HIStory 2: Right or Wrong – Series Review & Ending Explained

Yi Jie is a university professor who falls in love with his student Xiao Fei in HIStory 2: Right or Wrong.

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong is a Taiwanese BL drama that explores an unconventional university romance. The main character is a college student who falls in love with his professor. As if their relationship isn't complicated enough, the professor is also a single father with a young child.

Recommending HIStory 2: Right or Wrong is complicated because the tricky romance may not appeal to everyone. The couple must overcome a problematic teacher-student dynamic, significant age difference, and drastically different aspirations. Nonetheless, this HIStory installment is still a decent BL series with lots of charm and cheeriness.

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong Summary


HIStory2 – 是非

Series Info:

Taiwan (2018)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




HIStory 2: Right or Wrong is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Yi Jie and Xiao Fei have a teacher-student romance.

The 32-year-old Yi Jie is a single divorced father with a young daughter named You You. He works as a university professor who specializes in history and archaeology. Since his separation four years ago, Yi Jie has committed himself to his job. Yi Jie becomes so focused on his career that he often works long hours and neglects his daughter.

The 19-year-old Xiao Fei is one of Yi Jie's college students. Xiao Fei also works as a nanny, hired to take care of his professor's daughter. Warm and friendly, Xiao Fei is an excellent caregiver who gets along with You You exceptionally well. However, he is frustrated with Yi Jie's workaholic behaviour and believes his professor should spend more time at home.

When You You experiences a health scare, Yi Jie is still busy working and doesn't arrive at the hospital until far too late. He receives a stern lecture from Xiao Fei, who calls him a lousy father. After this incident, Yi Jie is forced to reassess the priorities in his life. He begins spending more time at home with You You and Xiao Fei, developing a closer bond with both of them.

Yi Jie and Xiao Fei actually met years ago. When Xiao Fei was still in high school, he got bullied for being gay. Feeling depressed, he indulged in drugs and anonymous sex with strange men. One night, Yi Jie rescues Xiao Fei from a sleazy encounter in a dark alleyway. Yi Jie has a stern talk with Xiao Fei, giving him the wake-up call to change his life. Although Yi Jie doesn't remember this incident, Xiao Fei cherishes this memory dearly in his heart.

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong Trailer

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong Cast


Yi Jie Steven Chiang (江常輝) Steven Chiang Instagram

Yi Jie is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Steven Chiang (江常輝).

Yi Jie is a university professor who teaches anthropology. He is a single divorced dad who separated from his wife four years ago. Although he has an adorable daughter, Yi Jie is such a workaholic that he rarely spends time at home with his child. He is passionate about archaeology and wants to go on an expedition with his university peers.

Xiao Fei Hunt Chang (張行) Hunt Chang Instagram

Xiao Fei is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Hunt Chang (張行).

Xiao Fei is a college student who attends Yi Jie's lectures. After school, he works as a nanny for his professor and takes care of his daughter. Xiao Fei is great with kids and has a fantastic relationship with You You. A few years ago, Xiao Fei was bullied for being gay. He also experimented with drugs and anonymous sex, but has changed his behaviour since then.

Supporting Cast

Yi Jie's daughter You You is portrayed by the actress Ye Yi-en (葉翊恩).

You You

Ye Yi-en (葉翊恩)

Ye Zi is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Shelby Su (蘇育惟).

Ye Zi

Shelby Su (蘇育惟)

Shao An is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Chu Meng-hsuan (初孟軒).

Shao An

Chu Meng-hsuan (初孟軒)

Xiao Fei's mom is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Chao Yung-hsin (趙永馨).

Xiao Fei's mom

Chao Yung-hsin (趙永馨)

Yi Jie's ex-wife is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Lia Kang (康茵茵).

Yi Jie's wife

Lia Kang (康茵茵)

Yi Jie's friend is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Oscar Chiu (邱志宇).

Yi Jie's friend

Oscar Chiu (邱志宇)

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HIStory 2: Right or Wrong Review


Drama Review Score: 7.5

Yi Jie and Xiao Fei come close to a kiss.

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong is a charming BL series. It's easy to immerse in the cozy storyline with vibrant characters, lighthearted interactions, and heartwarming family moments. Unfortunately, this drama comes with some red flags. For starters, the teacher-student dynamic is problematic and a professor shouldn't be so eager to jump into bed with his pupil. Similarly, a 32-year-old divorced dad seducing his 19-year-old nanny adds another layer of sordidness to the relationship.

HIStory highlights the attraction between the leads and downplays any questionable elements in their romance. A professor dating his student poses a conflict of interest, yet the characters never point out the ethical misconduct. In fact, Yi Jie is brazen enough to kiss Xiao Fei on campus, not even hiding their affair behind closed doors. Nonetheless, the wrongdoing bothers me implicitly and I feel apprehensive in the back of my mind. I might be able to turn a blind eye if it's the only issue, but HIStory 2: Right or Wrong has another elephant in the room.

Although the series tries not to emphasize the thirteen-year age difference, it's too significant to overlook. Despite Xiao Fei's mature personality, the high school flashbacks remind us how young his character is. Not so long ago, he was still an underage teenager when Yi Jie already got married and had a kid. For perspective, Xiao Fei and his love interest's daughter are closer in age than he is to his 30something boyfriend… The age gap is yet another mental barrier to overcome. Why does watching this romance feel like I'm experiencing multiple moral conundrums?

If we only focus on the positives of HIStory 2: Right or Wrong, there's a lot to like. The two leads receive plenty of development, each with extensive backstories and fleshed-out personalities. The supporting cast is lively and energetic, particularly the child actress who is excellent at being adorable. While the story has a few uneven parts, I can excuse the minor blips in an otherwise smooth and solid narrative. I also enjoy the jovial tone, achieving a successful balance between light romantic comedy and the more serious melodrama.

The main characters nurture a compelling physical and emotional rapport, sharing delightful chemistry with each other. While the actors portray a persuasive connection, my conscience struggles with the dodginess of their relationship. I keep debating with myself whether this mismatched couple is right or wrong for each other. The more I scrutinize the pairing, the less I'm willing to champion this BL drama. I like HIStory 2: Right or Wrong overall and appreciate its merits, but I can't shake off my discomfort with various undesirable tropes.


Thorny story
Yi Jie and Xiao Fei form a happy family unit.

If we put aside the age difference and professor-student dynamic, I like the story in HIStory 2: Right or Wrong. A single working dad falls in love with a man after his divorce and introduces him to his family. The core concept is cute for a BL drama and I'm into it!

The cute and heartwarming family moments in HIStory 2: Right or Wrong are enjoyable. Yi Jie's daughter is an endearing character and she's the glue that keeps the main characters together. Their scenes are lovely, portraying two men who raise a child together in a loving environment. I like that Xiao Fei becomes You You's second dad, and she even calls him as such at the end of the series.

However, HIStory 2 isn't just a wholesome series about a modern family. It also contains some edgier storylines, including an age-inappropriate relationship that oversteps ethical boundaries. You hire a student to look after your daughter, and then you end up sleeping with him… On the one hand, this BL drama wants to be cute and endearing. On the other hand, the romance is inappropriate and problematic. These jarring discrepancies leave me with complicated thoughts about the overall story.

Yi Jie
Yi Jie seduces Xiao Fei in his office.

Yi Jie is an unconventional lead for a BL drama. In this genre, you don't see too many divorced dads in their thirties. You definitely won't see many main characters hooking up with their 19-year-old babysitters.

I like Yi Jie's character transformation during the series. He started out as a workaholic who was negligent of his child. Thanks to Xiao Fei's influence, Yi Jie becomes a family man who prioritizes his home life over his career. His character goes through a well-crafted personal journey that feels satisfying and believable.

With that said, I'm iffy on Yi Jie's character as a person and question his dubious ethics. You hire a student to look after your daughter, and then you end up sleeping with him… Regardless of whether their relationship is right or wrong, the love affair is a little tacky. 🙄 While I think Yi Jie is a well-developed protagonist, I don't find him particularly likable or endorse his decisions.

Xiao Fei
Xiao Fei has a troubled youth.

I'm not that into Xiao Fei's backstory, intertwined with homophobia, drug use, and anonymous sex. Not only are these tropes overplayed, but they don't mesh well with the vibe of the character or the series. On paper, I like the idea of Xiao Fei as a former delinquent youth who rehabilitated successfully. However, his high school flashbacks were weirdly executed and just didn't feel right for me.

During the flashback, we learn that Yi Jie came to Xiao Fei's rescue years ago. Yi Jie gave the troubled teenager a lecture about self-respect, which inspired him to change the trajectory of his life. In my opinion, this past connection seems unnecessary, adding an iffy twist that Yi Jie met Xiao Fei when he was a teenager. As someone who isn't on board with their 13-year age gap, the flashbacks only highlighted how young Xiao Fei is relative to Yi Jie.

Yi Jie's ex-wife appears in the last few episodes of the series.

Like Xiao Fei, I assumed Yi Jie was a widower at first and thought his wife passed away. However, they got a divorce four years ago. She couldn't handle the stress of caring for a sick child, leaving You You under Yi Jie's care. The ex-wife makes a dramatic return in the last few episodes, wanting to form a family again. Her arrival makes Xiao Fei feel insecure about his relationship until Yi Jie gives him reassurance.

I have mixed feelings about this last-minute plot development. On the one hand, I'm a messy bitch who lives for drama, so I love how the ex-wife comes back to stir the pot. 🤭 However, I also think the storyline is sloppy, too eager to demonize the ex-wife. The drama condemns her character as a bad parent and exposes her homophobia, so it's tough to take her side.

The truth is that the ex-wife had a mental health crisis a few years ago. She feels better now, wants to get her life back on track, and make up for lost time with her daughter. However, Yi Jie refuses to get back together with her, choosing his new lover over his ex-wife. His decision is understandable, but this storyline feels flat. HIStory 2 was afraid we'd sympathize with the wife, so they made her character as one-dimensional as possible. If only there was more nuance to the situation, it would have enriched the emotions and made the drama more compelling to watch.


Tricky romance
Yi Jie and Xiao Fei have sex for the first time.

The romance in HIStory 2: Right or Wrong progresses at a comfortable pace. Xiao Fei and Yi Jie are given plenty of time to establish their bond before they develop an attraction. It feels almost authentic when the characters fall in love. They also share a decent amount of passion in their relationship, including an intimate sex scene near the end of the series. Overall, HIStory 2 gets many components right in its BL equation.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to overlook the complications in the romance. Xiao Fei is Yi Jie's student, nanny, and almost half his age. Based on their backgrounds alone, they aren't suitable love interests for each other. If we must discuss whether their relationship is "right" or "wrong", it definitely leans towards the wrong. Yi Jie should have controlled his impulses and not sleep with his student!

At 19 years old (20 by the end of the series), Xiao Fei is almost thirteen years younger than his boyfriend. He doesn't seem like an age-appropriate love interest for Yi Jie, who is creeping on Leonardo Dicaprio territory here. The age gap also exposes how the characters are in totally different stages of their lives. The aspirations of a working divorced parent don't align with the carefree lifestyle of a young college kid. I don't feel like they're compatible as a couple.


Okay acting
Yi Jie and Xiao Fei met each other in the past.

I enjoy the chemistry between the leads and think they seem comfortable in their interactions. Yi Jie's actor (Steven Chiang) puts in a solid performance, creating a nuanced role with various endearing quirks.

In contrast, Xiao Fei's actor (Hunt Chang) is a little inconsistent. He seems shaky during some emotional moments, even though I still like his character. His performance could have been more persuasive, in my opinion.

I like the child actress playing You You and think she portrays her role well. You You is a pretty prominent character with numerous scenes throughout the series. However, the actress is capable and has a natural on-screen presence. She comes across as giddy and adorable without being too precocious.


Happy ending
Yi Jie and Xiao Fei share a kiss in the HIStory 2: Right or Wrong ending.

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong has a happy ending where Yi Jie and Xiao Fei are still together by the end of the series. Earlier, the ex-wife has returned and wants to reconcile with Yi Jie again. Her presence makes Xiao Fei feel insecure about his role in their family dynamic. However, Yi Jie reassures his boyfriend that he has no intention of getting back together with his ex-wife. He rejects her decisively and ends up choosing him instead.

In the last episode, Yi Jie celebrates his 20th birthday. As a gift, his friends Ye Zi and Shao An babysit You You for the day. Yi Jie and Xiao Fei use the afternoon to enjoy their time as a couple, consummating their love for the first time. The final scene jumps forward in time, showing how Xiao Fei has settled into his new relationship. The three of them attend You You's school event together, just like a cohesive family unit.

Overall, I thought HIStory 2: Right or Wrong cute and pleasant ending. Xiao Fei still feels hesitant about his place in the family, since he doesn't want to attend the school event at first. However, both Yi Jie and You You insist that he's part of the family now, making him feel more comfortable. It's lovely seeing the three of them as a happy family at the end of the series.

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong Episodes

Episode Guide

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 22 minutes long. It's a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. HIStory 2: Right or Wrong started airing on January 30, 2018 and finished on February 21, 2018.

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Episode 2


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  1. Worst BL I've ever seen
    Top is an irresponsible adult, father who manipulates and grooms his MINOR STUDENT from his college to take care of his child, house and chores. The acting is so awkward and cringey. This story romanticizes a toxic, grooming relationship which is illegal as it is his student. Don’t waste your time with this.
    P.S The stylist needs to be fired…cause the clothes were senseless and the hair styling was so bad.

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