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Colorful Melody is a Thai BL series about an artist and a musician.

Colorful Melody is a Thai BL series about a musician and a painter. The main character arrives in the countryside and teaches music to schoolchildren. He befriends the art teacher, forming an instant connection with him. They get to know each other better while visiting their beautiful surroundings. As their relationship deepens, the protagonist wonders if the budding attraction between them is mutual.

The beautifully filmed Colourful Melody features breathtaking outdoor scenery. From majestic waterfalls to vintage train carriages, the gorgeous settings create a mesmerizing romantic atmosphere. The couple forms a cozy connection, even though their relationship scenes don't seem deep. However, the final episode suddenly introduces tragic melodrama that destroys the relaxing vibe. I hate the finale so much that it ruins the series.

Colorful Melody Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


1 hour and 30 minutes

Total Episodes:

4 episodes




Colorful Melody is a nice & heartwarming BL drama.


Mem and Day enjoy a meal together.

Day is a musician who plays the violin. He's preparing for an upcoming audition for an orchestra, even though the positions are competitive. In the meantime, Day has relocated to the countryside. He enjoys the peacefulness of the rural setting. Day begins a new job as a volunteer teacher, giving music lessons to schoolchildren. His friend and colleague, B, introduced him to this job position.

Day meets the other teachers, including Mem and Toy. They have a group meal to celebrate the new teacher's arrival. Day and Mem start talking more, getting to know each other better. Mem is an art teacher. He loves to draw, even in his free time. Mem likes going to various outdoor locations with his drawing kit and paints for hours. He's perfectly content working in the countryside. Mem has adjusted to the serene and leisurely lifestyle.

Day and Mem discover they are neighbours. They hang out even more outside work. The pair spends the day sightseeing, from visiting shrines to taking boat rides. Their neighbours and colleagues observe that they have grown closer. While hanging out by the waterfall, Day and Mem are alone in the wilderness. Mem approaches Day and tests the waters with his budding feelings.

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Colorful Melody Cast



Ter Sittar Theerapatvej (เตอร์ สิทธา ธีรภัทรเวช)

Day is portrayed by the Thai actor Ter Sittar Theerapatvej (เตอร์ สิทธา ธีรภัทรเวช).

Day is a violinist who has relocated to the countryside. He begins a job as a music teacher, giving lessons to schoolchildren. Day aspires to land a job in a famous orchestra, although the positions are competitive. Day's family is well-off. His father owns a factory.

Ter Sittar Theerapatvej

Ter Sittar Theerapatvej (เตอร์ สิทธา ธีรภัทรเวช) is a Thai actor.

Ter Sittar Theerapatvej (เตอร์ สิทธา ธีรภัทรเวช) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, The Love of Winter. He is also the lead of Colorful Melody (2023).


Team Pokawin Jamsai (ทีม โภควินท์ แจ่มใส)

Mem is portrayed by the Thai actor Team Pokawin Jamsai (ทีม โภควินท์ แจ่มใส).

Mem is an art teacher who works at the same school as Day. A humble man, he has no bigger aspirations than to draw art and give lessons to the schoolchildren. Mem enjoys visiting various outdoor destinations and painting for hours. He forges a connection with Day as soon as they meet.

Team Pokawin Jamsai

Team Pokawin Jamsai (ทีม โภควินท์ แจ่มใส) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 19, 2004.

Team Pokawin Jamsai (ทีม โภควินท์ แจ่มใส) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 19, 2004. His first BL project is a leading role in the 2023 series, Colorful Melody.

Supporting Cast

B is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Toy is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Wipha's aunt is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Wipha is portrayed by a Thai performer.


Day's father is performed by a Thai actor.

Day's dad

Mem's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Mem's mom

Young Day is portrayed by a Thai child actor.

Young Day

Young Mem is portrayed by a Thai child actor.

Young Mem

Cast Highlights

  • The actor who portrays Day (Ter) is the star of the 2022 series The Love of Winter.
  • Toy's actor (Nut) has supporting roles in Love in the Air (2022) and Hard Love Mission (2022).

Colorful Melody Review


Drama Review Score: 5.6

Mem and Day listen to music together.

The most spectacular part about Colorful Melody is its picturesque outdoor filming locations. The story takes place in a rural setting and showcases the magnificent views outside the cityscape. It captures so much of the serene beauty in the surroundings. Every shot of the sea, the shrine, and the sunset evokes astonishment. The second and third episodes are like tourism ads, making me want to board a plane and go sightseeing. Colorful Melody dazzles with its cinematography and transports viewers to a stunning world.

Many fans have watched A Tale of Thousand Stars, one of the classics in the Thai BL genre. The famous fan favourite has inspired several copycats, including Colorful Melody. Both stories feature a volunteer teacher who leaves the city and resides in the countryside. This series changes a few character details and plot points to avoid direct plagiarism. Nonetheless, it draws obvious comparisons by borrowing such a similar premise. Unsurprisingly, the imitation is never as good as the original. Colorful Melody feels like a shorter, less charming, and unimaginative rip-off.

Colorful Melody has a calm, relaxing vibe. The protagonists get along blissfully without conflict, so there's little drama for most of the series. On the one hand, I appreciate the mellow scenes as the couple enjoys each other's company. On the other hand, the uneventful plot loses my interest during the slower moments. Episode 2 introduces the first source of tension, yet the characters move on by skirting around the issue. This low-stakes series avoids confrontation and minimizes grittier storytelling. It coasts on casual relationship fluff for the first three episodes.

The mesmerizing backdrop helps establish a romantic atmosphere. It's easier to believe the characters have fallen in love when surrounded by natural beauty. However, the couple's relationship scenes are mundane. They chit-chat casually and smile gently before the camera pans out to show the landscape. There are also a few cozy montages to summarize their bonding moments. While these scenes are fine, they don't excite me too much. As the characters exchange pleasantries, I don't sense sparks between them. The scenery is more memorable than their interactions.

I recognize Day's actor (Ter) from another BL drama last year. However, he hasn't left much of an impression on me in either series. In both cases, he portrays a generic protagonist without much personality. The narrow scope of the roles doesn't allow the performer to shine. I like his costar (Team) slightly more. He's a cutie with lots of sincerity in his expression. His character, Mem, is a humble art teacher in the countryside. Yet, he strips off, climbs on top of his partner, and makes out passionately during a sexual encounter. Whoa, his transformation is fierce!

The last episode is my least favourite part of Colorful Melody. With little build-up, the gentle story suddenly plunges into tragedy and melodrama. The over-the-top plot developments, from mysterious illnesses to convoluted childhood backstories, bewilder me. WTF!? Where did all this angst come from!? The contrived sad ending is so tonally jarring from the rest of the narrative, undermining everything that made it enjoyable. I hated the finale so much that it ruined the series for me. Colorful Melody goes from casually pleasant to catastrophically overwrought.


Uninspired story

Colorful Melody borrows similar ideas from A Tale of Thousand Stars, showing little originality. Most uneventful episodes coast on casual romantic fluff instead of grittier storytelling.

Mellow romance

The bland couple spends leisurely time bonding with each other. Although these exchanges seem cozy and mellow, they don't excite me. I pay more attention to the scenery than the interactions.

Average acting

Mem's actor (Tem) is a cutie who displays lots of sincerity in his expressions. His costar (Ter) makes less of an impression on me. The generic role doesn't allow the performer to shine.

Sad ending

Colorful Melody has a sad ending where the couple suddenly faces a storm of tragic melodrama. The angsty finale is tonally jarring from the rest of the series. I hate this last episode so damn much.

Picturesque artistry

The beautiful series features picturesque outdoor filming locations, almost like a tourism ad. The gorgeous scenery sets a romantic atmosphere and transports viewers to a stunning world.


Colorful Melody is a cozy, casual BL series with picturesque outdoor filming locations. Yet, the uneventful story, bland romance, and overwrought ending have destroyed my enjoyment.

Colorful Melody Episodes

Episode Guide

Mem and Day flirt with each other.

Colorful Melody has a total of 4 episodes. Each episode is around 20 to 25 minutes long. The last episode is around 25 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 2 hours. Colorful Melody has released all its episodes on December 16, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

The first episode is kinda meh. Most of the scenes seem mundane and unnoteworthy. Any time the protagonist is a "volunteer teacher" in a Thai BL drama, it feels like a rip-off of A Tale of 1000 Stars.

Episode 2

The outdoor scenes are gorgeous, capturing the outdoor beauty. Mem's actor is also a cutie. His looks are growing on me. OMG, he rejected the kiss!? I wanted to see them make out by the waterfall!

Episode 3

Are they not going to address the rejected waterfall kiss? Um, okay. I thought Mem was some humble art teacher in the countryside. But damn, he's making out with Day fiercely. Teachers gone wild!

Episode 4

WTF!? I hate this sad ending so much! From the mysterious illness to the annoying breakup, the story suddenly introduces so much contrived melodrama. The finale ruins the relaxing vibe of the series.

Colorful Melody Information

28 MDP Studio

28 MDP Studio is a Thai studio that made The Love of Winter (2022), their first BL drama.

28 MDP Studio is a Thai studio that made The Love of Winter (2022), their first BL drama. It has also made Hard Love Mission (2022) and Colorful Melody (2023). It also functions as a dance and choreography studio.


Jam Bantita Kannasut (แจม บัณฑิตา กรรณสูต) is a Thai director.

Jam Bantita Kannasut (แจม บัณฑิตา กรรณสูต) is a Thai director. She has worked on Hard Love Mission (2022), her first BL project. She is also the director of Colorful Melody (2023). Previously, Jam worked as a screenwriter and an actress for The Love of Winter (2022).

  1. You said it: the finale kills all the good vibes… But it was worth it watching it once for travel location and Mem 🙂
    I appreciate your reviews very much!


    1. Thank you very much for your appreciation!

      Yeah, the finale killed the good vibes for me. I reacted really poorly to the last episode, but I did enjoy the cinematography a lot. It made me want to buy a plane ticket, haha. Mem is also a cutie and added to my enjoyment. 😄

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