Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss – Series Review & Ending Explained

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is a quirky Japanese BL series about two university students.

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is a quirky Japanese BL drama. The main character believes he has been jinxed throughout his life. Everywhere the protagonist goes, he encounters accidents, disruptions, and a persistent streak of bad luck. However, his situation improves after meeting a popular university student with inherently good fortune. As they start a romantic relationship, their destinies become intertwined.

I adore the two lead actors in Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss. They have a natural likability, a delightful rapport, and charming good looks. Unfortunately, I'm not fond of everything else about this BL drama, from the ludicrous story to the juvenile romance. I'm also annoyed by the neurotic main character, whose inner thoughts are constantly imposed on us.

Mr Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss Summary



Series Info:

Japan (2022)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes


School romance


Mr. Unlucky Has No Chance But to Kiss is a happy & funny BL drama.


Kota plots to mooch Naoya's luck.

Kota is a university student who grew up with bad luck throughout his life. Ill fortune follows everywhere he goes, leading him to various accidents, misadventures, and challenging hardships. Kota has coped with his unhappiness by feigning a bright, happy-go-lucky attitude. His real personality is more irritable and pessimistic. He also maintains shallow friendships to avoid afflicting others with his misfortune.

As he begins a new school year, Kota meets a university senior named Naoya. This student has a famous reputation for being naturally lucky. He wins lotteries, top prizes in games, and experiences unexpected good fortune. In addition, he's handsome, popular on campus, and has many secret admirers. Naoya's destiny is seemingly the opposite of Kota's.

Kota notices his circumstances improve around Naoya. Surprisingly, he's immune to his usual jinxes when they hang out together. It's like Naoya is his good luck charm that neutralizes all the misfortunes in his life. Kota believes this relationship is beneficial and wants to befriend Naoya, sucking up to him. He directly tells his new friend about enjoying their time together. However, Naoya misinterprets his friendly statement as a love confession. Kota is shocked when Naoya agrees to be his boyfriend, even though that wasn't his original intention.

Kota and Naoya begin dating. Naoya is smitten with his new partner, although they maintain a secret relationship before their friends. However, Kota is troubled because he never intended to escalate their platonic friendship. Yet, Kota doesn't want to lose the benefits of his boyfriend's good fortune. He continues this romance anyway, conflicted over his feelings for Naoya and deceiving him about his true intentions.

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Mr Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss Cast



Ryosuke Sota (曽田陵介)

Kota is portrayed by the Japanese actor Ryosuke Sota (曽田陵介).

Kota is a university student cursed with ill fortune throughout his life. He encounters various accidents and misadventures due to his streak of bad luck. Kota fakes a cheery, lighthearted personality, even though he's often irritated and neurotic over his problems. He maintains shallow friendships to avoid afflicting other people with his misfortunes.

Ryosuke Sota

Ryosuke Sota (曽田陵介) is a Japanese actor. He is born on October 24, 1997.

Ryosuke Sota (曽田陵介) is a Japanese actor. He is born on October 24, 1997. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss. He also appears in the 2022 series Two Office Workers Who Are Too Poisonous for One's Eyes and the movie Grand Guignol.


Yusuke Sato (佐藤友祐)

Naoya is portrayed by the Japanese actor Yusuke Sato (佐藤友祐).

Naoya is a university student blessed with good luck throughout his life. He constantly experiences random good fortune, like winning lotteries or top prizes in games. Naoya's good looks have made him popular at school, earning him many admirers. He becomes smitten with Kota after a surprising love confession.

Yusuke Sato

Yusuke Sato (佐藤友祐) is a Japanese actor. He is born on June 11, 1996.

Yusuke Sato (佐藤友祐) is a Japanese actor. He is born on June 11, 1996. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss.

Supporting Cast

Mugi is portrayed by the Japanese actor Satsuki Nakayama (中山咲月).


Satsuki Nakayama (中山咲月)

Saku is portrayed by the Japanese actor Gaku Oshida (押田岳).


Gaku Oshida (押田岳)

Miki is portrayed by the Japanese actress Mei Hata (畑芽育).


Mei Hata (畑芽育)

Anna is portrayed by the Japanese actress Asuka Hanamura (華村あすか).


Asuka Hanamura (華村あすか)

Minato is portrayed by the Japanese actor Yuto Tsubone (坪根悠仁).


Yuto Tsubone (坪根悠仁)

Itsuki is portrayed by the Japanese actor Asaya Bhandari (バンダリ 亜砂也).


Asaya Bhandari (バンダリ 亜砂也)

Kawahara is portrayed by the Japanese actor Yoji Matsuda (松田洋治).


Yoji Matsuda (松田洋治)

Yashiro is portrayed by the Japanese actor Takahashi Kensuke (高橋健介).


Kensuke Takahashi (高橋健介)

Rui is a doll that Naoya wins for Kota in a lottery.


Cast Highlights

Mr Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss Review


Drama Review Score: 6.6

Kota is cursed with bad luck throughout his life.

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss relies on a quirky gimmick. It features a cursed protagonist whose fortunes change after meeting his boyfriend. Initially, I was interested in seeing how this creative premise unfolds. However, the plot never built much momentum and struggled to capture my attention. While the original concept has potential, Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss interprets the story superficially. The mundane scenarios and lightweight character development don't inspire my enthusiasm.

The two leads are the best parts of the series. Kota's actor (Ryosuke Sota) is bubbly and vivacious, injecting lots of excitable energy into the narrative. His costar (Yusuke Sato) is genuine and dreamy, delivering a comfortably poised performance. Both are attractive guys who radiate a natural warmth and likability, especially when they smile. They also look good together, making a cute and telegenic couple. Best of all, they share a delightful rapport with compatible on-screen chemistry.

Unfortunately, the charming actors are saddled with dismal characters. Naoya is too bland for a love interest. He seems mysterious at first, but then I realize he just doesn't have much personality. The bigger problem is Kota, who annoys the hell out of me. Oh my god, I cannot cope with his childish antics or hysterical overreactions. I hate that we're constantly subjected to his neurotic inner thoughts in every scene. His insights are obnoxious, making him seem paranoid and delusional. I wish I could watch an edited version of the series without Kota's inane ramblings.

Kota never intended to date Naoya, and their romance began over a misunderstood love confession. The longer he drags out this charade, the more despicable his character becomes. From the start, I found their relationship iffy because Kota is exploiting Naoya and toying with his feelings. I also dislike Kota's juvenile approach around his boyfriend. He squirms and fusses over the tiniest displays of intimacy. Kota is supposed to be an adult, yet his behaviour seems immature. He doesn't come across as emotionally intelligent enough to be in a relationship.

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is a stylish production. The soft focus and colourized visuals create a distinctive aesthetic. The series loves using gorgeous close-up shots to showcase the leads and their delicate emotions. Every scene looks pretty, but my favourite must be the aquarium date in Episode 3. The entire segment is filmed beautifully, making expert use of lighting and ambiance. During an intimate exchange, the leads stand by a striking aquatic backdrop, where they are basked in a cerulean blue hue. The scene looks absolutely ethereal.

I understand why Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss may appeal to some fans. It's a cute, lighthearted BL drama with adorable leads and a stunning visual presentation. I'm not immune to its charms, and there are moments when this enthusiastic series seems endearing. Yet, I also find the last few episodes insufferable, often getting on my nerves and testing my patience. Overall, the story lacks excitement, the main character is irritating, and the romance never wins over me. I have no choice but to give a mediocre review, unable to justify the shortcomings.


Gimmicky story

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is a gimmicky series. Despite the creative premise, the storyline never gains momentum. I hate hearing the main character's neurotic inner thoughts all the time.

Juvenile romance

Kota is a childish character who overreacts to the tiniest display of intimacy with his boyfriend. He doesn't seem emotionally equipped to have a romantic relationship.

Delightful acting

I adore the two charming lead actors, who are adorable and telegenic. Kota's actor (Ryosuke Kota) is bubbly and energetic, while Naoya's actor (Yusuke Sato) is poised and dreamy.

Happy ending

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss has a happy ending. The last episode features a random and bizarre event, which resolves stupidly. Nonetheless, the couple is in a good place with each other.

Stylish artistry

This series appears stylish and attractive. The soft, colourized visuals combine splendidly with the intimate camera angles. My favourite moment is the aquarium date in Episode 3, which looks ethereal.


Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is a cute, lighthearted BL drama with charming leads. Yet, I'm disappointed in the mediocre storyline, juvenile romance, and annoying protagonist.

Mr Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss Episodes

Episode Guide

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 25 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 3 hours. Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss started airing on April 21, 2022 and ended on June 10, 2022.

Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss is directed by Mamoru Yoshino. This drama is adapted from the manga by Tsuyu Gamoko.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Kota and Naoya kiss in the first episode of Mr. Unlucky Has No Chance but to Kiss.

The first episode introduces Kota, a university student with notoriously bad luck. Although he feigns a happy-go-lucky attitude, Kota is easily irritable over his misfortunes. During a new school year, he meets Naoya, a handsome and popular student on campus. Unlike Kota, Naoya is known for his streak of good luck. He wins lotteries, prizes, and unexpected opportunities. Kota is jealous of how easy Naoya's life seems compared to his.

Surprisingly, Kota discovers his bad luck stops whenever he's around Naoya. He tests the theory by spending time with the older student, who gives him a campus tour. Kota is giddy and excitable about his effortlessly smooth day. His childlike enthusiasm is infectious, putting Naoya in a good mood. At the end of the episode, Kota expresses his fondness for Naoya and wants to be together more often. His statement is meant to be platonic, but his partner misinterprets it as a love confession. Naoya agrees to be his boyfriend before surprising Kota with a spontaneous kiss.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
Naoya feeds ice cream to Kota.

Kota and Naoya officially begin dating in Episode 2, although they haven't disclosed the relationship to their friends. However, Kota secretly wants them to be friends, not boyfriends. He doesn't feel comfortable with this arrangement. As soon as Kota separates from Naoya, he experiences accidents and misfortunes again. Despite his reservations, Kota decides he needs Naoya's luck and doesn't break up with him.

Kota and Naoya enjoy an ice cream date together. Kota is excited to eat an entire cone for the first time without any accidents. His genuine giddiness makes Naoya laugh, and he likes this enthusiasm from his boyfriend. They set up another date for tomorrow. Kota's bad luck plagues him for the whole day, delaying him at every opportunity. He shows up at the date after being unreasonably late. To his surprise, Naoya is still waiting for him and doesn't get angry. The episode ends with Kota and Naoya scheduling another date again.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Kota and Naoya go on a date.

Kota and Naoya go on a date at the aquarium in Episode 3. Since Naoya picks up Kota's house, they avoid encountering any potential mishaps. They have a lovely time at the aquarium. The couple wanted to win an adorable penguin doll in a raffle, but they only got a keychain as a consolation prize. Although Kota doesn't mind, Naoya is upset because he usually wins these lotteries. At the end of the date, Naoya kisses Kota on the cheek.

Naoya skips class the following day. He revisits the aquarium, participates in the raffle again, and wins the top prize this time. He happily brings back the penguin doll (named Rui) and gives it to his boyfriend as a gift. Kota is touched that Naoya went to such lengths to make him happy. However, he also feels guilty about not taking this relationship seriously. Kota is only dating Naoya because of his luck, whereas his partner seems to have developed genuine feelings for him.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Summary
Kota and Naoya almost share a kiss in the apartment.

Due to a leak in his apartment, Kota doesn't have a place to live for the next two weeks. He agrees to stay at Naoya's flat in the meantime, and they become roommates. Naoya does his best to accommodate his boyfriend, making him feel as comfortable as possible. At night, Kota feels nervous about sleeping in the same bedroom. He wonders if Naoya feels the same.

After they start living together, Kota notices Naoya's behaviour subtly changing around him. He seems more distant than usual. Naoya also acts bothered after seeing Kota and his friend Yusato hanging out. At home, Kota sees Naoya shirtless after working out and admires his fit body. As their conversation becomes friendlier, Kota asks Naoya why he has been avoiding him all day. Naoya admits he's nervous about living together and doesn't know the best way to behave.

The episode ends with an accident. Kota falls down and Naoya catches him. A shirtless Naoya falls on top of his boyfriend in an intimate position. The two boyfriends lean closer for a kiss, but Kota chickens out and punches him out of instinct. Kota is panicked and runs out of the apartment.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Summary
Naoya treats Kota's injuries after the fight.

After their rejected kiss last night, Kota wants to apologize to Naoya. He wants to continue dating for Naoya's luck, although a part of him admits there may also be an attraction. Kota struggles to work up the courage to approach his boyfriend all day. However, he notices Naoya's classmates hounding him. They want to take advantage of his good fortune to win some tickets. Naoya refuses to be part of their scheme, but these two guys continue plotting behind his back.

Kota is livid after overhearing their plans. He gets into a fist fight with them, claiming Naoya isn't a tool to be used. After the brawl, Naoya treats Kota's injuries at home, thankful that his boyfriend defended him in his honour. Yet, Kota feels guilty because he has been exploiting him the same way. He confesses his deceit over the misunderstood love confession, making him just as despicable. The episode ends with Kota running away from the apartment in tears.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Summary
Kota apologizes to Naoya for his deceit.

Kota is anxious about bumping into his boyfriend on campus after last night. His awkward behaviour arises suspicion from the other students. Finally, Kota exerts so much energy into worrying that he gets into a minor accident. Naoya rescues him from severe injuries. The two boyfriends have a heart-to-heart chat. Naoya says he doesn't care about Kota tricking him and wants to continue their relationship. Kota breaks down in tears, genuinely apologizing for what he did.

Naoya wonders if there's a way they can start over their relationship. He is earnest about dating Kota properly now that both of them are on the same page. Kota is freaked out by Naoya's intensity and doesn't commit to an immediate reply, although he admits there's a genuine attraction. Naoya is pleased to see his boyfriend lowering his guard around him, revealing his real personality beneath the happy-go-lucky facade. Kota says it's a fake defence mechanism to cope with his misfortune.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Summary
Kota and Naoya work out on their last night together.

Episode 7 begins with a flashback from Naoya's perspective. Naoya had a crush on Kota since the start of university and knew about his real personality all along. In the present timeline, Kota announces that he'll move out of the apartment after the leak is fixed. Naoya is disappointed they won't be living together anymore. He begs Kota to stay with him one more night and plans a special evening together.

That night, the two leads chat sincerely. Naoya says he kissed Kota in Episode 1 because his ex-girlfriends liked this kind of romantic gesture. However, Naoya won't impose another kiss again unless Kota feels comfortable. Kota teases him and wants to initiate an intimate exchange, but he isn't ready after all. Later, the two of them spend the night working out together. The low-key evening passes with nothing else happening, and Kota moves back into his old apartment. Shockingly, the episode ends as somebody threatens Kota with a gun!

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Happy Ending
Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss has a happy ending with a gentle kiss between the leads.

Episode 8 begins with a dramatic hostage situation. A random assailant has suddenly shown up at Kota's apartment, holding him at gunpoint. His bad luck has escalated to such an extreme, putting him in this precarious situation. Naoya rescues his boyfriend and successfully negotiates with the kidnapper. She's a disgruntled robber, and Naoya's appearance reminded her of an ex-boyfriend. She surrenders herself to the police under his persuasion.

After the kidnapping, Naoya wants to protect Kota by moving in together. Kota refuses, stating he wants to live independently without relying on anybody else's luck. Naoya says the rejection makes sense since they aren't real boyfriends. Kota rebuffs him, exclaiming that he still wants a relationship even if they don't live together. He gets flustered after his outburst, making Naoya giggle happily. Kota worries Naoya won't be lucky anymore when they're together. Naoya doesn't mind and states, "Rather than something as invisible as luck, being with you is more important to me."

Mr. Unlucky Has No Chance but to Kiss has a happy ending where the leads become a couple again. Although Kota originally intended to return to his apartment, another unfortunate accident puts him out of commission again. He's forced to stay at his boyfriend's place for one more night. The episode ends with the couple resting in bed. When Naoya looks asleep, Kota plants a gentle kiss on his cheek. Naoya suddenly wakes up and teases him about the affection. The episode ends with them laughing and frolicking in bed.

Mr Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss Information


Tunku (トゥンク) is a Japanese BL studio. It began a project called Tunku Shower in 2022, which releases numerous BL dramas on the Japanese channel MBS.

Tunku (トゥンク) is a Japanese BL studio. It began a project called Tunku Shower in 2022, which releases numerous BL dramas on the Japanese channel MBS. Tunku has made Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss (2022), Senpai, This Can't Be Love (2022), and Takara-kun & Amagi-kun (2022). It also created Eternal Yesterday (2022), Candy Color Paradox (2022), Jack Frost (2023), Tokyo in April is… (2023), and My Personal Weatherman (2023).

  1. I felt that the series wasn't complete
    It stopped just before the couple became a couple, It needed in my opinion at least one more episode to complete the story.
    I loved Naoya’s perspective in EP8 the most.
    I loved the characters together and I loved the idea behind the story.
    Have no choice but to kiss gave me false hope for proper romance… when it ended I was yelling at the screen in frustration- are you kidding me???
    I also thought Kota character was very childish and overreacting, but this is the reason I also cannot watch Japanese anime series that everyone loves, I only managed "Attack on Titan" , I guess it just follows a curtain characteristic behaviour?
    I couldn't understand this childish innocent hysterical behaviour, sorry.
    The only time I accepted this kind of innocent character was Pharm in UWMA, but it was because Fluke was so good doing the role of innocent traumatised from past life young boy.

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