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Hard Love Mission is a Thai BL series about an actor and a journalist.

Hard Love Mission is a Thai BL series about an actor, a reporter, and their budding romance. The main character is a journalist who wants to secure a celebrity interview. Yet, this famous idol avoids dealing with the media. The protagonist finds a way to get close to the elusive star at an island resort. He goes on a challenging mission to get his interview request approved.

Besides the decent production values, everything about Hard Love Mission is hard to enjoy. The ridiculous plot, vapid romance, and despicable characters make each episode unbearable. I'm also offended by an outrageously problematic storyline, shocking me with its vileness. This disgustingly dull BL drama is an atrocious waste of time.

Hard Love Mission Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

7 episodes




Hard Love Mission is a dark & toxic BL drama.


Yoshi and Putter enjoy the island activities together.

Yoshi and his friend Ampere are reporters. Their boss wants them to interview Putter, one of the trendiest actors. However, Putter is famously elusive and never agrees to do a personal interview. Yoshi's boss has threatened to fire him unless he secures an exclusive one-on-one with the celebrity. Thankfully, Putter's manager Louis is an old acquaintance of Yoshi. Louis informs that Putter will stay on the island of Ko Samet to do a photoshoot.

Yoshi and Ampere arrive on the island. Louis calls, revealing that he can't accompany Putter on this business trip. Instead, Louis wants Yoshi to act as Putter's temporary manager. Reluctantly, Yoshi becomes in charge of handling the celebrity. Putter has some eccentric habits. For example, he can't sleep alone. As such, Putter requests Yoshi to move into the same resort room as him. If Yoshi disobeys or displeases the idol, Putter will refuse to do the media interview with him.

Putter is doing an island photoshoot with Vivi, an up-and-coming starlet. Vivi's manager, Lip, wants his client to become famous. He suggests that she should cozy up to Putter to gain recognition. Although Vivi isn't attracted to her costar, she listens to her manager's advice. Lip has also partnered with Pete, who plans to take scandalous pictures of the two loved-up models. Pete is a failed actor who resents Putter for stealing a leading role from him. He wants to destroy Putter's career as retaliation.

Meanwhile, Yoshi is oblivious to Lip and Pete's scheming. He's busy trying to manage the celebrity. His colleague Ampere is lazy and doesn't plan on doing any work during her holiday getaway. As such, Yoshi must handle all of Putter's obligations by himself. As they spend time together, Putter stops behaving like such a diva. He shows a more humble side to him, impressing Yoshi.

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Hard Love Mission Cast



Tonliew Methaphat Chimkul (ต้นหลิว เมธาพัฒน์ ฉิมกุล)

Yoshi is portrayed by a Thai actor Tonliew Methaphat Chimkul (ต้นหลิว เมธาพัฒน์ ฉิมกุล).

Yoshi is a reporter trying to secure an exclusive celebrity interview with Putter. If he doesn't get the interview, his boss has threatened to fire him. Yoshi and Putter's manager used to be acquaintances. He learns Putter will be staying at an island resort. Yoshi arrives on the island with his colleague Ampere, hoping to convince the famous star to do the interview.

Tonliew Methaphat Chimkul

Tonliew Methaphat Chimkul (รัฐศาสตร์ ฉิมกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 3, 1999.

Tonliew Methaphat Chimkul (รัฐศาสตร์ ฉิมกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 3, 1999. His first BL project is the 2020 movie, TimeNew. He also starred in the 2022 series, Hard Love Mission.


Pete Jukkapong Paohom (พีท จักรพงศ์ เผ่าหอม)

Putter is portrayed by the Thai actor Pete Jukkapong Paohom (พีท จักรพงศ์ เผ่าหอม).

Putter is a young celebrity. Despite his fame, he is notoriously elusive and doesn't like dealing with the media. He often refuses to do interviews that ask about his personal life. Putter arrives on an island to do a photoshoot with his costar Vivi. Following her manager's advice, Vivi plans to seduce Putter to raise her celebrity profile.

Pete Jukkapong Paohom

Pete Jukkapong Paohom (พีท จักรพงศ์ เผ่าหอม) is a Thai actor.

Pete Jukkapong Paohom (พีท จักรพงศ์ เผ่าหอม) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Hard Love Mission.

Supporting Cast

Ampere is portrayed by the Thai actress Jaja Jinjutha Siripheng (จ๊ะจ๋า จินต์จุฑา ศิริเพ็ง).


Jaja Jinjutha Siripheng (จ๊ะจ๋า จินต์จุฑา ศิริเพ็ง)

Vivi is portrayed by the Thai actress Chompu Sasi Ngiunwan (ชมพู่ ศศิ เหงียนวัน).


Chompu Sasi Ngiunwan (ชมพู่ ศศิ เหงียนวัน)

Lip is portrayed by the Thai actor Teae Thenchai Namgpiss (เต้ เทียนชัย งามพิศ).


Teae Thenchai Namgpiss (เต้ เทียนชัย งามพิศ)

Pete is portrayed by the Thai actor Dice Akarawat Chinakarn (ไดซ์ อัครวัฒน์ ชินะกาญจน์).


Dice Akarawat Chinakarn (ไดซ์ อัครวัฒน์ ชินะกาญจน์)

Thaen is portrayed by the Thai actor Nutder Nattapong Prompinit (นัท นัฐพงษ์ พรหมพินิจ).


Nut Nattapong Prompinit (นัท นัฐพงษ์ พรหมพินิจ)

Joe is portrayed by the Thai actor Mark Tada Harnphiphatmongkol (มาร์ค ธาดา หาญพิพัฒน์มงคล).


Mark Tada Harnphiphatmongkol (มาร์ค ธาดา หาญพิพัฒน์มงคล)

Cast Highlights

  • Yoshi's actor (Tonliew) starred in the 2020 Thai BL movie, TimeNew.
  • Pete's actor (Dice) has a supporting role in the 2023 BL drama Low Frequency.
  • Thaen's actor (Nut) plays a supporting part in the 2023 series Colorful Melody.

Hard Love Mission Review


Drama Review Score: 1.7

Yoshi and Putter sleep in the same room.

Don't watch Hard Love Mission! That's my review. That's all I have to say. Writing anything more about this awful drama feels like a waste of words, but I'll elaborate on my distaste. This series has a boring plot, a tepid romance, and vile characters perpetuating offensive tropes. The senseless story becomes increasingly unwatchable with each dull episode, leading to a ridiculous climax and a laughable resolution. Hard Love Mission is a pathetic effort for a BL drama, and we shouldn't accept this dismal quality in the genre.

Hard Love Mission begins with an absurd concept that throws me off. How does the protagonist suddenly go from being a journalist to a celebrity manager!? Okay, I tell myself to look past the improbable circumstances. In the next scene, the famous idol blackmails his love interest to sleep in the same room as him. WTF!? Before the first episode is halfway over, the plot already challenges me with two preposterous ideas. Subsequently, many other events and reactions are just as nonsensical, insulting my intelligence as a viewer.

The worst storyline rears its ugly head in Episode 2 and dominates the rest of the series. The spotlight shifts to the horrendous supporting characters, who conspire incessantly to sabotage the leads. These villains don't act like sane humans with rational thoughts or moral consciences. Instead, they run around like exaggerated caricatures, causing diabolical chaos. Their wicked schemes involve drugging the celebrity to take scandalous photos of him naked and unconscious. When that doesn't work, they resort to hurting and murdering him. What the hell!? Are they psychos!?

In addition to the problematic storylines, I'm troubled by the trite and tedious romance. The couple shares no chemistry or attraction, so their interactions are awkward, embarrassing, and contrived. Putter is an unlikable love interest who can't overcome a sleazy first impression. I hate how he patronizes Yoshi and threatens his career. While his attitude is less obnoxious in the later episodes, he turns into a bland, generic character with no personality. Likewise, Yoshi is a wallflower who receives little development. Neither lead has the charisma to carry the series.

I'm aghast and abhorred by nearly everything about Hard Love Mission. The decent production values are the only redeeming trait since the tropical island scenery creates a festive atmosphere. Yet, the vibrant visuals cannot conceal the ugliness of the disastrous story. The plot is so thoughtless, the romance is so passionless, and the acting is so charmless. I hate Hard Love Mission for wasting my time. It deserves to be in the bottom ranks, listed as one of the worst atrocities committed against the BL genre. Let's never speak about this piece of garbage again.


Trashy story

Hard Love Mission is a woefully written BL drama. The outrageous plot promotes vile characters & problematic antics. The episodes are unwatchable as the story becomes ridiculously senseless.

Trite romance

This couple shares zero chemistry. Their romantic encounters are contrived and embarrassingly awkward. Also, Putter is an unlikable love interest who can't overcome an awful first impression.

Terrible acting

The leads deliver flat performances with little charisma. These protagonists are terribly uncompelling figures. The script is already bad enough, but the weak performers worsen the problem.

Happy ending

Hard Love Mission has a happy ending where the leads celebrate their romance. Thankfully, the disturbing drama with the evil supporting characters was resolved in the previous episode.

Vibrant artistry

The tropical island scenery produces a bright, vibrant atmosphere. Although the outdoor shots look beautiful, the series could've pushed its artistry more with the indoor scenes.


Hard Love Mission is a dismal BL drama with a thoughtless plot, passionless romance, and charmless performers. This disgraceful series is an infuriating waste of time. Watch anything else instead.

Hard Love Mission Episodes

Episode Guide

Putter carries Yoshi in his arms.

Hard Love Mission has a total of 7 episodes. Each episode is around 10 to 25 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. Hard Love Mission started on October 15, 2022 and ended on November 26, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I have a hard time accepting the weird circumstances. How is Yoshi suddenly the manager!? Also, Putter's behaviour is off-putting and sleazy. I hate how he uses Yoshi's job to manipulate him.

Episode 2

Wow, this series takes a sharp nosedive. Is Vivi's manager planning to drug Putter!? WTF!? How does that benefit Vivi's career? Why isn't she standing up for herself?

Episode 3

Oh my god, I hate these vile supporting characters! I don't wanna watch their awful antics. Stop focusing on them. Meanwhile, the leads are so boring together. These romantic encounters are snoozy.

Episode 4

The face-painting scene has a cozy aura. However, I'm not feeling the romantic vibes between this couple. There aren't any sparks or charisma. I feel awkward and embarrassed watching them.

Episode 5

WTF!? The supporting characters are despicable scumbags! Why are they doing such evil crimes against Putter!? All over a stolen role!? This offensive storyline crossed the line of indecency long ago.

Episode 6

This shitshow is unwatchable. I can put up with boring & generic BL dramas. However, I've no tolerance for vile, abhorrent stories. Ugh, watching Hard Love Mission has been such a waste of my time.

Episode 7

Finally, Putter does the stupid interview. Of course, he gives the most mundane answers ever. How is this guy a celebrity when he has no charisma? This anticlimactic ending is so underwhelming.

Hard Love Mission Information

28 MDP Studio

28 MDP Studio is a Thai studio that made The Love of Winter (2022), their first BL drama.

28 MDP Studio is a Thai studio that made The Love of Winter (2022), their first BL drama. It has also made Hard Love Mission (2022) and Colorful Melody (2023). It also functions as a dance and choreography studio.


Jam Bantita Kannasut (แจม บัณฑิตา กรรณสูต) is a Thai director.

Jam Bantita Kannasut (แจม บัณฑิตา กรรณสูต) is a Thai director. She has worked on Hard Love Mission (2022), her first BL project. She is also the director of Colorful Melody (2023). Previously, Jam worked as a screenwriter and an actress for The Love of Winter (2022).

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