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La Cuisine is a Thai BL series about two university students and their lunch dates.

La Cuisine is a Thai BL series about two university students bonding over cute lunch dates. The main character is a campus heartthrob and a notoriously picky eater. He befriends a shy culinary student who offers to prepare his school meals. They form a close bond, overcoming their opposite personalities. However, a jealous classmate threatens to disrupt the pair's budding relationship.

Initially, La Cuisine seemed like a wholesome and delicate love story. Despite the frivolous plot, the lighthearted series maintained a gentle, relaxing vibe. Yet, the story loses its charm after a while. I dislike the patronizing protagonist and the passionless romance. Furthermore, the last few episodes go off the rails, turning the sweet BL drama into a strange and silly mess.

La Cuisine Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


10 hours

Total Episodes:

13 episodes


School romance


La Cuisine is a cute & sweet BL drama.


LukChub and Ram become close after a while.

LukChub is a talented culinary student with a gift for preparing tasty meals. He lives with his grandmother, who taught him excellent cooking skills since childhood. When LukChub participates in cooking competitions at school, he often defeats the other students. However, there are no hard feelings between him and his classmates. PhaiTong, Pangji, Kitty, and Super adore his cute, sincere personality. LukChub is close with his close-knit group of friends.

LukChub has a crush on Ram, the campus heartthrob from the architecture faculty. Ram comes from a wealthy family. His father runs a famous jewellery line. Due to his affluent background, handsome looks, and kind personality, he is like a celebrity among other students. He is best friends with Sky and Titan, two friendly jocks. The trio resembles the cool kids around school. Despite their popularity, they don't act snobbily or carry pretentious airs.

LukChub is too shy to confess his feelings to Ram, who has many female suitors. He only admires his secret crush from afar. One day, Ram appears on the culinary faculty's campus. A notoriously picky eater, he doesn't know what to eat for lunch. His friends recommend this cafeteria, famous for its menus. Ram stumbles upon the food stall run by LukChub and his classmates. Ram tries LukChub's delicious desserts.

Ram raves about his sweet treats on social media. The next day, many female fans arrive with the same desserts, hoping to win over his heart. LukChub's friends encourage him to do the same. Yet, he feels too shy to initiate a move. Eventually, LukChub prepares another treat for Ram, who loves his cooking. Ram boldly asks if the culinary student can make lunch for him over the next few days. LukChub agrees. They meet daily as LukChub prepares a homemade meal for their lunch dates.

Ram and LukChub bonded over time, developing a close connection. However, Ram's friend NamNing is annoyed by their relationship. She also has romantic feelings for the wealthy student and perceives LukChub as a pesky rival. NamNing is a shrewd, assertive schemer who uses underhanded tactics to get Ram's attention. Despite maintaining a friendly facade, she secretly bullies and sabotages LukChub. Her tactics become increasingly dangerous, putting LukChub's well-being at risk.

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La Cuisine Cast



Mick Monthon Wisetsin (มิก มณฑล วิเศษสินร์)

Luk Chub is portrayed by the Thai actor Mick Monthon Wisetsin (มิก มณฑล วิเศษสินร์).

LukChub is a culinary student who lives with his grandma. She taught him how to become an excellent chef. Although LukChub has a secret crush on Ram, he's too shy to confess his feelings. LukChub's friends and classmates encourage him to initiate a move.

Mick Monthon Wisetsin

Mick Monthon Wisetsin (มิก มณฑล วิเศษสินร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 20, 2002.

Mick Monthon Wisetsin (มิก มณฑล วิเศษสินร์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 20, 2002. His first BL project is the 2022 series, La Cuisine.


Pop Pataraphol Wanlopsiri (ป็อป ภัทรพล วัลลภศิริ)

Ram is portrayed by the Thai actor Pop Pataraphol Wanlopsiri (ป็อป ภัทรพล วัลลภศิริ).

Ram is an architecture student from a wealthy family. His father runs a famous jewellery brand, which his children will inherit one day. Due to his good looks and kind personality, Ram has become an iconic figure on campus. There are many female admirers. Despite his popularity, Ram remains humble and sweet.

Pop Pataraphol Wanlopsiri

Pop Pataraphol Wanlopsiri (ป็อป ภัทรพล วัลลภศิริ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 21, 2000.

Pop Pataraphol Wanlopsiri (ป็อป ภัทรพล วัลลภศิริ) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 21, 2000. His first BL project is the 2022 series, La Cuisine.

Supporting Cast

NamNing is Ram's love interest.


Ram's love interest

PhaiTong is LukChub's friend.


LukChub's friend

PangJi is LukChub's friend.


LukChub's friend

Kitty is LukChub's friend.


LukChub's friend

Sky is Ram's friend.


Ram's friend

Titan is Ram's friend.


Ram's friend

Super is LukChub's friend.


LukChub's friend

JiraChin is LukChub's brother.


LukChub's sibling

Peem is JiraChin's manager.


JiraChin's manager

Kanin is JiraChin's friend.


JiraChin's friend

Tatiana is Ram's friend.


Ram's friend

KhaoSuay is Ram's friend.


Ram's friend

LukChub lives with his grandmother.

LukChub's grandma

LukChub's grandparent

LukChub's mom is a famous actress.

LukChub's mom

LukChub's parent

LukChub's dad lives with his wife.

LukChub's dad

LukChub's parent

Alice is Ram's sister.


Ram's sibling

Radit is Ram's older brother.


Ram's sibling

Ram's dad is wealthy.

Ram's dad

Ram's parent

Ram is close with his mom.

Ram's mom

Ram's parent

NamNing's mom enables her daughter.

NamNing's mom

NamNing's parent

NamNing's dad isn't close with his daughter.

NamNing's dad

NamNing's parent

Fai is one of NamNing's underlings.


NamNing's underling

Chompoon is one of NamNing's underlings.


NamNing's underling

The cooking school teacher judges LukChub's culinary skills.


LukChub's teacher

Cast Highlights

  • Rem's actor (Pop) has a supporting role in the 2023 Thai BL series Pit Babe.

La Cuisine Review


Drama Review Score: 5.4

LukChub gives Ram a hug.

La Cuisine has an okay start, introducing a cute relationship between a chef and a picky eater. While the plot is frivolous, the series displays a gentle and relaxing atmosphere. I appreciate the sweet protagonists, the mellow interactions, and the positive messages. This wholesome love story seems sincere, so I want to be lenient and forgive some of its narrative flaws. Early on, I made many excuses for La Cuisine and tried my best to enjoy this casual, lighthearted BL drama.

After the first few uneventful episodes, my frustration sets in. This fluffy series lacks excitement, grit, or substance. Although pleasant, the flimsy storylines never venture beyond the characters cooking, eating, and smiling vapidly at each other. I have given up on expecting a complex plot, but can there be more meaningful dialogue or funnier scenes? It doesn't help that both leads have bland personalities. LukChub's shy and soft-spoken manner doesn't capture my attention. Likewise, Ram shows little charm and charisma for a campus heartthrob.

The mild-mannered love story doesn't excite me. LukChub and Ram have gotten along since the first episode, never clashing despite their opposite personalities. Their harmonious interactions result in a saccharine romance with no sparks. They flirt like awkward pre-teens in adult bodies. None of their cutesy scenes show passion or chemistry. Also, Ram's jealousy in Episode 5 soured my opinion of his character. I dislike how he patronizes his love interest and makes LukChub feel guilty over a fun night out with friends. Of course, LukChub is too meek to stand up for himself.

Both inexperienced leads contribute to the persistent mediocrity of La Cuisine. LukChub's baby-faced actor (Mick) is acceptable when portraying a bashful, innocent role. Yet, he shows limitations and struggles to emote persuasively in dramatic encounters. Similarly, his costar (Pop) seems forgettable. Ram should have been a suave protagonist dazzling viewers with his irresistible confidence. However, the performer lacks enthusiasm and doesn't command interest. Several supporting cast members try to be lively, but they're rarely in the spotlight and don't make an impact.

Worst of all, La Cuisine goes off the rails near the end. After a long stretch of uninteresting episodes, NamNing and her insufferable drama take centre stage. This one-dimensional antagonist dominates the narrative with her offensive antics. She terrorizes the characters in outrageous scenarios that are stupid, ridiculous, and vile. As NamNing plots her latest scheme, she distracts from the love story. La Cuisine has gotten sidetracked and forgets it's supposed to be a BL drama. Where's the romantic content? Why am I watching this villain instead of the couple?

La Cuisine has a happy ending as NamNing is punished for her misconduct. The narrative shifts back to carefree fluff in the remaining minutes. However, it can't undo the unpleasantness. The last few episodes are shockingly horrific, clashing with the soft, soothing vibe at the start of the series. I'd rather have zero plot than endure such a disastrous story arc. This terribly written BL drama wastes time on nonsense instead of developing the flat characters or strengthening the barebones romance. La Cuisine has lost all my goodwill, leaving me with a bitter aftertaste.


Sidetracked story

La Cuisine begins with a gentle love story between a chef and a picky eater. However, it lacks complexity or substance. The last few episodes go off the rails and nosedive into unpleasant drama.

Fluffy romance

The bland protagonists engage in a boringly saccharine romance. Their cutesy relationship displays zero passion or chemistry. I also dislike Ram, whose patronizing behaviour is a turn-off.

Weak acting

Besides sharing little sparks, Ram and LukChub's actors (Mick and Pop) are inexperienced. They can't emote persuasively. Also, they lack the charm and charisma to command attention.

Happy ending

La Cuisine has a happy ending as Ram and LukChub are free from NamNing's torment. The villain faces punishment for her antics. The finale spends too much time on her instead of the couple.

Bright artistry

This series displays polished production values. Everything is bright, crisp, and colourful. It looks better at the start with the tasty images of the food. The visuals become forgettable after a while.


La Cuisine has a gentle vibe initially, setting up a sweet love story. Yet, the shallow plot never deepens. The last few episodes deviate from the romance and waste time on dumb, outrageous drama.

La Cuisine Episodes

Episode Guide

LukChub and Ram flirt with each other.

La Cuisine has a total of 13 episodes. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. It a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 10 hours. La Cuisine started on March 12, 2022 and ended on June 4, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

This episode is an okay start to the series. Although the frivolous plot seems too juvenile, I like the cheerful tone and lighthearted vibe. The production values also seem polished.

Episode 2

The series feels vanilla. I wish the story had more substance than the characters giggling over lunch. However, the characters seem nice. I like how supportive LukChub's friends are.

Episode 3

After three episodes, I need the plot to expand beyond just cooking and eating. Let's introduce some new storylines, please. I don't look forward to whatever drama will happen with NamNing.

Episode 4

I like how Ram's friend calls him out on his inaction to the bullying. "What is he to you? A food delivery man?" I cackled at that line. LukChub does resemble a delivery service more than a love interest.

Episode 5

I hate Ram's jealous behaviour. He spends the whole episode glowering at LukChub in the nightclub. Meanwhile, LukChub is just having fun with his friends. I prefer PhaiTong more as a love interest.

Episode 6

I dislike how Ram says he'll "punish" LukChub. Stop making him feel like he made a mistake for hanging out with friends. These past two episodes soured my opinion of Ram. He isn't such a nice guy.

Episode 7

I'm trying to like Ram and LukChub as a couple, but they don't display any chemistry. The romance is too saccharine for me. Both characters are bland and don't exude much personality, either.

Episode 8

This bullying storyline is AWFUL. It destroys the gentle vibe of the series. I'd rather have a cute, frivolous plot than this nasty drama. NamNing already got caught!? She's such a bad villain.

Episode 9

Is this older brother necessary? This irrelevant supporting character receives too much focus. Can we go back to focusing on Ram & LukChub as a couple? The romance is getting sidetracked.

Episode 10

OMFG. This NamNing storyline is SO absurd. How many more episodes do we have to dedicate to this awful antagonist? The weak acting is also detrimental. LukChub isn't great at emoting.

Episode 11

The plot has gone off the rails. Why am I watching the characters get terrorized by this one university girl!? I randomly ship Ram's brother and LukChub's brother. They should be a couple! LOL.

Episode 12

Ugh, what is this BS!? Where is the BL content? The romance has been derailed by these irrelevant side characters and their unnecessary drama. La Cuisine has become the NamNing show.

Episode 13

I can't believe how far this NamNing storyline has escalated. The situation is so ridiculous that it almost amuses me. The characters finally kiss, but I wish we saw more romantic content from them.

La Cuisine Information


Nob Sathanapong Limwongthong (ณ็อบ ศฐาณพงศ์ ลิ้มวงษ์ทอง) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2016 movie Sweet Boy. He also directed Gen Y (2020) and its sequel Gen Y 2 (2021). In addition, Nob directed Ai Long Nhai (2022), La Cuisine (2022), and Only Love You, Mice (2022).

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