only as each character departs the show. Why couldn't we learn about these details earlier? The writing reminds me of students who leave their homework blank until moments before they must hand in the assignment.

Seenam used up her points and knew she'd leave the world soon. I like her final chat with the dad, but what about her mom and brother? She could've planned her farewells better. Also, I wish the story explored her thoughts and feelings before departing the world. Show us her anguish about not reuniting with Prim for one last time. As Seenam approaches the final moments of her existence, there's an opportunity for emotional and philosophical storytelling. Yet, Ghost Host, Ghost House treads this subplot too lightly, not exploring it with enough depth.

I sympathize with Seefoon, who regrets not having friends while he's alive. I like how Kevin and Pluem keep him company, ensuring he isn't alone in his final moments. However, this storyline would be more effective if the series had emphasized Kevin and Seefoon's bond. Kevin didn't spend much time with his cousin previously. Their lack of camaraderie lessens the emotional impact of Seefoon's exit. Also, I wish we could've seen Seefoon's parents say goodbye to their son. Show us their reaction to losing their kids back to back.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Kevin and Pluem kiss in Ghost Host, Ghost House Episode 7.

I love the farewell scene with Auntie Jeab and Uncle Art. That last shot of their younger selves looking at the sea is a beautifully poignant sendoff. However, my appreciation is limited because I hardly know their characters. The series doesn't focus on Kevin's uncle or aunt, barely paying attention to them. The story could've included a few extra scenes that define them as individuals. Due to their lack of development, I don't react strongly when they leave the show.

Typically, I don't care about celebrity lookalikes because I think we're all ~unique snowflakes~ lol. However, I can't unsee the resemblance between Pluem's actor (Boy) and the Thai actor Nanon of Bad Buddy fame. It's not a perfect match, but the similarities are strong from certain angles. There are a few moments during the series, especially this episode, where Boy displays an identical essence as his doppelganger. On Instagram, there's a picture of Boy and Nanon side by side, so you can judge for yourself. 

The breakup drama at the end of the episode is annoying. Despite giving consistent signals that he likes Pluem, Kevin doesn't commit to a relationship. He still mourns over his dead boyfriend. It's okay if Kevin only wants a casual fling, but he should've clarified in the beginning. Don't spend seven episodes flirting with Pluem if you need time to get over your ex. Also, Kevin's relationship with Jake isn't compelling. Their flashbacks hardly convey the same passion as his scenes with Pluem. This storyline fails because I'm not emotionally invested in Kevin's internal conflict.

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Ending Review
Ghost Host, Ghost House has a happy ending where the main characters reunite.

The wicked part of me thinks it's hilarious that Kevin suddenly boards a plane and returns to America. He doesn't even have the decency to contact Pluem before leaving. Pluem only finds out he's gone by watching the live stream. This guy rejects his love confession, flies halfway around the world to avoid him, and then broadcasts their breakup on social media. Oh my god, his actions are so horrible lmao. How fitting that the "ghost" part of the series title refers to Kevin ghosting his love interest. 🤭

The finale is mediocre. The aggravating breakup sours my opinion of the romance, taking away much of the momentum. I keep counting down the minutes until the leads inevitably reconcile. While the lovemaking scene has gorgeous cinematography, the circumstances diminish the passion. The makeup sex doesn't reach the same highs as the previous encounters. Sadly, the story peaks in Episode 4, and the rest of the series never surpasses that quality again. Even so, I'm fond of this BL drama. Despite the flawed storytelling and flat ending, Ghost Host, Ghost House is strangely endearing.

Ghost Host Ghost House Information

Vibie Gen

Vibie Gen is a Thai BL studio that produced Love Advisor (2021) and That's My Candy (2022).

Vibie Gen is a Thai BL studio that produced Love Advisor (2021) and That's My Candy (2022). It also made the supernatural BL series, Ghost Host, Ghost House (2022). This studio has a connection to Vibie, a Thai live-streaming app.


Kwankaow Koosakulnirund is a Thai director who worked on the 2022 BL Series, Ghost Host, Ghost House.

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