Pit Babe – Series Review & Ending Explained

Pit Babe is a Thai BL series about a race car driver and his fan.

Pit Babe is a Thai BL series about a race car driver and his fanboy. The main character is famous for his talent and achievements in the racing circuit. He used to have many casual hookups, never committing to a long-term relationship. After the protagonist meets a mysterious fan, they get along surprisingly well. Their passionate romance is full of seduction. Behind his innocent image, the new lover may be hiding a dangerous secret.

From the steamy sexual encounters to the suspenseful plot twists, Pit Babe is a rollercoaster journey of exhilarating emotions. The story has my pulse racing amidst fast cars, intense rivalries, and hot guys with huge egos. Besides the sleek production values, this BL series boasts sizzling romantic chemistry. However, the convoluted narrative veers off track in its second half. The over-the-top drama in the last few episodes is like a car crash.

Pit Babe Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


12 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




Pit Babe is a wild & intense BL drama.


Babe and Charlie are race car drivers.

Babe is a famous racecar driver from the X-Hunter Team. He has an impressive winning streak with many championship titles. Babe is a special Alpha, a label to describe humans with rare superpowers. His talent involves a heightened sensory system. He can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch with remarkable intensity. This ability gives him a competitive advantage during races since he can react to the track and his opponents quickly.

Babe is well-liked among his teammates. Alan, the team owner, thinks highly of Babe and considers him the VIP. North and Sonic, who work in the pit crew, are in awe of his talent. Babe's best friend, Way, is also a driver and considered the second in command. Babe and Way have been best friends for many years. After overcoming their humble beginnings, they support each other's success. Way has a secret crush on Babe. However, he believes his feelings aren't reciprocated. Babe never expresses a romantic interest in Way and only treats him like a friend.

Due to his career accomplishments, Babe exudes immense confidence. He's used to earning accolades, getting praised, and succeeding without sweat. Babe's triumphs carry into his love life. He enjoys casual hookups with many romantic partners. His teammates joke that he can't stay with any lover for more than a few days. Babe justifies his promiscuity by claiming he needs to blow off steam. Having sex is his way of relieving stress. Way encourages Babe to stay single instead of committing to anyone. He doesn't want his secret crush to start a serious relationship.

One day, Babe is approached by an eager fan after a race. Charlie corners the idol in the locker room for a private conversation. Charlie is interested in racecar driving. He wants to borrow one of Babe's prized cars, taking it for a spin. He'd do anything to have his wish fulfilled. Although suspicious initially, Babe is intrigued by the offer and suggests they have sex. Charlie agrees to the proposition. The two have a steamy hookup. Babe is amazed by his partner's sexual prowess. Beneath Charlie's innocent image, he can be incredibly passionate.

After the first hookup, Charlie continues hanging out with Babe. They have more casual hookups. Based on his past track record, Babe's teammates predict this relationship won't last. Yet, Charlie has charmed his way to the driver's heart. He starts accompanying Babe everywhere. Way is wary of the mysterious fan. He suspects Charlie hides a secret, especially since X-Hunter has a new rival. Tony, the CEO of UAC Corp, has recently entered the racecar industry with a significant investment. He's determined to bring down Babe, using any tactics necessary.

Pit Babe Cast



Pavel Naret Promphaopun (นเรศ พร้อมเผ่าพันธ์)

Babe is portrayed by the Thai actor Pavel Naret Promphaopun (นเรศ พร้อมเผ่าพันธ์).

Babe is a famous racecar driver who has achieved many championship titles. He is born with a unique ability, giving him a heightened sensory system. This superpower allows Babe to excel in racing. Babe exudes immense confidence, especially since everyone praises his success. He's also a notorious playboy who enjoys casual hookups. Babe's teammates tease him for never having a long-term romantic partner.

Pavel Naret Promphaopun

Pavel Naret Promphaopun (นเรศ พร้อมเผ่าพันธ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 6, 1997.

Pavel Naret Promphaopun (นเรศ พร้อมเผ่าพันธ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 6, 1997. His first BL project is the 2019 series, 2 Moons 2. In addition, Pavel starred in the 2022 drama, Coffee Melody and the 2024 series, Pit Babe.


Pooh Krittin Kitjaruwannakul (พูห์ กฤติน กิจจารุวรรณกุล)

Charlie is portrayed by the Thai actor Pooh Krittin Kitjaruwannakul (พูห์ กฤติน กิจจารุวรรณกุล).

Charlie is one of Babe's superfans. He approaches the driver after a race and hooks up with him. Beneath Charlie's innocent image, he has a fierce sexual prowess. Unlike Babe's other casual partners, Charlie sticks around and continues hanging out afterwards. He acts cutesy and harmless, charming his way into Babe's heart. Yet, the others are wary of Charlie's origins. They suspect he may be hiding a secret.

Pooh Krittin Kitjaruwannakul

Pooh Krittin Kitjaruwannakul (พูห์ กฤติน กิจจารุวรรณกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 4, 2003.

Pooh Krittin Kitjaruwannakul (พูห์ กฤติน กิจจารุวรรณกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 4, 2003. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Pit Babe.


Sailub Hemmawich Kwanamphaiphan (สายลับ เหมวิช ขวัญอำไพพันธุ์)

Alan is portrayed by the Thai actor Sailub Hemmawich Kwanamphaiphan (สายลับ เหมวิช ขวัญอำไพพันธุ์).

Alan is the owner of the X-Hunter racecar team. He thinks highly of Babe's ability and considers him the VIP. Initially, Alan hired Babe and Way to be mechanics at his garage. After seeing their interest in racecars, he raised them to become professional drivers. Alan is the oldest member of the team. He's self-conscious about his age, leading others to call him "Uncle" jokingly.

Sailub Hemmawich Kwanamphaiphan

Sailub Hemmawich Kwanamphaiphan (สายลับ เหมวิช ขวัญอำไพพันธุ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 12, 1993.

Sailub Hemmawich Kwanamphaiphan (สายลับ เหมวิช ขวัญอำไพพันธุ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 12, 1993. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Pit Babe.


Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ภณ ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย)

Jeff is portrayed by the Thai actor Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ภณ ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย).

Jeff is a new mechanic who joins the X-Hunter pit crew. A rival company, UAC Corp, has started poaching staff members from their competitors. Jeff arrives while X-Hunter needs talent. This 20-year-old student is still attending school, yet he's willing to balance his job with his studies. Jeff is quiet and doesn't like socializing. He also hates physical contact with anyone.

Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai

Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ภณ ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 1, 1995.

Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai (ภณ ธนภณ เอี่ยมกำชัย) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 1, 1995. His first BL project is the 2020 drama, The Moment. He also appears in The Moment Since (2020), Gen Y (2020), Gen Y 2 (2021), Make a Wish (2023), and Pit Babe (2023).

Supporting Cast

Way is portrayed by the Thai actor Nut Supanut Lourhaphanich (นัท ศุภณัฐ เลาหะพานิช).


Nut Supanut Lourhaphanich (นัท ศุภณัฐ เลาหะพานิช)

North is portrayed by the Thai actor Michael Kiettisak Vatanavitsakul (ไมเคิล เกียรติศักดิ์ วัฒนวิทย์สกุล).


Michael Kiettisak Vatanavitsakul (ไมเคิล เกียรติศักดิ์ วัฒนวิทย์สกุล)

Sonic is portrayed by the Thai actor TopTen Supakorn Saokhor (ท็อปเทน ศุภกรณ์ เสาร์ขอ).


TopTen Supakorn Saokhor (ท็อปเทน ศุภกรณ์ เสาร์ขอ)

Tony is portrayed by the Thai actor S Vorarit Vaijairanai (เอส วรฤทธิ์ ไวยเจียรนัย).


S Vorarit Vaijairanai (เอส วรฤทธิ์ ไวยเจียรนัย)

Kenta is portrayed by the Thai actor Garfield Pantach Kankham (กาฟิวส์ พันธุ์ธัช กันคํา).


Garfield Pantach Kankham (กาฟิวส์ พันธุ์ธัช กันคํา)

Pete is portrayed by the Thai actor Ping Orbnithi Leelavetchabutr (ปิง โอบนิธิ ลีลาเวชบุตร).


Ping Orbnithi Leelavetchabutr (ปิง โอบนิธิ ลีลาเวชบุตร)

Winner is portrayed by the Thai actor Pop Pataraphol Wanlopsiri (ป็อป ภัทรพล วัลลภศิริ).


Pop Pataraphol Wanlopsiri (ป็อป ภัทรพล วัลลภศิริ)

Kim is portrayed by the Thai actor Benz Atthanin Thaninpanuvivat (เบ้นซ์ อัทธ์ธนิน ธนินภาณุวิวัฒน์).


Benz Atthanin Thaninpanuvivat (เบ้นซ์ อัทธ์ธนิน ธนินภาณุวิวัฒน์)

Dean is portrayed by the Thai actor Lee Asre Wattanayakul (ลี อัสรี วัฒนายากุล).


Lee Asre Wattanayakul (ลี อัสรี วัฒนายากุล)

Rewal is portrayed by the Thai actor Byron Bishop (ไบรอน บิชอพ).


Byron Bishop (ไบรอน บิชอพ)

Andy is portrayed by the Thai actor Guitar Supakorn Kantanit (กีต้าร์ ศุภกร​ กันทนิตย์).


Guitar Supakorn Kantanit (กีต้าร์ ศุภกร​ กันทนิตย์)

Young Babe is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Young Babe

Young Kenta is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Young Kenta

Pete is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Young Pete

Cast Highlights

  • Babe's actor (Pavel) is the star of 2 Moons 2 (2019) and Coffee Melody (2022).
  • Jeff's actor (Pon) has appeared in numerous Thai BL series, including The Moment (2020) and its sequel The Moment Since (2021). He also appeared in Gen Y (2020), Gen Y 2 (2021), and Make a Wish (2023).
  • The actor who portrays Way (Nut) is the lead of the 2020 series Oxygen and the 2022 supernatural drama Something in My Room.
  • North's actor (Michael) has appeared in Call It What You Want (2021), Call It What You Want 2 (2021), and Till the World Ends (2022).
  • Winner's actor (Pop) is the star of the 2022 series La Cuisine. Kim's actor (Benz) has previously appeared in En of Love: This Is Love Story (2020).

Pit Babe Review


Drama Review Score: 7.8

Babe and Charlie have a flirty moment.

Pit Babe is a sleek, sexy series about fast cars, hot drivers, and the high-octane world of motorsports. My knowledge of racecar driving is limited to Mario Kart. Nonetheless, this unique topic excites me due to the storytelling novelty. I never imagined the BL genre would evolve from school campus romances to fast-paced thrillers about racing. Wow, that's ambitious! Pit Babe also showcases stylish visuals with sophisticated production values. It stands out for looking polished, modern, and glamorous.

This series doesn't waste time and launches into an action-packed narrative. The story quickly introduces a memorable protagonist, a mysterious love interest, and a dangerous secret jeopardizing their relationship. Charlie's ambiguous intentions provide an intriguing source of suspense. Behind his innocent facade, you wonder about his trustworthiness during every interaction. After a captivating start, Pit Babe shows no signs of slowing down. Each episode brings new conflicts, compelling drama, and psychological warfare. There's never a dull moment in the eventful plot.

Babe is a charismatic lead with a commanding presence. His confidence crosses into arrogance, so I don't find his personality likable. I rooted for anyone to take this narcissist down a peg. Regardless, he's a fascinating protagonist with a rich backstory and hidden vulnerabilities beneath his bravado. The actor (Pavel) portrays the role convincingly, exhibiting suaveness with an effortless swagger. He oozes immense sex appeal, from his seductive gaze to his strapping physique. However, Pavel emotes too forcefully and appears exaggerated when crying or shouting.

Pit Babe is a highly sensual BL drama with numerous steamy encounters. It emphasizes passionate kisses, intimate body contact, and titillating displays of affection. Each sex scene highlights the sizzling chemistry between the leads, who seem at ease and in sync with each other. Despite the raciness, the elegant cinematography portrays the couple's desire tastefully without appearing lowbrow. After establishing a physical bond, the series nurtures an emotional connection. Babe and Charlie become surprisingly endearing, warming their way to my shipper's heart.

The start of Pit Babe maintains an enjoyable momentum. I appreciate the focus on character development and relationship growth while the motorsport drama simmered in the background. However, the second half veers off course, taking the narrative in an outlandish direction. The series is no longer about racecar driving. It becomes a crime thriller with over-the-top antics. From gunfights to abductions, the bizarre events lose my interest since they seem unrealistic. The writing also turns sloppy. The more ambitious the plot tries to be, the less coherent it feels.

Those last few episodes of Pit Babe are like a car crash. From convoluted plot twists to abrupt melodrama, the narrative spirals into senseless chaos. I don't feel confused by what is happening. Instead, I'm numb to the theatrics and can barely muster the energy to care. Another annoyance is that Charlie and Babe separate for a long time, depriving us of juicy BL content. This cooldown period dampens my earlier enthusiasm toward the romance. Despite the awful final stretch, Pit Babe still leaves a positive mark. It offers hours of thrills, entertainment, and sexcapades.


Fast-paced story

Pit Babe has a fast-paced narrative exploring the exciting world of racecar driving. Each episode brings new mysteries and intriguing drama. Yet, the plot becomes convoluted in the second half.

Sexy romance

Babe and Charlie have a sexy romance with lots of physical affection. The story also establishes their emotional bond. Over time, they become an endearing couple I can champion.

Seductive acting

The leads share a sizzling chemistry, highlighted during seductive moments. Babe's actor (Pavel) oozes confidence and sex appeal, although he sometimes emotes too forcefully.

Happy ending

Pit Babe has a happy ending as Babe and Charlie reunite after defeating the villain. The finale includes a dramatic showdown and a tragic loss. The bizarre events unfold melodramatically.

Sophisticated artistry

This sleek, sexy BL drama boasts a sophisticated style. The sex scenes look tasteful instead of lowbrow. Each romantic encounter dazzles visually, highlighting the couple's physical desire.


Pit Babe is an action-packed BL series with exhilarating drama, a sexy lead, and sizzling romantic chemistry. After an eventful start, the story derails and becomes a convoluted mess near the end.

Pit Babe Episodes

Episode Guide

Babe and Charlie gaze into each other's eyes.

Pit Babe has a total of 13 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 60 minutes long. The last episode is around 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 12 hours. Pit Babe started on November 17, 2023 and ended on February 9, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Babe and Charlie sit inside a diner on a date.

Wow, Pavel seems tailor-made for this role! He exudes the effortless confidence of a champion racecar driver, from the smirk to the swagger. His image is also spot-on. The gelled hair, the leather jacket, and the sculpted physique create an irresistible package. In each scene I see of him, he oozes immense sex appeal. Babe looks HOT during physical intimacy. His sultry glances, cocksure smile, and fluid body movements ignite the screen with passion. This guy is like sexual dynamite, causing an explosion of desire!

Despite finding the actor sexy, I hate his character's arrogance. Babe acts like a cocky hotshot, showing no humility. Babe's teammates idolize him and stroke his enormous ego. Nobody is there to call him out on his misbehaviour. I feel icky about how Babe and his friends talk about Charlie. Stop reducing him to a sex partner. Stop treating him like a prize you can trade with other racers. From their initial encounter, Babe lords his superiority over his love interest. Oh, fuck off. You aren't better than him because you're a famous racecar driver. I hope Babe gets taken down a notch!

Pavel's sheer attractiveness makes every physical encounter seem erotic. In addition, I like how these scenes are filmed to emphasize desire. The neon lighting, dynamic camera angles, and intimate close-up shots enrich the seduction. Both actors are comfortable with each other and seem immersed in the moment. My favourite quote is when Babe removes Charlie's glasses and states, "When making love, you don't have to use your eyes." This saucy line resonates with me. It encourages viewers to focus on all the sensations of sex rather than just the visuals. 

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Charlie gets into a boxing match on Babe's behalf.

Babe throws jealous tantrums whenever Charlie talks to another guy or doesn't pay enough attention to him. Ugh, his behaviour is annoying. Let Charlie have autonomy instead of treating him like a trophy boyfriend who must wait at home. Admittedly, Charlie's behaviour is sketchy. I suspect him of being a corporate spy and working for the competitor. A part of me wishes Charlie was secretly evil to teach Babe a lesson. Betray him and break his heart! 😈

Babe gets annoyed with Charlie and threatens to revoke his privileges. Earlier, Babe agreed to let his lover borrow a racecar. But now, their arrangement is cancelled. Interestingly, this exchange is similar to a previous flashback. Due to disobedience, Babe's father terminated his son's scholarship and financial support. Our protagonist's upbringing warped his views on relationships. Following his dad's example, Babe asserts his dominance by limiting the resources available to Charlie. He repeats a pattern of misusing power and authority to enforce compliance.

All the characters underestimate Charlie. Instead of scrutinizing his background, they see him as Babe's sidepiece. Yet, the timing of his arrival is suspicious and coincides with their competitor's entry into motorsports. Way is right to be cautious around this stranger. With that said, his jealousy is transparent. Way makes a hilariously petty remark: "Who is Charlie to you? A relative? A servant?" Why would he use these labels to describe Babe's lover? I laughed at the ~knowing look~ Babe and Uncle exchanged afterwards. Both are secretly judging Way. LMAO.

Charlie wins the boxing match for Babe.

Charlie and Kim have a boxing match in this episode. Before the fight, Charlie gives a memorable quote: "I won't lose. I'm Babe's boy." Hehe, this line makes me giggle! Despite his seemingly innocent persona, Charlie has his charms. He knows how to say the right things to stroke Babe's ego. After Charlie's victory, Kim claims he threw the match to assess his opponent. Why does this sound like an excuse from a sore loser? Oh, I intend to lose all along as part of my long-term plan! If you say so… 🤨

One of my favourite qualities about Babe is his passion for motorsports. His entire life revolves around it. On top of being a professional circuit driver, Babe plays with toy cars and racing video games. You'd think after driving an actual vehicle, these hobbies wouldn't have the same appeal. Yet, Babe loves racing so much that he uses his spare time to engage in motorsports 24/7. He treats it as a leisure instead of a career. Also, I love his intensity during the driving lessons with Charlie. Babe is a strict mentor because he takes his expertise seriously.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Babe and Charlie have a bedroom kiss.

"You're super handsome, super talented, and super wealthy." Charlie has a way with words. He's so good at flattering people and telling them what they want to hear. I can understand why Babe likes being around him because Charlie provides constant reassurance. In addition, Charlie has a good temper. Babe has made several jealous accusations against him. Way also treats him like an outsider. Despite their hostility, Charlie still responds with a calm demeanour. His emotional intelligence is admirable.

I like seeing Babe open up and be vulnerable. His childhood backstory is fascinating. During a flashback, Babe catches a rapid arrow with his hand and flashes a grin. That scene is striking because you shouldn't be smiling after your adoptive dad fired a deadly shot at your head! Babe was raised in a strange upbringing, helping me understand why he views the world angrily and cynically. I also like how Charlie encourages him. As they grow closer, the couple shares their first kiss. This intimate moment comes from the strength of their emotional bond, not their physical desire.

"Family is not everyone's safe zone." Jeff's statement reflects the narrative themes in this series. We don't know all the backstories yet, but Babe, Charlie, Jeff, Way, Pete, and Kenta grew up in dysfunctional households. Some escaped, while others remained in torment. Interestingly, Alan is like a surrogate parent figure for many characters. His nickname, "Uncle", has familial connotations. Later, he invites everyone to live in his house. Alan epitomizes the power of a chosen family. He forms meaningful bonds and creates a supportive environment for his loved ones.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Babe and Way hold hands at dinner.

In the opening scene, Charlie cheers up Babe after losing a race. He mentions how the preliminary round doesn't determine the outcome. I gotta laugh at Charlie explaining this concept to a professional racecar driver. The junior apprentice tells the elite motorsport legend about how qualifiers work. Thanks for the reminder, but Babe already knows. 😅 The story has an issue with delivering exposition. Some writing can be clunky and heavy-handed, like this exchange.

OMG. What is Way doing!? Handpicking guys for your best friend and secret crush to sleep with is WILD. Psychologically, there's a lot to unpack. Way knows Babe has no romantic interest in him, but he still intervenes in his friend's love life. He encourages casual hookups over serious relationships. His objective is to sabotage Babe's chances of forming meaningful romantic connections. Even if they can't be together physically, Babe remains emotionally dependent on Way. Yet, Charlie disrupts this dynamic. Way feels threatened by his rival, who can win over Babe's body and heart.

Even though Way behaves jealously, I still enjoy his bond with Babe. The story takes the time to establish their friendship, highlighting an emotional connection. I like their history together. These two racecar drivers came from humble beginnings and supported each other throughout their careers. Their journey is meaningful! Initially, I preferred Way and Babe in the love triangle. I only shifted my shipping allegiance to Charlie and Babe later on.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Babe and Charlie make out on the couch.

I'd suspect Jeff too. As the newcomer with a mysterious background, he's a likely culprit for tampering with Babe's car. With that said, Uncle and Way didn't handle that situation professionally. They should have conducted an in-depth investigation before accusing Jeff. Afterwards, Dean and Charlie present video footage of the saboteurs. My question is, why didn't they bring up this evidence earlier? Dean saw Jeff's odd antics in the garage. Why wait until the accident to mention the safety hazard?

I believe Charlie and Jeff's explanation. Being brothers would explain their secretive behaviour. Also, it makes sense why Jeff hid their relationship. Jeff didn't want people to think he got the job due to connections. A part of me thought they could still be lying. But even if it's a lie, their cover-up story seems reasonable. I'm glad Charlie and Babe reconcile after clearing the misunderstanding. During their sex scene, an injured Babe can't move around much. "Let me do all the moving," Charlie tells him. LMAO. This saucy line makes me giggle, hehe~

Charlie has won over me. I didn't trust him initially, but he seems sincere and supportive of Babe. He encourages his boyfriend so much. "Even if you have no special powers, you'll always be special to me." While the line is cheesy, these affirmative statements can lift anyone's spirits. Later, the restaurant scene converted me into a wholehearted Charlie fan. He asks about Babe's childhood story. Instead of searching for this information online, Charlie wants to hear it directly from Babe. "Some things are better when you ask personally." Oh, I love this sentiment so much!

Babe and Charlie laugh together.

Babe is out of commission due to his injury, so Alan must find his substitute for the next race. North gives a hilariously self-aware statement about his winning odds: "We're clearly the plus ones!" Okay, that cracks me up. I laugh whenever minor supporting characters are so meta about themselves. 😆

If I were Dean, I would be upset! Earlier, Alan promised him an opportunity to compete in a race and advance his career. Now, he has gone back on his word, allowing someone else to take Dean's place. I understand Alan's goal is to send the best driver. However, breaking a previous commitment undermines trust in the team. He could have handled the situation more diplomatically and discussed alternative plans with Dean. I also dislike how Alan dealt with Jeff's firing earlier. Alan doesn't seem like a fair boss due to his poor decision-making skills.

To make matters worse, Charlie is a new addition to the team. He only became a member due to his romance with Babe. In contrast, Dean has been a teammate for years. Based on seniority, he should have more opportunities than a newbie. Yet, Babe shows blatant favouritism by prioritizing Charlie's participation. His boyfriend gets special eligibility and private driving lessons. On top of Alan's betrayal, Dean must feel insulted that someone seduced his way to secure a competition spot. Despite his loyalty, the team selection seems rigged against him.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Babe and Charlie have sex in the locker room.

I love Babe and Charlie redoing their first sexual encounter in the locker room. They repeat similar moves, except their dynamics are reversed. Charlie initiates the seduction while Babe is on the receiving end. I adore this roleplaying scenario where they swap positions. That's fun! When they flirted in the first episode, their hookup felt sleazy. Now that they know each other better, this moment conveys a playful and intimate vibe. It highlights how much they've grown as a couple.

Charlie has softened Babe's edges. This playboy used to be a lone wolf who didn't take romances seriously. Charlie's kindness is positive influence, encouraging his partner to cherish companionship. I believe Babe's claims that he never took anyone stargazing before. The old Babe only cared about hooking up. Now, he's a sweetheart who takes time to create memories with Charlie. I adore the moment when Babe makes their relationship official"I don't want you to be Babe's boy anymore. Be my boyfriend." The distinction is small yet significant, highlighting his sincerity.

Charlie did the impossible. He tamed the former player and moulded him into a committed partner. After they start dating, Charlie immediately flaunts their relationship on social media. One of the perks of having a sexy boyfriend is that you get online bragging rights lol. When they announce their dating status, all their friends are happy… except for Way. I laughed at the stiff expression on his face. He looks like a man barely holding it together. The episode ends with Way crying and throwing away Babe's necklace. OMG, I'm excited about the drama! 🤭

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Babe and Charlie share a kiss in Pit Babe Episode 7.

When Babe discovers Charlie's connection to Tony, the series drops a sudden bombshell in the plot. The tensions escalate too quickly, making everything feel contrived. The buildup and the aftermath scenes have clunky writing. With that said, I like how we finally learn Charlie's secret. It's an exciting twist that Charlie is also one of Tony's test subjects, growing up in the same environment as Babe. Both leads have endured the same trauma. The shared experiences make their backstories more poignant.

Charlie's absorption ability seems cool. In a way, he's like a succubus, draining the life force of his romantic partner. I love how the series includes a flashback of Charlie slurping on Babe's nipple to demonstrate the concept. LMAO. Babe's reaction surprises me. I thought he'd be upset that Charlie stole his superpower. After all, Babe relies on his hyper senses to succeed in his motorsports career. Yet, he isn't bothered. Babe is angrier about Charlie lying to him than losing his talent. Babe welcomes his boyfriend to absorb all he wants. Suck on it, stud! 😜

When Babe became upset, Way comforted him with alcohol. They drank the night away and drowned their sorrows together. Later, Babe reunites with Charlie. Babe drinks liquor again, but Charlie swaps his beverage with a glass of water instead. I appreciate this detail, highlighting the differences between Way and Charlie. Way encourages a destructive coping mechanism, like a bad influence. In contrast, Charlie offers a healthier alternative and soothes his boyfriend through a gentle approach. Babe calms down without relying on substance abuse.

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Babe gives Charlie a light peck on the lips.

I remember Jeff's actor (Pon) from a previous BL drama, Gen Y. In that series, he plays a character with clairvoyant abilities. A few years later, he appears in Pit Babe. Once again, he has psychic abilities. What are the chances of Pon accepting two roles with similar supernatural traits? Both casting teams assessed him and thought, "Hmm, you look like someone who has ~the vision~." It's a funny coincidence, but I hope Pon continues the streak and keeps playing psychic characters!

Recently, Pit Babe switched tracks and took the plot in an unexpected direction. The first half of the series was about motorsports. Although there was an ongoing feud with the rival team, that subplot didn't overwhelm the narrative. The story focused on the interpersonal drama between Babe, Charlie, and their teammates. Yet, the second half has become a crime thriller. Suddenly, there are abductions, gunfights, and bizarre human-trafficking investigations. Everything seems so unrealistic. I prefer the simpler times when the characters were competing in races.

My favourite moment of the episode is when Babe treats Charlie's wounds at home. This scene is written well! I enjoy the couple's flirty banter. There's a cute moment when Charlie pretends to be injured, highlighting his goofy personality. Their exchange switches seamlessly between lighthearted humour and serious discussions. Charlie jokes about returning his stolen ability, prompting a sharp reaction from his boyfriend. Babe insists he doesn't want Charlie to hurt himself. I like Babe's earnest response because he prioritizes Charlie's life over his superpowers. 

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Babe and Charlie kiss in bed.

OMFG!!! Way is evil!? No, I hate the plot twist so much! Not only is Way working for the bad guys, but he's a predatory creep. Once upon a time, I shipped Babe and Way. I wanted them to kiss, but not under these circumstances when Babe is unconscious. My heart has shattered over Way's betrayal. They were supposed to be best friends fulfilling their ambitions together… 😢 Also, exactly how many damn kids does Tony have? Every character in this series seems to be an orphan with secret superpowers.

I'm surprised that Dean seems to be a good guy (for now). The story has heavily foreshadowed his untrustworthiness, hinting he's an undercover villain. However, he's a red herring. His character's allegiance is good, even if his temper is bad. I'm glad Dean finally gets the opportunity to participate in the races. Since Babe, Charlie, and Way are born with superhuman powers, it feels like they have an unfair competitive advantage. In comparison, Dean is an ordinary driver who must rely on hard work. I'm rooting for this underdog!

The only realistic moment in these past few episodes is when Charlie loses the race lol. It would've seemed contrived if this newcomer beat all the other experienced drivers. Understandably, Charlie feels nervous before the competition, but Babe helps him relax through sexual pleasure. I like how their roles are reversed. Babe used to be in the driver's seat, but now he's on the sideline providing support. Babe has become Charlie's boy!

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
Babe cries over Charlie's death.

OMFG!!! Dean is evil!? No, I got tricked again! Damn it, I was rooting for this minor character to redeem himself. Instead, he sabotages cars and commits attempted murder. I don't understand Dean's motivations. He finally gets a chance to compete. Since his team lacks drivers, he makes the roster with 100% certainty. Yet, he jeopardizes his career over a competitor's offer. While Alan and Babe disrespected him earlier, Dean's grudge still doesn't justify the risks. That's a dumbass move.

If I were Alan, I'd be worried about my business reputation. The cars from his garage have exploded and gotten into fatal crashes. The optics don't look good! Even if others may be sabotaging him, Alan needs to enforce more safety precautions. Multiple characters shouldn't be able to waltz in and tamper with the vehicles. BTW, I figured out a foolproof way to prevent accidents: real-world branding. If they put the NASCAR logo on these racecars, I guarantee they won't crash. The drama would never dare show car malfunctions associated with an actual business brand lol~

GASP!!! Did anyone else see that!? Female character sightings! In the hospital scene, a few of the nurses are women. We only see a glimpse of them in passing, but it's good to know they exist. Pit Babe is a male-dominated series without a female presence. There are no prominent women besides the nurses and grid girls as background extras. The story's lore states Enigmas are an exclusive species belonging to a small segment of the population. As far as I can tell, women are even rarer than Enigmas. I was concerned they had gone extinct in this universe!

Episode 11

Episode 11 Review
Alan and Jeff cuddle in the bathtub.

Charlie's fake death is supposed to be a plot twist, but I'm not surprised. With several episodes remaining, a BL drama wouldn't have the guts to kill off the lead. Based on storytelling tropes, he must be alive in some capacity. This fake death plot is dumb and unnecessary. The events feel outrageous, the rationale is bizarre, and all the scenes seem like a waste of time. Also, I hate that Charlie and Babe are apart for so long. They should be together and hooking up each episode!

Thankfully, Jeff and Alan compensate for the lack of BL content in this final stretch of episodes. I like this secondary couple and find their interactions enjoyable. They grew on me over time. However, I'm curious about how old Uncle is supposed to be. What's the age gap between the characters? Anyway, I'm glad their romance culminates in physical intimacy for the first time. During the sex scene, Jeff is unusually talkative. He even drops an ILU bomb, but Alan simply replies: "I got it." I can tell Jeff is anxious about losing his virginity. His nerves explain why he babbles so much.

I had a theory that Alan held special powers! Since everyone else is superhuman, I thought Alan must be secretly one too. He's Alpha, Enigma, Omega, or whatever. It's strange how Alan keeps hiring Tony's orphans, adding to the conspiracy that he has a secret agenda. In my head, he's assembling a superhero squad to take down the bad guys. I keep waiting for Alan's backstory, expecting it to have shocking revelations. As it turns out, he's just ordinary.

Episode 12

Episode 12 Review
Way treats Pete's injuries.

"We're like real brothers." That's an awkward statement after the flashback of Kenta and Pete kissing in the last episode. The story uses the terms "father" and "brother" loosely, but these labels don't capture the complex dynamics. Tony is more like a cult leader, child abductor, and human trafficker than an adoptive father. Kenta, Pete, Babe, Charlie, and others are his victims. They feel an emotional bond to each other due to their shared trauma.

I'm not interested in the Pete, Kenta, and Way love triangle or whatever their dynamic is supposed to be. The story teases vague sexual tension between two pairs: Pete x Way and Pete x Kenta. However, none of their interactions excite me. The relationship moments seem mundane, especially compared to the passion of the two lead couples. Also, I find Pete incredibly dull. Since he has little personality, all his scenes feel so dry. He often behaves like a plot device for the story's convenience. "My power tells me Way isn't lying!" I can't connect with Pete's character.

I can't warm to Kenta. A part of me sympathizes with his tragic circumstances. He's a victim of physical and psychological abuse. Kenta's dysfunctional childhood has warped his views, so he remains loyal to his tormentor. His inability to leave Tony stems from fear, manipulation, and feelings of dependency. Despite his trauma, I find him too involved in Tony's crimes. He's complicit in the child trafficking scheme, hurting innocent kids in the process. It's a complex situation where empathy for his suffering must be balanced with accountability for his actions.

Episode 12
Episode 13

Episode 13

Ending Review
Pit Babe has a happy ending where Charlie and Babe kiss.

Whoa, the child's murder is gruesome! I already thought Tony was evil before seeing the video footage. But holy crap, he's a monster. I haven't enjoyed the last few episodes because of Tony's character. This villain takes up excessive focus in the plot with his morally depraved antics. The second half of the series revolves around him, leading to many illogical events and over-the-top chaos. While I'm glad Tony gets his comeuppance, I wish we didn't spend so much time on him.

I had a feeling that Way would die in the finale. Like Jeff, I can foresee the future! In the last episode, Way asked Babe how to earn his forgiveness. That conversation made me suspect Way would eventually sacrifice himself to restore Babe's trust. A tragic demise is a common storytelling trope for a character's redemption. During the death scene, Way uses his dying breath to ask if Babe ever loved him. Babe replies, "You are the best friend in my life." Imagine if you were Way, your last memory of the mortal world is this rejection. Ouch, friend-zoned until the end!

Charlie shouldn't have faked his death and put his boyfriend through needless turmoil. However, his actions don't seem severe compared to how much Babe's biological father and adoptive father have wronged him. Those two men caused a lifetime of trauma, overshadowing Charlie's little hoax. After the ridiculous nonsense in the last few episodes, I'm already emotionally checked out of the series. I don't care enough to examine the consequences of Charlie's deceit. As long as the couple has reconciled in the finale, the ending is good enough for me.

Pit Babe Information


CHANGE2561 is a Thai studio. Its first BL project is the 2023 series, Pit Babe.

CHANGE2561 is a Thai studio. Its first BL project is the 2023 series, Pit Babe. In addition, the studio has produced various non-BL projects.


Peter Nopachai Jayanama (ปีเตอร์ นพชัย ชัยนาม) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Pit Babe. He is also an actor who has appeared in various non-BL dramas and movies.

  1. oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOD when i tell you i SCREAMED when i saw you did a pit babe review! ugh this drama has my absolute heart.
    i loved how you talked about how you were suspicious of charlie first, because same! everyone i talked to loved charlie in the beginning but i was more of a way fan (mostly because way had me in a chokehold) but charlie grew on me more than i could've imagined.
    i don't know why, but this drama really stuck to me. usually i don't feel this way about dramas (unless it's something significant, like last twilight or tms2) but in my heart, pit babe is definitely top-tier.
    anyway, i love your reviews and i've been a fan for a year now! also, i REALLY hope you review last twilight. i would love to see your thoughts on it!


  2. Hello 🙂 I've also noticed about this: "male-dominated series without a female presence". Strange decision… the opposite of "last twilight".
    About the 2nd couple, loved their cute interactions. I imagine uncle is in his 30s.


  3. Hi😊 On YouTube there is a series called Pitbabe boy's journey, and it's about all the actors from this series. They introduce themselves and do some activities to properly learn about eo. In the last episode, the director sits them down and gives them their roles. Uncle's age gap with Jeff was mentioned and if I remember correctly he was 15 years older.


  4. "[T]ensions escalate too quickly" is such a perfect way to summarize how Ep 7 went off the rails. After that I just found the whole show too exhausting. And for real, where are all the women in this world?? Is the food stall auntie the only woman in the show with a speaking role? 😂

    Thanks for the summary and review–it was the perfect conclusion to watching this show for me.


  5. "We're clearly the plus ones!" — this was the best line in the series.
    Fun review!


  6. Very much on the same page on your review (as always ☺️)..

    I think the series didn’t explain its universe very well considering the existence of this alpha, enigma (and the lack of woman character).. when i heard the word alpha at the beginning of the series, I thought this is gonna be like the omegaverse concept.. lol..


  7. Alors mon avis à moi,

    Le début de Pit Babe était assez entraînant, voir Pavel être aussi sexy était ma mission numéro 2 à cette période car la mission numéro 1 était de voir Mhok et Day tomber amoureux.

    Bref, arrivé sans même avoir encore lu le livre, je me suis dit, pour quelqu'un sensé être froid, arrogant et insensible pourquoi Babe pleure-t-il autant?

    Et lorsque j'ai lu le livre, certes je remercie la production d'avoir essayé de garder les idées premières du livre mais mon cœur saigne de la façon dont ils ont dépeints Charlie.
    Dans le livre, Babe s'ouvre car il a Charlie, il change car il a Charlie, il aime car il a Charlie, il peut pleuré car il a Charlie. Bref, vous m'avez compris.
    Mais dans la série, Charlie n'est que la poupée de sexe de Babe. A part le moment où il meurt (et ils manquent vraiment de faire ressortir la vraie raison) il n'a vraiment rien fait. J'aurais aimé qu'ils (les producteurs) me donnent un épisode ou bien 30 minutes sur la prémonition de Jeff.
    Imagine toi: on voit Tony capturer Charlie et Babe et tout ce qui devrait arriver d'après la prémonition de Jeff, (la mort de Charlie, Babe et Alan) et d'un coup, le voir l'expliquer à Charlie, un peu comme la scène de Twilight. Ça aurait été magnifique.

    C'était assez sympa de voir les protagonistes de pitbabe car ils sont agréables au regard. Et j'ai même développé le second lead syndrom, comme dans le livre, car j'aurais aimé avoir plus de Jeff et oncle Alan.

    C'est un solide 8 pour moi car il y a des bl pire que ça. Certes Pavel pleure trop et parfois trop profondément mais si certains acteurs copiaient sur lui pour les scènes émotionnels, les bl thaïlandais seraient de meilleur qualité.

    Ma scène préférée c'est la scène où Way et Babe se confrontent après qu'il ait essayé de le violer. Les trois ont assez bien joué cette scène.

    Une scène qui m'a déçu c'est quand Charlie dit à Babe qu'il peut mourir pour lui. Charlie fait ça de manière trop comique. Alors que Babe est serieux, il le tourne en ridicule alors que si cette scène était restée aussi sérieuse que dans le livre ça aurait sûrement été mon préféré.

    La scène qui m'a brisé le cœur c'est quand Babe a entendu le cœur de Charlie s'arrêté, c'est la seule scène que je n'ai pas trouvé trop forte émotionnellement car chacun réagit de la manière qu'il peut face à un deuil. Donc qu'il Babe ait hurlé, ou qu'il soit resté complètement silencieux comme dans le livre, je suis tout à fait d'accord avec lui.

    Mon plus grand regret pour ce bl, c'est tous les ships qu'ils m'ont vendu pour promouvoir le film, ça n'a pas arrêté de me faire espéré et ça a un peu gâché ma façon de regarder la série car je voulais toujours du KimKenta, du PeteWay, du SonicNorth, du WinnerDean alors qu'ils étaient même pas à l'écran. La prochaine fois, je ne donnerai plus dans les Ghost ships quand je regarderai une série avec autant d'acteurs.
    Mention spéciale aussi pour Tony, le meilleur vilain depuis Vegas (loll) j'ai adoré le déteste.

    Mention spéciale aussi pour Pooh, il y en a qui disent qu'il ne sait pas jouer, mais j'ai aimé le regarder dominer Pavel. A chaque fois, ses yeux me donnent des frissons. C'est comme si dès qu'il enlève ces lunettes, ses yeux s'obscurcissent m. Je ne sais pas comment l'expliquer.

    Merci pour ton avis… Même si parfois tes avis me font peur mais ils remettent toujours les esprits en place. Et ils sont toujours plaisants à lire.

    Est-ce que Google traduit les avis? C'est après avoir commenté trois fois en français que je me suis rendu compte de mon erreur. La prochaine fois, je commencerai en anglais.

    J'ai aussi cherché ton avis de Tharntype je n'en ai pas trouvé, tu ne vas pas en faire? J'aimerais bien avoir ton avis.

    Bien à toi


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