I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama – Series Review & Ending Explained

I Became the Main Character of a BL Drama is a Japanese series about two actors.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama is a Japanese BL series about two actors. The main character is a former child star who secures a role in a gay romantic drama. His costar is a beloved celebrity with many fans. After meeting for the first time, the protagonist feels insecure about their different levels of fame. He also worries about not getting along with his partner. Thankfully, their relationship improves once they start collaborating.

The story in I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama begins comedically. The playfulness comes from parodying the inner workings of a BL series, gently poking fun at familiar tropes. Over time, the plot reveals meaningful themes beneath its cheerful humour. It explores the characters' thoughts, backstories, and insecurities with respectable acting performances. The romance also unfolds compellingly and produces exciting moments.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama Summary



Series Info:

Japan (2023)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

3 episodes


Romantic comedy


I Became the Main Role of a BL drama is a happy & funny BL series.


Aoyagi and Akayu make a heart sign.

Aoyagi is a former child star who gained fame through an orange juice commercial fifteen years ago. Despite being well-known, most people only remember him as the kid from the juice ad. He lacks confidence and doesn't believe his career is notable. Aoyagi's manager, Kijima, sympathizes with his client. Kijima helps him secure a new leading role in a BL drama, which can potentially help his career.

The BL series is a live-action adaptation of the manga I Love My Childhood Friend. In the story, childhood friends Mitsutani and Moshoshiro reunite after falling out during adolescence. They start living together and repair their relationship. Aoyagi will portray Mitsutani's character. His costar is Akafuji, who will handle the Moshoshiro role. Akafuji is an up-and-coming celebrity with an established fan base. Aoyagi observes his younger costar seems more famous than him, which makes him insecure.

Aoyagi meets the cast and production team for the first time. He recognizes some familiar faces. The other supporting actors include Tendo, who has worked with Aoyagi before. Tendo will play his sister in the BL drama. Kiromiya, another charismatic performer, is friendly with both leads. Although Aoyagi tries to introduce himself to his costar, Akafuji seems standoffish around him. Aoyagi worries they may not get along in the long term.

Once filming starts, the producer observes the weak on-screen chemistry between the actors. Yayoi suggests ways to improve their rapport. She jokingly mentions the actors should live together to understand their roles better. To her surprise, Akafuji and Aoyagi seem open to the idea. The two performers move into an apartment rental, where they'll stay while filming the drama. Despite agreeing to this living arrangement, both feel awkward once they become roommates.

Aoyagi thinks his costar doesn't like him. However, that isn't the case. On the contrary, Akafuji has a secret crush on him. Before becoming a celebrity, Akafuji had been one of Aoyagi's fans and followed his career closely. He feels delighted about them working together on this project. However, he is incredibly nervous. Aoyagi has misinterpreted his partner's nerves as unfriendliness. As they live and perform together, the pair's relationship improves. They start to overcome their insecurities and open up to each other.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama Trailer

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama Cast



Nichika Akutsu (阿久津仁愛)

Aoyagi is portrayed by Japanese actor Nichika Akutsu (阿久津仁愛).

Hajime Aoyagi, also known as Aoyagi, is an actor who started his career as a child star. He gained fame through an orange juice commercial fifteen years ago. Although the ad helped begin his career, that's all people know him as. Aoyagi feels self-conscious about his lack of career accomplishments. His manager, Kijima, secures him a leading role in a BL drama.

Nichika Akutsu

Nichika Akutsu (阿久津仁愛) is a Japanese actor. He is born on December 23, 2000.

Nichika Akutsu (阿久津仁愛) is a Japanese actor. He is born on December 23, 2000. His first BL project is the 2023 series, I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama.


Alan Abe (阿部顕嵐)

Akayu is portrayed by Japanese actor Aran Abe (阿部顕嵐).

Yuijiro Akafuji, also known as Akafuji, is an up-and-coming celebrity. At age 23, he already has an established fan base. His next project is a leading role in a BL drama, which will propel his fame further. Akafuji's manager is Yukari. Despite his cool demeanour, Akafuji has a secret crush on Aoyagi. He is nervous about expressing his true feelings around his costar.

Alan Abe

Aran Abe (阿部顕嵐) is a Japanese actor. He is born on August 30, 1997.

Alan Abe (阿部顕嵐) is a Japanese actor. He is born on August 30, 1997. His first BL project is the 2023 series, I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama.

Supporting Cast

Kijima is portrayed by the Japanese actor Shu Watanabe (渡部秀).


Shu Watanabe (渡部秀)

Yukari is portrayed by Japanese actor Shu Watanabe (渡部秀).


Yuki Ogoe (小越勇輝)

Tendo is portrayed by the Japanese actress Sakurako Konishi (小西桜子).


Sakurako Konishi (小西桜子)

Kiromiya is portayed by Japanese actor Shogo Iwaya (岩谷翔吾).


Shogo Iwaya (岩谷翔吾)

Yayoi is portrayed by the Japanese actress Noriko Iriyama (入山法子).


Noriko Iriyama (入山法子)

The assistant producer is portrayed by Japanese actress Miki Kanai (金井美樹).

Assistant Producer

Miki Kanai (金井美樹)

The director is portrayed by a Japanese actor.


Young Ayoyagi is portrayed by Japanese actor Rikuto Ishizuka (石塚陸翔).

Young Aoyagi

Rikuto Ishizuka (石塚陸翔)

Cast Highlights

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama Review


Drama Review Score: 8.2

Aoyagi and Akayu share a kiss.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama begins the story cheerfully. It presents an amusing premise where two actors must overcome their awkwardness before filming a romantic series. The series sprinkles delightful humour throughout the episodes, from cheeky jokes to comedic scenarios. Its playfulness also comes from parodying BL tropes. Fans of this genre will recognize many familiar archetypes and situations. I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama subverts or embraces the cliches, which is entertaining either way.

Early on, I admit to underestimating the series. The plot consists of silly shenanigans, which don't seem particularly complex. To my surprise, the storyline reveals meaningful nuances and emotional depth as it develops. It depicts Aoyagi's self-esteem issues sympathetically, guiding the viewers through the ebbs and flows of his introspection. The sensitive portrayal helps us understand his perspective and never ridicules him for feeling inferior. This drama may like to joke around, but it knows when to pause the humour and take solemn issues seriously.

What elevates Aoyagi's storyline is the talented actor (Nichika Akutsu), who leaves a memorable impression. One of the most striking qualities about him is the expressiveness in his eyes. Those hazel eyes draw me in and communicate so much, like a window to his feelings. He can convey intricate emotions, including a seductive look, a wistful gaze, or an uncertain glance. I'm very impressed by his profound performance. His costar (Alan Abe) deals more with the comedic material, which he handles finely. Both work well together to balance drama and humour. 

Aoyagi and Akafuji become roommates. Their living arrangement allows them to interact closely outside of work. On set, they're surrounded by crew members and perform for the crowd. At home, they can relax, show vulnerability, and open up intimately. However, I have doubts whether this situation is realistic. Two celebrities seem unlikely to move in together to improve their compatibility. That's why acting workshops exist. I let my skepticism slide, but other moments in the story also seem contrived. Its credibility suffers since not all the plot developments are believable.

This series is heavy on fanservice. It teases the characters in homoerotic scenarios that make our imaginations run wild. As the leads grow closer, their sexual tension builds. My favourite moment is when their feelings peak in an exhilarating climax during Episode 2. Akafuji delivers an iconic line. The scene finishes here, which satisfies me. However, a bold love story would have followed up by including a passionate kiss. In contrast, this drama plays it safely. It doesn't dare to push further with physical affection, missing the potential for a legendary moment.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama has a happy ending with lots of sentimentality. Both leads undergo growth and feel empowered by the end of their story arcs. Overall, this series provides a solidly enjoyable viewing experience. However, it's missing a little sophistication in the writing and a bit of passion with the romance. These two flaws separate it from the top entries of the genre. Regardless, it's still a decent work that deserves praise. It's well-rounded in every category. I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama has earned a positive recommendation from me.


Meaningful story

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama has amusing scenarios. It also explores meaningful storylines with sensitive emotions. The story balances drama with humour, despite some contrived plots.

Cheeky romance

This series likes teasing fanservice. The couple's sexual tension builds and climaxes in an iconic scene. However, the relationship plays it safely and could have pushed further with more passion.

Emotive acting

Aoyagi's actor (Nichika Akutsu) has expressive eyes that convey intricate emotions. His performance shines, whether delivering seductive looks, wistful gazes, or uncertain glances.

Happy ending

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama has a happy ending where both leads feel empowered. They experience growth as individuals. Their relationship also continues blissfully.

Decent artistry

The series is fascinating because it shows the inner workings of making a BL drama. I enjoy the behind-the-scenes look, including details like marketing campaigns or sudden production changes.


I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama is a decent series balancing meaningful storylines with playful humour. It showcases a satisfying romance, juicy fanservice, and impressive acting performances.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama Episodes

Episode Guide

Akafuji hugs Aoyagi from behind.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama has a total of 3 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. The last episode is around 50 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama started on December 24, 2023 and ended on January 1, 2024.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama is a manga adaptation. The original work is BL Drama no Shuen ni Narimashita (BLドラマの主演になりました) by Machi Suzuri (すずり街).

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Aoyagi and Akayu get intimate during a performance.

I enjoy the scenes where the characters are roleplaying. Aoyagi and Akafuji switch into their alter egos, which have different demeanours from how they usually behave. After the rehearsal ends, they switch back to their original personalities again. Seeing them transition in and out of the personas is compelling. Also, the distinction gets blurred. Sometimes, you can't tell if the protagonists are playing their roles or if they are expressing their inner desires. The ambiguity adds another layer of complexity to the roleplaying scenes.

Aoyagi's actor (Nichika Akutsu) impresses me frequently throughout the series with his excellent performances. The first moment that caught my eye was when he returned home drunk. During the exchange, I paid so much attention to the expressiveness in his eyes. With every moment, he introduces a new emotion. "If you hate me, just say it," Aoyagi says, looking up. In that moment, he conveys vulnerability, doubt, and subtle traces of various feelings. He emotes well in numerous dramatic scenes, constantly bringing the gravitas and elevating the moment.

Speaking of the drunken encounter, I like Akafuji's description of his feelings for Aoyagi. "It went beyond 3D and 4D to 4DX! When I close my eyes, I see my great-grandmother waving at me." Hehe, that's cute. 😁 Another funny scene is when Akafuji takes a shower. Initially, we see his shadow jerking around through the frosted window. Afterwards, we find out he's being ridiculously over the top with the showerhead in a funny moment of physical comedy. I like the playfulness of the series. It inserts silly jokes or amusing scenarios to keep the mood lighthearted.

The roommate situation is a good storytelling decision. It creates an intimate setting for the leads to interact outside of work, creating opportunities to develop their bond. However, I seriously question the feasibility of this living arrangement. It raises concerns about privacy, professional boundaries, and ethical complications. A lot of things could go awry, especially when they're alone without supervision. Workshops or team-building activities would be the real-life solutions to improve familiarity. I'm probably overthinking it, but this plot device doesn't ring true to me.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Akafuji and Kiromiya are filming a scene together.

Episode 2 begins with Akafuji & Kiromiya filming a confrontation scene in the drama. During the exchange, Akafuji must stop his partner from escaping. He extends his arm on one side and lifts his right leg on the other side. I laughed when he put his leg against the wall, almost like doing a hamstring exercise. The optics look both seductive and funny. I've never seen a character confront someone like this, not even in BL. What is the move called? They need to do it more frequently in other dramas. 😆

I wanna watch the BL drama they're filming! The marketing campaign looks amazing. In the short video, the bespectacled protagonist receives an intimate back embrace from his dominant partner. If I saw the advert in real life, the drama would enter my to-watch list immediately. No additional context is needed. Whatever the show is, I'm clearing my schedule for it! Is this a good time to mention that Mitsutani is like my dream character archetype? The glasses, the suit, and the shy demeanour that conceals wicked sexual desires. Oh my god, I'm about to go feral over this BL fantasy bait.

"Using a rehearsal as an excuse is sexual harassment." Oh snap, Tendo said the quiet part aloud. I like this exchange because it shows self-awareness. The series understands Akafuji's actions could come across as predatory, so it gets ahead of the narrative. Aoyagi clarified that he didn't feel uncomfortable during the kiss rehearsal, removing the ambiguity. No lines were crossed, according to him. If Tendo were in the same situation, she might feel differently. Boundaries vary for everyone, so it's important to be cautious and communicate beforehand.

Aoyagi and Akafuji kiss for the first time.

My favourite moment is the kiss, of course. Earlier, the leads hanged out all day. The story emphasizes their emotional bond. Their date culminates in an intimate chat at home, where you can feel the sexual tension. While Akafuji's attraction has been clearly stated, whether Aoyagi reciprocates is ambiguous. The first kiss is an exciting moment that confirms their mutual feelings. Akafuji delivers an iconic line as he asks for another kiss"Can I rehearse more?" I pumped my fist into the air! Oh yeah, this is BL at its best!

Don't get me wrong. I loved the first kiss between the characters, which was sweet and tender. This scene is already excellent in its current format. However, the passion could have gone even further. The best BL dramas celebrate the couple's romantic climax with exhilarating kisses. Beloved series like Old Fashion Cupcake, Semantic Error, and Our Dating Sim are remembered for that one epic smooch between the leads. This moment doesn't happen in I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama. After Akafuji delivers his line, the scene ends there without further affection.

A bold BL drama would've capitalized on the atmosphere to deliver a sensational kiss. Imagine if the series followed up on "Can I rehearse more?" with a make-out session. If that had happened, all the fans would've raved about this buzzworthy scene. I believe kissing isn't a prerequisite for a good love story. You don't need to display physical intimacy to be romantic. With that said, a passionate kiss is a game-changer and elevates the series significantly. I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama plays it safely and misses out on the potential for a legendary BL moment.

Episode 2
Episode 3

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Akafuji kisses Aoyagi in the I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama ending.

I like seeing the two celebrity agents in a relationship. I was rooting for this random side couple! The story has teased Kijima and Yukari's attraction for a while, so I assumed they'd be an item. However, the revelation of their romance is shocking due to its explicitness. When Aoyagi called the manager, I didn't expect to see them in the middle of sex. I love that Yukari takes a work call while sitting on his lover's groin. LMAO. Boss move.

Aoyagi turns to Tendo for relationship advice. He pretends to speak on behalf of a friend. However, Aoyagi makes it so hilariously evident he's referencing himself. Tendo wants to respect his privacy and changes the person's gender to maintain anonymity. Yet, Aoyagi corrects her, "My actor friend is a guy with a leading role in a romantic drama, and his costar is also a guy!" Poor Tendo must debate whether to continue this thinly veiled charade. Errr, should I pretend not to know you're talking about yourself?

Who else screamed when the showrunner said she must cut the kissing scene from the BL drama? Oh, hell no! Yayoi claims it's for the story's sake, but we know that's just the cover-up excuse. All BL fans can read between the lines of this so-called "creative" decision. The real reason is that some higher-ups in the network issued orders to censor gay affection. A BL series, especially in Japan, can't get too steamy if it wants to air on primetime TV. It needs to scrub risqué content, including same-sex physical intimacy, to appeal to family-friendly demographics.

Akayu hugs an Ayoyagi doll.

Akafuji's high school flashback is funny. After a classmate's confession, she immediately dumped him because of his bad taste in anime. This relationship lasted all of three seconds! While I was laughing at the comical breakup, the series delivered a sad line. "Being rejected for what I loved was sadder than being dumped." Aww, I feel bad for mocking his heartbreak. 😢 Later, he meets Aoyagi, who embraces Akafuji's anime passion. I buy into this backstory. It explains why Akafuji feels attached to Aoyagi all these years later.

Aoyagi suffers from self-esteem issues. He feels insecure about his lack of fame and doubts his achievements. However, Akafuji proves him wrong. He's a long-time fan who has been secretly championing Aoyagi's career. Contrary to what Aoyagi thinks, his impact on others is more than he assumes. Also, Akafuji brings a positive attitude, countering Aoyagi's negative thinking. Akafuji is a happy-go-lucky guy who does things like surprise birthday parties to uplift others. He gives Akafuji much-needed encouragement. Stop dwelling on pessimism and live optimistically.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama Info


Machi Suzuri (すずり街) is a Japanese artist. As the creator of BL Drama no Shuen ni Narimashita (BLドラマの主演になりました), this manga was adapted into a live-action drama called I Became the Main Role of a BL drama.


Izuru Kumasaka (熊坂出) is a Japanese director. His first BL project is the 2022 movie, Sing in Love. He has also worked on the 2023 series, I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama.

  1. I think this drama will become a BL classic. Personally I enjoyed it very much but I understand some people might think it's too much, and yeah, some stuff isn't realistic but I see it as a plot not to be taken seriously.

    1. Yup, I think this BL drama will be remembered fondly! It has an excellent combination of humour, romance, drama, and sentimentality. Watching this was a great way for me to start 2024.

      The story has a few contrived or unrealistic plot points, but they don't bother me significantly. I can overlook them and enjoy the rest of the series, which is fun, lighthearted, and meaningful.

  2. Thanks to your review I discovered and enjoyed this little gem of a project. It was humorous and tender. I agree that if creators of this drama had been bolder regarding both the narrative and the romance, this already good show would have been elevated to the rarified air of top tier BL. The characters are great. Seeing the chic, athletic Akafuji as a geeky teen stan and the way that young Aoyagi responded to and respected him in that moment was one of the best executions I've seen of the "met and fell for you in our youth" trope (also, given his demonstrated penchant to fanboy, it's not surprising that young Akafuji fell so hard and followed Aoyagi so diligently). I also *loved* the mostly teased and but definitely glimpsed spicy affair between the managers (they could show this, but not a proper kiss in the end?). I did find the decision on the part of the director character to have Akafuji and Aoyagi live together dubious; not because it's not done (in fact from what I've read it seems pretty common for young members of idol groups and actors in the same agencies to room together both for bonding and economic reasons) but because she seemed to think that it was an adequate substitute for workshops or any other professional support. Back to the humor: the exposure of a stan's shrine is always comical (see My Beautiful Man, Sempai, and Her Private Life) and this was no exception. I watched the show straight through, 2 1/2 hours, and in that format it felt like a satisfying film rather than a too-short series.

  3. Hi! Commenting for the first time, so let me first say thank you, I really appreciate your reviews, and I've really come to trust you a lot after watching some stuff across your rating scale – at this point I've learned that I can usually give a show a miss if your rating is lower than a B-, because I probably won't like it either 😂

    I have just a minor comment/suggestion for future reviews, which is just to maybe include a small comment on the translated version you watched, and if there were any issues with the subtitles. I watch shows with English subtitles, as do a lot of people, I assume. I've noticed subtitle issues with a couple of shows, and most recently this one. The link I found for this one, there are some small parts where the subtitles completely cut out. In other shows there are maybe translations that are just a little bit off, as in the English is maybe not really grammatically correct in parts. Sometimes there are alternative versions available, but often they're just e.g. the same subtitles in a different font.

    I don't know if this is something that bothers you at all, and if it doesn't, it may just not be worth a comment from your side and that's absolutely fine by me in that case! But if it's something you notice, it would be quite helpful to know in a review if the version you're watching has any issues like this. I sometimes waste quite a lot of time trying to find alternative versions of an episode without a given subtitle issue, until I figure out that there is no alternative and I just need to expect a certain issue for a particular show – if I knew you were having an issue, I could go into it knowing what to expect. For some reason, in my head, you're always watching a perfectly subtitled version that maybe doesn't exist hahaha

    Like I said, this is just a suggestion, so feel free to ignore!
    Thank you again for all of the time and effort you put into these reviews, and rest assured that they don't go unappreciated ☺️

    1. Hi Lina, thanks for leaving your comment for the first time! I really appreciate your readership. It's great that my reviews can help you narrow down your BL choices. Your encouragement gives me a huge morale boost! 😄

      I love receiving suggestions from readers, so thank you for your input. Subtitle quality is an interesting topic to include in the reviews. Yes, it bothers me. You brought up excellent points about how it affects the viewing experience. A poorly translated BL drama leads to confusion. We may miss out on crucial details or misinterpret subtle nuances in the story. Awkward phrasing or grammatical errors can also diminish our enjoyment. By the same logic, some translations are thoughtful and eloquent. Powerful language can maximize the story's impact, making it more enjoyable.

      However, I decided against mentioning subtitles in the reviews:

      1.) Firstly, I want to focus on the content of the BL dramas. I'm more interested in evaluating the story, romance, and acting, which are the top metrics in determining whether a BL drama is enjoyable.

      2.) Secondly, the subtitle quality can vary beyond the creators' control. A BL drama may be written excellently in the original language, yet it suffers from a poor localization effort. I don't want to punish the creator due to translation issues.

      3.) And thirdly, I appreciate the hard work of translation teams. Without them, I couldn't comprehend these BL dramas at all. I'm grateful for their efforts and don't want to criticize them. I also understand the difficulty. As someone who speaks multiple languages, I often struggle to find the proper English equivalent for many words. Localization is a complex task, so I am forgiving and can tolerate mistakes.

      Due to the above reasons, I avoid including subtitle quality as a review metric. Even if there are translation issues, I'll try to decipher the original message. If the translation is unreadable (like machine translations), I would rather not review the series until there's a better version. However, I'm glad you brought up this interesting topic. It gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts on how these reviews work! 😄

  4. I'm going to rate this very high at A-. I think from the opening minutes when they show the child version of the lead in a goofy but cuuuuute orange juice commercial- you know you're in capable hands.
    You mentioned some of my fave moments: the two agents taking the call while doing things together in ep 3 was jaw dropping and funny at the same time.
    The short series revels in tropes and could have gone even further- after all if when one actor appears assistants toss feathers and shine lights on him- why not have the gorgeous Tendo break into song about the perils of being a female actress in a BL: "I have feelings too!" or some such.
    Breadcrumbs of intrigue are also sprinkled – such as Aoyagi's agent eye- oh so that's why he wear sunglasses! The actual manga covers are used for the actors to study. And more! Definitely enough for a spinoff for the two agents (and the love the subtle way they interact public).
    Another standout performance is the producer as a capable and knowledgable stan of the manga the series derives from. She takes it right to the edge without going over and is very funny for me.
    This is endlessly rewatchable- much like Cherry Magic and Semantic Error.
    I do wish they would have done a chef's kiss at the end- that would have jumped it up even more.

  5. Ayer a media noche terminé de ver esta serie y quería dejar un comentario con la mente fresca, pero estaba medio dormida porque hoy debía levantarme temprano a trabajar. Qué feo es ser adulto.

    Así que hoy no sé si tengo todo fresco en mi memoria, pero haré un intento. Capaz igual nadie me leerá (?)

    No me gustan mucho las series japonesas, hay algo en las actuaciones que me frenan mucho de ver. Sin embargo, esta serie y Perfect Propose han sido un viento fresco en temas de BL para mí. Las actuaciones no se sienten caricaturizadas ni acartonadas, se sienten reales independientemente del "humor" en ellas. Alan para mí hace un trabajo perfecto porque le creo su actuar de chico serio y dedicado que no me hace perderle el respeto cuando conocemos su lado "otaku" y fanático de Aoyanagi. La frase devastadora de "Being rejected for what I loved was sadder than being dumped." bro, I really feel that. PERO Nichika está a otro nivel totalmente. Joooooder, esos preciosos ojos que tiene, tan emotivos, su sonrisa preciosa, todo el grita TERNURA y aun así, sus momentos dramáticos, el "cambio" a su personaje en la serie que está interpretando son magníficos. ¡Ojalá consiga muchos más papeles! Sino es dentro del BL, que espero que sí porque me encararía verlo de nuevo, al menos sí en otro tipo de producciones. Tres capítulos me supieron a poco, pero al mismo tiempo creo que fue lo ideal. No alargaron innecesariamente la trama y aun así se dieron el tiempo de crear un vínculo entre los personajes para creer firmemente en su romance, a pesar de todas las cosas que pasaban sólo porque el guión así lo quería.

    Mi gran pero, EL GRAN PERO, que tengo con esta serie, es que no nos dieran más contexto de Kijima y Yukari. Duuuuuuudeeeeeee, desde la primera escena donde ellos dos interactuaron fue de "uy, que se besen" como un pensamiento tonto que a veces tengo por emparejar personajes secundarios que quizás jamás van a llegar a algo -como Drake y Jimmy en Bad Buddy :C- pero JAMÁS imaginé esa HERMOSA escena en el tercer capítulo. Fue de, ¿qué qué quééééééééééé? ¡Necesito más contexto! ¡Más historia! ¿Cómo? ¿Dónde? ¿Cuándo? ¿Por qué? Aggggggh que frustración que ellos no se dieran ni un besito aunque claramente estaban pasando cosas.

    Pfffff, pocas son las series que repito una y otra y otra y otra y otra y otra vez porque me gustaron mucho, pero esta serie sin duda ha entrado en esa pequeña y selecta lista.

    Como dije, no me gustan mucho las series japonesas por temas de actuación e intimidad -osea, yo les creo que se aman y todo, hasta que se besan de forma tan incómoda, joder-, y eso pasa mucho en las series japonesas y en las coreanas, pero gracias a ti y tus reseñas me animo a ver series que pensé que jamás vería. ¡Mil gracias por todo tu trabajo!

    Y disculpa que nunca haga un esfuerzo en escribir en ingles hahahahaha :C

  6. Great review for a very nice BL. I must confess I also entered with low expectations and it had so much more than I was waiting for! Definitely a good surprise.

    Would just like to note some of the names are incorrect. Nichika's character is named Aoyanagi and not Aoyagi, and it's character is named Mizutani (水谷) and not Mitsutani. In the same way, Alan's character's character (lol) is named Momoshiro (桃城) and not Moshoshiro.

    Thank you for the great reviews always.

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