Love Class 2 – Series Review & Ending Explained

Love Class 2 is a Korean BL series about three university couples.

Love Class 2 is a Korean BL series about three university couples. The first pair are classmates who reunite after years apart. The protagonist tries to figure out the reason behind his high school crush's mysterious disappearance. In the second storyline, two childhood friends come to terms with their uncertain feelings. Meanwhile, the third romance is between a teaching assistant and a student, who meet under hilariously awkward circumstances.

Contrary to its title, Love Class 2 is not a sequel. You can understand the second season without watching the original drama. Compared to its predecessor, this series is a welcomed improvement. The three charming couples each have their enjoyable moments in the spotlight. I adore their playful banter, easygoing rapport, and natural chemistry. While some storylines aren't well executed, the romantic content is compelling.

Love Class 2 Summary


수업중입니다 시즌2

Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


5 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes


School romance


Love Class 2 is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Lee Hyun and Kim An reunite after spending two years apart.

Lee Hyun, Min Woo, and Ma Roo are friends who attend the same university. They have known each other since adolescence. Despite their busy schedules with school and part-time work, the trio finds time to hang out. Lee Hyun and Min Woo get along because both have quiet, gentle demeanours. Meanwhile, Ma Roo is energetic and extroverted. He likes to make new friends and flock to different social circles. Despite having opposite personalities, Ma Roo is close to Lee Hyun and Min Woo.

Around two years ago, Lee Hyun was a high school student. His parents hired Kim An, a university tutor, to help Lee Hyun with his studies. The pair had a close bond. Lee Hyun developed romantic feelings for his mentor. However, Kim An suddenly resigned and disappeared without an explanation. Lee Hyun knows his high school crush attends the same college as him. He tries looking for Kim An, but his search hasn't been successful. Until one day, Lee Hyun spots Kim An on campus. Moments later, he loses sight of his target.

Lee Hyun visits the administrative office to ask for information. He meets Sung Min, a teaching assistant who works there. Sung Min reveals that Kim An takes an elective class called "Marriage and Family". It helps students prepare for marital life. Although Lee Hyun isn't enrolled in this course, he shows up at the lecture hall and begs the professor to accept him. Lee Hyun became an unofficial participant in the class. He successfully reunites with Sung Min, but his former tutor seems evasive around him. Kim An won't explain why he disappeared.

Min Woo has a part-time job at a cafe. He puts up with his rude boss, who mocks and bullies his employee. Ma Roo, a regular customer at the coffee shop, is upset by this treatment. He wants to defend his friend from his crappy boss. Ma Roo poses as a demanding customer to give the manager a hard time. Yet, Min Woo isn't amused by his antics. Lately, Ma Roo has noticed his friend acting differently around him. He doesn't understand why there is a rift between them. Ma Roo and Min Woo confide separately to Lee Hyun, who listens to his friends' problems.

Sung Min is a teaching assistant for the business administration department. Known for his work ethic and friendly attitude, the other professors like to ask him for favours. Sung Min has a hard time saying no to them. One day, the art teacher requests him to be a stand-in model for a sketching class. Sung Min agrees to help. He is supposed to change into a designated outfit. While getting undressed in the supply room, the door opens. Art student Joo Hyuk is surprised to see Sung Min only in his underwear. The embarrassing situation is their first introduction to each other.

Love Class 2 Trailer

Love Class 2 Cast


Lee Hyun

J-Min (전민욱)

Lee Hyun is portrayed by Korean actor J-Min (전민욱).

Lee Hyun is a university student. He is good friends with Min Woo and Ma Roo, who have known each other since adolescence. During high school, Lee Hyun received private tutoring lessons from Kim An. Lee Hyun developed a schoolboy crush on his mentor. Yet, Kim An disappeared one day without an explanation. Lee Hyun spent the next two years searching for his missing love. They reunite in the "Marriage & Family" class.


J-Min (전민욱), Jeon Min Wook, is a Korean actor. He is born on October 19, 1999.

J-Min (전민욱), Jeon Min Wook, is a Korean actor. He is born on October 19, 1999. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Love Class Season 2. He is a member of the Korean boy group BAE173.

Kim An

Kim Yong Seok (김용석)

Kim An is portrayed by Korean actor Kim Yong Seok (김용석).

Kim An is a third-year university student. He used to be Lee Hyun's private tutor. However, he quit his job and disappeared without any explanation. They reunite in the "Marriage and Family" class. However, Kim An seems evasive around his former student. He won't answer any questions about his whereabouts. Despite Kim An's standoffishness, Lee Hyun insists on hanging out together.

Kim Yong Seok

Kim Yong Seok (김용석) is a Korean actor. He is born on January 28, 1997.

Kim Yong Seok (김용석) is a Korean actor. He is born on January 28, 1997. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Love Class Season 2.

Min Woo

Woo Hyo Won (우효원)

Min Woo is portrayed by Korean actor Woo Hyo Won (우효원).

Min Woo is a university student who works part-time at a coffee shop. His abusive boss mocks and bullies him. Min Woo's friend Ma Roo is upset by the mistreatment and wants to defend him. However, Min Woo doesn't appreciate his help. Min Woo has been friends with Lee Hyun since adolescence. With similar personalities, they confide in each other about their problems.

Woo Hyo Won

Woo Hyo Won (우효원) is a Korean actor. He is born on May 3, 1994.

Woo Hyo Won (우효원) is a Korean actor. He is born on May 3, 1994. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Love Class Season 2.

Ma Roo

Lee Kwang Hee (이광희)

Ma Roo is portrayed by Korean actor Lee Kwang Hee (이광희).

Ma Roo is a university student. He is friends with Min Woo and Lee Hyun. They have known each other since their high school days. Unlike his quiet friends, Ma Roo has a bubbly and extroverted personality. He has no trouble making new friends and flocking to different social circles. Ma Roo is upset by how Min Woo's boss treats him at the coffee shop. Ma Roo takes matters into his own hands and stands up against the bullying.

Lee Kwang Hee

Lee Kwang Hee (이광희) is a Korean actor. He is born on November 3, 1997.

Lee Kwang Hee (이광희) is a Korean actor. He is born on November 3, 1997. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Love Class Season 2.

Sung Min

Jung Woo Jae (정우재)

Sung Min is portrayed by Korean actor Jung Woo Jae (정우재).

Sung Min is a teaching assistant for the business administrator department. He has a positive reputation for his work ethic and friendly attitude. The professors from other faculties like to ask for his assistance. Sung Min has trouble declining their requests. One day, Sung Min is getting changed in the supply room. Joo Hyuk accidentally opens the door and catches him in an embarrassing state of undress.

Jung Woo Jae

Jung Woo Jae (정우재) is Korean actor. He is born on April 7, 1994.

Jung Woo Jae (정우재) is Korean actor. He is born on April 7, 1994. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Love Class 2.

Joo Hyuk

An Jeong Gyun (안정균)

Joo Hyuk is portrayed by Korean actor An Jeong Gyun (안정균).

Joo Hyuk is an art student. One day, he arrives at the supply room where Sung Min is getting changed. Joo Hyuk sees the half-naked teaching assistant only in his underwear. After the embarrassing situation, Joo Hyuk tries interacting with Sung Min, who wants to put the embarrassing incident behind them. Joo Hyuk is good friends with Sara. They often hang out and joke around.

An Jeong Gyun

An Jeong Gyun (안정균) is a Korean actor.

An Jeong Gyun (안정균) is a Korean actor. He is born on February 24, 1993. His first BL project is the 2018 movie, Being Me. He is one of the leads in the 2023 series, Love Class Season 2.

Supporting Cast

Professor Kim is portrayed by a Korean actress.

Professor Kim

Si Woo is portrayed by the Korean actor Jung Hyun Woo (정현우).

Si Woo

Jung Hyun Woo (정현우)

Min Woo's boss is portrayed by a Korean actor.

Min Woo's boss

An Tae Woong (안태웅)

Sara is portrayed by a Korean actress.


Kim Ha Rim (김하림)

Sung Min's friend is portrayed by a Korean actor.

Sung Min's friend

Professor Yoo is portrayed by Korean actor Kim Seung Hwan (김승환).

Professor Yoo

Kim Seung Hwan (김승환)

Cast Highlights

  • Joo Hyuk's actor (An Jeong Gyun) is the lead of the 2018 gay short movie, Being Me.
  • Professor Yoo's actor (Kim Seung Hwan) is the lead of the 2020 BL short movie Private Lessons. His costar in that movie (Kim Min Sung) also appears beside him.
  • The leads of the original Love Class (Han Hyun Jun and Kim Tae Hwan) have guest cameos in Love Class Season 2.

Love Class 2 Review


Drama Review Score: 7.8

Sung Min and Joo Hyuk chat in the middle of the night.

Love Class 2 brings a new story, a different cast, and a welcomed improvement to its second season. Compared to the original, this series includes significantly more BL content. It understands the assignment, emphasizing playful flirtation, sexual tension, and physical affection. Each couple has various moments to shine in the spotlight and showcase their connection. Love Class 2 highlights a diverse spectrum of romantic exchanges, from cute and sweet to spicy and mischievous.

Initially, having three couples seemed detrimental. The early episodes suffered from disjointedness, jumping from one pair to the next without thoroughly introducing the characters. Once I'm acquainted with the cast, their relationships grow more engaging. Individually, each storyline doesn't have enough substance to carry the series. By combining them into an interconnected narrative, Love Class 2 achieves an optimal balance. When one plot drags or goes through a slump, another rises and injects excitement. This BL drama finds its groove and builds a steady momentum.

Lee Hyun and Kim An are the leads with the darkest plot. Kim An's mysterious past carries a grim, melancholic vibe. I enjoyed the couple's dynamic in the beginning. It's fun watching Lee Hyun whittle away at Kim An's barriers until that grumpy loner opens up. I cherish their delicate bond, which overcomes mood swings and repressed feelings. Unfortunately, I dislike Kim An's backstory after its reveal. The angsty melodrama seems over the top instead of moving me. Love Class 2 loses many points because it fumbles the most prominent storyline of the series.

The second pair relies on the classic tropes of childhood friends and unrequited love. I'm not fond of Min Woo and Ma Roo's interactions during the first half of the series. The lacklustre scenes in the coffee shop don't highlight their relationship interestingly. Later, they receive a quirkier storyline with more potential, allowing Ma Roo's actor (Lee Kwang Hee) to flex his comedic chops. The characters spend the last few episodes flirting, giggling, and behaving adorably. Although this romance isn't insightful or innovative, the couple wins over me with their cute, harmless fluff.

My favourites are Sung Min and Joo Hyuk. In a case of hilarious serendipity, they first meet in an awkward moment involving accidental nudity. It sets the tone for their cheeky, lighthearted, and spontaneous romance. The playful relationship scenes include flirty banter and intimate kisses, each showing the couple's growing attraction. Their sexual tension culminates until it unleashes in a sensual encounter. Give these two actors their kudos for delivering sizzling passion at the end of Episode 9. Wow, their on-screen chemistry is the type that energizes a BL drama!

Sung Min's performer (Jung Woo Jae) conveys a sincere earnestness that makes him endearing, while his costar (An Jeong Gyun) exhibits a natural, relaxed demeanour. Both bring maturity to their roles and elevate the material. The issue is that their storyline occupies only one-third of the series, limiting the character development. The best couple must share the spotlight with two other romances, which aren't as consistently compelling. Despite its imperfections, Love Class 2 engaged and entertained me. The second season is a pleasant surprise, improving upon the original.


Uneven story

Love Class 2 features three couples in an interconnected narrative, splitting the screen time evenly. Yet, the plots aren't implemented well. Kim An's backstory is the biggest disappointment.

Charming romances

My favourite couple is Sung Min and Joo Hyuk. They have a cheeky & charming romance with sizzling chemistry. The other two pairings also share the spotlight and showcase enjoyable moments.

Solid acting

The cast gives solid performances. Ma Roo's actor handles the comedic material well. Sung Min and Joo Hyuk's performers bring maturity to their roles. They appear natural, relaxed, and assured.

Happy ending

Love Class 2 has happy endings for all three couples. Each resolves their relationship drama by Episode 9, while the finale is a cute epilogue with romantic fluff. I adore the last scene of the series.

Decent artistry

There's an instance where you can see the mic in a scene, a big no-no that the production team should have caught. Regardless, the series is filmed respectably with a decent visual presentation.


Love Class 2 improves upon its first season and delivers an engaging romantic drama. It emphasizes playful flirtation and sexual tension for three couples, each showcasing various strengths.

Love Class 2 Episodes

Episode Guide

Min Woo and Ma Roo chat in the middle of the night.

Love Class 2 has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 20 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 5 hours. Love Class 2 started on August 11, 2023 and ended its last episode on September 8, 2023.

Love Class 2 is the second season of the Love Class franchise. The original drama is a six-episode series that started on May 13, 2022 and ended on May 18, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Joo Hyuk catches Sung Min in an embarrassing state of undress.

Unfortunately, Love Class 2 doesn't make the best first impression. This episode fails to introduce the characters properly or explain their relationships clearly. The disjointed narrative jumps back and forth between the leads before I even know who they are. Some scenes don't make sense without additional context. The series needs a better way to present the information to the viewers. Handling three separate plots is challenging and requires a skilled storyteller with a vision.

Joo Hyuk accidentally catches Sung Min in an embarrassing state of undress. The awkward encounter is the couple's first time meeting each other. Afterwards, Joo Hyuk develops a crush and flirts with Sung Min. I appreciate the hilarious serendipity in their storyline. The protagonist randomly sees a half-naked stranger who becomes his love interest. The circumstances seem very unexpected. This exchange is a goofy, memorable, and unpredictable way to start a love story. As a bonus, Sung Min's actor gets to show off his muscular body, giving viewers a visual treat!

Love Class changes many things from the original, including new storylines and actors. The franchise keeps a few details, such as the Marriage & Family course from Season 1. It's cute how this "love class" is the common denominator between the two seasons. Like I said in my last review, I respect a BL drama that places a gay couple and family planning side by side. This university course is designed to teach straight couples how to marry and start a family. The lessons welcome same-sex pairings, promoting inclusiveness and sending empowering messages.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Lee Hyun and Kim An fight outside the university.

Lately, I've noticed a trend among BL series, especially from South Korea. The central plot involves a love interest who suddenly vanishes and can't be found until years later. The emotional narrative contains mystery, melancholy, reunions, and yearning. Besides Love Class 2, there's a similar premise in To My Star 2, Individual Circumstances, Our Dating Sim, and Tokyo in April is… I don't know what this subgenre is called, but the idea is starting to lose novelty. Can everyone stop disappearing!?

I like Lee Hyun and Kim An's dynamic in the early episodes. Kim An is the grumpy tsundere who pushes his love interest away. Yet, Lee Hyun doesn't give up and tries to get close to him. Episode by episode, Lee Hyun gradually shatters his partner's emotional barriers. Part of the fun in this storyline is watching him open up. Their exchanges are occasionally cute. "You have pretty ears," Lee Hyun says at one point. Kim An responds by raising his hand to conceal his ear. His character's bashfulness is endearing. Kim An may try to act aloof, but there's a fragility beneath his tough exterior.

Unlike the other couples, Sung Min & Joo Hyuk don't feature prominently early in the series. They only have one scene in this episode. After their embarrassing encounter, Joo Hyuk is interested in Sung Min and wants to go on a date. He asks nicely, but Sung Min rejects him. In later episodes, Joo Hyuk changes his tactics. He teases Sung Min and intentionally provokes him to get his attention. Joo Hyuk figures out the way to Sung Min's heart is by partaking in flirty mischief. The more playful Joo Hyuk is, the more adorably flustered his love interest becomes.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Kim An smiles during the basketball game.

Lee Hyun turns the class presentation into a love poetry recital"Kim An wears the face of lost time." Meanwhile, Kim An treats it scientifically: "Lee Hyun. 20 years old. 183cm." This scene showcases the differences in their personalities. Lee Hyun is emotional, candid, and sensitive to his feelings, whereas Kim An is analytical, reserved, and prefers to keep things factual. Despite his objective approach, Kim An's observations have a subtle tenderness. He describes intimate details about Lee Hyun that only a close acquaintance would notice. 

Lee Hyun gets Kim An to open up through a game of nighttime basketball. Playing sports is therapeutic, helping Kim An drop his guard. He grins after making a successful shot, almost like a breakthrough for the first time. They have a productive chat afterwards. Even though Kim An is still evasive, he seems friendlier than before. "I like that there will be a next time," Lee Hyun says hopefully about their relationship. The episode ends with Lee Hyun replacing his negative text messages with generic words. He represses his frustrations and focuses on building a positive connection.

Joo Hyuk buys coffee for Sung Min, hoping for a second shot at a date. Yet, he loses his courage over another likely rejection. Instead of an ordinary beverage, Joo Hyuk gets something memorable. He gives flashy underwear to Sung Min as a funny prank gift. There's a pair of skivvies for every colour of the rainbow! This cheeky present provokes Sung Min and humiliates him. While his gesture may seem rude, the series shows Joo Hyuk's insecurities earlier. The storyteller wants viewers to know Joo Hyuk isn't being a dick for no reason. He's just trying to flirt.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Min Woo lies in bed, thinking about Maru.

I'm not a fan of Min Woo's behaviour in this episode. From his outburst at the coffee shop to the stolen kiss in the bedroom, he acts out of line. I understand his agitated emotions come from unrequited love. However, having a crush doesn't justify disrespectful conduct. So far, their storyline is the weakest link out of the three couples. I dislike the scenes with the mean boss, accomplishing very little. This plot reveals nothing interesting about the characters' relationship. The series should've highlighted Min Woo's feelings for Ma Roo differently.

Although Min Roo and Ma Roo's plot is lacklustre, I'm invested in the other two storylines. The good thing about Love Class 2 is that it presents multiple options. Even when one of the romances flops, another couple may catch your interest instead. Lee Hyun and Kim are more appealing in the first half, while Min Roo and Ma Roo become better in the second half. Ideally, all three plots should be engaging throughout the series. Unfortunately, I enjoy one or two of the pairings at most, but never all three.

Joo Hyuk and Sung Min have the least screen time. However, they benefit from a concise and cohesive storyline. Their relationship journey is easy to follow without filler. I still wish they had more content, though. In this episode, the couple finally goes on a date. Joo Hyuk's underhanded threats upset Sung Min, creating feisty tension. I like seeing Sung Min's calm facade drop. He comes out of work mode and behaves more casually. From sarcastic comments to flustered reactions, Sung Min reveals a different side of himself beyond his professional demeanour.

Lee Hyun and Kim An are growing closer.

Lee Hyun's strategy is to win over his love interest with kindness, which has worked. Kim An's real personality emerges from his grumpy facade. His expressions look brighter, his body language seems more relaxed, and his actions are playful. He can finally goof around or exchange banter. Their relationship scenes don't just focus on nostalgia. While Lee Hyun is curious about Kim An's past, he also builds new memories with his love interest. I like seeing them bond on the rooftop with warm, cozy interactions.

I enjoy speculating on Kim An's backstory. My theory is that he had a suicidal boyfriend. His ex killed himself years ago, causing Kim An to suffer a long depressive spell. He disappeared from Lee Hyun's life due to grief and bereavement. In this episode, Lee Hyun meets a mysterious man from Kim An's past. I assumed this guy was the ex-boyfriend's brother, who still blames Kim An for the death. However, my theory ias wrong. Love Class 2 discloses the real explanation in the next few episodes. Unfortunately, the reveal is disappointing. I like my version better lol.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Sung Min and Joo Hyuk kiss.

Oh wow, Sung Min and Joo Hyuk slept together!? What a surprise! I didn't expect this plot development in their love story. In real life, two single gay guys hooking up is a natural outcome. Physical intimacy can happen early in the relationship. In BL dramas, sex is a milestone after a romantic journey. It comes after the characters solidify their emotional connection. Yet, Love Class 2 defies convention by depicting this event promptly. Sung Min and Joo Hyuk are barely acquaintances, but they already did the deed.

"You screwed me and ran!" Joo Hyuk is upset when Sung Min left him in a cold motel room after sex. Sung Min immediately corrects his partner and states he ordered the ~premium suite~ with heating. Nooo, I just burst out laughing. 😆 Their entire exchange is witty. Lines like "Prove it to me with your body" crack me up. Also, Love Class 2 surprises me with its candour. Casual sex is typically taboo in Korean BL dramas, so this forthright discussion seems refreshing. Joo Hyuk and Sung Min feel like an adult couple with mature themes in their storyline.

Lee Hyun and Kim An have an insightful chat in the school cafeteria. I like the part when Lee Hyun describes how much he misses Kim An. He doesn't think about his partner all the time. Yet, he falls into these long periods of yearning. Afterwards, Lee Hyun teases his love interest, "Are you touched by my profound love?" Hehe, that's a cute response. Besides highlighting Lee Hyun's feelings, this scene also showcases his character's playful personality. He's like a ray of sunshine, bringing joy and optimism to Kim An's gloomy perspective.

The leads from Love Class Season 1 appear in Episode 5 of Love Class Season 2.

Love Class introduces an entirely new cast to the second season. Most BL franchises typically retain the same characters for Season 2, but this series goes against convention. Since the first drama wasn't well-received, starting over with different actors is a wise choice. With that said, I like how Love Class 2 invites the original leads for a guest cameo appearance in this episode. Although they don't play a prominent role, including them is still a nice touch. I appreciate this cute nod to the previous season.

Min Woo is soooo messy. A part of me is side-eyeing him at everything he does. He has overstepped the boundaries between friendship and romance. Yet, another side of me feels sorry for him since he tortures himself over his unrequited crush. Living in close quarters worsens the anguish, reminding Min Woo of a one-sided love he can't attain. At the end of the episode, Ma Roo brushes off their stolen kiss and describes it as "a silly prank". That moment devastates Min Woo, leaving him even more hopeless about his situation. His romantic feelings are considered a joke.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Kim An flashes his abs at Lee Hyun.

LOL. Joo Hyuk and Sung Min's storyline is cheeky. I love Sung Min's smirk when he thinks they'll hook up in the lecture hall. There's a comedic twist, and Joo Hyuk toys with his love interest instead. Joo Hyuk is endearing because of his playful mischief. He likes to flirt and tease. In contrast, Sung Min is adorable due to his earnestness. He's gullible enough to fall for Joo Hyuk's pranks and reacts awkwardly afterwards. This couple is so much fun together. They have become my favourite part of each episode.

SCREAMING when Kim An lifted his shirt and flashed his abs at Lee Hyun. 😝 Oh my god, I was unprepared for the sudden six-pack attack! I didn't expect this kind of lightheartedness from Kim An. His character is typically brooding and doesn't joke around. Yet, he feels comfortable enough around Lee Hyun to act a little goofy. It's a promising sign that he has opened up and seems at ease. I like seeing this side of him. This scene is funnier because of Lee Hyun's shy reaction. Nooo, protect his innocent eyes from the abdominal assault!

This episode contains flashbacks that explain Kim An's backstory before his disappearance. He had an ambiguous relationship with Si Woo, his roommate. Despite sharing an attraction, they never began a romance. The timing was never right. When Si Woo acknowledged his feelings, Kim An had already nurtured a connection with Lee Hyun. This friendship turned toxic as Si Woo used drastic measures to get Kim An's attention, including a suicide attempt. Unfortunately, I dislike this storyline's vibes. The scenes are vague, off-putting, and not written well.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Sung Min and Joo Hyuk kiss in the university office.

Surprisingly, I like Min Woo and Ma Roo's storyline. Ma Roo goes undercover and stalks Min Woo on his date with a "girlfriend". Despite the cliches, the silly shenanigans are charming. The comical scenes make their moody relationship drama more lighthearted. During the episode, Ma Roo is in bed and hallucinates Min Woo touching him. The imagery is similar to Min Woo's dream in Episode 4. The intentional parallels highlight how both characters feel the same way about each other. Their unrequited love has developed into a mutual attraction.

Sara is a cute addition to the series. She brings delightful humour and lively charisma to Min Woo and Ma Roo's storyline. In the last episode, Sara developed a crush on Min Woo. However, she feels miffed after discovering he's into guys. Joo Hyuk teases her friend for chasing unattainable gay men. Despite the rejection, there are no hard feelings. Sara becomes a willing matchmaker, bringing the couple closer together. This supporting character fulfills her role well and facilitates the romance between the leads.

Joo Hyuk continues toying with Sung Min in this episode. Suddenly, Joo Hyuk enters Sung Min's office and surprises him with a kiss. This spontaneous romantic encounter catches his love interest off-guard. It's funny seeing Sung Min's spreadsheet afterwards. The long row of "2"s indicates how long their kissing lasted lol. Later, Joo Hyuk plays hard to get, turning down a late-night meet-up. Sung Min must show his sincerity and woo Joo Hyuk if he wants to pursue this romance. Anticipation builds as the leads navigate their cute, playful, and unpredictable courtship.

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Lee Hyun and Kim An have their first kiss in Love Class 2.

The Lee Hyun and Kim An romance has lost its spark. Unfortunately, the last few episodes halt the momentum of this budding relationship. Kim An's creepy roommate is a total killjoy, draining all the romance from the storyline. I don't understand what's going on with him. Did he fake jumping off the roof? I don't get it, but I also don't care enough to investigate for answers. Regardless, the weird roommate ruins the vibe. I tune out his bizarre drama and focus on the other two couples instead.

Two couples kiss in this episode. I respond well to Min Woo and Ma Roo's affection. This intimate moment comes at the climax of their relationship. The couple has successfully built sexual tension for the past seven episodes. It's exciting when they finally confirm their feelings for each other! In contrast, Lee Hyun and Kim An's kiss doesn't stir me. The roommate drama has dampened my enthusiasm toward them. The couple's first kiss occurs at a plateau in their romance and fails to produce a strong emotional response.

During Min Woo & Ma Roo's kiss, they pause momentarily. Min Roo asks, "Is this a prank?" I like how Love Class includes a reference to Episode 5. The word "prank" comes with heavy implications. Previously, Ma Roo described their last kiss as a joke and dismissed his friend's feelings. The rejection haunts Min Woo, causing him to doubt their current romantic encounter. Fortunately, Ma Roo puts his partner's worries at ease. Let me assure you this lengthy makeout session is NOT a prank! I'm glad these two lovers get a redo and correct a past mistake.

Min Woo and Maru kiss each other in the bedroom.

After they start dating, Min Woo and Ma Roo's scenes win over me with their cute romantic fluff. The couple goes out and holds hands for the first time. Despite the simplicity, this sweet gesture makes me feel warm and cozy. I also enjoyed their chat with Lee Hyun. Two friends in a trio have started dating, and it worries them the odd person out feels like a third wheel. Min Woo & Ma Roo seem thoughtful for considering Lee Hyun's feelings. I'm glad the series addresses this topic in a lighthearted scene.

Despite enjoying Joo Hyuk's mischief in past episodes, I'm glad Sara calls him out for complicating the relationship. She brings up a few good points. Sung Min is an employee at the university. Starting a romance with a student is sensitive for him, even if they belong to different faculties. Joo Hyuk adds to his burden with unnecessary mind games. I enjoyed their confrontation at the end of this episode. These two mature actors can handle the dramatic material, bringing gravitas to the exchange. Most of their previous scenes were comedic, which they also pulled off well.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Sung Min and Joo Hyuk kiss after their first date.

Min Woo and Ma Roo grew on me during these last few episodes. I enjoy them the most when they interact casually. Although the plot has disappeared, I don't mind the cute, harmless romantic fluff. I particularly like the scene where Ma Roo rambles during the date. Min Woo senses his nervousness and teases him, "I love you too." Ma Roo's exaggerated response is funny. Afterwards, the couple kisses passionately, capping off a delightful evening. This entire exchange feels easy and breezy.

In comparison, Lee Hyun and Kim An are getting outshined. The lovey-dovey scenes are still cutesy and enjoyable, but the other two couples do the romantic fluff better than them. Their kissing is also not as immersive, so they lose points there too. A considerable part of their relationship relies on Kim An overcoming his trauma. Yet, the series fumbles the storyline and turns it into theatrical drama. Despite enjoying their dynamic initially, I can't forgive the lacklustre plot, which should have been better. Kim An and Lee Hyun's romance is sadly disappointing.

I adore Joo Hyuk and Sung Min's date in this episode. The couple showcases an easygoing rapport, from the playful banter to the lighthearted flirting. "I get a lot of comments saying I'm sexy." Stop it, Sung Min! 😆 Besides the jokes, the leads learn more about each other through insightful chats. They move past the silly pranks and finally bond. The vibe genuinely feels like a successful first date. Joo Hyuk & Sung Min's love story has charmed me from start to finish. It's no coincidence the best episode of Love Class 2 features them the most. Best couple confirmed!

Sung Min and Joo Hyuk have sex in Love Class 2 Episode 9.

Joo Hyuk and Sung Min's sex scene stunned me. The couple kissed previously, but their affection seemed subdued. They were in public settings, so that might explain their restraint. However, they drop all modesty and unleash vigorous passion after entering the bedroom. The leads make out intensely and swap many seductive kisses. They proceed to the bed, stripping and climbing on top of each other's bodies. Their lips never stay apart for more than a few seconds. Wow, kudos to the two actors for giving such bold performances!

THIS IS CINEMA!!! Joo Hyuk & Sung Min's sex scene transcends the BL genre. Their sensuality feels like something I'd see in a sophisticated gay movie. From sizzling chemistry to intimate cinematography, every moment is dripping with desire. I love how the couple pauses amid their passion to give tender gazes. It shatters my preconceived notions of most Korean BL dramas, which are modest about physical affection. Some series go to lengths to avoid the characters kissing. Yet, Love Class 2 presents a proud, gutsy, and mature sexual encounter. It has earned my admiration!

Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode 10

Ending Review
Lee Hyun and Kim An kiss in the Love Class 2 happy ending.

The final episode of Love Class 2 has no plot. I see it more as an epilogue with sweet romantic fluff. One aspect that I enjoy is seeing all six protagonists gather together. Previously, the characters divided into smaller groups and led separate plots. This episode has the novelty of assembling the entire cast. Some of them finally meet and interact for the first time. Everyone seems chattier and livelier in a group setting, giving the finale a more festive atmosphere.

This episode has a few insightful moments that wrap up the character arcs"This is the last time we kiss in a dark, deserted place," Kim An tells his boyfriend. The powerful line indicates he has moved on from his trauma and escaped from the darkness. Likewise, Min Woo reflects on his relationship with Ma Roo. Since Min Woo is an introspective character, I appreciate the series allowing him to express his thoughts. Also, Joo Hyuk and Sung Min have a flirty exchange. Sung Min reveals a mischievous side and makes his partner laugh. This couple's sense of humour seems compatible.

In the last scene, Lee Hyun and Kim An present their photography assignment to the class. They reveal a picture of them kissing, and everyone responds with cheerful applause. I have one word: ICONIC. It feels incredibly empowering to see this young gay couple come out to their peers. They show pride and solidarity in their relationship. Regardless of sexuality, announcing their relationship to all the other students requires guts. Love Class 2 delivers the perfect final scene, a resounding testament to romantic triumph. I cannot think of a better ending for this series!

Love Class Season 1


Love Class (2022)

Love Class 2 is the second season of the Korean BL drama Love Class.

Love Class 2 is the second season of the 2022 Korean BL drama Love Class. However, you don't have to watch the original drama to understand Season 2. The two series are unrelated, featuring new storylines and different cast members. The leads from Love Class 1 appear in a guest cameo in the follow-up, but their roles are minor. The two seasons also have similar themes, such as the university course about marriage and family. Yet, this trivial information isn't needed going into the second season.

Compared to the original, I enjoyed Love Class Season 2 significantly more. While the first season had some merits, it suffered from an unlikeable couple. I prefer the straight pairing over the leads, which is a big no-no for a BL drama. In contrast, the second season has three charming couples and many cute relationship scenes. Love Class 2 has stepped up its game. It delivers compelling romantic content, from playful banter to intimate kisses. As someone who didn't like the original, the second season is a pleasant surprise and earns a recommendation from me.

Love Class 2 Information


Jang Young Seon (장영선) is a Korean director. She has worked on various LGBTQ+ short films, including Something, Crunchy Crunchy (2013), A Naked Boy (2015), and My Eleventh Brother (2016). She also directed Private Lessons (2020), Fingers After (2021), Please Tell Me So (2021), and The Confidential Coffee Brake (2021). In 2023, she directed Love Class Season 2 (2023).

  1. I watched this series on vicki yesterday. I'm so glad that I made it through the first episode because it would have been a crying. Shame had I missed out on this series! I never thought that I would see such unbridled passion. When episode 9 came I was shook. I am used to the dead village kisses in Korean dramas and because the writing in production is so good I don't even mind that. So we got that one scene boy. Boy was I surprised. I agree with you. It was the pauses and the gazing into each other's eyes. That made it the number one love scene that I have seen in 2024.

    I almost started crying. My favorite thing about this particular drama was the comedy. There were so many laugh out loud moments and the cute awkward fast-paced banter between everyone made me fall in love with all the characters except for "he who shall not be named". I didn't like his character at all, which I guess means he did a very good job of playing his part! Had they been able to have hour-long episodes for maybe 12 episodes? They could have delved deeper into that story and fleshed it out and it probably would have been fantastic. But as it is, he lost points for me.

    The mic dropping in at three separate occasions if I'm not mistaken. Was only hilarious because I watched this show on Vicky while the comments were turned on and all the translators. Hilarious commentary about the mic being a cast member too. Just added to the comedy of this show. I already follow your blog But it was nice to wake up today And wind up here after googling the series because I wanted to know more about the writer.

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