Cheng Ching and Feng He are stepbrothers who fall in love in HIStory: Stay Away From Me.

HIStory: Stay Away From Me is a Taiwanese BL drama about two stepbrothers who become roommates. The main character is shocked to discover his new stepbrother is a famous celebrity who will move in and live with him. Although their personalities clash at first, the two of them eventually find common ground and discover a deeper connection.

Some BL series make a big impression, while others like HIStory: Stay Away From Me fall quietly into the middle of the pack. This HIStory installment is a simple and straightforward story that doesn't deviate much from expectations. It's a perfectly serviceable stepbrother romance, even if there's a lack of spark and excitement.

HIStory: Stay Away From Me Summary

What is the drama called?

HIStory – 離我遠一點

Where was the series made?


When was the drama released?


How long is the series?

Around 90 minutes

What is the genre?


How would you describe the series?

Cute and sweet

How many episodes are there?

4 episodes

How long is each episode?

Around 20 minutes


Cheng Ching discovers Feng He is his new stepbrother.

Feng He is an ordinary university student who lives in an apartment unit by himself. One day, he learns that his younger stepbrother will be moving in with him, as requested by his parents. Feng He soon discovers his new stepbrother is Cheng Ching, a famous celebrity with many adoring fans.

Both stepbrothers aren't used to their living arrangement at first. Feng He has a serious personality and prefers to spend his time studying for school. Cheng Ching is more relaxed, but comes across as privileged and doesn't like doing chores. The two of them don't get along at first due to their personality differences. Over time, they eventually settle into a comfortable routine and get used to each other's eccentricities.

Cheng Ching is introduced to Meng Meng, Feng He's childhood best friend. Meng Meng is a hardcore BL fangirl who writes fanfiction and fantasizes about guys in her spare time. Thanks to her overactive imagination, Meng Meng immediately pairs Cheng Ching and Feng He together as a BL couple. Even if their actual relationship is quite different, reality won't stop Meng Meng from playing matchmaker between the two stepbrothers.

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HIStory: Stay Away From Me Cast


Feng He Edison Song (宋柏緯) Edison Song Instagram

Feng He is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Edison Song (宋柏緯).

Feng He is a university student who leads an ordinary life until his famous stepbrother Cheng Ching moves in. With a subdued personality, Feng He tries his best to avoid drama and attention. He is serious about his studies and gets good grades at school. He aspires to have a stable future with a steady income. Feng He and Meng Meng have been best friends since their secondary school days.

Cheng Ching Duke Wu (吳珝陽) Duke Wu Instagram

Cheng Ching is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Duke Wu (吳珝陽).

Cheng Ching is a famous young actor with a large fan following. He moves in with his stepbrother Feng He into the same apartment building. In the beginning, Cheng Ching has a bit of an ego, treating Feng He like a servant. When he isn't acting, Cheng Ching is also a university student, juggling between school and work simultaneously. He tends to keep a low profile in public by wearing disguises.

Meng Meng Chiao Man Ting (焦曼婷)

Meng Meng is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Chiao Man Ting (焦曼婷).

Meng Meng is Feng He's best friend since their secondary school days. The two of them have a strictly platonic relationship, and Feng He treats her like a sister. Meng Meng is an enormous BL fan and writes fanfiction online. She has an overactive imagination, constantly fantasizing about men and shipping them together. She believes Feng He and Cheng Ching would make a great couple.

Cast highlights

HIStory: Stay Away From Me Review


Drama Review Score: 6.6

Meng Meng fantasizes about Cheng Ching and Feng He as a couple.

The HIStory franchise released three separate installments in its first season. Both HIStory: My Hero and HIStory: Obsessed had innovative premises that showed lots of ambition, even if their stories weren't executed perfectly. In contrast, HIStory: Stay Away From Me offered a more familiar concept, focusing on a stepbrother romance with a slight celebrity twist. Compared to those other HIStory series, the simplicity of this drama might either feel relaxing or too mundane, depending on your perspective.

HIStory: Stay Away From Me is a low-key series, featuring a small cast, a straightforward plot, and a streamlined romance. Once the two main characters start living together, you can already guess how the rest of their relationship goes. The love story carries out as expected, progressing in a linear trajectory while we cycle through the typical BL moments. Conflict arises near the end, but the tension is mild and nothing will cause you too much stress.

If the review sounds a little tepid so far, that's because HIStory: Stay Away From Me doesn't inspire strong feelings in me. As every scene unfolds predictably, there's a lack of buzz and excitement. Nothing stands out in a surprisingly good or offensively bad way. It meets the standard criteria for a BL drama in terms of storytelling, acting, and production values. However, it doesn't exceed any expectations. If we look at the glass as half-full, the consistency is commendable. If we perceive the glass as half-empty, then its mediocrity feels unacceptable.

With a tiny cast and a tidy story, there aren't many diversions in HIStory: Stay Away From Me. As a result, it focuses on fleshing out the main characters. You get a clear sense of who Feng He and Cheng Ching are as individuals. You understand their personalities, discover their aspirations, and observe their evolving relationship dynamics. While their characterizations aren't that complex, HIStory: Stay Away From Me does a competent job developing the two leads.

The romance is safe and modest. Even though the characters get along, their bond doesn't feel passionate and seems platonic instead. I hate to say it, but they resemble stepbrothers a lot more than lovers. Oddly, the characters share more intimacy in Meng Meng's imagination than what transpires between them in reality. As corny as those scenes are, her outlandish BL fantasies excite me more than the watered-down relationship that actually takes place.

HIStory: Stay Away From Me has a pleasant conclusion that won't come with many surprises. When I completed this series, my reaction was a casual indifference. As a BL fan, I want to be excited by a story that gets my heart thumping and my adrenaline flowing. Instead, HIStory: Stay Away From Me is pretty mediocre and doesn't rise above the middle of the pack. The drama is like the equivalent of a shoulder shrug, leaving me with a brief moment of nonchalance and then I'll forget about it.

HIStory: Stay Away From Me Episodes

Episode Guide

HIStory: Stay Away From Me has a total of 4 episodes. Each episode is around 20 minutes long. This is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 90 minutes. HIStory: Stay Away From Me aired its first episode on February 21, 20217 and ended on February 24, 2017.

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Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 1

18 minutes

Episode 2

19 minutes

Episode 3

18 minutes

Episode 4

22 minutes

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